Pokemon Victory Fire Walkthrough

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA Cover

Language: English

Author: Olivia R.

Note: Search inside the Page by pressing ctrl+f or use the "Search" option on your browser to look for a specific area. No changes were made to the original text of the author. 

Pokemon Victory Fire version 2.63 detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Emerald ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Victory Fire (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

I will list things that need to be listed, although for catching mons, I put a (?) if the dex lists its area but I'm unable to find it for any reason (possibly because it's a 1% encounter or something).

Notable things in this hack:

-Your starter is based on your chosen gender, but it will always be a pseudo-legendary Dragon, either Axew or Gible. Gible and Axew evolve into their second evolution at Lv35, and then their third at Lv60. Axew and its evolution line are Dragon/Fighting

-Curse is a Ghost type move

-Fairy type is present

-Up to Gen-7 mons can be found

GLITCH: A Bad Egg shows up in the 3rd Box on your PC. I’m not sure how and when it shows up, but I don’t believe there is anything to really do about it. Personally, I’d avoid being anywhere near Box3 when you are working with the PC.

GLITCH: Buizel evolves into Floatzel at Lv26 as normal, but upon evolving it goes to Lv29


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Prologue [PROL]

Freshwind Villa [FRVL]

Canyon Path [CANP] and [CLAB]

Amberyellow Town [AMBY], [AMB2], and [AMBG]

Light Path [LIPA], [LIP2], and [LIP3]

Canyon Passage [CAPA] and [CAP2]

Ancient Meadow [ANME] and [ANM2]

Dead Volcano [DEVO]

Volcano Path [VOPA]

Pure Village [PUVI]

Pure Tower [PUTR]

Greenland City [GREE] and [GREG]

Darkgreen Path [DGPA]

Pine Forest [PINE] and [PIN2]

Forest Chamber [FOCH]

Pine Path [PIPA] and [PIP2]

Pinearoma Villa [PINV] and [GSCH]

Trick House [TRI1], [TRI2], [TRI3], [TRI4], [TRI5], [TRI6], [TRI7], and [TRI8]

Mt Skywall [MSKY], [MSK2], [MSK3], [MSK4], [MSK5], and [MSK6]

High Path [HIPA] and [HIP2]

Myst Cave [MYST]

Redwood City [REDW] and [REDG]

Waterwave Path [WWPA]

Stardust Fountain [STAR]

Tyron Tower [TYRT] and [ELI4]

Marble Grassland [MBLG] and [MBL2]

Holy Karst Cave [HKAR]

Marble City [MARB] and [MARG]

S.S. Bluesea [SSBS] and [SSB2]

Navel Path [NAVE] and [NAV2]

Heat Passage [HEPA]

Jade Pass [JAPA]

Volcano Town [VOLC] and [VOLG]

Surf Backtracking [SURF]

Jade Volcano [JAVO], [JAV2], [JAV3], and [JAV4]

Golden Temple [GOTE]

Rumors Forest [RUMO]

Shappine Path [SHAP]

Bronze Port [BZPO], [BZPL], and [BZSG]

Snowy Path [SNOW]

Mugwort Villa [MUGW] and [MUGG]

Cloud Meadow [CLME] and [CLM2]

Rainbow Path [RWPA] and [RWP2]

Rainbow Rock [RWRK]

Halfleaf City [HFLF], [HFLG], and [HFCV]

Mt Snowy [MSNO]

Halfleaf Sea [HSEA] and [DIVE]

Cross Sea [CROS] and [DIVE]

Grey Island [GREY]

Cross Path [CROP]

Flora Island [FLOR], [FLOG], [FLOC], and [FLOP]

Freshair Bay [FRBY]

Waterfall Backtracking [WFAL]

Whitewave City [WWAV] and [WWBB]
Sunny Beach [SUBE]

Ocean Passage [OCPA]

Crystal Villa [CRVL] and [CRBB]

Mist Path [MIPA]

Brightlight City [BRLI] and [BRBB]

Rocky Road [RORO]

Rose Town [ROSE] and [ROBB]

Lost Path [LOPA]

Granite Canyon [GRAC]

Orange Villa [ORAN] and [ORA2]

Golden Canyon [GOLC]

Iris Town [IRIS] and [IRBB]

Blue Path [BLUE]

Skylight Villa [SKYL] and [SKBB]

Sky Tunnel [SKYT]

Challenge Bridge [CHAL]

Central Area [CENT] and [CEN2]

Appendix [APPE]


Start is the same as always, except you start in a cave for some reason. You can explore to the north or south, but going south will basically dead-end at either route, so head north through the cave into a new one. In this cave there's only one way to go, and that's left to another cave entrance. Jump off the ledge and you can go east or south. If you go east, you can explore a bit and jump off a ledge to be back at the beginning part of the cave, but there's no reason to and there's no hidden items (as far as I can tell), so go south and you'll find Victini.

Well we know who Victini is (unless you haven't played a Gen-5 game before), and he knows who we are. Before any answers are given you all of a sudden are in your bed, having had a dream. The house is pretty much the same as the Gen-3 houses, you have a Potion in the PC. The Tyron region has a rather disjointed world map if you look at it. Obviously set your clock, and of course you will have to visit Professor Ivan.

At the 1F of your house you can observe the TV to hear about a strange colored mon, and can apparently rest by talking to Mom (although why would you because you don't have any mons yet). She doesn't appear to do anything else.


When you leave you encounter your opposite gender counterpart just outside your house (Iron if you're a girl, Pure if you're a boy) telling you that Ivan left. We can tell this trainer will be a rival, and he/she has Gible/Axew. But then he/she gives you it. Congrats you have a starter now, and it's a Dragon pseudo-legendary (Lv5). Reminds me of Pokemon Prism's starter being Larvitar. Iron/Pure then tells you that you're a real trainer and will run off to Amberyellow Town where the first gym is.

Feel free to explore Freshwind Villa, which is your hometown. Your rival's home is the same as it usually is, nothing too out of the ordinary. The sign is wrong though (it says Freshwind Town). There's a PokeCenter nearby, but for some reason the PC is broken! If you head south from there, you will find a bunch of Buneary blocking the way. Go east from the town sign and you'll find Ivan's Lab and apparently a vending machine out there, which you can't use because you don't have a Drinking Ticket. Nothing of note inside the lab since Ivan's not here. The guy outside the lab mentions that some dude named Uranium stole his mon.

If you head north from your home a silver-haired dude comes by and tells you to get lost (he also has a trainer pic!) Your first battle:

PKMN Trainer ???: Sandshrew Lv2, Sneasel Lv2, Salandit Lv3, (sorry I forgot what money he gives you, it's not too important just make sure to win battles and not lose so much or something)

The guy then gives you the three mons he used! Said it was from a Cooltrainer who most likely is the guy by the lab, so this must be Uranium! You tell him he's a thief and he says he "borrowed" them. He then tells you to give them back to the trainer, and you question him as to his brother leaving a mon for him. He calls you noisy for questioning him (this should be "nosy"), and his name is misspelled as "Urainum". Like any other Pokemon bad guy he says we'll "meet again" before storming off.

If you check your mons now, you'll realize you got the level 3 Salandit, and it's fully healed. The camper nearby mentions the game's evil team, Team Mirage. The house here is Uranium's. The girl inside who's most likely his little sister says that Uranium's older brother was murdered! The grandpa mentions a place called Orange Village which was destroyed. The mom here says he locks himself in his room until the moment he lost his brother. You can't use the PC in their home or the book. Nothing upstairs, though why is the sink and dishwasher there and the PC downstairs? What a weird house.

You can't go north yet, so go back to the cooltrainer from before. He'll receive his mons, although he's actually gonna let you keep the Salandit (this probably explains why it is kept with us in the menu). Talk to him and he'll say take good care of his Ekans (?). Go north towards Canyon Path.

You'll find an old man and two younger people, accordingly the latter two are Team Mirage Members Bell and Karls. The old man is Professor Ivan. He already knows who we are but we are forced into our next battle, a 2on2!

Team Mirage Karls&Bell: Machop Lv3, Chikorita Lv3. P24

They run and you get P24 for winning. Ivan takes you to his lab afterwards. He gives you the Pokedex and namedrops Uranium who coincidentally is here as well. His brother apparently has a Marowak. Apparently he lost a battle with it, and was told to give it a chance to fight. He's also looking for a dex, and Ivan will provide for both of you. Yadda yadda yadda travel the region meet mons meet trainers this stuff was in the prologue. Uranium leaves. The nearby scientist mentions that Ivan is 90 years old, wow. If you check the Dex, it already has a National mode, nice. One of the guys upstairs says he's looking for a book…

If you go into the PokeCenter, the PC is now accessible. Freshair Bay to the south is still off-limits, so you gotta go on Canyon Path now.


Mons found:

Wurmple: 45%

Poochyena: 30%

Pineco: 10%

Buneary: 5%

Pidove: 5%

Drifloon: 4%
Buizel: 1%

Camper Ben: Magby Lv6, P240

Bug Catcher Keeling: Caterpie Lv7, Weedle Lv6 P192

Gentleman Hope: Vulpix Lv7 (forgot money amount sorry)

North of Ben is a Great Ball, hooray for your first Poke Ball. Past Hope, a man named Max rushes you and seems to know you. He's apparently an officer and battles you.

PKMN Trainer Max: Pikachu Lv7, Elekid Lv8, Voltorb Lv7 all Electric types so watch out for Static. P1260 and a PokeNav upon winning.

Checking the PokeNav reveals that it is called Tyron Map instead of Hoenn Map, that's good, but looking at the towns you visited they show the old layouts, guess there's not much to do with those in regards to romhacking them. Match Call reveals that you apparently have Devon President Mr. Stone, umm, okay.


Mart wares:

PokeBall P200

Potion P300

Antidote P100

Parlyz Heal P200

Awakening P250

A lady sits outside the gym, which is the first building you'll spot. Silk, the leader, isn't here. Silk is a Normal type expert. A woman named Cathaya was the leader here, according to the man to the right of the gym, but she left. The old lady in the house to the right of the gym mentions she must've joined Team Mirage! The Mart is to the north of her home. To the northwest is the PokeCenter, and the blackbelt mentions a Cutter Alen, whoever that is. The guy north of the center mentions that Silk was the teacher of Sylon Academy. A trainer is inside the library:

Gentleman Lucas: Mienfoo Lv9, P288

A lady to the left of Lucas mentions a cursed book, hmm. Another trainer upstairs.

PKMN Breeder Linna: Baltoy Lv8, Eevee Lv10, Venipede Lv9, P400

Notice the red book at the lower right. The bald guy nearby mentions a man named Dillon who designed the Amberyellow Library. I interacted with the red book and nothing happened. Light Passage is west of the library, Ancient Meadow to the north but you need Cut to get past the tree. Light Passage it is!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 65% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 35% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Psyduck: 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Igglybuff: 20%

Pidove: 20%

Mareep: 15%

Shinx: 10%
Wurmple: 10%
Munna: 10%

Buneary: 5%

Pichu: 4%

Helioptile: 4%

Venipede: 1%
Buizel: 1%

Cooltrainer Andrew: Pikachu Lv8, Taillow Lv9 P720

The old man gives you TM09, Bullet Seed. Left of Andrew are some berries and a cave entrance. No where else to go so might as well enter.


Mons found:

1st area:

Diglett: 30%

Zubat: 20%

Magnemite: 15%

Machop: 15%
Woobat: 10%

Geodude: 9%

Tynamo: 1%

2nd area:

Woobat: 30%

Zubat: 20%

Diglett: 15%

Magnemite: 15%

Machop: 10%

Geodude: 6%

Tynamo: 4%

3rd area:

Zubat: 25%

Geodude: 20%

Magnemite: 20%

Tynamo: 10%

Machop: 10%

Woobat: 5%

Diglett: 5%

Larvitar: 4%
Scraggy: 1%

Hiker Flint: Zubat Lv8, Diglett Lv9 P180

Go up the ladder past Flint (nowhere else to go anyways). Also catch a Machop, it can help with the upcoming gym, and/or maybe a Magnemite (or Mareep, Pichu, or Helioptile outside) since that can help with a trainer later on.

Black Belt Honda: Hitmonchan Lv9 P380

Another linear path. The Nurse Joy past Honda is also a Trainer!

Nurse Joy: Bellsprout Lv8, Chansey Lv8 P384, she will heal you after battling and you can talk to her again afterwards to heal anytime.

Back on 1F, go NW to find...a Full Restore!? Then south to the next Trainer and the exit.

PKMN Ranger Shelly: Oddish Lv7, Zubat Lv8, Larvitar Lv8, P256

LIGHT PATH (cont) [LIP2]

There's another cave entrance here.

Psychic Miguel: Abra Lv9, P360, registered in PokeNav (his description and location are wrong for some reason, possibly referring to PokeFan Miguel from OG Emerald)


Up the ladder in the small room, the next just has two trainers and an exit.

Collector Jimmy: Wimpod Lv7, Ekans Lv8, P480

Lady Ammy: Roselia Lv9, P1800

LIGHT PATH (cont. again) [LIP3]

Ninja Boy Rick: Venipede Lv7, Nincada Lv8, P96

Battle Girl Tina: Mankey Lv8, Machop Lv8, P192

A Potion is to the south of Tina, and to the north is Cutter Alen's house. Inside, a female trainer is complaining to her dad, the girl is 16-year old Lily and the man is Alen himself. A blue-haired trainer is also here, and it turns out to be Silk! Your character rushes in after the name drop but well she's not interested in returning to the gym and is more concerned for Lily. But now we have to fight Alen, didn't he say he stopped being a trainer?

Expert (?) Alen: P1000 and HM01 Cut!

Charmander Lv8, Ember, Cut, Growl

Nincada Lv9, Dig, Cut, Scratch

Zangoose Lv10, Cut, Karate Chop, Bite

Lily will now run off, but actually to fight you right now! (also my mons were healed for some reason)

PKMN Trainer Lily: Doduo Lv9, Natu Lv9, Lapras Lv10, P1800

She then actually runs off. Silk says she'll be back at the library as the manager needs her. Feel free to teach a mon Cut if you wish, though obviously you can't go anywhere with it. Also a lot of mons you have access to right now can't really learn it, while Gible/Axew and Salandit can it can be a problem if you want to get other moves for them. Trying to go to Snowy Path to the west, you'll discover the way is blocked. Back to Amberyellow.


Back at the library and on the second floor, you can now access the south door. Here you'll find Silk and a scientist. Your nosiness will pay off as Silk returns to her gym now. At the door, Iron/Pure comes out, says he/she finished the gym, and then challenges you right away.

PKMN Trainer Iron/Pure: Axew Lv11 or Gible Lv11, P1980


School Kid Josh: Rattata Lv10, P120

School Kid Sammy: Meowth Lv8, Clefairy Lv8, P96

School Kid Marc: Poochyena Lv9, Aipom Lv10 P120

For some reason, there's a Poke Ball, and touching it causes Silk to show up in the middle of the gym. Let's go.

Leader Silk: P1400, TM42 Facade, Transform Badge

Meowth Lv13, Tackle, Pay Day, Growl

Buneary Lv13, Tackle, Defense Curl, Pound

Porygon-Z Lv14, Block, Harden, Tackle, Rock Tomb, holds Oran Berry

I backtracked to previous areas to find out nothing really was new, so we gotta go north to Ancient Meadow and Cut that tree down.


And when you use Cut Uranium shows up for a battle.

PKMN Trainer Uranium: Riolu Lv13, Tynamo Lv13, Marowak Lv14, P2520.

He's so rude.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Qwilfish: 34% (surf)

Grimer: 24%

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Poochyena: 20%

Pidove: 20%

Shinx: 10%
Pichu: 10%

Buneary: 9%

Finneon: 6% (surf), 55% (super rod)

Wimpod: 5%

Nincada: 1%
Hoppip: 1%

School Kid Zoey: Finneon Lv12 P144

Camper Pete: Woobat Lv12, Charmander Lv13 P520

North of Pete, in a far enclave past the tall grass and trees, you can find a hidden Guard Spec. Go east past Pete and Ivan will stop you, giving you Poke Balls (which honestly you could've bought at the mart -_-, also you get 10 of them) and Running Shoes! Yes, just like Light Platinum, you get these after the first gym, which is quite lame. Ivan also breaks the fourth wall here.

Hiker Andrew: Cubone Lv9, Geodude Lv11, Sandshrew Lv11, P220

Cooltrainer Lin: Sneasel Lv14, P1120

The cave near Lin leads to Dead Volcano, hmm, are those Team Mirage members over there? They're arguing with each other, don't notice you, but sadly they won't move. Guess we gotta go to Dead Volcano for now.


Mons found:

Scraggy: 35%

Koffing: 35%

Machop: 15%

Woobat: 14%
Grimer: 1%

Up ahead are Strength boulders, so go west, then north.

Camper Philp (Philip?): Houndour Lv10, Cyndaquil Lv13, P520

Past him, keep going on the linear path to a Poke Ball.

