Pokemon Inclement Emerald Important NPC Guide

Pokemon Inclement Emerald Important NPC Guide

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Author: Buffel Saft

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Inclement Emerald adds some new NPCs, so this document explains where and how to find them.

Move Reminder, Move Deleter, Name Rater, Move Tutor:

These have all been combined into one NPC that can be found in every Pokémon Center. He can also
reset any buggy events you may have encountered in older versions of the game, but only once. 

Starter Move Tutors

The move tutor for Grass Pledge, Blast Burn, etc. can be found in Mauville City, in the house next to the
Mart. Your starter Pokémon will need to have at least 200 friendship to learn these moves.

Draco Meteor Tutor

The Draco Meteor tutor can be found in the northeastern most house in Sootopolis. Your Dragon-type
Pokémon will need to have maximum friendship to learn the move.

Dragon Ascent Tutor

The Dragon Ascent tutor can be found in Meteor Falls and will teach this move to Rayquaza, allowing it to Mega Evolve.

Nature Changer

The nature changer can be found in Slateport City, where the Name Rater used to be.

IV Changer and EV Trainer

Ivy and Evie are the IV changer and EV trainer/resetter – they can be found in Fallarbor Town, where the Mover Reminder used to be.

Ball Changer/Swapper

The ball changer can be found in Lilycove City, where the Move Deleter used to be. He can move your
Pokémon into a new Poké Ball; you can choose one from your bag. Capture effects (like the Heal Ball
and Dream Ball) won’t be applied, but the Luxury Ball’s effect will work.

Audino Welfare Advocate

This NPC will gift you an Audino holding a Lucky Egg. She can be found in Verdant Glade, a new map
attached to Verdanturf Town.

Shard Trader

The NPC near Mossdeep who used to trade shards for evolution stones now trades them for Bottle Caps instead.


After becoming Champion, Cynthia can be found in the house next to the Gym in Mossdeep City. She’ll battle you once daily, and will use a slightly different team after your first battle with her.

May/Brendan Rematch

May and Brendan can be found on Route 103 after becoming Champion, in the same spot you first
battled them. They can be rematched daily.


Steven is in the usual place, but can now be rematched daily.

Gym Leader Rematches

After becoming Champion, Gym leaders have up to four possible rematch teams and can be rematched
daily. You don’t need to wait for them to call, just talk to them to trigger the rematch.

Shameless Self-Insert

After becoming Champion, you can battle the hack’s creator in the Cove Lily Hotel in Lilycove City. Like other rematches, this can be done daily.