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Game Name: Pokemon Mobius
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.0.1, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The player has defeated the first two Gym Leaders in the Marro Region and has just reached Dewbury Town to challenge the third Gym Leader. Upon defeating Gym Leader Stark, the player travels through Route 6 to Tarrin Town. However, upon arrival, the player is greeted by inhabitants of Tarrin Town who claim Route 6 has undergone an inexplicable change. Upon backtracking through Route 6, the player finds it leads to Arubar Town instead of Dewbury Town! Routes are looping around somehow, with no apparent explanation.

The player meets a researcher next to some strange type of fracture in space-time. It's supposedly the work of a Legendary Pokémon, but nobody knows why or how. It turns out that there are more of these cracks spread across the looping area, in all sorts of environments. Not only that, but people are also finding strange mysterious shards here and there that appear to be related to the fractures. Each shard corresponds with a crack, and inserting the right shard in the right crack will make it disappear!

List of Features

  • A brand new region segment to explore, with routes that loop around on themselves and connections you're not used to;
  • A truly open-world experience where every area is accessible from any point;
  • Two endings, depending on how often you speak to the Legendary Pokémon Researcher;
  • Specialized Roaming Pokémon mechanics;
  • A different type of surfing; Lapras surfing, requiring no items, moves, or Pokémon;
  • A sophisticated Trainer level balancing system that suits every possible play style;
  • Nostalgic gen 4 animations, maps, and audio;
  • In-depth dialogue upon story progression, but only if desired!

Developer: Marin and Maruno

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/2691/