Psychic Ruben: Gastly Lv11, Ralts Lv13 (forgot money amount)


Mons found:

Tentacool: 95% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 30% (old rod)

Skrelp: 41% (super rod)

Horsea: 15% (super rod)

Basculin: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Swimmer Darcy: Poliwag Lv12, Feebas Lv14, P448

Bird Keeper Jonathan: Pidove Lv13, Taillow Lv14, P448

Expert Paxton: Machoke Lv14, P1400

Expert Gia: Haunter Lv14, P1400

Not much here besides trainers and a Vending Machine. Enter Pure Village


Hmm, the Lavender town theme. The first house you reach has the guy who'll give you the TM for Return or Frustration depending on the first mon’s friendship level. The house east of there has a guy who'll trade you a Horsea if you give him a Bagon. There's a weird prophet in the house NE of that one. The fisherman nearby mentions that ghosts are nearby. The blondie in the PokeCenter can tutor the move Explosion. The grandma in the center says of a mysterious Pokemon that is the spirit of Tyron. The NW house has residents that mention ghosts in Pure Tower, while the NE house has oblivious tenants. Hidden Path is to the east, but you need Surf. Let's see who that shady character is in front of Pure Tower to the north.

Team Mirage Grunt: Poochyena Lv13, Murkrow Lv13, P52

He flees inside the tower. Might as well...


Mons found:

1st floor:

Shuppet: 35%

Yamask: 34%

Litwick: 16%

Gastly: 15%

2nd floor:

Litwick: 35%

Gastly: 24%

Shuppet: 22%

Yamask: 19%

3rd floor:

Yamask: 39%

Shuppet: 32%

Litwick: 29%

4th floor:

Yamask: 45%

Litwick: 28%

Shuppet: 27%

5th floor:

Yamask: 45%

Shuppet: 35%

Litwick: 20%

6th floor:

Yamask: 38%

Shuppet: 35%

Litwick: 27%

Around this first floor you'll see Mirage grunts fighting off the people here. A few will be up for challenges.

Team Mirage Grunt: Poochyena Lv13, Murkrow Lv13, Venipede Lv15, P60

Team Mirage Grunt: Meowth Lv14, Poochyena Lv14, P56

Team Mirage Grunt: Poochyena Lv14, Croagunk Lv15

Team Mirage Grunt: Ekans Lv13, Zubat Lv15 P120 (combined with above, possible double battle here)

Team Mirage Grunt: Murkrow Lv14, Sneasel Lv16 P64

After the last grunt, go south to see some names dropped. The Man, The Woman, and Alvaro. Seems like Alvaro is the wise man of this tower. The man is Joseph and the woman is Cathaya (!). You get to choose who to battle!

Mirage Admin Joseph: Houndour Lv17, Growlithe Lv17, Charmeleon Lv20, P1600


Mirage Admin Cathaya: Sneasel Lv18, Seviper Lv21, P1680

Either way, Team Mirage leaves. Alvaro says some cryptic things and tells you to reach the top floor of Pure Tower, might as well go. The stone below him is "impossible to move".

On 2F: A guy says that Alvaro comes from the Cyna region.

Cooltrainer Mark: Shuckle Lv16, P1280

Twins Mia&Vya: Buneary Lv15, Woobat Lv15, P480

Lady Leah: Taillow Lv16, P3200

An Ultra Ball (!) is southwest of the twins.


Collector Luther: Gastly Lv14, Yamask Lv14, Litwick Lv16, P960

Beauty Gabrielle: Pidove Lv14, Buneary Lv15, P1200, registered on PokeNav

PKMN Ranger Miky: Pikachu Lv15, Ralts Lv15, Machoke Lv14, P448

A Super Repel is at the west end.

4F: Battle Nurse Joy to get her healing services

Nurse Joy: Chansey Lv17, P816


Expert Zander: Kirlia Lv17, P1700


Hex Maniac Valerie: Gastly Lv20, Lampent Lv22, P528, registered on PokeNav

Black Belt Atsushi: Croagunk Lv17, P680

Another boulder blocking the steps further, but wait, that's Alvaro down there! The stone he's examining is called a Heart Stone, and apparently you're the chosen trainer (god an awful cliche), and just because, he's gonna battle you.

Taoist Alvaro: Dustox Lv19, Seviper Lv20, Arbok Lv22, P880

Weird how he's a holy dude but has all Poison types. Anyways, time to get the other items. Near the hole is TM30 Shadow Ball. Fall in the hole and collect the Lax Incense here, then fall down the hole at the SE corner to get the Sea Incense. You're done here.


The Mirage members are gone now. A Poke Ball is hidden behind the trees to the right of the berries.

Twins Amy & Liv: Eevee Lv17, Eevee Lv17, P544, registered on PokeNav

Beauty Iris: Natu Lv18, Swellow Lv18, P1440

PKMN Ranger Marcos: Cubone Lv19, P608


Mons found:

Finneon: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Zorua: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Croagunk: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod) (?)

Mart Wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Orange Mail P50

The house north of the entrance has homeless Pokemon for some reason, but I don't think you can have any of them. A familiar sight is a gym up ahead, and well look who it is. Before confronting them I explored the rest of town. The house SW of the PokeCenter has a granny who gives you a free Treecko! A guy in the PokeCenter says his mon was stolen (oh great not again). A Super Potion can be found SE of the house south of the PokeCenter. At the south end of the city is the 20th Century Company. The gentleman inside is Jaky, the head. Unfortunately there's nothing of real interest here, you'll just be treated to some dialogue of things like a Pokemon Talker (this thing was in Pokemon Glazed).

East of the gym is Mr. Pine's Soda Pop Shop, and according to the fisherman it's a liquor store?! Trainers do exist inside, you can talk to them to battle.

Sailor Dwayne: Wimpod Lv19, Seel Lv19, Croagunk Lv20, P640

Battle Girl Johanna: Machop Lv21, P504

Hiker Simon: Geodude Lv19, Baltoy Lv21, P420

When you beat all three trainers, the guy in the back gives you a free Soda Pop six-pack. Talk to the clerk at the NE for some wares

Lemonade: P550

Moomoo Milk: P600

Berry Juice: P100

HP Up: P9800

Protein: P9800

Iron: P9800

Carbos: P9800

Calcium: P9800

PP Up: P9800

Zinc: P9800

PP Max: P9800

Quite surprised they would sell PP Up and PP Max since those usually aren't sold in stores at all. Anyways this vitamin shop could be helpful if you want to evolve mons that evolve by happiness, but it will cost you a lot.

And the clerk in the NW

Sitrus Berry: P150

Lava Cookie: P200

Chesto Berry: P120

Pecha Berry: P120

Rawst Berry: P120

Aspear Berry: P120

Oran Berry: P80

Cheri Berry: P120

Neat, a berry shop.

Max is to the east, and will stop you from going further until you get the Rising Bedge...yeah, Badge. Time to see the commotion at the gym. Talk to the man in front, you know who it is...Ash Ketchum. For some reason he lost to Uranium, who calls him a baby. But then you battle Ash...

PKMN Trainer Ash: Pikachu Lv26 (holds Light Ball), P4680 and a Drinking Card! Now we can use vending machines!

Wow, that's a nice money reward. Wonder where the rest of his team is? Uranium goes into the gym. Bout time we follow up on that...

Vending Machine Wares (I believe that every vending machine has the same wares)

Fresh Water: P200

Soda Pop: P300

Lemonade: P350


This is a Grass-type gym, so bring along good Fire, Poison, or Flying types (Salandit can learn Flame Wheel at Lv24). Do this and this gym shouldn't be too difficult.

PKMN Ranger Lilith: Phantump Lv19, P608

PKMN Ranger Cristian: Bulbasaur Lv18, Bellsprout Lv18, P608

Beauty Laura: Petilil Lv20, P1600

Cooltrainer Takao: Grovyle Lv21, P1680

Camper (shouldn't this be Picnicker?) Lenna: Cherubi Lv22, P880

Lady Jocelyn: Bayleef Lv21, P4200

Leader Wood:P2500, TM19 Giga Drain, Rising Badge, registered in PokeNav

Cherubi Lv22, Tackle, Growl, Absorb, Stun Spore

Roselia Lv24, Pound, Grasswhistle, Leech Seed, Mega Drain

Leafeon Lv25, Bite, Body Slam, Razor Leaf, Growl, holds Sitrus Berry

Go back to Max...of course he's gonna battle you before you can even see what he wants to give you.

PKMN Trainer Max: Pikachu Lv21, Tynamo Lv23, Voltorb Lv23, Electabuzz Lv24, P4320 and HM05 Flash, well I was wondering where the HM was.

I backtracked a bit and Gym Leader Silk finally got registered in my PokeNav despite the weird silence. It says he's from Redwood City (?). Backtracking more, there's nowhere to go, so let's take the route past Max. The building you come to has a guy who mentions that Greenland was almost wiped out, had it not been for Wood and...Celebi. Yep, the guardian of the forest.


Mons found:

Elekid: 30%

Budew: 20%

Cherubi: 14%

Croagunk: 10%

Poochyena: 10%

Oddish: 5%
Karrablast: 5%
Shinx: 4%

Machop: 1%
Hoppip: 1%

Black Belt Sakura: Croagunk Lv20, Machop Lv21, P840

Hex Maniac Tammy: Litwick Lv20, Yamask Lv21, P504 (possible double battle with above)

Beauty Jessica: Dratini Lv21, Gible Lv21, P1680, registered on PokeNav

Head behind the fence east of Tammy to the small clearing spot and press A to get a hidden HP Up. A Zinc is to the east of Jessica behind some trees, hello Team Mirage members. You'll need Cut to proceed.

Cut the tree to the left to see a weird rock formation, basically an indent to use for a secret base, meaning that mechanic is here for making Secret Bases, if you're into that thing. After cutting the tree to the right, another indent is in some grass, and you can go further. To the east is the Berry Master's house, feel free to pick the berries, but also there's a hidden Nugget just outside the fence to the SE, in a clearing. The Berry Master is the same as always, as is his wife.

Cooltrainer Cristin: Gastly Lv21, Mightyena Lv22, P1760, registered on PokeNav

Guess who, Karls and Bell, the two chuckleheads of Team Mirage, complaining about their guard duty.

Team Mirage Karls&Bell: Machop Lv21, Bayleef Lv21, P168

Great idea Karls, RUN. After them into Pine Forest!


Mons found:

Main forest areas:

Finneon: 90% (surf), 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Magnemite: 60% (good rod) (?!)

Carvanha: 40% (super rod)

Pineco: 24%

Basculin: 20% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Weedle: 20%

Caterpie: 20%

Cherubi: 16%

Feebas: 16% (super rod)

Skiddo: 10%

Oddish: 5%

Budew: 5%

Magikarp: 5% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Poliwag: 4% (surf)

Psyduck: 1% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Area leading to Forest Chamber:

Oddish: 30%

Cherubi: 29%

Caterpie: 21%

Budew: 14%

Weedle: 6%

Team Mirage Grunt: Poochyena Lv22, P88

Team Mirage Grunt: Houndour Lv22, P88

Team Mirage Grunt: Litwick Lv22, Murkrow Lv23, P92

Nothing much here aside from Team Mirage. Next screen, you'll have to go to the SW exit, as the grunts are blocking the way. The area is less gloomy here (I came here at night and it looked bright as day), and there's a sleeping grunt here. Enter the cave where he is.


Mons found:

1st area:

Woobat: 34%

Zubat: 25%

Scraggy: 20%

Geodude: 19%

Diglett: 2%

2nd area:

Woobat: 35%

Zubat: 31%

Scraggy: 20%

Geodude: 14%

3rd area:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Zubat: 30%, 35% (surf)

Geodude: 28%

Woobat: 22%

Scraggy: 20%

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Golbat: 5% (surf)

Team Mirage grunts are here, but the first one you see is paralyzed for some reason, the next confused. Strange that Pokemon statuses are affecting these guys. One is right next to the B1F ladder and he seems to be able to battle.

Team Mirage Grunt: Sneasel Lv23, P92


Team Mirage Grunt: Mightyena Lv24, P96

Team Mirage Grunt: Woobat Lv23, Absol Lv24, P96

The grunts you battled mention a man named Charlie, hmm...

Next area, the girl in front may actually be a Team Mirage member because she mentions someone stole her uniform.

Team Mirage Grunt: Murkrow Lv23, P92

Team Mirage Grunt: Bouffalant Lv24, P96

Team Mirage Grunt: Scraggy Lv23, P92

The last grunt doesn't notice you at all, but upon attempting to leave it's really Lily in disguise. She stole the uniform from that girl before. Apparently she got the second badge, then witnessed Team Mirage and decided to stop them, maybe this is why several of the members couldn't battle earlier. Thankfully she decides to heal your mons as well! Let's follow her to the previous screen, then to the cave ahead...

Louis, a Team Mirage admin, stops you, or so he thinks as Lily shows up behind you (how?) and decides to stall him. On to the main event, we see that two faces are behind a bigger one, and Max is also here for some reason. They're awaiting Celebi to show up. Wow, they actually caught it with a Poke Ball, or so it seems as Celebi does easily break free. The man just so happens to be Charlie, which is what the others were referring to.

Mirage Admin Charlie: Swoobat Lv24, Kirlia Lv25, Alakazam Lv27, P2160

Max, despite being clearly visible to you, comes out of nowhere to apprehend these thugs, and oddly enough Charlie recognizes him. He then uses his Alakazam to Teleport away. The man and woman are Luke and Eva, boyfriend and girlfriend and the guardians of Celebi. Lily wants some credit too. Then Celebi uses Grasswhistle to make everyone sleep! You'll wake up back at the Pine Forest.


I went back into the Forest Chamber, and apart from the grunts being gone nothing of interest. You can't even interact with the tree or the wall writings here, so you're basically done for now. Well since the grunts are no longer blocking the way it's time to push forward.

Aroma Lady Eki: Roselia Lv24, P960

Bug Catcher Warren: Metapod Lv23, Butterfree Lv25, P800

Youngster Hudson: Oddish Lv23, P1380

Bug Catcher Dalton: Beedrill Lv23, Dustox Lv24, P768, registered on PokeNav

School Kid Sonya: Pikachu Lv24, Cherubi Lv24, P288


Aroma Lady Viky: Roselia Lv24, Cherubi Lv25, P1000

Youngster Davis: Scyther Lv24, P1440

The Furniture Market is here. Stuff for secret bases, probably not all worth it in the long run.

Left clerk wares:

Small Desk: P3000

Pokemon Desk: P3000

Heavy Desk: P6000

Ragged Desk: P6000

Comfort Desk: P6000

Brick Desk: P9000

Camp Desk: P9000

Hard Desk: P9000

Middle clerk wares:

TM10 Hidden Power: P4500

TM43 Secret Power: P4500

Right clerk wares:

Small Chair: P2000

Pokemon Chair: P2000

Heavy Chair: P2000

Ragged Chair: P2000

Comfort Chair: P2000

Brick Chair: P2000

Camp Chair: P2000

Hard Chair: P2000

We can't go further east, because you'll basically be advertised to go north to Pinearoma Village to see Trick Master's newest house.


Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Harbor Mail P50

Ignore the pair talking for now and explore. A woman in the PokeCenter mentions a GS Ball, which can communicate with Celebi. In one of the houses above the PokeCenter, you can get a free TM10 if you guess which hand the granny has the coin in (same as it was in Fortree City in Emerald). The grandpa in the same house can tutor the move Sleep Talk. In the house to the right, a gentleman claims to have seen Mew, interesting. The easternmost house has a girl who will trade Plusle for a Volbeat (why can't she give the Eevee?).

Trick Master is to the east of the PokeCenter, talking with a woman named Violet. Next thing you know a new guy warps in with a Kirlia and his name is Wind. Violet thought this guy died, and surprise surprise he is a part of Team Mirage, wanting Violet to help him. Even moreso, Violet is a member of the Elite Four! And so was Wind, geez this is complicated. Right before her eyes, her mons are taken from her. The Kirlia teleports them away, leaving Wind to talk to you now. Your character pulls a Sailor Moon and heroically challenges Wind...

Mirage Leader Wind: Roserade Lv27, Spiritomb Lv29, P8120

He goes easy on you, despite being a Mirage Leader and Elite Four member, though Spiritomb of course is gonna be troublesome unless you somehow have a Fairy type attack with you. Beat him and then he heals your mons before mysteriously disappearing! Who could he be? You can enter Trick House now, and while the old Trick Master isn't the master here, there's still a guy to find, and if you saw the twinkle he is of course under the table. You'll need Cut.

TRICK HOUSE: 1st Challenge [TRI1]

Picnicker Sally: Growlithe Lv25, (forgot money amount)

Hiker Eddie: Diglett Lv25, Graveler Lv25, P500, (after battle it is your character who calls him out, as he says he's a Cooltrainer and his name is Hank, but you prove him wrong!)

Lady Robin: Buneary Lv25, Meowth Lv26, P5200

The path is linear, so just cut the trees and battle trainers to the scroll, then leave. An Orange Mail is NE of Eddie. Talk to the guy to get a Rare Candy, then you're done. Like in R/S/E you'll have to wait until you get a new gym badge for more prizes, and the walkthrough will cover that when we get the chance. For now, return south and go east.

