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Game Name: Pokemon Empire
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v7.2, Episode 7 "Everything is Permitted", 28-32 hours of playtime
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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What is right and wrong? How do we address war, racism, education, politics, good and evil, and human nature itself? And who gets to decide? Welcome to the Telius region, only months removed from a bloody civil war sparked by King Tobias II. A once benevolent man who ruled through the guidance of many noble families, he ushered in an era of prosperity and industry. But eventually, he plunged the region into division and violence and in the end was overthrown by his own people. Amidst the ensuing turmoil, a new oligarchy of representatives has seized power, supported by the revolutionaries that overthrew the king's regime. 

This "Council" is now overseeing the reconstruction of the region and establishing a new Pokémon league of hand-picked leaders that oversee the various provinces of Telius. But even under this supposed new stability, old fissures remain. Many Telian citizens are resistant to change, harbor old grudges, and don't trust how this new league seeks to reshape their daily lives. Many remain loyal to the longstanding traditions of the old nobility. This nobility and their soldiers, now on the outside looking in, has adopted the moniker 'Team Royale' (pronounced like casino royale). Operating from the shadows and seeking to help Telian citizens on an individual level, they are intent on restoring the region to its former glory. So with the region weary and divided, how will Telius move into the future? 

Enter YOU the player: the child of a noble family, you were sent away before the war began. But now you return to join this new league and help bring Telius into harmony and stability once more. Can you solve the mysteries of the war, work your way through the shadows of the past, and live with the consequences of your decisions? Will you support the Council, fight for the Royale Loyalists, or take matters into your own hands?

Prepare for your personal and pre-existing beliefs to be challenged by the poignant, morally gray decisions waiting for you in... Pokémon Empire!

List of Features

  • 9 Dual-typed Starters ( covers all 18 types )
  • Can do full Monotype runs with ANY type even before you reach the first leader!
  • Includes Most Pokemon Gens 1-8
  • The best Soundtrack in any fangame all-time.
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Crafting System
  • Relationship Support System: Make choices and build relationships with characters that affect the plot and outcome of the game!
  • Custom-made Field Effects, Backgrounds, Terrains, and even Weather!
  • Tons of Easter Eggs to hunt for!
  • Increased Shiny Rate ( with all custom-made shiny sprites! )
  • Huge, open maps with tons of exploration, deep lore, and sidequests!
Some Examples of Gameplay Changes:
  • Freeze now halves Sp. ATK and has a 25% chance to fully freeze each turn
  • Aqua Ring heals the active Pokémon for 1/8th max HP for 5 turns and stays active even if the user switches
  • Hazard scaling damage has been leveled out; Worry Seed is now a hazard
  • Pokemon have better abilities and learn moves that make more sense via level-up. Every species has viability!
New Moves and Abilities that:
  • Cut PP more effectively
  • Apply Heal Block
  • Punish and Reward Switches
  • Punish non-Contact Moves
  • P-haze Opponents
  • Raise Defensive Stats with Priority


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Developer: octavius3mc

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=433704