Pokemon Inclement Emerald Training Guide

Pokemon Inclement Emerald Training Guide

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Author: Buffel Saft

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Inclement Emerald makes a lot of changes to systems like experience gain and EV training. This document exists to help you understand how to take advantage of those changes.


First things first, the experience system works like this:
  • Any Pokémon that appear in a battle get 100% of the experience, no matter how many Pokémon were switched in.
  • Any Pokémon that don’t appear in battle get 25% of the experience. Importantly, these Pokémon still gain EVs.
  • Defeating a Pokémon that is a higher level than yours gives you bonus Exp, and Pokémon that are a lower level than yours give less Exp.
  • Trainers scale based on the highest level in your party – their levels can be higher or lower, depending on the trainer.
  • Wild Pokémon scale based on your entire party – if you’ve got one over-leveled Pokémon and five weak ones, they’ll scale to the weak ones. This works well with the egg move transfer system, as wild Pokémon will naturally learn the egg moves you may want as you progress.
There are a few ways to boost the Exp. your Pokémon earn:
  • Exp Share: if the holder doesn’t appear in battle, it still gets 100% of the experience.
  • Lucky Egg: this works like usual; any exp you get is boosted by 50%
  • Training Band: If the holder is at least five levels lower than the highest level in your party, all experience it gets is boosted by 5 times.
So, what’s the fastest way to get levels on a Pokémon? It depends!
  • If a Pokémon is too weak to battle or is just falling behind a bit, give it the Exp Share.
  • If a Pokémon can battle, give it a Lucky Egg.
  • If a Pokémon has just hatched from an egg or has fallen really far behind on levels, give it a
Training Band to catch up, then switch to the Exp Share or Lucky Egg.

EV Training

There are two ways to EV train in Inclement Emerald:
  1. Buy EVs directly from Evie, an NPC found in the old move reminder’s house in Fallarbor.
  2. Use the Power items; these have been modified to let you train against any Pokémon – EV training spots are a thing of the past!
Power items now give 16 EVs per KO instead of 8. Additionally, they stop the holder from gaining
“natural” EVs – they’ll only get the 16 EVs from the item.

E.g. hold a Power Bracer, KO a Zubat. The holder gets 16 attack EVs and 0 speed EVs. Combined with the exp all mechanic, this allows you to EV train your entire party anywhere, and at the same time – just give each mon the right Power item!

You need 16 KOs to max out a stat using this method, so defeating 32 Pokémon – trainer or wild – will fully EV train your entire team, provided each Pokémon is holding a Power item, and you switch items
after the first 16 KOs.

Evie can show you your Pokémon’s EVs before changing them, and can also reset them all to zero.

Changing IVs

IVs can be changed – not just increased - by an NPC named Ivy, who can also be found in the old move reminder’s house in Fallarbor. She charges one Bottle Cap per IV changed, or five Bottle Caps to change all IVs to a pre-set combination for certain Hidden Power types.

Ivy can show you your Pokémon’s IVs before changing them.

Changing Natures

A chef NPC in Slateport can change a Pokémon’s nature in exchange for 10 Oran Berries. He’s found in what used to be the name rater’s house, on the western side of the city.

Rather than letting you choose a nature from a massive list, the chef will ask which stat you’d like your nature to boost, and which stat you’d like it to reduce. Originally he asked this in a cryptic manner involving Poke Block colors, exactly like the Madam Celadon NPC in the Let’s Go games. Naturally, this turned out to be confusing for people, so now he’ll also say which color goes with which stat. The flavor your Pokémon prefers is the stat that will be boosted, and the flavor it dislikes will be the stat that’s reduced.