PINE PATH (cont) [PIN2]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 30% (surf)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Buizel: 20%
Cherubi: 20%
Wynaut: 15%

Oddish: 10%
Budew: 10%
Aipom: 10%

Psyduck: 9% (surf)

Ralts: 5%
Shinx: 5%

Phantump: 5%

Golduck: 1% (surf)

Well the blondie is gone.

Cooltrainer Jazmyn: Zangoose Lv27, P1080

Twins Miu&Yuki: Ivysaur Lv26, Bayleef Lv26, P832

If you jump down the ledge south of Jazmyn and go into the alcove between the trees and face west, press A to get a hidden Calcium. Head east of there and all the way to the east side, pressing A at the end of the recess in the tree patch to find a hidden Rare Candy.

Hex Maniac Kindra: Yamask Lv25, Litwick Lv26, P624

Go SE of this trainer and in the recess press A for a hidden Revival Herb. There's also a Secret Base indent if you want it.

Psychic Jacki: Kadabra Lv26, Trevenant Lv27, P1080, registered on PokeNav

Expert Martin: Kabuto Lv26, Pupitar Lv28, P2800

Hiker Marple: Diglett Lv25, Sandshrew Lv25, Onix Lv27, P540

Collector Ed: Gible Lv26, Mismagius Lv26, (forgot money amount)

Youngster Braxton: Taillow Lv27, Croagunk Lv27, P1620

Guitarist Fernando: Voltorb Lv26, Magnemite Lv27, P864, registered on PokeNav

Hiker Kay: Mienfoo Lv27, P540 (you can dodge this guy by using Cut to the east of Fernando if you want)

This route sure has a lot of trainers. The lady you'll see mentions Mt. Skywall up ahead.

Gentleman Alberto: Horsea Lv27, Scyther Lv27, P864

Go south of the second berry patch and south of a rock, face south, press A to get a hidden PP Up. There's a girl nearby who loves Grass types, and just like the one in Emerald, if you have one in your party she'll give you TM19 Giga Drain. Hey, we just got this TM already.

Ninja Boy Jonas: Ekans Lv28, P336

Psychic Ian: Kadabra Lv28, P1120, registered in PokeNav

NE of Ian, press A on the empty patch of grass to find a hidden Hyper Potion. North of Jonas is a vending machine and the entrance to Mt. Skywall. The old lady's rest stop from R/S/E is right here, so this is a good healing spot before we head into Mt. Skywall. But as you reach the entrance, Lily shows up, you relay the news, and yes, she does yet another battle with you...

PKMN Trainer Lily: Doduo Lv29, Natu Lv31, Lapras Lv32, P5760


Mons found:

1st area:

Zubat: 30%

Woobat: 24%

Scraggy: 15%

Clefairy: 10%

Abra: 10%

Mienfoo: 5%
Geodude: 4%

Chingling: 1%
Onix: 1%

2nd area (requires Flash):

Finneon: 61% (surf), 70% (old rod), 40% (super rod)

Basculin: 30% (surf), 20% (good rod), 41% (super rod)

Zubat: 30%

Tynamo: 20%

Abra: 10%

Clefairy: 10%

Woobat: 10%

Scraggy: 5%

Mienfoo: 5%

Tentacool: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 4% (super rod)

Magikarp: 4% (surf), 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Onix: 4%
Geodude: 4%

Chingling: 1%
Sableye: 1%

Hiker Kate: Machop Lv27, Onix Lv28, P560

Youngster Presley: Sandshrew Lv27, Tranquill Lv28, P1680

The next screen has a handy Escape Rope.

Expert Conor: Scraggy Lv28, Ambipom Lv28, P2800

GLITCH: Two spaces above the exit here, the down arrow for exiting shows up, even though if you press down it won't exit.


Hiker Clark: Cubone Lv29, P580

Go to the second mud patch for an indent above you, but go to the left of the mud patch and press A to find a hidden Blackglasses.

Youngster Johnson: Shuckle Lv28, Machop Lv29, P1740

Use Cut on the tree to get an HP Up.

Hiker Devan: Geodude Lv29, Cubone Lv29, P580

Back to the mountain, there's another indent here too.

MT SKYWALL (cont) [MSK2]

PKMN Ranger Jackson: Magnemite Lv29, P928, registered in PokeNav (location is wrong)

Ascend the ladder at the end of the path (you can jump down for a shortcut back too), you'll realize you need Flash to truly see. The path is still linear though.

PKMN Ranger Kirie: Onix Lv28, Bayleef Lv29, P928, registered in PokeNav (her description describes a different trainer in Emerald and location is wrong)

Down the next ladder, an area that requires Rock Smash, note it, then to the west we go along another linear path (with another one-way shortcut nearby).

Hiker Fabian: Pupitar Lv29, P580

Black Belt Koichi: Machop Lv29, Machoke Lv29, P1160

HIGH PATH (cont) [HIP2]

Mons found:

Mankey: 20%

Pidove: 20%

Shinx: 20%

Venipede: 10%

Ponyta: 10%

Magby: 8%

Taillow: 5%

Hoppip: 5%

Buneary: 1%
Munna: 1%

School Kid Karen: Roselia Lv30, P360 registered on PokeNav

Time for another Nurse Joy battle...

Nurse Joy: Phantump Lv29 (holds Nugget), Chansey Lv32, P1536.

And you get to heal now. You'll need Cut once again.

Lady Sarah: Ivysaur Lv29, Roselia Lv30, P6000

Ruin Maniac Jerry: Baltoy Lv32, P1024, registered in PokeNav, he mentions a cave known for being a Pokemon's hive...

Lass Janice: Kirlia Lv29, P464

NE of Janice you can get an Ether, and the empty square NE of the next trainer (Jose) has a hidden Super Potion.

Psychic Jose: Kirlia Lv30, Kadabra Lv31, P1240

South from him is a hard-to-see cave accessible by walking west...


Mons found:

Scraggy: 50%

Zubat: 30%

Abra: 10%

Tynamo: 10%

This cave is empty sadly. Nothing but to catch mons you may have missed if anything.

Exit the cave and keep going on High Path. A Repel is near the cave.

Youngster Joey: Persian Lv31, P1860


Who's that?

PKMN Trainer Iron/Pure: P6480

Yamask Lv33, Pineco Lv35, Fraxure Lv36


Doduo Lv33, Natu Lv35, Gabite Lv36

Quite annoying that you have to fight another rival before really entering town. The money's worth it though. A lady in the PokeCenter mentions that a mysterious Pokemon lives in Myst Cave, which we just been to, although I'm left wondering whether it's supposed to show up later (particularly on the higher ground at the north end) or if it's a 1% encounter. The old man near the PC mentions an evil mon was sealed 500 years ago from a Chunch (this should read Church).

Mart Wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

The building to the east of the PokeMart is a church. The house south of it has a man who describes Arcues (Arceus in other words) as the one who saved the city 500 years ago. So who was the evil mon I wonder? Inside the church are of course a lot of people, some of them glitching out of existence (possibly due to a character limit?) Anyways, if you inspect the monument to the right, you'll find a Spiritomb!

To the south is the Flower Shop:

Red Plant: P3000

Tropical Plant: P3000

Pretty Flowers: P3000

Colorful Plant: P5000

Big Plant: P5000

Gorgeous Plant: P5000

The girl to the right of the counter gives you the Wailmer Pail for watering berries, while you can get a free berry from the other girl. There's a boy in the NE corner who's very easy to miss, he has a Chikorita that he can give you!

The big house to the west has a door, but I don't think you can enter it. To the south is the Name Rater and the Day Care. The house nearest to the Day Care has a gentleman who will tell you that no one really knows who the champion of the Tyron League is. Plus there's a man who will trade a Venipede if you have a Ralts. Head to the apartment at the SE end and on the second floor, talk to the ninja boy behind the tree disguise to get a Premier Ball. The top floor has a girl named "Samuel Oak", yeah very believable.

Attempt to enter the gym, you guessed it, another interruption, who's this girl?

PKMN Trainer ???: Arcanine Lv34, Xatu Lv35, Blaziken Lv35, P6300

Unfortunately we don't have a clue who she is, she just runs off. As a matter of fact, we can try going south out of the city, and of all people, Silk stops us! Her sister needs her help, for some reason the sister has joined Team Mirage, and to help her sister, Silk's gonna battle us to be able to defeat her. Some of these guys have weird excuses for battling you.

Leader Silk: P3600

Persian Lv34, Pay Day, Take Down, Quick Attack, Double Team

Lopunny Lv34, Brick Break, Take Down, Attract, Agility

Porygon-Z Lv36, Signal Beam, Sharpen, Double Team, Conversion

I don't understand how losing a battle to you helps Silk learn much, to be honest. We can go to Waterwave Path, but the gym's open, so let's go in instead.


An incredibly standard gym with no stupid obstacles in place, just a linear path of trainers to face. Not all trainers use Dark types though, so aside from the obvious Fighting you may want to try Fire or Ground or such.

Guitarist Kirk: Larvitar Lv32, Sneasel Lv32, P1024

Hex Maniac Vivian: Houndour Lv32, Seviper Lv33, P792

Ruin Maniac Angelo: Larvitar Lv31, Mightyena Lv32, P1024

Gentleman Shawn: Whirlipede Lv32, Mightyena Lv33, P1056

Cooltrainer Ben: Absol Lv30, P2400

Leader Dez: P3600, Black Badge, TM46 Thief, registered in PokeNav.

Mightyena Lv34, Rollout, Swagger, Crunch, Aerial Ace

Houndoom Lv35, Aerial Ace, Crunch, Flamethrower, Howl

Scrafty Lv35, Brick Break, Counter, Aerial Ace, Crunch

Zoroark Lv36, Quick Attack, Transform, Night Daze, Swords Dance, holds Sitrus Berry


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (all fishing rods)

Finneon: 95% (surf)

Pidove: 20%

Aipom: 20%

Ekans: 10%
Shinx: 10%
Petilil: 10%

Nincada: 10%

Budew: 5%
Buneary: 5%

Basculin: 5% (surf)

Rattata: 4%

Doduo: 4%

Wimpod: 2%

Enter the tall grass patch and search the empty space two spaces west from the entrance for a hidden Super Potion. Two spaces SW is a hidden Poke Ball.

Fisherman Armstrong: Krabby Lv31, Finneon Lv31, Vaporeon Lv31, P1240

PKMN Ranger Haley: Grovyle Lv21, Machoke Lv21, P704, registered on PokeNav

Who the heck are these people? THIEVES! You have Liam and the Threat Four (wow an inspiring name). They try to steal your mons, but here comes Uranium and his Marowak, Bone Clubbing a dude and making him blast off. Uranium also recognizes Liam and is here to justify his brother. Liam then battles you while his cronies battle Uranium.

Threat Four Liam: Toxicroak Lv35, Cofagrigus Lv35, Shelgon Lv36, P4320

Oh come on Uranium. We can tell you're trying to be a good guy. But now you're just battling us without much in reason...

PKMN Trainer Uranium: Beldum Lv35, Riolu Lv36, Eelektrik Lv36, Marowak Lv36 (holds Thick Club), P6480

Hmm, no one's inside the house here. Let's go south.

Cooltrainer Winston: Croconaw Lv34, P2720, registered in PokeNav

Lady Cindy: Beautifly Lv33, P6600, registered in PokeNav

An old man near a berry patch mentions an "Expert S" who used to be the champion of Tyron, before passing it down to a student of his, hmm...

Twins Gina&Mia: Croagunk Lv31, Buneary Lv31, P992

A hidden Antidote can be found in an empty patch to the east of the twins.

Psychic Darian: Espeon Lv32, P1280

Guitarist Billy: Voltorb Lv33, Electabuzz Lv33, P1056

There's the Stardust Fountain, gah, there's always people we are familiar with ready for us. Eva and Luke to be precise, they came from the Ivara Region (which I think is from the ROM hack Pokemon Mega Power). The "Dark Workers" kidnapped them, employed by Charlie to help with catching Celebi. And of course we get to do a 2on2 battle.

PKMN Trainer Luke&Eva: Jolteon Lv35, Togetic Lv35, Celebi Lv35, Celebi Lv35, P12600 and HM06 Rock Smash

TWO Celebis? Wow. They mention Tyron Tower as well as that one rock in Mt. Skywall, looks like a course laid in, captain. The beach has nothing notable, though the big guy mentions that the ship is the S.S. Bluesea as well as its captain, Samuel, who just so happens to be a gym leader too, for Marble City. There's a path to the east (it looks like you need Cut, but not really), where you can enter a conspicuous hole...


Mons found:

Geodude: 40%

Larvitar: 19%

Chingling: 14%

Woobat: 10%

Zubat: 10%

Scraggy: 5%
Litwick: 2%

You'll find a Max Ether as you go on the linear path. Nothing else though. Seems like it's time to backtrack. While we do so, let's also backtrack some more to the Trick House, why not?


Before I entered the Trick House, I apparently found out that if you use the move Dig next to a kid with glasses (near the north end of town), a hidden passage opens up. Inside is the GS Ball! This is a Key Item, so you can't actually use it. Also you cannot interact with the writings on the wall and there's no mons to catch.

TRICK HOUSE (2nd Challenge) [TRI2]

The twinkle is at the tree to the east. I thought you need Rock Smash for this one but it turns out you really don't need any HMs, it's just a rocky path. The scroll is at the northwest and there's a Harbor Mail nearby.

Expert Samy: Natu Lv35, Kadabra Lv37, P3700

Ninja Boy Ted: Nincada Lv38, P456

Black Belt Yamada: Riolu Lv36, Machop Lv36, P1440

We get a Timer Ball as a reward. Now let's use Rock Smash at Mt Skywall and continue our journey...

MT SKYWALL (revisited) [MSK3]

Expert Cory: Croagunk Lv33, Cubone Lv34, Electrode Lv34, P3400, registered on PokeNav, description and location are wrong


Whoa, we're at the Pokemon League already? Of course with only 3 badges we aren't eligible to compete in the league yet. You can talk to a girl named Jaclyn with her Arbok in tow and battle her.

Hex Maniac Jaclyn: Arbok Lv36, P864

Mart Wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

Well we can get endgame mart wares here, so stock up for that and heal, then continue east to Marble Grassland.


Mons found:

Finneon: 99% (surf), 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Pidove: 24%

Meowth: 20%

Oddish: 10%

Petilil: 10%

Karrablast: 10%

Doduo: 10%

Shelmet: 5%

Croagunk: 5%, 40% (super rod)

Buneary: 5%

Phantump: 1%

Basculin: 1% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod)

It's like everywhere we go a familiar face just has to battle us at every turn. Alvaro doesn't give us a reason this time around...

Taoist Alvaro: Weezing Lv36, Dustox Lv37, Seviper Lv36, Arbok Lv38, P1520 and HM03 Surf!

I wonder who this legendary Dragon mon is and why we're the chosen one, and that we apparently need Victini. Alvaro points us to Marble City, which is where the next gym is. Anyways, head behind the house here to the tall grass and get a Revive. This house is home to a mind reader, hmm. It's actually the friendship checker, which is convenient since quite a few mons to catch early on require friendship to evolve. The Aerodactyl can speak English but your character isn't amused.

Cooltrainer Harrison: Tranquill Lv33, Porygon2 Lv33, Umbreon Lv34, P2720, registered in PokeNav

Black Belt Wade: Hitmontop Lv33, Machoke Lv34, P1360

Cooltrainer Melina: Haunter Lv35, P2800

Nowhere to go but the cave.


Mons found:

1st area:

Zubat: 36%, 60% (surf)

Geodude: 30%

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Woobat: 15%, 30% (surf)

Onix: 10%

Scraggy: 9%

Magikarp: 9% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 1% (surf), 55% (super rod)

2nd area:

Golbat: 60% (surf)

Woobat: 37%

Swoobat: 30% (surf)

Geodude: 30%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Zubat: 18%

Scraggy: 15%

Tentacool: 5% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 4% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 1% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

3rd area:

Golbat: 36%, 60% (surf)

Finneon: 36% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Swoobat: 24%

Graveler: 20%

Scraggy: 15%

Kadabra: 5%

Tentacool: 5% (super rod)

Magikarp: 4% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Picnicker Dale: Onix Lv34, Munchlax Lv35, Ponyta Lv35, P560

Black Belt Brent: Scrafty Lv35, P1400

This cave's layout may remind you of Meteor Falls. The path at the first floor is linear, so just go until you reach the B1F ladder. I found a weird glitch here too.

A Moon Stone is near the exit on the upper floor. Hello Nurse Joy!

Nurse Joy: Flareon Lv35, Chansey Lv35, P1680, can heal afterwards

Battle Girl Catherine: Hitmonlee Lv34, Machoke Lv34, P816, registered on PokeNav (location is incorrect)


Lady Maria: Kabutops Lv35, P7000, registered on PokeNav

From the sign, head east behind the trees and in between them and the pond you will find a Repel.

