Pokemon Golden Crown (RMXP)

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Pokemon Golden Crown

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Game Name: Pokemon Golden Crown
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.0.5, 29.05.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Travel through rebuilt four regions that have never been seen like that before. Choose your starter (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle), who will start following you, and traverse the region with some visible encounters and face different trainers, including recurring rivals: Ash, Gary, May, Team Rocket and more. Collect 28 badges and try to beat all the trainers in Indigo Plateau (Kanto) to become the master (if a loss happens, you won't get another chance to face others), Silver Plateau (Johto), and Emerald Plateau (Hoenn).

List of Features

  • Following Pokemon
  • Elite Battle DX
  • Visible encounters
  • 46 gym leaders (+ 1 non-badge gym in Unova)
  • Frontier Brains from both Gen III and Gen IV
  • Elite Four members' battles and rematches after the league
  • Anime-like league tournament (if you lose, you won't be able to face the rest of the trainers)
  • Famous in-game people (e.g. Ariana Grande, Britney Spear, Avril Lavigne, Lorde, Harry Styles & Axl Rose)
  • Nods to pop culture (e.g. American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries & Money Heist)
  • Sassy trainers and not-so-boring NPCs
  • Traders to help you get Pokemon like Gengar, Steelix or Electrivire
  • HMs: Surf, Cut, Strength & Fly
  • Change your speed using G-key
  • All Pokemons up to Gen V
  • Safari Zones (5x, one for every larger region)
  • Recurring rival battles: Ash, Gary, May, Paul, Team Rocket, Layla and more.
  • Alternative story of the regions reconstructed
  • ExpAll so that all of your Pokemons can gain experience
  • B/W tiles (mostly)
  • New Pokegear functions (Encounter Lists and PC)
  • Mini wild area (4 tiles) for Johto and larger wild area for Sinnoh (12 connected tiles)
  • Orange Islands’ gym leaders don’t need to be challenged in a particular order
  • New encounter types:
    • dark grass - for Johto
    • tall grass (with a chance for a double encounter), desert - for Hoenn
    • honey tree, nectar tree and phenomena (water, grass, bird & cave) - for Sinnoh
    • pools - for Unova
  • Pokemon Day Centre
  • New regional forms for Orange Islands – including Archipelegian Butterfree (Bug/Electric type), Archipelegian Politoed, Archipelegian Parasect and more
  • New regional forms for Sevii Islands - including Sevian Butterfree (Bug/Fairy), Sevian Dustox (Bug/Ghost), Sevian Snorlax (Normal/Ice), Sevian Onix (Rock/Ice), Sevian Absol and more
  • New regional forms for Declare Islands - including Decolorien Butterfree (Bug/Dark), Decolorien Shellos/Gastrodon, Decolorien Torkoal (Fire/Dark), Decolorien Sorosis/Duosis/Reuniclus (Psychic/Fire), Decolorien Venomoth/Venonat (Bug/Ice) and more
  • Aura-fueled Pokemon encounters (Snorlax on Orange Islands and Gen III, IV, V legendaries)
  • Overworld encounters on every route
  • Feebas now evolves via Hoenn Stone found in Pheonix City (upper part) and on Emerald Plateau
  • Methods of evolving Eevee: Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon unchanged, Umbreon – Johto Stone, Espeon – Sun Stone, Leafeon – Sinnoh Stone, Glaceon – Ice Stone, Sylveon – Kalos Stone (unobtainable as for now)
  • The Underground for the eastern part of Sinnoh
  • Mega Evolution


  • New maps for regions
  • New region: Sevii Islands
  • All Frontier Brains are available to be battled
  • Location that makes Deoxys available to change its form
  • New regional forms for some Pokemon - including Normal/Ice Sevian Snorlax, Ice/Rock Sevian Onix, Sevian Absol, Sevian Sudowoodo, and more
  • Some new tiles and character icons


  • New region: Sinnoh
  • The Underground feature for the eastern part of Sinnoh
  • The 12-tiled connected wild area in Sinnoh
  • 8 new gym matches, sinnohnian E4, Cynthia, and Gen IV Frontier Brains
  • New encounter types: honey tree, nectar tree & phenomena (grass, water, bird & cave)
  • The first battle against Mega-Evolved Pokemon
  • Changed the way traders did work - now you can trade with them limitlessly
  • The game was updated up to Essentials v19.1
  • Two new regions: Unova (divided into continental and non-continental parts) and Decolore Islands (24 maps divided into 3 segments)
  • the non-continental part contains Pokemon from only Gen V
  • 10 new gym matches for Unova and one additional with no badge given
  • Unovan E4 and Alder, Iris, Bianca, and Trip, Team Plasma
  • New encounter type: pools
  • New regional forms for Declare Islands, including Bug/Ice Decolorien Venomoth, Bug/Dark Decolorien Butterfree, Decolories Skarmory, and more
  • Quest for searching for prof. Sycamore on Declare Islands who give you mega ring - after meeting him, you can travel across all regions to look for mega stones
  • New title card
  • Improved map for the starter town and several others
  • New tilesets


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Developer: NicolayBlack

Original Source: reliccastle