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Game Name: Pokemon Alexandrite (formerly known as Pokémon Cardinal)
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.1.6, 14.09.2022, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokémon Alexandrite takes place before Gurkinn's research of Mega Evolution, well before it is understood and researched by Pokémon guru's around the world. The story follows the adventure of our protagonist's progression in Cardino's Pokémon League. They attempt to acquire 8 badges and eventually challenge the Elite Four and Champion much along the vein of a traditional Pokémon adventure. Along the way, there will be a conflict with Team Rocket and their influences across the Cardino Region, the story revolves around the impacts of these actions by Rocket and the player's role in protecting the region alongside their father Prof. Yew, and their close friend Brett. Players will discover the impact of these changes and the character developments alongside it with variances in the development and story based on the player's actions.

List of Features

  • 402 Acquirable Pokémon with 63 alternate Forms/Mega-Evolutions​
    • Including 10 completely original Pokémon​
    • Handpicked Pokédex with mon's from generations 1 through 8 with a tilt towards generations 1-4.​
    • New mega-evolutions​
  • Rich gameplay featuring a full 8 gyms with elite 4 taking you from level 5 to 62.​
    • Additional gameplay elements including Crafting System, VS Seeker, Triple Triad card clubs, and booster packs!​
    • Steady difficulty curve with dynamic gyms featuring dual typing or themes instead of traditional monotyping.​
    • Diverse route encounters with 3-5 unique Pokémon per route.​
    • Many small side quests with a story or item rewards.​
  • Quality of Life improvements including: EXP candy, Nature Mints, Quicksaving, Speedup, DexNav, Party+Bag menu, and more!​
  • Featuring the Pokémon Trainer's Club for convenient EV training and IV vitamins to get the perfect mons' without the need to tediously breed if the player desires them.​
  • Player's own Berry Farm to grow Berries and Apricorns!​
  • MKXP-z for high performance on faster computers (v19.1 Essentials)​
  • An original story including original characters about the ventures of Team Rocket in the Cardino Region.​
  • A massive world to explore featuring over 190 maps utilizing both original Generation 3 tilesets and Ekat's plus custom tile edits.​
  • Four difficulty modes for a truly tailored experience all the way from classic "Nintendo" mode to Challenge mode!​
    • Complete with (optional) level-cap and item restrictions, gyms are balanced to this cap and will provide a difficult but fair experience.​
  • Numerous popular plugins many with customized graphics to fit a consistent UI theme.​
    • Welsh's Modern Quest System, Modern Crafting System, Encounter UI​
    • Gela's message box​
    • Luka's EBDX, Randomizer, Nuzlocke, and Modular Title Screen​
    • Voltseon's Pause Menu​
    • PurpleZaffre's MassBerryPicker (Available on the Berry Farm)​
    • The full BW UI suite from DeepBlue PacificWaves et. al.​


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Developer: AiurJordan

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/4087/