Twins Anna&Meg: Finneon Lv34, Pikachu Lv34, P1088, registered in PokeNav

Beauty Brandi: Leafeon Lv36, P2880

Collector Jack: Axew Lv34, Gible Lv34, P2040, registered on PokeNav

Aroma Lady Perry: Roserade Lv25, P1000

Gentleman Dylan: Typhlosion Lv36, P1152, registered on PokeNav

Yeesh, that's a lot of trainers, and about half of them register on your PokeNav. When you reach a bridge, a mysterious green-haired man is there, seeming all like a peacenik and such. He looks at your mons, but thankfully doesn't actually battle you (I think, maybe it was because mine were happy, but I'm unsure if anything happens if they are not happy with you). Either way, he goes to the city, so let's follow up.


Mons found:

Finneon: 61% (surf), 70% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 44% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (surf), 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Basculin: 5% (surf)

Feebas: 4% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Can we PLEASE enter one city WITHOUT having to fight another familiar face every time? Max at least has an excuse to be here, since Team Mirage is around, but still...

PKMN Trainer Max: Raichu Lv36, Electrode Lv37, Jolteon Lv37, P6660 (wow)

Max is off to Volcano Town to pursue Team Mirage. We got a city to see.

Marble City is the capital of Tyron. A scientist apparently wants to hug you. The house near him has a family who found a fossil, you can't take it. The wife mentions that his husband has a friend named Steven Stone, hmm. The PokeCenter is to the east, Navel Path is to the north, and the gym is to the southeast, we'll wait to deal with what's going on there later. Head south, then west, then talk to the bug catcher to get TM28 Dig. The building where he is is none other than the black market! Inside...

The grandma sells Lava Cookies for P200. The artist apparently wants to write a haiku for you, but why bother, right? Above him is a girl who sells mails.

Orange Mail: P50

Harbor Mail: P50

Glitter Mail: P50

Mech Mail: P50

Wood Mail: P50

Wave Mail: P50

Bead Mail: P50

Shadow Mail: P50

Tropic Mail: P50

Dream Mail: P50

Fab Mail: P50

Retro Mail: P0 (? You can't sell it or anything but it's free)

Above her is a woman who sells evolution stones (!).

Sun Stone: P2100

Moon Stone: P2100

Fire Stone: P2100

Thunderstone: P2100

Water Stone: P2100

Leaf Stone: P2100

The dude above her sells Nuggets to you for P4950. Since you can sell them for P5000, it's possible to get infinite money by repeatedly buying and selling them, if you like tedium.

On the right side, the dude in red sells Poke Balls of all kinds.

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Safari Ball: P560

Net Ball: P1000

Dive Ball: P1000

Nest Ball: P1000

Repeat Ball: P1000

Timer Ball: P1000

Luxury Ball: P1000

Premier Ball: P200

Well except for the Master Ball that is. The Safari Ball being here is pretty strange, since you can't otherwise really get them. That being said they usually function like Great Balls. South from him, the fisherman sells some held items.

Exp Share: P3000

Leftovers: P200

Dragon Scale: P2100

Light Ball: P100

Soft Sand: P100

Hard Stone: P100

Miracle Seed: P100

Blackglasses: P100

Black Belt: P100

Magnet: P100

Below him, the girl sells scarves which of course are for the contests:

Red Scarf: P100

Blue Scarf: P100

Pink Scarf: P100

Green Scarf: P100

Yellow Scarf: P100

Below her are two black belts, called Pal and Guy, who sell more held items.

Pal's shop

Poison Barb: P100

Nevermeltice: P100

Spell Tag: P100

Twistedspoon: P100

Guy's Shop

Charcoal: P9800

Dragon Fang: P100

Silk Scarf: P100

Up-Grade: P2100

Below them is a gentleman who sells the Sea Incense or the Lax Incense, both at P9600. The guy below sells a Magikarp Lv5, hmm. (MAJOR BUG: Do not talk to this guy a second time, the game will glitch at this point and will be unplayable). That's it for the Black Market.

Head east and enter the house here. Talk to the guy to get a free Charmander! The woman mentions that Celebi was seen near Rumors Forest. To the south, the exit to the south leads to Rumors Forest, but if you're not dealing with a potential rival battle you are of course dealing with a roadblock in the form of two bored Team Mirage Grunts on guard duty. So there's two big buildings at the south end, the first being the Idea Co. close to the forest entrance. Nothing of note, except for Mr. Idea who guards the stairs. He actually is the guy to go to to get fossils resurrected, but we'll have to hold off on that until we get fossils. A free TM01 Focus Punch is at the southeast end of the city. Now for the big building we've been waiting for, the Marble Supermarket! I wonder just how burned out you're on shopping at the moment, because there's more!

1F: Service Counter and Lottery Corner: Right at the entrance, talk to the gentleman behind the counter who says that the Bike Shop is closed. However, he gives you a Mach Bike for free!

2F: Trainer's Zone

Left Counter:

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Escape Rope: P550

Full Heal: P800

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Awakening: P250

Fluffy Tail: P1000

Right Counter:

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Revive: P1700

Repel: P350

Super Repel: P500

Max Repel: P700

Wave Mail: P50

Mech Mail: P50

3F: Battle Collection

Left Counter

Protein: P9800

Calcium: P9800

Iron: P9800

Zinc: P9800

Carbos: P9800

HP Up: P9800

Right Counter:

X Speed: P350

X Special: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Dire Hit: P650

Guard Spec: P700

X Accuracy: P950

4F: TM Corner

Left Counter:

TM38 Fire Blast: P7000

TM25 Thunder: P7000

TM14: Blizzard: P7000

TM15: Hyper Beam: P9000

Right Counter:

TM17 Protect: P4500

TM20 Safeguard: P4500

TM33 Reflect: P4500

TM16: Light Screen: P4500

5F: Poke Doll Floor

Left Counter (Top):

Pichu Doll: P3000

Pikachu Doll: P3000

Marill Doll: P3000

Jigglypuff Doll: P3000

Duskull Doll: P3000

Wynaut Doll: P3000

Baltoy Doll: P3000

Kecleon Doll: P3000

Azurill Doll: P3000

Skitty Doll: P3000

Swablu Doll: P3000

Gulpin Doll: P3000

Right Counter (Top):

Pika Cushion: P2000

Round Cushion: P2000

Zigzag Cushion: P2000

Spin Cushion: P2000

Diamond Cushion: P2000

Ball Cushion: P2000

Grass Cushion: P2000

Fire Cushion: P2000

Water Cushion: P2000

Left Counter (Bottom Right):

Ball Poster: P1000

Green Poster: P1000

Red Poster: P1000

Blue Poster: P1000

Cute Poster: P1000

Pika Poster: P1500

Long Poster: P1500

Sea Poster: P1500

Sky Poster: P1500

Right Counter (Bottom right):

Surf Mat: P4000

Thunder Mat: P4000

Fire Blast Mat: P4000

Powder Snow Mat: P4000

Attract Mat: P4000

Fissure Mat: P4000

Spikes Mat: P4000

Glitter Mat: P2000

Jump Mat: P2000

Spin Mat: P2000

Don't think there's a lottery here. Or even a rooftop plaza. Oh well, what's going on at the gym I wonder? From what we can gather, the old man says that Samuel lost his ship to the "Dark Workers", and well we can probably discern that he's a Water type expert I guess. Anyways, a familiar face is at the gym. Ash is talking to a red-haired guy, and unfortunately Samuel isn't here. The guy's name is Damien and he's trying to find Samuel. Ash plans for everyone to find Samuel and then you battle him.

PKMN Trainer Ash: Pikachu Lv43 (holds Light Ball), P7740

Right after you win against Ash you are immediately flown to the S.S. Bluesea to find Samuel with no time for a break.


This place definitely feels like Hoenn's Abandoned Ship. Enter.

Mons found:

Tentacool: 99% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf), 20% (super rod)

Cooltrainer Kim: Tentacruel Lv35, P2800

Try exploring the cabins here. The second one at the bottom seems to have water in it, so you can't enter. At the north end, enter the second from the right to pick up a Harbor Mail. The second from the left is also filled with water, and the leftmost on the north side has a Revive inside. Two stairs here.

Both lead to the same area, 2F

Sailor Dreak: Wimpod Lv35, Gyarados Lv36, P1152

Going from right to left, get TM13 Ice Beam from the rightmost cabin at the north end. The left door for this cabin is locked, if you look from the other room, you'll see a cave beyond the water. At the bottom cabins, nothing in the rightmost cabins, so get the Escape Rope from the left cabin (NOTE: You can use an Escape Rope here, and should be outside Marble City's PokeCenter when you use it. This doesn't screw with the mission though, since we can talk to Damien again to restart. Note that you still have to battle Ash if you do this). Finally the leftmost cabin has a Dive Ball.

Taking the door past Dreak and up the steps, you'll see that Samuel is here after all. While he's depressed, he will show up at his gym. Back at Marble City's gym, talk to Damien and you'll end up registering him in the PokeNav. They then go, now we can enter the gym.


Electric and Grass type Pokemon have been common for some time on the routes we've been on, so hopefully you've trained quite a few. We've got a gimmick on our hands, in the form of boats. The gimmick may confuse you a bit, but enter the left boat to reach the first island.

Cooltrainer Gerald: Omastar Lv37, P2960

Afterwards, go to the spot where the boat dropped you off and you'll go back in, north, and up a waterfall to the higher platform. If you touch the dropoff point again, you'll be back at the starting point. Trying the right-hand boat leads to the same scenario.

Sailor Jace: Croconaw Lv38, P1216

Touching the button apparently changes the course of the ship. It didn't work on the left side. The boat still takes you to the top of the waterfall, this time on the right side.

Expert Eli: Psyduck Lv37, Tentacruel Lv37, Lapras Lv38, P3800

Using the switch behind her will clear the path to the middle trainer, as well as the leader. What about the left side of this high platform?

Gentleman Axle: Slowbro Lv37, Lumineon Lv37, P1184

Beauty Danielle: Starmie Lv38, P3040

Like with the right side, clear the path.

Bird Keeper Cole: Golisopod Lv38, P1216

Leader Samuel: P4400, Wave Badge, TM03 Water Pulse, registered in PokeNav

Lumineon Lv39, Bubblebeam, Take Down, Mist, Leer

Poliwhirl Lv41, Cross Chop, Bulk Up, Rest, Bubblebeam

Gyarados Lv42, Dragon Rage, Thrash, Rain Dance, Rollout

Feraligatr Lv44, Surf, Crunch, Body Slam, Ice Beam, holds Sitrus Berry

Ah, I was hoping his badge would allow the use of Surf, especially since we got the HM from Alvaro and he's a Water trainer, but this hack will probably go by the Hoenn badges when it comes to HM usage, and so far we just beat the fourth. Still though, with his strongest at Lv44, we can tell just how challenging the remaining leaders can be. We once again don't have the HM to use Strength yet, though. Rumors Forest is still blocked off by those stupid grunts, we really don't have much choice but to go north onto Navel Path.

TRICK HOUSE (3rd Challenge) [TRI3]

Before I went on Navel Path, I backtracked to the Trick House for the 3rd Challenge.  He's in the drawer at the top right. The puzzle is an open field.

Collector Justin: Snorlax Lv42, P2520

School Kid Martha: Riolu Lv41, P492

Cooltrainer Alicia: Ponyta Lv40, Rapidash Lv43, #3440

You have to examine the rocks. Most are just rocks, but the top left and bottom right rocks are switches which reveal stairs to the NE, where the scroll and the door are. Easy peasy. The guy mentions "the wall panels" possibly referring to the original puzzle in Emerald (which isn't here in this hack) and you get a free Hard Stone as the reward.

While I backtracked to get the TM for Return (at Pure Village) at Greenland City I found a hidden Rare Candy in a corner near the orphanage home.

There's nothing else to note for backtracking, so now let's explore Navel Path.


Mons found:

Geodude: 95% (rock smash)

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 39% (surf)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 99% (super rod)

Aipom: 20%

Drifloon: 20%

Weedle: 10%
Bouffalant: 10%
Drowzee: 10%

Mienfoo: 10%

Onix: 5% (rock smash)

Cubone: 5%

Caterpie: 5%

Cherubi: 4%
Bellsprout: 4%

Buneary: 1%

Phantump: 1%

Tentacruel: 1% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Youngster Albert: Tranquill Lv37, P2220

Cooltrainer Celina: Nidoqueen Lv38, P3040

Well, enter...Mt. Skywall! Haha, bet you're surprised to see this place again! There's a boulder up ahead, hmm, who wants to bet this black belt has our HM04? Yep, he does. Put it on a mon and you'll be ready to go. Before I moved that boulder, I backtracked to several places that required the move Strength. Something that really surprised me though, was that I encountered Latios Lv40 at Darkgreen Path! I believe much like in the R/S/E games, it is a roaming encounter. I'm not sure about Latias though.

At Dead Volcano, for these boulders dead ahead that require Strength, move the two boulders on the sides two spaces up, then the central one up until you can pass. This leads to the upper paths of the volcano, where you can cross a bridge to reach a small enclave. Nothing is here, though. Strange, I'd imagine that this will hold a legendary at some point. Unfortunately there's nothing to really do. Even more, if you go all the way to Pure Tower, the stone where you first met Alvaro, as well as the stone at 5F cannot be moved whatsoever. The only other place that has stones to move is the Forest Chamber, but it's useless to do so as it doesn't offer anything. Yes, I backtrack a lot to make sure nothing is missed. Let's go on through this new part of Mt. Skywall.

MT SKYWALL (revisited) [MSK4]

Mons found:

Zubat: 30%

Woobat: 30%

Chingling: 18%

Geodude: 15%

Scraggy: 6%

Larvitar: 1%

This small area past the boulder has just a hiker and a ladder up.

Hiker Garrison: Onix Lv37, P740

2F, put on Flash, you'll need Surf below, so head north and you'll find the ladder back down.

Gentleman Huey: Wimpod Lv38, Machop Lv39, P1248

Back on 1F

Psychic Garet: Kadabra Lv37, Metang Lv39, P1560

A Poke Ball is to the southeast. Go around the rock for the exit.

Cooltrainer Thalia: Haunter Lv38, Scyther Lv39, P3120, registered on PokeNav, location is wrong and she does not use Water types

Cooltrainer Rodan: Snorlax Lv40, P3200, possible double battle with above.

NAVEL PATH (cont) [NAV2]

School Kid Billy: Whirlipede Lv39, P468

You'll have to go north. Near the steps is a secret base indent.

Guitarist Hayden: Ponyta Lv39, P1248

Lady Irene: Sneasel Lv38, Jolteon Lv39, P7800 (she said she had no money -_-)

Hope you brought your Rock Smash HM with you to continue further.

Cooltrainer Travis: Golbat Lv39, P3120

Camper Dusty: Quilava Lv39, P1560, registered on PokeNav, says he uses Rock Pokemon but he didn't have one here

Picnicker Miky: Weepinbell Lv39, Gogoat Lv39, P624

PKMN Breeder Brandon: Natu Lv36, Elekid Lv36, Pichu Lv36, Vulpix Lv36, Bulbasaur Lv36, Axew Lv36, P1440

Ruin Maniac Bryan: Claydol Lv39, P1248

With a lot of trainers like this, you'd probably expect Nurse Joy to be around at some point. Well she is, and is actually past Dusty. I just detoured to the east for the last three trainers.

Nurse Joy: Froslass Lv38, Chansey Lv39, P1872

Heading north, past the bug catcher (who's not a trainer just so you know), a rock outside the grass has a hidden Protein.

Black Belt Lio: Hitmonlee Lv38, Hitmonchan Lv39, Hitmontop Lv39, P1560

Beauty Heidi: Jigglypuff Lv39, Lopunny Lv41, P3280

You can cut the bush to the SE to find a Stardust. The route seems to never end!

Camper Andrew: Onix Lv41, P1640

Expert Lin: Kadabra Lv39, Nidoqueen Lv41, P4100

At the end of the rocks at the NE past Lin is another indent.

Collector William: Raichu Lv39, 2340, registered on PokeNav

Battle Girl Brooke: Machoke Lv38, Croagunk Lv39, Lucario Lv40, P960, registered on PokeNav

Make sure to get the Elixir in the NW corner, then head for the next cave entrance for another familiar face to battle. Yeesh, Lily, you've got an overprotective dad.

PKMN Trainer Lily: Lumineon Lv42, Dodrio Lv43, Xatu Lv43, Lapras Lv45, P8100

Surely you're supposed to win this one, even though Lily's trying to prove to her father she's tough enough to be out and about on her own. Yet even after you win Alen immediately changes his mind and lets her go. Into Heat Passage I guess.


Mons found:

Diglett: 25%

Litwick: 20%

Machop: 20%

Geodude: 20%

Salandit: 5%

Woobat: 4%
Drowzee: 4%
Scraggy: 2%

A PokeCenter! Damien, who's actually the gym leader of Volcano Town, built it here, and it's a nice rest stop too.  Head up the first set of steps, then to the right under the ledge and just before the big rock, press A to get a hidden Great Ball.

Youngster Jeff: Ivysaur Lv39, Snorlax Lv41, P2460, registered in PokeNav

Black Belt Dicks: Scyther Lv40, Machoke Lv41, P1640, registered in PokeNav

Psychic Julio: Slowking Lv41, P1640

A Burn Heal is to the east of him.

