Pokemon Emerald Battle Tower: Challenge Edition Documentation

Pokemon Emerald Battle Tower: Challenge Edition Documentation

Pokemon Emerald Battle Tower Challenge Edition GBA

Language: English

Author: Petuuuhhh

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Competetive Info

-can go dragon dance, curse, or choice band
WEAKNESS: will-o-wisp, earthquake, brick break, surf (hydro pump if you're ballsy)
-can be standard, agility (adamant), or agility (naughty; carries lum berry, so no will-o-wisp shutdown)
WEAKNESS: will-o-wisp, earthquake, flamethrower/fire blast
-can carry fire blast or be dragon dance, plus the intimidate drop helps it set up
WEAKNESS: will-o-wisp, ice beam/punch, rock slide (watch for intimidate)
-sets up with swords dance, and salac berry makes it unbeatable with swords dance, unless sandstorm chip damage. also can eat burns with guts, or swarm boosts megahorn to unholy levels
WEAKNESS: aerial ace (lmao), fire blast; note: physical moves like rock slide are effective given low defense
-sets up with calm mind + substitute, and can be extremely effective offensively given a few boosts
WEAKNESS: none. but seriously, thunderbolt, if you can get it off before it sets up one calm mind. holy cow (btw, metal sound zapdos may be good, although you have a chance to miss and will get KO'd with Ice Beam if it has set up enough)
-sets up with curse, and has great coverage
WEAKNESS: again, none after a few boosts, so bring Brick Break, Swords Dance (do it before it sets up), maybe a lum berry for body slam, or focus punch (if you're feeling lucky); note: THIS MEANS BRING HERACROSS ehehehe 
-will-o-wisp shuts down physical attackers, great coverage in thunderbolt/ice punch/fire punch (and the occasional giga drain), carries salac so it can get a second move off (lol), max spe set carries petaya (1.5 spa)
WEAKNESS: physical moves, psychic. pretty easy to take down, but watch out for amazing coverage and will-o-wisp, it's actually a huge threat
-usually carries ice beam, so you can't set up with salamence, but otherwise, it just stalls you to death with seismic toss/toxic + softboiled, and cripples you with thunder wave
WEAKNESS: brick break (easy to set up on with tyranitar and heracross)


SalamenceF is a "Breeding Variant" between Salamence (father) and Flygon (mother). It's meant to be a "what-if" Pokemon as though it inherited traits (stats, moves, typing, and abilities) from its parents.
Notable differences from vanilla Salamence:
HP: 87 (Salamence has 95)
Atk: 117 (135)
SpA: 95 (110)
Types: Dragon/Ground
Abilities: Intimidate/Levitate
Notable movepool additions: Giga Drain, Solarbeam, (Sand Tomb)
Notable movepool removals: Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Wish, Iron Defense, Hydro Pump

Battle Mountain Cave Magm Submission Petuh

Creator's name: Petuh
Map's name: Battle Tower Battle Mountain Cave
-Nutleaf for 6 trainer sets
-alaskansalmon for 2 trainer sets and 33 rental sets
-Wide-Eyed Eel for 4 trainer sets
-Haven for Hex Maniac finding the palette of SalamenceF inserted into vanilla Em
ROMbase: pokeemerald
Additional comments: Alright, so this is just a modified Battle Tower inside a mountain cave lol. It uses Smogon [Gen 3] OU mons as a replacement for the original Battle Tower sets, making the tower much more difficult. Made using pokeemerald, and I'm not sure if editing it in binary is even possible. I've included additional documentation on the 56 possible sets in the tower. I have also supplied a save file with "rental mons" on it, in case you don't feel like genning Pokemon with PKHeX/using a competitive save. Note that, while the credits will roll whether you win or lose, you can soft reset and end up in the same location if you want to retry. This is for my hack, and I plan on improving it a lot. I look forward to playing the other submissions, and I hope you have fun :3