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Clay Fix Release: Dropbox
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Game Name: Pokemon Lost Hope
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials 
Status: v1.1, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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You take the role of Hope, an 8-year-old from the town of Homestead, who's obsessed with Pokémon, and lives with step-family who don't like her.
Her Step Brother, Rodrick, has been a bit of a meanie and stolen her Pokédolls and scattered them throughout an Abandoned Complex to the north of Homestead, if you go retrieve them all, maybe he'll let you play the newest Pokémon game, Pokémon Gold Version, which he picked up yesterday.

Join Hope on an adventure, and Find your Pokédolls, Collect all the Candy, encounter Ghosts if they exist, and most of all.
Escape the Complex.


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Developer: _pheebs

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/2681/