Lady Dammi: Espeon Lv42, P8400

Gentleman Eric: Poliwhirl Lv41, Roserade Lv41, P1312


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 35% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod)

Cherubi: 20%
Pikachu: 20%

Feebas: 15% (super rod)

Pidove: 10%
Skiddo: 10%

Drowzee: 10%

Growlithe: 10%

NidoranF: 5%
NidoranM: 5%

Budew: 4%
Abra: 4%

Poliwag: 4% (surf)

Poliwhirl: 4% (super rod)

Basculin: 1% (surf)

Gyarados: 1% (super rod)
Happiny: 1%
Scraggy: 1%

I know, I know, you're getting impatient with all these routes to Volcano Town. And possibly also impatient with seeing familiar faces all the time. But at least Karls and Bell are funny in their annoyances with guard duty.

Team Mirage Karls&Bell: Dodrio Lv42, Electabuzz Lv42, Bayleef Lv43, Machoke Lv43, P344

Like Jesse and James, these two. When they blast off, I mean, run, continue on.

Enter Volcano Town, your character talks, then OH GOD WHAT...

Mirage Leader ???: Darkrai Lv48, P13440

What is going on? You immediately warp to a new place where you're not able to run. There's white tall grass here, but as far as I can tell no wild mons are in place. Hey, that's Darkrai! Approaching it causes Victini to show up, then a blue explosion appears. We are then in the volcanic cave from the prologue. Nothing has changed, so go back to where you encountered Victini and the game will warp you back to reality.


Looks like a nursing home or something. Lily will be next to you, she had taken you to this place, but nothing was really said about what exactly happened. According to Victini, he "chose you". Anyways you're actually upstairs in the PokeCenter here, and will automatically go downstairs.

Well, you are in Volcano Town, and it's recommended you heal right away and get a good team going, as Iron/Pure immediately comes to you once you exit to battle.

PKMN Trainer Iron/Pure: P8100

Magneton Lv43, Cofagrigus Lv43, Forretress Lv44, Fraxure Lv45


Rapidash Lv43, Dodrio Lv43, Xatu Lv44, Gabite Lv45

Yes, yes, we get it, you want to be strong enough to defeat us. And yeah, Damien is a Fire type expert. What do you expect for the Volcano Town gym leader?

Below the PokeCenter, you can get a free Silk Scarf from the lady in the house.

Mart wares:

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Revive: P1700

Super Repel: P500

X Speed: P350

The lady east of the PokeMart has an Egg! If you hatch it, you get a Lapras! There's also a Pokemon Garden to the south, nothing of real importance, and the way to the Volcano is blocked. There's a Home of Homeless Pokemon near the rock, and inside talk to the kid to get a free Eevee Lv5! I don't think you can get another one, so make that Eeveelution count. Try to break the rock outside, and well it's not a rock at all! Whatever it is, it can tutor the move Mimic.

A Generator Room is in a cave to the left, you can enter and get a PP Max here. You can talk to the gentleman at the top...

Master Engineer BC: Flareon Lv43, Mega Blaziken Lv45, P1800

Yep, this game has Mega Evolutions! A guy above the cave actually mentions this. The guy gives us a Mega Rock, we can now mega evolve Pokemon we have! We also get the Anti-Mega. You can only reliably mega-evolve one mon, but will have to use the anti-mega to de-evolve it afterwards to mega-evolve another one. Note that using the Key Items for mega evolutions ends up using them up in the menu, but you can get more once they have been used by talking to the gentleman once again. See the Mega Evolutions section at the bottom of the walkthrough for info on which mons can mega-evolve in this version.


Doesn't this opening area remind you of the Battle Pike? You have three entrances to go to. The rightmost actually leads to a pedestal with a golden Poke Ball, which functions as a button. Before we deal with that though, take either of the other entrances to see the trainers.

Expert Auron: Growlithe Lv41, Ponyta Lv42, P4200

Cooltrainer Judy: Vulpix Lv42, Quilava Lv43, P3440

Cooltrainer Keegan: Flareon Lv43, P3440

Now go back to the right entrance. Hitting the switch causes two entrances to spawn at the northern end. Try the right first.

PKMN Breeder Kent: Vulpix Lv39, Ponyta Lv39, Houndour Lv39, Cyndaquil Lv39, Charmander Lv39, Salandit Lv39, P1560

Hiker Blare: Durant Lv42, Ponyta Lv43, P860

School Kid Berke: Lampent Lv44, P528

Another button here, but before we press it, now the left.

Cooltrainer Barry: Houndour Lv43, Lampent Lv42, P3360

Camper Hailey: Salazzle Lv42, Ponyta Lv42, Charmeleon Lv43, P1720

Gentleman Edmond: Charizard Lv43, Ninetales Lv44, P1408

Edmond is the father of Damien apparently. Damien is just past him of course. I went back and pushed the button, but as far as I can tell nothing noteworthy actually happens. Oh well, time to challenge the leader.

Leader Damien: P4600, Blaze Badge, TM50 Overheat, registered in PokeNav

Houndoom Lv44, Crunch, Flamethrower, Slash, Taunt

Ninetales Lv44, Psybeam, Quick Attack, Toxic, Flamethrower

Flareon Lv45, Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Headbutt

Charizard Lv46, Flamethrower, Fly, Rock Tomb, Dragon Claw, holds Sitrus Berry

You now want to talk to the camper at the north of town, but before we do that, what else but backtracking! Put Surf on a Water mon and let's go! If you want to hold off on this, skip to JADE VOLCANO.


In Navel Path, the water is separated in three parts by waterfalls. Go down to the middle section, then east to an empty patch of land. Press A at the NE corner to find a hidden Rare Candy. At the south section, the eastern section of land has a berry patch and TM37 Sandstorm. Now go to the south end of this part of Navel Path and Surf west of where the scientist is to the crescent-shaped pond. At the west side is a HP Up. From there, head east and land behind the trees near the big rock. Press A to get a Stardust.

GLITCH: while running on the south part of Navel Path, I ran into a tree.

This is the area that is dark (so bring Flash to see better). If you surf west, you'll be back at the area where PKMN Ranger Kirie is. Continue west to surf again. If you surf to the NW, you'll loop back around and find an area blocked off by Team Mirage grunts. That makes three areas blocked off: Snowy Path, Rumors Forest, now this. Note them all, but let's also take note of another cave entrance to the SW as well as Poke Ball nearby. The Small Cave has an Old Amber! Take it to Mr. Idea at Marble City to get an Aerodactyl!

Near the bridge to Navel Path, you can surf north to a fenced-in location called Marble Mineral. In reality this is another section of Mt. Skywall, one you also would want to use Flash to explore.

Mons found:
Geodude: 55%

Scraggy: 21%

Woobat: 16%

Zubat: 8%

This small cavern has stronger wild encounters (none in the waters though), but not a whole lot in the initial room, and you're gonna need Waterfall to scale that one. You can enter the cave and get a Claw Fossil though!

Surf at the north end for a waterfall (this one is actually not reachable) to the NW and another cave entrance to the east of there. It leads to Holy Karst Cave. Too bad you need Waterfall here too, and nothing else is of note in this cave.

The water near the main entrances has a waterfall at the top end. If you surf near the black belt, you'll see a bigger waterfall here too. A cave is to the east. Inside is a Helix Fossil! Also I forgot to mention, but once you give Mr. Idea the fossil, just leave and reenter and your mon will be ready.

Get the X Accuracy SE of the house. You can re-enter S.S. Bluesea by interacting with the ship here, although you still cannot access the storage room. Heading south leads to…

Swimmer Linda: Feebas Lv33, Lumineon Lv33, P1056

Head south from her to a dead end where you'll find a Rare Candy. Head east from her and then SE to find familiar territory, which is the bridges leading to Pure Village.

Swimmer Gilbert: Gyarados Lv32, P1024

Let's check out the Hidden Path to the right of Pure Village.

Hidden Path: Mons found:

Finneon: 90% (surf), 60% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod)

Basculin: 10% (surf), 55% (super rod)

Swimmer Herman: Tentacool Lv32, Wartortle Lv33, P1056

Swimmer Susie: Vaporeon Lv32, P1024

Swimmer Kara: Tentacruel Lv33, P1056

Swimmer Richard: Omanyte Lv33, P1056, possible double battle with above

Yep, that's a cave at the end alright.

High Edge Falls: Mons found:

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Poliwag: 5% (surf)
Slowpoke: 4% (surf)

Gyarados: 4% (super rod)

Dratini: 1% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Guess what? Another waterfall. Even worse, there's nowhere else to really go here, since they're repairing a bridge.

Ancient Meadow: Mons found: Tentacool, Qwilfish, Sharpedo (fish with Super Rod?)

Light Path: Mons found: Magikarp, Finneon, Psyduck (?)

Greenland City: Mons found: Finneon

There's a cave across the pond. Land and go behind the tree to find a hidden Antidote.

GLITCH: See the pictures, apparently you can go between pond and land at this spot with/without surfing. Also the last picture shows that the character is above the tree.

Entering Greenland Cave, there's nothing to do, not even catching any mons. Note the waterfall as always.

Forest Chamber: Mons found: Zubat, Tentacool,

At the area with water, to the north is a new cave. Inside is a Root Fossil!

Pine Forest: Mons found: Finneon, Feebas (fish with Super Rod), Poliwag (?), Psyduck (fish with Super Rod), Carvanha (?)

TRICK HOUSE (4th Challenge) [TRI4]

You won't see the sparkle, but the dude is at the left window. A Mech Mail is to the right of where you enter, and you'll need a mon with Strength.

PKMN Breeder Cora: Riolu Lv46, Magnemite Lv46, Seel Lv47, P1880

Move the top boulder right, ignore the boulders by the door, then go down and push the next boulder to continue. Then push the top boulder when you reach it and you can reach the scroll.

Swimmer Paula: Finneon Lv47, P1504

Psychic Yuji: Gastly Lv45, Kadabra Lv47, P1880

The boulder above has reset, so go back there after getting the scroll and move it to the right, then at the set of three boulders at the exit push the middle one left or right. We get a Smoke Ball as a reward.

Pine Path: Mons found: Tentacool, Qwilfish, Psyduck (?)

There's a secret base indent here. Phew! That does it for the Surf backtracking segment. I probably missed out on a few wild encounters, and for the ones with (?) they probably are either rare encounters or perhaps require fishing, but I believe this is about it. You still can't reach Rumors Forest, Freshair Bay, or Snowy Path, and of course that new cave in Mt. Skywall is blocked off as well. Remember the waterfalls as usual, then make your way back to Volcano Town to confront the camper. When you do, Max shows up, tells you that's an impostor and that the real guard is in his office, and what do you know, it was Charlie!

Mirage Admin Charlie: Haunter Lv43, Umbreon Lv44, Gardevoir Lv45, Alakazam Lv45, P3600

Well he's apparently bought some time for the leader. Max goes on ahead, time to follow.


Mons found:

Poochyena: 20%
Pidove: 20%

Weedle: 10%

Scraggy: 10%
Sandshrew: 10%

Drowzee: 10%

Diglett: 5%
Growlithe: 5%
Caterpie: 5%

Houndour: 4%

Bagon: 1%

Lady Shirley: Roselia Lv42, P8400

Psychic Donald: Drowsee Lv42, Kadabra Lv43, P1720

Climb up the steps to see some bad dudes. Nah, just joking, it's just Silk. Turns out Cathaya is Silk's sister, and that Max had met Silk earlier.

Leader Silk: P4600

Persian Lv45, Protect, Slash, Fake Out, Thief

Lopunny Lv45, Charm, Slash, Agility, Tri Attack

Porygon-Z Lv46, Signal Beam, Conversion 2, Hyper Beam, Slash

I think Silk should leave the Team Mirage business to the experts.

Bird Keeper Tony: Unfezant Lv44, P1408, registered on PokeNav

Cooltrainer Sheba: Fraxure Lv43, Scrafty Lv43, P3440, registered on PokeNav

We are now approaching the holy land...


Why yes, you are looking at a recycled Battle Palace. The way north from the palace is blocked, as the abbot inside is awaiting our arrival, so you might as well enter the Golden Temple. Inside is a convenient PC, and you can even talk to the Lucarios. Approach the abbot (really a sprite of Palace Maven Spencer), named Hai Qing, and be prepared for a gauntlet run.

Sage Wu Xin: Gastly Lv41, Weepinbell Lv43, P1720

Sage Qi Kong: Litwick Lv42, Haunter Lv43, P1720

Sage Di Xin: Drowsee Lv42, Kadabra Lv42, P1680

Sage Hui Yun: Noctowl Lv42, Ninjask Lv43, P1720

Sage Bian Ji: Golduck Lv41, Ninetales Lv43, P1720

And of course, your final challenge...luckily I think your mons are healed because a lot of my PP was restored for this battle.

Elder Hai Qing: Victreebel Lv44, Haunter Lv44, Altaria Lv45, Ninetales Lv45, Noctowl Lv46, P1840 and a Fire Orb.

According to the abbot, it contains Victini's spirit, and it will let Victini know if you're in need of help. We've been facing many tough enemies at this point so I don't know why he would say we'll face even more, it's to be expected for a rom hack. Make some changes to the PC if needed, then make your way to the northern area.


Mons found:

Sandshrew: 20%

Drifblim: 20%

Vulpix: 10%
Taillow: 10%

Karrablast: 10%
Drowzee: 10%

Phantump: 5%
Munchlax: 5%

Cubone: 4%

Doduo: 4%
Shelmet: 1%
Scraggy: 1%

Youngster Larry: Tranquill Lv42, Eevee Lv42, Mightyena Lv43, P2580

Lady Tamia: Beautifly Lv44, P8800

Ninja Boy Brice: Sandslash Lv42, Ninjask Lv42, P504

The peak of Jade Volcano is to the west of Tamia. Head north from Brice to find a Nugget. Nurse Joy is also here, so challenge her to heal your mons before we reach the peak.

Nurse Joy: Staryu Lv43, Froslass Lv44, Chansey Lv43, P2064

Gentleman Doug: Swoobat Lv43, Magneton Lv43, P1376, registered in PokeNav


Mons found:

1st area:

Sandshrew: 30%

Geodude: 25%

Vulpix: 14%

Scraggy: 10%

Onix: 10%

Zubat: 6%

Woobat: 4%
Houndour: 1%

2nd area:

Geodude: 30%

Scraggy: 24%

Vulpix: 20%

Woobat: 10%

Sandshrew: 10%

Onix: 5%

Houndour: 1%

3rd area:

Geodude: 35%

Woobat: 20%

Scraggy: 14%

Houndour: 10%

Zubat: 10%

Vulpix: 5%

Rattata: 5%

Raticate: 1%

Yeah, you'll need Strength.

Black Belt Hitoshi: Machop Lv42, Machoke Lv44, P1760

Hiker Dean: Graveler Lv43, Onix Lv43, Pupitar Lv43, P860

Cooltrainer Vincent: Gabite Lv44, Mightyena Lv45, Magnezone Lv45, P3600

To the south of the steps is a free Rare Candy.

Team Mirage Grunt: Croagunk Lv43, Murkrow Lv44, P176

Team Mirage Grunt: Murkrow Lv44, Swoobat Lv44, P176

Enter the cave.

Team Mirage Grunt: Zubat Lv43, Golbat Lv43, Golbat Lv44, P176

Team Mirage Grunt: Lampent Lv44, Golbat Lv45, P180

Team Mirage Grunt: Meowth Lv44, Poochyena Lv44, P176

Team Mirage Grunt: Seviper Lv44, Weezing Lv44, P176

Next cave.

Team Mirage Grunt: Meowth Lv44, Houndour Lv46, P184

Go SE for a Nugget, then head SW.

Team Mirage Grunt: Gloom Lv43, Yamask Lv43, Murkrow Lv44, Scraggy Lv45, P180


You must be exhausted, but keep going and you'll be treated to a legendary sight. It's Reshiram/Zekrom (depending on your gender)! Unfortunately Joseph and Cathaya stop you. They'll battle you back-to-back this time, instead of having you choose who to battle.

Mirage Admin Cathaya: Murkrow Lv47, Sneasel Lv47, Vileplume Lv48, Seviper Lv49, P3920

Mirage Admin Joseph: Mightyena Lv47, Houndoom Lv47, Toxicroak Lv48, Charizard Lv49, P3920

Wow, thanks Damien for healing us. You and Damien confront Wind, and Louis is here also (Max is here battling some other guy, possibly Charlie) and you battle Louis.

Mirage Admin Louis: Magnezone Lv48, Porygon-Z Lv48, Electrode Lv47, Hypno Lv49, Dragonite Lv50, P4000

Wow! He's a tough opponent alright, and even when you beat him it seems that Team Mirage has managed to contact Reshiram/Zekrom and have it join them. It disappears and Wind flies off. The rest of Team Mirage disperse, leaving you with Damien and Max. You will automatically be back at Volcano Town.

Take two steps from the PokeCenter for a call from your PokeNav. It's Iron/Pure, telling you he/she's at Bronze Port and talks about a Dragon Pokemon and Team Mirage members. Was it Reshiram/Zekrom? Either way, our next destination is at hand. Bronze Port is far to the south of Marble City, with Shappine Path to go to first. According to the Tyron map you can either go from High Edge Falls to the west or Rumors Forest, and well High Edge Falls is still locked off. Thankfully, the Team Mirage Grunts at Rumors Forest have moved away, so let's go!


