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Game Name: Pokemon The Deckbuilding Game
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: v1.1.08
Language: English
Category: PokemonGameMaker Studio 2Fan Game
Playable On: PC


Draft 4 Pokemon to join your party, each with their own stats, starting deck, and card choices as they level up and evolve. Battle with 2 Pokemon out at a time to overcome wild battles, trainer encounters, and Gym Leaders to join the Hall of Fame.

List of Features

  • 170+ Usable Pokemon
  • 500+ Cards
  • 115+ Abilities
  • 8 Gym Leaders
  • 5 Champions
  • Adjustable game length and difficulty

Starting Guide


  • Gyms - The number of Gym Leaders / Champions to beat to win the game. The game length is about 30-45 mins per Gym.
  • Difficulty - Each additional point increases the attack, defense, and status effectiveness of Enemy Pokemon by about 10%.
  • Points - The number of Points to draft a Pokemon Team with.

Pokemon Draft

  • Select 4 different Pokemon to make a team.
  • Abilities increase the point cost of a Pokemon and add an effect to them.
  • The evolution you pick will be the final evolution the Pokemon will evolve into but they will always start as their first evolution.
  • Any leftover Points will be converted into 500 poke dollars each.


  • Click on an adjacent green tile to move.
  • There are 4 different types of wild encounters, which are Plains, Forest, Water, and Cave, each with their own Pokemon to encounter.
  • The "!" encounters are Trainer battles that are more difficult but reward more pokedollars and an item.
  • The Poke Ball icons reward an item.
  • Right before the Gym is a town where all of your Pokemon will be fully healed and you have access to some services.

Town Options

  • Poke Mart - Buy held items for your Pokemon.
  • Super Training - Pay to increase the base stats of your Pokemon. The Cost goes up 50% for that stat and caps at 3 boosts.
  • Move Tutor - Buy cards to add to a Pokemon's Deck. The cost has a randomly generated variance modified by the value of the card.
  • Move Deleter - Pay to permanently remove cards from a Pokemon's Deck. The cost increases for each card you remove on that Pokemon. The cost is cheaper for each card in the Pokemon's deck has up to a limit of 20 Cards.


  • HP - Changes the HP gained per level.
  • Attack - Increases the damage of  Physical attacks.
  • Defense - Increases the amount of  Armor gained from cards to block  Physical attacks.
  • Special Attack - Increases the damage of  Special attacks.
  • Special Defense - Increases the number of Barriers gained from cards to block  Special attacks.
  • Speed - Adds 'Slow' or 'Fast' cards to the Pokemon's deck at the start of the battle.
  • 'Slow' is a dead card that takes up slots in your deck.
  • 'Fast' is a free card that will draw 2 more cards when played.
  • The lower the Speed is than 70 more 'Slow' cards will be added as a ratio of the total deck size.
  • The higher the Speed is than 70 more 'Fast' cards will be added as a ratio of the total deck size.


  • Each Pokemon has its own Hand, Deck (bottom right), Discard (bottom left), and Energy (right of Pokemon).
  • After you end each turn, each Pokemon will discard the remaining cards in their Hand, Draw 5 cards from their Deck, and reset their Energy to 3. If there are not enough Cards in a Deck to Draw, the Discard will be added back into the deck and shuffled.
  • Click on the Pokemon or their respective Hand to change the currently selected Pokemon.
  • Drag a card into play or over another Pokemon to play it.
  • Attack cards will show the damage the attack will do to a specific Pokemon by dragging the card over the target.
  • Above each Health, the bar will show the Pokemon's current Armor and Barrier.
  • Above each Enemy will show the move they will use and its target at the end of the turn.
  • You can mouse over the Enemy move to see specific details.
  • You can use the Party button to see your Pokemon's decks or to swap out the currently selected Pokemon for 3 Energy.
  • In Wild Battles, you will encounter 2 Pokemon initially with 2 more joining the battle after turns 1 and 2.
  • In Trainer and Gym Battles they will send out 2 Pokemon and swap in additional Pokemon as they are defeated. The number of Pokeballs in the top right will show the total Pokemon they have left.

Changes from Pokemon

  • Same type attack bonus (STAB) is 125% instead of 150%.
  • Super-effective is 150% instead of 200% and Not very effective is 66% instead of 50%.
  • Some Pokemon have adjusted base stats.

Hot Keys

  • Close game - Backspace
  • Type Chart - T
  • Card Info - Tab
  • Graphics Options - ESC
  • Back - M2 or ESC
  • Game Speed - Left and Right Arrow


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Developer: mEnderlady

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=452775