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Game Name: Nuzlockology
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: v0.6.1
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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This fangame is loosely based on the first book of a multi-game Pokemon Nuzlocke storyline series, aptly called, "Nuzlockology." 

In Nuzlockology, you follow the adventures of a mysterious hooded head, cloaked face, psychic guy named, "Axis Vactaire," or just, "Axis."Axis here has arrived in the Pokemon regions to a world in turmoil. The mysterious Nuzlocke Disorder has been killing off Pokemon left & right, amongst other resulting disastrous phenomena throughout the regions. While Axis does research & studying to decipher the origins of Nuzlocke Disorder, he meets many new faces along the way, both Pokemon & otherwise.

List of Features

  • The ability to run as soon as you start the game
  • A revamped & dynamic PokeMart inventory system that changes as you collect badges
  • Accessibility to more of the Kanto region's Pokemon in different/earlier areas
  • Trainer teams & Pokemon movesets changed up, mostly for an added challenge
  • Several static gift Pokemon (based on characters from the Nuzlockology storyline) whose presence will be important throughout the game
  • Minor changes to the layout of several areas throughout Kanto, to accommodate new buildings, or for easier navigation & backtracking
  • Specialty shops scattered throughout the Kanto region (selling certain items that are normally not found in PokeMarts), built with an orange roof to distinguish them from regular PokeMarts, or occasionally designed as a different-looking facility altogether
  • A new evolutionary sub-branch of existing Pokemon, with base stats, movesets/learnsets, and abilities different than that of their regular counterparts
  • Gen 3 tilesets, Gen 4 in-battle sprites, Gen 5 movesets/learnsets & EXP system
  • A talking protagonist (this is still a work in progress, as more & more dialogue conversations in the game get edited, revised, and changed up as needed)


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Developer: NuzlockologyHQ

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