Mons found:

Wurmple: 20%
Caterpie: 20%

Shelmet: 15%

Sewaddle: 14%

Budew: 10%

Karrablast: 10%
Petilil: 6%

Weedle: 4%
Pidove: 1%

Bug Catcher Erik: Kakuna Lv45, Beedrill Lv47, P1504, registered in PokeNav

Left or right? If you go left, the lady mentions she needs an Itemfinder to find some hidden items. Well, this guide will provide for you too. Just below her in the SW corner is a hidden Tinymushroom. To the right of that is an Iron. You'll see a tree to Cut, but it isn't reachable for now. Now go right and into the small alcove to the north you can find a hidden Tinymushroom. Going further right, head to the southeast corner to find a Full Restore. There's a place to Surf here. Go and enter the NW near the shrine to get a Big Mushroom. If you have the GS Ball, you can insert it into the shrine. You can now get the chance to catch a Celebi Lv30! Let's backtrack a bit to find another tree to Cut.

Picnicker Marley: Houndour Lv46, Sandshrew Lv48, P768

Bug Catcher Lyle: Silcoon Lv46, Cascoon Lv47, Beautifly Lv47, Dustox Lv46, P1472

You can go back towards that tree you saw on the left side now. Cut it and at the left enclave you will find a hidden Tinymushroom.

Youngster Leonardo: Poochyena Lv45, Tranquill Lv46, P2760 (haha "vedio" game)

Get the Great Ball to the left of him and continue south.

Aroma Lady Caroline: Cherrim Lv46, Roselia Lv47, P1880

You're at the exit. Collect TM02 Dragon Claw to the right before going to Shappine Path. Oh wait, obligatory rival battle first.

PKMN Trainer Uranium: Sigilyph Lv49, Metang Lv51, Lucario Lv50, Eelektross Lv51, Marowak Lv52 (holds Thick Club), P9360

Sounds like he's pumped to battle Team Mirage at Bronze Port too.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Wimpod: 5% (surf)

Qwilfish: 4% (surf)
Basculin: 1% (surf)

Talk to the fisherman and voila, our first fishing rod. It's a Good Rod though, but still, the thought is appreciated. Check the Surf Backtracking section again for mons to find, I believe some of the ones I couldn't find are only accessible via fishing, though I think you need the Super Rod for a few of them (like Feebas).

Swimmer Imani: Finneon Lv46, Finneon Lv46, Lumineon Lv47, P1504

Battle Girl Aura: Machop Lv46, Hitmontop Lv48, P1152

Fisherman Foster: Magikarp Lv47, Gyarados Lv48, P1920

Swimmer Beverly: Finneon Lv46, Basculin Lv48, P1536

The cave near the battle girl leads to High Edge Falls as well, but of course you cannot enter from this direction either. And there's a waterfall to note too. One of the guys here mentions a pink Pokemon, wonder if it's something like Mew? Continue on Shappine Path.

Swimmer Andres: Skrelp Lv47, Krabby Lv48, P1536, registered on PokeNav

Swimmer Ursula: Seadra Lv46, Lapras Lv48, P1536

An Iron is on the island west of her. Examine the rock to the south to get a Big Pearl.

Swimmer Miku: Tentacruel Lv46, Quagsire Lv48, P1536

Swimmer Harry: Tentacruel Lv45, Gyarados Lv46, Gyarados Lv47, P1504


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Finneon: 65% (surf), 80% (good rod)

Skrelp: 40% (super rod)

Basculin: 35% (surf), 45% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Staryu: 15% (super rod)

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Shadow Mail: P50

Guard Spec: P700

Dire Hit: P650

X Accuracy: P950

Well the gym's closed. A man east of the PokeCenter mentions that the leader is a Poison-type specialist. Reshiram/Zekrom is on stage with Team Mirage! A girl near the PokeCenter is saying the stage is for Aisha, a regional singer, but well I don't see an Aisha anywhere. Before dealing with Team Mirage, to the north is Lunar Hotel. In the NE corner, talk to the kid to get TM41 Torment. You can't head upstairs, hmm... The house east of there, talk to the bug catcher to get a free Totodile! You can get an Egg in the house east of there as well. The egg will hatch into Togepi (he says it's a Normal type, but this hack has the Fairy type and that's what Togepi is here).

Head east from the PokeCenter and behind the big building (which is the storage room) to get a Protein. Head to the beach and a bit southwest from the beach entrance examine the rock to get a Poke Ball. A PP Up is at the rock to the south of that. You'll see a tall building here, this is a lighthouse. To the NE is the Bronze Port Harbor. You don't have a ticket, so you can't do anything here.

To the south of the PokeCenter you can reach the stage, and a Storage is to the east. Inside, well the door is locked so there's nothing you can do. What you can do is get a hidden Heart Scale right outside, if you go to the end of the green. All the way to the SE is the lighthouse entrance, of course it's guarded. Ignore the stage for now and go towards the gym. You can't enter the gym, but talk to the kid to get a Riolu!

GLITCH: Two spaces east and one space north of the gym sign is a piece of grass you cannot go on.

GLITCH: Go on the beach and run around. There will be moments where you'll see a reflection of yourself in the sand (the walking sailor also has a reflection).

Alright, I think we're ready. Line up next to Uranium and Iron/Pure and we get to confront Wind.

Mirage Leader Wind: Sigilyph Lv51, Absol Lv52, Spiritomb Lv53, Roserade Lv52, Zoroark Lv52, P14560

The name Night is namedropped. Let's follow our friends to the lighthouse. Uranium will wait for us, but then the mysterious green-haired dude shows up with Reshiram! Well, if you ever played the Gen-5 games, you'll recognize him as N, and he's traveled with Reshiram. He'll talk about you being the chosen trainer and will test you out.

PKMN Trainer N: Zoroark Lv54, Reshiram Lv52, P2080

How motivational.


Team Mirage Grunt: Honchkrow Lv48, P192

Team Mirage Grunt: Mightyena Lv47, Houndoom Lv48, P192, possible double battle with above.


Team Mirage Grunt: Honchkrow Lv46, Scrafty Lv47, Muk Lv47, P188

Team Mirage Grunt: Gloom Lv47, Woobat Lv49, P196, possible double battle with above

Team Mirage Grunt: Toxicroak Lv47, Sharpedo Lv49, P196


Team Mirage Grunt: Mightyena Lv47, Golbat Lv47, Persian Lv46, P184

Team Mirage Grunt: Persian Lv47, Golbat Lv47, Swoobat Lv48, P192


Team Mirage Grunt: Rattata Lv46, Ekans Lv47, Weezing Lv48, P192 (he mentions a leader named Eliza btw)

Team Mirage Grunt: Sneasel Lv48, Golbat Lv48, P192 (she mentions Eliza too, hmm)


Here you'll meet...a Zoroark! It's name is Eliza

Mirage Admin Eliza: Eliza Lv56, P4480

Well that sure is strange. If you must know Eliza has the same type as any other Zoroark, so that should probably help.


Here we are, the rooftop. Iron/Pure is duking it out with three grunts and seems to be doing fine, while Eliza just wanders about and doesn't care. Approach Uranium and Night. Night uses his Darkrai to beat Uranium, and you'll recognize him as the freaky guy that ambushed you in Volcano Town. Just before he battles you, Victini shows up and guess what? He flees. You and your buds decide what to do next, since there's no more business here. They recommend Mugwort Village, as there's a gym there. Talk to Iron/Pure, they say they'll give up on becoming champion and go to a new way of life. We'll see. Anyways lea-GAH! Max shows up as you reach the steps down. He's obviously too late to battle Team Mirage, but he will give you HM02 Fly in return. Of course, you need the right badge to use it, and lord knows you want to. As soon as you take a step some people inexplicably appear. Anyways, leave the lighthouse (there's no Lighthouse trainer challenge like in Glazed or anything, so don't worry about it). We're going to Snowy Path finally.

Note that the bridge in High Edge Falls is now open! This serves as a good shortcut back, although you still can't do much else in this actual area. Also the area in Mt. Skywall blocked off by Team Mirage Grunts is still blocked, so we'll be back later.


Mons found:

Swablu: 30%

Cubchoo: 21%

Snorunt: 20%

Murkrow: 10%

Alolan Vulpix: 9%

Pineco: 5%

Sneasel: 4%
Swinub: 1%

Yes that's right, Alolan forms are here!

Skier Gwen: Snorunt Lv50, Dewgong Lv51, P1632

PKMN Ranger Darrin: Sneasel Lv51, Glaceon Lv52, P1664

Skier Camron: Starmie Lv50, Seel Lv50, Shellder Lv51, P1632

Head up the steps and go to the east edge where the mound is. Examine it to get a Max Ether.

Skier Tara: Swablu Lv51, Piloswine Lv51, Alolan Ninetales Lv51, P1632

School Kid Jaylen: Raticate Lv51, Magmar Lv53, P636

Skier Walt: Beartic Lv53, P1696

Psychic Hamma: Kadabra Lv50, Haunter Lv52, P2080, registered in PokeNav

Head east and down the steps, then east again to find a Full Heal. Head up the nearby steps and go to the guy here to get the Itemfinder. Inspect the NW mound for a Nugget, then get the Full Restore.

Ninja Boy Li: Arbok Lv51, Weezing Lv53, P636, registered on PokeNav

Skier Rennah: Swinub Lv52, Weavile Lv54, P1728

Get TM32 Double Team from the mound to the north.

Twins Lisa&Lyra: Cubchoo Lv52, Seel Lv52, P1664


Mart Wares:

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Super Repel: P500

X Special: P350

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Dire Hit: P650

Guard Spec: P700

Head inside the house west of the PokeCenter and talk to the old man to get a free Soft Sand. The Herb Shop is to the west of that house.

Energypowder: P500

Energy Root: P800

Heal Powder: P450

Revival Herb: P2800

In the next house to the west, talk to the guy in the NW corner to get a free Mudkip! The people here talk about Team Plasma and such, but that probably isn't relevant in this game. Remember a girl in Bronze Port who mentioned Aisha? Well Aisha is the gym leader here, and is an Ice-type specialist.


It's the inevitable ice-sliding puzzle!

Skier Roy: Sneasel Lv54, Snorunt Lv54, Snorunt Lv55, Dewgong Lv56, P1792

Skier Elize: Seel Lv54, Cubchoo Lv54, Alolan Ninetales Lv55, P1760

Skier Jay: Seel Lv55, Dewgong Lv56, P1792

You will want to go where Jay is, at the NW end of the first area, then head to the east side of the nearby rock, go down, right, and up to reach the steps to the next sliding area.

Skier Wyatt: Swinub Lv55, Piloswine Lv55, P1760

Skier Reli: Shellder Lv55, Cubchoo Lv54, Snorunt Lv56, P1792

Leader Aisha: P5900, Snowflake Badge, TM13 Ice Beam, registered in PokeNav

Lapras Lv56, Perish Song, Icy Wind, Safeguard, Aerial Ace

Glaceon Lv57, Icy Wind, Mist, Perish Song, Slash

Weavile Lv58, Crunch, Aerial Ace, Ice Beam, Taunt

Alolan Ninetales Lv59, Moonblast, Perish Song, Ice Beam, Extrasensory

I was really worried for a second, since this is the sixth badge and by the Hoenn standard badges you learn Fly after the sixth one. When she said Dive I was not amused. Regardless we can now use Fly to revisit places faster. Awesome.

TRICK HOUSE (5th Challenge) [TRI5]

Well there's no sparkle, but he's at the left tree.

Remember how the fifth challenge in R/S/E's Trick House was nothing but trivia questions? Well this is a take on that, but it's a strange pond-crossing puzzle! Step on the wrong tile and you'll be warped back to the start.

First thing to do is go SE of the guy, move one space north, one space east, two spaces north, four spaces west, one space north, two spaces west, and two spaces north. You're out of the first pond.

Go to the right side, near the guy's robot, and up three spaces, west one, north one, west one, north one, west two, north one, west three, north one, west one, north two, and you can move on.

Get the scroll, then stand west of the guy at the east end and north three, east one, north one, and east one to reach the door. You'll get TM12 Taunt.


Cloud Meadow is just west of Mugwort Villa. A secret base indent is to the NW. If you try to go south, the rangers will stop you because an avalanche has happened in Mt. Snowy.

Collector Noah: Ivysaur Lv54, Togekiss Lv55, P3300

Hmm...looks like a trainer cannot get his Murkrow to obey so he decides the best way is to block the stairs until another trainer (you) comes along and has the Snowflake Badge. What a bad excuse to block that bridge, dude. Anyways you should have the badge, and the Murkrow goes back into the Poke Ball, and you get TM30 Shadow Ball. You'll realize that this is a trainer named Lumiere, no he's not related to Beauty and the Beast…

Cooltrainer Kaz: Electrode Lv55, Forretress Lv56, P4480

Guitarist Dray: Voltorb Lv54, Raichu Lv54, Raichu Lv55, P1760


Mons found:

Finneon: 65% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Bruxish: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (super rod)

Smeargle: 20%
Drowzee: 20%

Spinda: 15%

Cherubi: 10%
Ditto: 10%

Tranquill: 10%

Natu: 9%

Basculin: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Pikachu: 4%
Plusle: 1%
Minun: 1%

Ninja Boy Keigo: Arbok Lv54, Shedinja Lv54, P648

Max is too incompetent to arrest Team Mirage but has time to battle us!?

PKMN Trainer Max: Electrode Lv55, Raichu Lv56, Electabuzz Lv57, Eelektross Lv56, Ampharos Lv58, P10440

He'll say that the town ahead has a gym too and then he'll be off.

Expert Peach: Sableye Lv55, Haunter Lv56, Hypno Lv56, P5600

Lass Rayna: Xatu Lv55, Cherrim Lv56, P896, registered in PokeNav

Head to the berry patch and go to the NE corner to find a hidden Rare Candy. You can get a rare berry by talking to the girl near the water. Surf east and land at the SE to find a Hyper Potion. Surf to the west, land at the SW to get a Nugget. Now go north.

Fisherman Light: Magikarp Lv55, Basculin Lv57, Poliwhirl Lv56, P2240

Black Belt Hideki: Hitmonlee Lv56, Scrafty Lv55, Machoke Lv56, (forgot money amount)

If you attempt to go north of Light or west from the Rainbow Rock entrance, guess what? Another rival battle, this time with Alvaro. Who is this "she" who's watching us?

Taoist Alvaro: Seviper Lv57, Dustox Lv57, Weezing Lv58, Arbok Lv59, P2360

If you wanted to do anything else, you'll have to wait. Alvaro takes us inside Rainbow Rock.


Mons found:

Gastly: 25%

Rattata: 25%

Yamask: 21%

Bagon: 14%

Cubone: 10%

Shuppet: 4%
Haunter: 1%

Follow Alvaro to 2F and he'll show you the Rainbow Guardian, a blue stone? "She" will speak to you about your mission. Alvaro will tell you that the gym leader in Halfleaf City ahead knows something, so better go there I guess.


Make sure you have a mon with Cut, then cut the tree to the right of Rainbow Rock to find a berry patch and a Revive. Go back towards Rainbow Rock and into the small patch of tall grass. The northernmost square has a hidden Zinc. A hidden Rare Candy is in the SW corner from the first trainer below.

Cooltrainer Naomi: Houndour Lv55, Lucario Lv56, Dustox Lv56, P4480

PKMN Breeder Dave: Riolu Lv49, Chansey Lv49, Flaaffy Lv49, Tranquill Lv49, Ivysaur Lv49, P1960

Picnicker Callie: Riolu Lv53, Electrode Lv56, P896

Cut the tree and surf. A Nest Ball is to the far NE, and two indents are next to the steps onward. Notice the empty square behind the grass patch above, an item is there. It's another Revive.

Guitarist Usher: Scraggy Lv55, Sableye Lv56, P1792

Aroma Lady Bridget: Roserade Lv57, P2280, registered in PokeNav, dunno why it says she loves birds but doesn't have a flying type.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Bruxish: 30% (surf)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Wimpod: 5% (surf)

Basculin: 4% (surf)

Magikarp: 1% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Is it gonna be a peaceful entrance to the city? I guess so. Get the Net Ball near the house. The Move Research Institute is here to the SW. You can teach a mon Substitute by talking to the gentleman. And I'll bet you'll be surprised that the guy to the NE of him sells every single TM! Their prices vary and I won't list all of them, but getting every TM is great! Dr D. is to the west, and he's the Move Deleter. Dr T. is to the east, and unfortunately just like R/S/E you'll need a Heart Scale to relearn moves.

A scientist outside mentions that the heroine of Halfleaf City is in fact the one that got sealed in Rainbow Rock. Enter the house to the west of the Pokecenter and talk to the youngster to get a free Shuckle.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Net Ball: P1000

Dive Ball: P1000

Hyper Potion: P1500

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Go towards the gym (but don't approach the entrance door yet!) and enter the house on the left. Talk to the gentleman to get a "Burbasaur", I mean Bulbasaur. The gentleman east of the gym has a King's Rock. Afterwards, head behind the gym and you'll find a fisherman who'll give you the Super Rod! Onto actual events. Head to the beach to see Luke and Eva.

PKMN Trainer Luke&Eva: Togekiss Lv58, Jolteon Lv58, Celebi Lv58, Celebi Lv58, P20880

Wow that's a huge money reward, enough to buy more TMs. They'll say they'll go to the Sylon region (in Pokemon Resolute) and will go. Will it be the last we'll see them and their inexplicable dual Celebis? Halfleaf Sea is to the south, and Halfleaf Cave is to the east, unfortunately the old woman tells us we need permission from the gym leader first. So let's go there, oh come on Silk...

Leader Silk: P5900

Persian Lv58, Protect, Slash, Fake Out, Thief

Lopunny Lv58, Charm, Slash, Agility, Tri Attack

Porygon-Z Lv59, Signal Beam, Conversion 2, Hyper Beam, Slash

Losing doesn't really teach this one anything. The gym leader seems to be a Dragon-type specialist but the name is not known?


Looks like the Battle Tower if you ask me, go through the first door. You'll be in an elevator, talk to the lady to head up to the leader, it seems. Now go into the next room. This area looks like some sort of choice. A trainer stands in the way and you talk to them to battle. Then you pass. You can of course return and the trainer will let you pass without a second fight.

Cooltrainer Parker: Gabite Lv56, Gyarados Lv56, Dragonair Lv57, P4560

Cooltrainer Alexia: Fraxure Lv56, Lapras Lv57, Shelgon Lv57, P4560

Past these two trainers are ones who participate in double battles.

Past Parker:

Cooltrainer Mary: Milotic Lv57, Dragonite Lv57, Gabite Lv58, Altaria Lv58, P9280

Past Alexia:

Cooltrainer George: Fraxure Lv57, Charizard Lv57, Salamence Lv58, Dragonair Lv58, P9280

After either of those two you'll be up against the leader. Wait, WHAT?

Leader Iron/Pure: P6100, Mindeye Badge, TM02 Dragon Claw, registered in PokeNav

Salamence Lv59, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Glare, Fly

Gyarados Lv59/Lapras Lv59, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Bubblebeam, Take Down/Icy Wind, Perish Song, Take Down, Surf

Dragonair Lv60, Dragon Rage, Thunder Wave, Screech, Confuse Ray

Haxorus Lv61/Garchomp Lv61, Karate Chop, Outrage, Roar, Stomp/Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Karate Chop, Aerial Ace

Well what can I say, I'm quite surprised. It would have made it more interesting if this rival would in fact be using other mons but I guess the job description for gym leader is "be a type expert" and well Dragon types are the way to go here. Also there's no mention that you can use an HM on the field but I'd imagine that you have the seventh badge then it is Dive you can use.

As you leave, you'll be followed by Iron/Pure who'll direct you to that cave, the same one that the old woman told you not to go in of course.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 95% (surf), 100% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Dratini: 5% (surf), 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Dragonair: 5% (super rod)

PKMN Ranger Declan: Shelgon Lv57, P1824

Cooltrainer Grace: Dragonair Lv58, P4640

You'll need Surf to go through here. No mons on the ground for some reason. Anyways once you meet Iron/Pure you'll come face to face with that redhead chick, named Siena. She mentions a DNA Splicer that can change Kyurem, and that Team Mirage is looking for it. As if right on cue, they have shown up! Iron/Pure then goes right into one of the Mirage grunts for some dumb reason (glitch?) and you battle Eliza.

Mirage Admin Eliza: Banette Lv57, Gengar Lv58, Cofagrigus Lv57, Eliza Lv64, P5120

Like any other villain does in any given media, the DNA Splicer is stolen right under our noses. Max is back, late as usual, but he at least offers us information that one of his informants has a Basement Key. The keys are duplicated for our use, and we receive one Basement Key. Our goal's set, we can shove off for Bronze Port's storage area. But I have other things in mind...

TRICK HOUSE (6th challenge) [TRI6]

He's in the bookshelf at the NE corner. Examine the right side. He says he hid in the cupboard, but it's really a bookshelf.

Okay? This is gonna be quite fun, a choice of paths. The correct one at first is the rightmost one, the other two lead to trainers.

Beauty Sophia: Cherrim Lv52, Gardevoir Lv52, P4160

PKMN Breeder Benny: Croagunk Lv50, Sandshrew Lv50, Eevee Lv50, Bulbasaur Lv50, Vulpix Lv50, P2000

Get the Glitter Mail and continue through the next cave. You'll be able to access the exit, but we'll need the scroll, so go into the only other cave here. The scroll will be to the SW. Don't bother with the nearby cave, it leads nowhere.

Expert Sebastian: Slowking Lv53, P5300

We'll get a Magnet for that challenge. It wasn't that hard in hindsight. Off to the Storage in Bronze Port now.


Use your Basement Key and enter.

Team Mirage Grunt: Golbat Lv58, Mightyena Lv58, P232

Team Mirage Grunt: Murkrow Lv58, Houndour Lv59, P236

Team Mirage Grunt: Croagunk Lv57, Muk Lv58, P232

The door you find needs a Card Key, so head downstairs. Another Card Key door is here. Attempt to go down the next set of steps and your allies will reach you, including Silk. Max, Siena, and Iron will team up, leaving you with Silk I guess. Well she's not teaming up with you, but rather going on ahead along with everyone else. How lazy.

Team Mirage Grunt: Honchkrow Lv58, Weezing Lv59, P236

You have two teleport pads in this room. The left is a dead end with a Nest Ball and a grunt.

Team Mirage Grunt: Arbok Lv59, P236

With that in mind, the right teleporter allows us to continue on.

Team Mirage Grunt: Zangoose Lv58, Mightyena Lv58, P232

Team Mirage Grunt: Sneasel Lv58, Mightyena Lv59, P236

Team Mirage Grunt: Meowth Lv57, Scraggy Lv58, Swoobat Lv58, P232, possible double battle with above

Next floor...

Team Mirage Grunt: Scraggy Lv57, Lampent Lv57, Houndour Lv58, P232

The other two grunts are just examining computers and don't notice. The Card Key is in the SW corner! Pick it up and let's see what the doors offer.

If you go back to the first room of the base and use the Card Key, you'll find three more distracted grunts on computers and a teleporter. The next door you find will not open with the Card Key, but with three passwords, so we can't open it yet.

Team Mirage Grunt: Koffing Lv58, Woobat Lv58, P232

You can go west of this guy to find a teleporter. The Card Key door here leads back to the computer room where you found the Card Key, which is convenient. If you use the Card Key on the door near the grunt, you can pick up a Rare Candy to the west. The Card Key door here leads back to the hall where your allies caught up with you.

Team Mirage Grunt: Golbat Lv58, Tentacruel Lv59, P236

East of her is a Zinc and a locked staircase. Use the Card Key to open it. You have three options at this point, the SW teleporter, the NW stairs, and these stairs. The SW teleporter and the NW stairs both lead to the same hall, with another Card Key door connecting both, so let's just take the stairs we unlocked.

You'll automatically go up once you go in, and you'll see Violet and Trick Master. Violet will think you'll save her, but then this grunt shows up. It's Lily in disguise once again! She managed to beat a grunt (possibly taking a uniform in the process too) and figuring out one password. "Murkrow's Wing". Lily will attempt to lead the captives away and leave the rest to us.

At this point, you can now talk to the grunts at the computers to battle them in order to get password information. Start with the room where you found the Card Key.

Team Mirage Grunt: Mightyena Lv58, Honchkrow Lv58, Chandelure Lv59, P236, doesn't know a password

Team Mirage Grunt: Muk Lv58, Toxicroak Lv58, P232, "Black and White"

Now let's skedaddle to the first floor and that particular computer room with three grunts. You can quickly reach this floor by way of the SE teleporter.

Team Mirage Grunt: Haunter Lv58, Sableye Lv59, P236, no password

Team Mirage Grunt: Absol Lv59, P236, no password

Team Mirage Grunt: Scrafty Lv59, P236, "The reality and illusion"

So after you talk to and battle the right grunts (the female one in the Card Key room and the male at the right computer in the other room), you can open the password door. Prepare for the seventeenth battle in this place! (yes, I've been counting)

Team Mirage Grunt: Cofagrigus Lv58, Machamp Lv59, P232

A Max Elixir is in the SE corner. You'll meet up with the classic chuckleheads up ahead.

Team Mirage Karls&Bell: Dodrio Lv59, Electabuzz Lv59, Meganium Lv60, Machoke Lv60, P480

Always run. That's their plan.

Follow the long corridor and you'll find Uranium confronting Charlie and Louis. This will be a team-up with your mons and Uranium. Uranium will use his Metang, Sigilyph, and Eelektross while you choose three mons of your own.

Mirage Admins Charlie & Louis: Gardevoir Lv60, Magneton Lv60, Haunter Lv60, Porygon-Z Lv60, Alakazam Lv60, Dragonite Lv60, P9600

You win and they confess that the leaders are on Mt. Skywall. Remember that place the grunts were guarding? Yep, that’s where we’ll go next time. Anyways, all your allies catch up and we've got a mission to do. Nothing much else to do in this dump.

Leaving the base and taking a single step down, you'll run into Lumiere again. He'll give you HM08 Dive! But then he's gonna battle you now. (NOTE: It is possible to skip this encounter by using Fly as soon as you get outside, but you'll need the HM anyways, so just go to the entrance of the store room when ready).

PKMN Trainer Lumiere: Lucario Lv43, Honchkrow Lv44, Xatu Lv45, P8100

Do we really need this many rival characters to deal with? And besides, he's behind with the times, as the Mirage grunts and admins are pushing Lv60 and he's got lots of Lv40 mons with him. Anyways, go ahead and teach a mon Dive and let's head to Mt. Skywall. Go to the area where you'll need Flash, and of course bring a mon with Surf, then go to that one place the grunts were and take the ladder up.

MT SKYWALL (revisited) [MSK5]

Mons found (3rd area):

Zubat: 30%

Tynamo: 30%

Chingling: 30% (rock smash) (?)

Durant: 10%

Kadabra: 10%

Clefable: 5%

Woobat: 5%

Scraggy: 4%
Geodude: 4%, 70% (rock smash)
Onix: 2%

Team Mirage Grunt: Toxicroak Lv58, Weavile Lv59, P236

Wild Pokemon here will be of higher levels than they were before. This area also includes a few ones that I didn't find in lower floors such as Durant. Past the first grunt move north to find a Rare Candy and two paths to go. You'll need Rock Smash for both routes. Take the north route, smash a rock to get to the Repel at the NW, but there's also a hidden Everstone at the SW corner. Enter this cave to pick up a Dome Fossil!

Team Mirage Grunt: Lampent Lv59, Golbat Lv59, Muk Lv60, P236

This grunt is on the south route, and if you go past him, smash one of the rocks, heading east towards the next step and going to the unbreakable rock near the ledge, you can examine it to find an Everstone.

Team Mirage Grunt: Scrafty Lv61, P244

A word of warning, you're going to have to have a maximum of five Pokemon on your team before you can continue, otherwise you won't be able to progress the plot. So free up a slot but make sure you have mons with Surf and Rock Smash. The next area southward leads to the peak, and you may be tempted to catch some new mons, but will have to backtrack to a PC if you do get some new ones and remove them so you can continue the plot.


Mons found:

Swoobat: 30%

Graveler: 20%

Gastly: 15%

Bouffalant: 14%

Scraggy: 10%

Tynamo: 5%

Vulpix: 4%

Sigilyph: 2%

It's Suicune! It's gonna run off though. Just keep going. This area will be like climbing up Mt. Pyre's exterior in R/S/E.

Team Mirage Grunt: Mightyena Lv60, Umbreon Lv61, P244

Collect TM48 Skill Swap and move upward.

Team Mirage Grunt: Woobat Lv59, Cofagrigus Lv60, Crobat Lv60, Tyranitar Lv61, P244

Get the Max Potion and keep going. Near the steps ahead, go east and then north to the dead end to find a hidden Max Ether. A hidden Ultra Ball is in an alcove to the north of the grass patch. Going north, you'll see Silk apparently winning against Cathaya (I guess she did get stronger). Cathaya runs off with Silk pursuing her. Max is currently battling Joseph up ahead and Lily is sparring against Louis. Siena is battling Charlie and it looks like Iron/Pure is up against Eliza.

Going up the steps, you know what you'll be up against, but detour to the east, head to the empty space behind the big tree and get a hidden Rare Candy. Night and Wind will tell you you're late, and will attempt to freeze you using their Kyurem. It's prevented though, because of Victini! We'll then be up against a legendary, Kyurem B/W! It's Lv75, yes you can catch it. Note that in order to do this event you need to have a slot open. Catching Kyurem B/W will cause it to go to the PC. Why? Well, Victini has entered your party (Lv60), that's why! This is also why you need a maximum of five mons, because of Victini.

Afterwards, Team Mirage realizes their loss, and as they are to battle you Uranium shows up, apparently Suicune has chosen him as his trainer! He'll battle Night; you'll be up against Wind.

Mirage Leader Wind: Sigilyph Lv63, Absol Lv63, Roserade Lv64, Zoroark Lv64, Chandelure Lv65, Spiritomb Lv66, P18480

You'll immediately be back at...the Tyron League? With all your friends near you too. You'll be congratulated, then Max and Uranium leave. Siena then drops the ball that she's actually a gym leader, the final one! We have to reach Flora Island to challenge her, then she'll go too. Iron/Pure follows to wait for more challengers too. Sadly we can't avoid a completely random battle with Lily, although you can heal with Nurse Joy by not moving from your spot and talking to her behind the counter.

PKMN Trainer Lily: Cherrim Lv63, Lumineon Lv63, Dodrio Lv64, Xatu Lv64, Lapras Lv65, P11700

Now that we can freely go, there's just one place to try out now, Halfleaf Sea! But we can also try other places, For instance, you can backtrack to the very peak of Mt. Skywall, then go up the left set of steps (which were blocked due to the allies and enemies battling) and find a hidden Zinc somewhere in the grass. You can also catch Reshiram/Zekrom! Just go back to the peak of Jade Volcano and you can battle it at the peak (Lv70). We can also enter Mt. Snowy! The rangers in Cloud Meadow have moved away.

CLOUD MEADOW (revisited) [CLM2]

Mons found:

Geodude: 100% (rock smash)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 60% (surf)

Basculin: 31% (surf)

Zorua: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Glalie: 25%

Snorunt: 20%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Piloswine: 14%

Kadabra: 10%

Cubchoo: 10%
Sneasel: 10%

Alolan Ninetales: 5%

Seel: 5% (surf)

Qwilfish: 4% (surf)

Zangoose: 4%
Seviper: 1%
Absol: 1%

Surf east and north a bit behind the trees to find TM26 Earthquake. Surf south from Cloud Meadow and to the SW corner. A hidden Revive is there. Head to dry land to the south, go all the way south and examine the rock for a Carbos. Climb the steps and use Rock Smash to get a Protein. A little further along the snow path, a secret base indent is past a breakable rock. Another one is near the mountain entrance.


Mons found:

Graveler: 39%

Steelix: 20%

Piloswine: 15%

Alolan Ninetales: 15%

Geodude: 10%

Glalie: 1%

Follow the path and get the Max Revive at the east end. Climb the steps and follow the linear path around, across a bridge, and to a ladder. At the next floor, go straight north to find Kyurem Lv70!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Clamperl: 60% (underwater)

Basculin: 30% (surf), 40% (super rod), 1% (underwater)

Shellder: 30% (underwater)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 41% (super rod)

Bruxish: 5% (surf), 60% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Finneon: 5% (surf), 30% (old rod), 15% (super rod)

Corsola: 5% (underwater)

Chinchou: 4% (underwater)

At the rocks on the left side you'll find a Rare Candy.

Sailor Roger: Dragalge Lv57, Tentacruel Lv57, Seadra Lv57, P1824

Battle Girl Bianca: Scrafty Lv57, Machamp Lv57, P1368

Between these trainers, the rocks will have indents for secret base stuff. You'll also notice several diving spots too.

Fisherman Jonah: Magikarp Lv56, Basculin Lv56, Gyarados Lv57, P2240

Gentleman Enigma: Roselia Lv57, Togekiss Lv57, P1824

Hex Maniac Athena: Shuppet Lv56, Kadabra Lv57, Umbreon Lv57, P1368

That should be everyone on the beach, so let's check the waters. On the eastern waters is a pretty big diving spot. We'll check out everything that's above sea level first, so go south from this diving spot to an island with a Carbos. A smaller spot is to the SE. The main trench is near each of the peninsulas here.

Swimmer Florida: Finneon Lv56, Tentacruel Lv57, Corsola Lv56, P1792

Swimmer Chansy: Skrelp Lv56, Starmie Lv58, P1856

You can go straight to Cross Sea to the south, although let's check out the underwater stuff first right now.


For some reason, the only way to get wild Pokemon here is to use Sweet Scent. I tried moving around and found no mons ever came unless I used that move.

Mons found: Clamperl, Chinchou, Shellder, Corsola

A dark mound somewhere near the main trench has an HP Up, and at one of the northern ends of the main trench to the west is a dark mound with a Heart Scale. The leftmost of the north-south trenches has a Star Piece. Further to the SE of where the HP Up was are the light sources for two diving spots on opposite ends of the rocks, with the one on the south end leading to an island with three secret base indents. A bit north of there you can find a dark mound with a Red Shard.

At the Cross Sea portion of the underwater, you can find a Protein to the SW. Going east, you'll find a Pearl in some seaweed.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Shellder: 60% (underwater)

Clamperl: 30% (underwater)

Basculin: 30% (surf), 70% (old rod), 4% (super rod), 1% (underwater)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 41% (super rod)

Bruxish: 15% (surf)

Corsola: 15% (super rod), 5% (underwater)

Chinchou: 4% (underwater)

Finneon: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 1% (surf), 60% (good rod)

Note: use Sweet Scent to get encounters underwater

Expert Wayne: Golduck Lv57, Slowbro Lv56, Umbreon Lv57, P5700

TM35 Flamethrower is on the island Wayne is on.

Swimmer Vanessa: Starmie Lv58, P1856, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Lea: Corsola Lv41, Starmie Lv41, Cloyster Lv42, P1344


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Clamperl: 60% (underwater)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Chinchou: 30% (underwater)

Bruxish: 30% (surf), 44% (super rod)

Skrelp: 15% (super rod)

Finneon: 6% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Corsola: 5% (underwater)

Shellder: 4% (underwater)

Basculin: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod), 1% (underwater)

Swimmer Brenda: Kingdra Lv58, P1856

Diving here the Pokemon can be encountered without Sweet Scent. I'm not sure why they couldn't do so in the previous routes. Anyways you're gonna need to Dive and head further east. Heading north and east from Brenda, then diving and going east to the empty space will net you an Ultra Ball. An Iron is to the north and east from there, and a Stardust is further to the east. South of the Iron, you can get a Yellow Shard, and then a Pearl is to the west. Go back to where the Stardust was, then, moving clockwise, at the south end is a Big Pearl. At the far SW end of this undersea area is a Blue Shard. A Heart Scale is further to the north.

The ring underwater of course is all around the island itself. If you go NW of the ring, you'll find a trench leading to a solitary surfacing spot. Surface here and land on the island to find TM29 Psychic. Go back to the ring and surface there. There's two trainers at the east end...

Swimmer Debra: Skrelp Lv57, Lumineon Lv59, P1888

Swimmer Darrin: Seadra Lv58, Starmie Lv58, P1856, registered in PokeNav, possible double battle with above.

To the east is Cross Path, leading further to Flora Island. But we need to see the rest of this place first. Well technically we don't but it doesn't hurt to find some healing on this place that seems to be flyable (it actually isn’t a place you can Fly to). Land at the south end of Gray Island. This place seems to be a diver's paradise, must explain why there's so much treasure to find under there! The name Expert S is mentioned by citizens here. The house above a gentleman has a dude who gives you TM31 Brick Break.

The large building here is the Gray Island Specialty Store. It's under renovation it seems, but we have a combined PokeCenter and PokeMart here which is great.

Mart wares:

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

X Speed: P350

X Special: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Dire Hit: P650

Guard Spec: P700

X Accuracy: P950


GLITCH: I’m not sure what this is but you can surf through it. It also changes if you go between Cross Path and Gray Island.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Bruxish: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Basculin: 44% (super rod)

Finneon: 31% (surf), 15% (super rod)

Magnemite: 5% (surf)

Skrelp: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod)

I’m left wondering if Magnemite being encountered on the waters here is by design or by mistake.

Swimmer Publo: Basculin Lv60, P1920

Swimmer Katlin: Seadra Lv43, Lumineon Lv44, P1408

Swimmer Dante: Tentacruel Lv43, Basculin Lv43, Gyarados Lv44, P1408


Mons found:

Tentacool: 61% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Basculin: 30% (surf), 15% (super rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Finneon: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 4% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Freshair Bay is to the east, but you know what you're here for. Walk up the steps...ok now what? Oh, it's actually the Tyron League Champion, Jacob. He's just gonna give you words of wisdom and walk off. Flora Island definitely lives up to that flowery name. Head to the PokeCenter and bring a good team with you, because once you get to the next set of steps Uranium comes in. He'll say he's already beaten Siena, but isn't going to challenge the League.

PKMN Trainer Uranium: Metagross Lv65, Marowak Lv66 (holds Thick Club), Eelektross Lv66, Sigilyph Lv67, Lucario Lv67, Suicune Lv68, P12240

So by beating him we teach him how he's a real trainer. Still though, he's gonna come and confront his tragic past, back in the western part of Tyron. And to go there ourselves, we need to battle and defeat the champion here.

Up the next steps past the two houses here, enter the left house and talk to the girl with the Murkrow to get a White Herb. Head to the house north of there to talk to a grandma and you can get Eevee-S! This can actually evolve into Leafeon or Glaceon, unlike regular Eevees. In the house to the north of that one, you can talk to the grandma to get a Cyndaquil!

Mart wares:

Great Ball: P600

Nest Ball: P1000

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Repel: P350

X Special: P350

Fluffy Tail: P1000

NW of the gym is the Flower Sea, some people mention Shaymin has been seen around here. Nothing to really do. Let's hit the gym.


GLITCH: See the pictures. You can actually go through these blocks.

Another gym that resembles a battle facility from the Battle Frontier. We can tell the trainers inside will be difficult, having about as much strength as our last fight with Uranium. Even more, there's no key type to take advantage of, so I hope you have a well-balanced party. Two doors, but both lead to the same room. I'll go over trainers bottom to top, left to right...

Cooltrainer Alyssa (why does she have a male battle sprite?): Flaaffy Lv62, Cloyster Lv63, Magnezone Lv63, P5040

Battle Girl Luna: Machamp Lv63, Lucario Lv65, P1560

Swimmer Jasmine: Vaporeon Lv63, Dragalge Lv65, Tentacruel Lv64, P2048

Cooltrainer Luc: Golem Lv65, P5200

Cooltrainer Kaleb: Beedrill Lv64 (holds Oran Berry), Toxicroak Lv65 (holds Oran Berry), P5200

Some of these guys mention something about a key. You also have two paths going north. Both lead to the same room again.

Lady Connie: Zoroark Lv65, P13000

Cooltrainer Tiffany: Weavile Lv64, Glaceon Lv65, P5200

Cooltrainer Annika: Flareon Lv65, Blaziken Lv65, P5200

Lass Andrea: Sableye Lv66, P1056

Hiker Dutch: Dodrio Lv64, Unfezant Lv65, P1300

The guy in front of the central door basically tells you you need a key to open the door to the leader's chamber. There are two other doors to the sides. Left door first.

Ruin Maniac Elliot: Hypno Lv65, Claydol Lv65, P2080

Cooltrainer Bethanie (isn't this a girl name?): Elekid Lv64, Jolteon Lv65, Raichu Lv65, P5200

The girl at the end tells you this part of the gym is under construction. What a waste. Let's try the right path now.

Cooltrainer Olivia: Dragonair Lv65, Fraxure Lv64, Haxorus Lv65, P5200

Cooltrainer Bridget: Salazzle Lv65, Scizor Lv66, P5280

Another part of the gym is under construction. Note that I didn't list one trainer, and that's the one just to the SE of Bridget, who actually doesn't confront you like normal trainers. You have to talk to him, he is in fact the key holder.

Cooltrainer Randall: Mismagius Lv65, Altaria Lv65, Charizard Lv66, P5280 and the key

Take it back to the guy at the center door to continue. Fifteen trainers before the leader. I think that's far too much.

Leader Siena: P7100, Nature Badge, TM15 Hyper Beam, registered in PokeNav

Mega Aerodactyl Lv67, Fly, Dragonbreath, Earthquake, Agility

Scrafty Lv68, Karate Chop, Crunch, Swords Dance, Toxic

Venusaur Lv68, Magical Leaf, Body Slam, Acid, Synthesis

Gengar Lv69, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Curse, Night Shade

Latias Lv71, Dragonbreath, Agility, Psychic, Recover, holds Chesto Berry

As a reminder, I found Latios in the field, but I have to wonder if you are able to find Latias by way of roaming encounter as well, or if you can only find it by playing a specific gender. For that matter, I have to ask if Siena has Latios if you are able to find Latias instead.

Ready for the Tyron League? I'm not. There's still a few loose ends like Freshair Bay to take care of. Plus another Trick House challenge. But of course you can skip this optional stuff if you’re ready.

TRICK HOUSE (7th Challenge) [TRI7]

Right window...this floor has vending machines. Not gonna bother yet until I beat the trainers. There's a Tropic Mail at the west end.

Cooltrainer Gaia: Seviper Lv53, Sandslash Lv55, P4400

Bug Catcher Joshua: Butterfree Lv54, Beedrill Lv56, P1792

Picnicker Mariela: Cherrim Lv56, P896

Sailor Everett: Lapras Lv57, P1824

Bird Keeper Alexis: Unfezant Lv57, P1824

School Kid Rick: Pikachu Lv56, Weepinbell Lv56, P672

Well, looks like we have to figure out where the scroll is! Considering it isn't on the ground, it's gotta be in the vending machines, but which one? On the bottom row, check the second from the right for a key. The rest on this row are regular vending machines. You'll then need to go to the top row and examine the middle machine. Your key will make another key appear, along with information that you need to open up another machine to continue. Finally, you'll need to go to the second row from the bottom, first one on the left. That's the scroll! A PP Max is your reward.

Let's explore Freshair Bay next. The Buneary at the Freshwind Villa entrance are gone, but for the sake of things, I will start from Flora Island.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 95% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Skrelp: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Dragalge: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Allison: Dragalge Lv61, Seadra Lv61, P1952

Swimmer Ethan: Dragalge Lv46, P1472, possible double battle with above

Swimmer Aurora: Blastoise Lv63, P2016 (her trainer path has her running into the rocks for some reason)

Swimmer Chase: Golisopod Lv63, Gyarados Lv63, P2016

Surf south from the Freshwind Villa entrance until you see three large gray rocks. Go slightly to the left of these rocks and go south. Head east and land on the island. Then surf north onto the next island to find Keldeo Lv50!


When ready, go up to the guys and show them the badges for them to move. It's time for the league. This is a little different than the last few Elite Fours, since if you go up, you'll find a closed door you won't be able to open. The left and right sides have two doors each, and this is where each Elite Four member lies. You can actually battle them in any order, and can even change your mind and battle a different one, but you cannot leave this area. We're going from left to right of course, so start with the far left door.

Our first Elite Four member is Ebby, a police officer possibly in the same job as Max. His yellow hair along with the yellow floor must mean he's an Electric type expert.

Elite Four Ebby: P7800

Raichu Lv75, Thunderbolt, Double-edge, Thunderpunch, Spark

Jolteon Lv76, Agility, Double Team, Shock Wave, Volt Tackle

Luxray Lv76, Thunderpunch, Charge, Howl, Thunderbolt

Eelektross Lv77, Thunderbolt, Toxic, Strength, Zap Cannon

Magnezone Lv78, Lock-on, Thunderbolt, Confuse Ray, Zap Cannon, holds Sitrus Berry

Hope you have a good Ground-type to sweep them. Note that Eelektross will not have a weakness because of Levitate. Anyways that's one down. Let's try next door. Next up is Cyasine, a Fighting type expert

Elite Four Cyasine: P7800

Toxicroak Lv76, Toxic, Karate Chop, Slash, Protect

Poliwrath Lv77, Surf, Double Team, Karate Chop, Ice Punch

Scrafty Lv75, Karate Chop, Taunt, Thief, Faint Attack

Hitmontop Lv77, Mega Kick, Counter, Bulk Up, Jump Kick

Lucario Lv78, Karate Chop, Bulk Up, Metal Claw, Earthquake, holds Sitrus Berry

Reminder that Scrafty is immune to Psychic, and since Lucario is part Steel a good Fire type will work. Or Fighting, which is also good for Scrafty too.

With two down, let's try the doors on the right side, starting with the left. Next up is Zach the wizard! He's a Ghost type expert.

Elite Four Zach: P7800

Banette Lv76, Pursuit, Curse, Shadow Ball, Fake Tears

Spiritomb Lv77, Night Shade, Silver Wind, Dream Eater, Hypnosis

Cofagrigus Lv76, Cosmic Power, Disable, Shadow Ball, Spite

Gengar Lv76, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Will-O-Wisp, Curse

Chandelure Lv78, Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, holds Sitrus Berry

A strong Dark type should sweep just about everything except Spiritomb, which as a reminder is weak to Fairy type (read: Moonblast). If you've been following this so far, you have one member of the Elite Four left, in the rightmost room. You should recognize this person, it's Violet! She's the Ground type expert.

Elite Four Violet: P7800

Claydol Lv75, Rock Slide, Psychic, Protect, Earthquake

Nidoqueen Lv77, Surf, Crunch, Earthquake, Aerial Ace

Garchomp Lv76, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Body Slam

Dugtrio Lv77, Dig, Yawn, Rock Slide, Earthquake

Tyranitar Lv78, Earthquake, Bulk Up, Rock Slide, Crunch, holds Sitrus Berry

Ice is the most preferred type of attack to use, especially against Garchomp. Beware the Sand Stream of Tyranitar and it's Rock/Dark typing though. Hopefully you got all of the Elite Four, otherwise whichever one you missed you better get done. We've got a champion to battle.  The central door will be open, get ready to face Jacob. He has no preferred type, so you better be well-balanced.

Champion Jacob: P16800

Snorlax Lv84, Rest, Snore, Double-edge, Mega Kick

Haxorus Lv85, Dragonbreath, Arm Thrust, Protect, Bulk Up

Kingdra Lv84, Dragon Dance, Ice Beam, Surf, Double Team

Sceptile Lv86, Growth, Leaf Blade, Recover, Toxic

Latios Lv85, Dragon Dance, Psychic, Hyper Beam, Surf

Chandelure Lv84, Crunch, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Night Shade, holds Sitrus Berry

Yikes, his party is at least 6 levels higher than any of the Elite Four. He's definitely a tough customer to put up with. Siena shows up when you win and calls Jacob "Big Boy". Hall of Fame, credits, reload your save to continue.

Back home in Freshwind Villa, what now? We still don't have Waterfall, nor do we have an S.S. Ticket to go to the western region of Tyron, or any access to the Central Area. Let's go north to Canyon Path. Hmm, this is new, a cave to the right?


Yes, this says "Cayon". There doesn't seem to be anything here except for Genesect Lv55! Afterwards, N shows up and talks about it after battling it (GLITCH: the text box seems to be eating his words for some reason). He figures Team Plasma has built a lab here and he intends to find it. But we beat him to the punch. He goes off to Mt. Skywall. We should probably go there too.

Return to Mt. Skywall Peak and talk to N who'll talk about how another trainer beat Kyurem years ago. We also FINALLY get HM07 Waterfall. And we can then battle N if we ask him to. His team is exceptionally strong however, with his team being Lv97+. I'd recommend grinding a lot more before you decide to face N. Now that we have Waterfall, you guessed it, backtracking time! Just so you know this is his team and reward (you don't really get anything else though).

PKMN Trainer N: Politoed Lv97, Ninetales Lv97, Scizor Lv97, Glaceon Lv97, Zoroark Lv97, Reshiram Lv100 (or Zekrom Lv100?), P18000

But before we do that, shouldn't we have a ticket to board a ship to western Tyron? Where can we get one? Well there is one way, and it may seem counterintuitive. But to get our item we just need to go to Bronze Port and to the ferry itself. Talk to the lady, you won't have a ticket, but it won't matter because Uranium shows up to save the day, giving us one of his two tickets. Now you have an S.S. Ticket! Well we can start out with Whitewave City which is where we land or we can do our backtracking now. I'll leave that up to you.

TRICK HOUSE (8th challenge) [TRI8]

The guy is under the SW chair. You'll need both Surf and Waterfall.

Gentleman Wesley: Dragonair Lv62, Lucario Lv62, Toxicroak Lv63, P2016

You can only climb up one waterfall, so do so. The exit is here, and you can go down the other two waterfalls as well.

Fisherman Seth: Blastoise Lv61, Seadra Lv63, P2520

Battle Girl Keira: Machoke Lv65, Lucario Lv64, P1536

Now get the scroll and your reward (and no he didn't polish floors, he installed pools and waterfalls), choose between a Red Tent or a Blue Tent. That's it for the Trick House!


Mt. Skywall (Marble City entrance): Up the waterfall, collect the Escape Rope in the NE corner. Then go west and down the steps, then past the rocks to the south until you reach the ladder. This annoying maze floor has no hidden items, so all you need to do is head to the cave at the north end. Go north from the ladder for a hint. You'll wind up in a place known as Azure Hall. Unfortunately there's nothing to do here yet. We'll come back later…

Dead Volcano: Okay this doesn't require Waterfall, but go back to that one area that requires Strength and at the dead end there's a new cave!

Mons found:

Geodude: 40%

Scraggy: 25%

Woobat: 14%

Graveler: 11%

Onix: 10%

Up the first set of steps is a Full Restore. Nothing up the middle steps, but the easternmost steps has Entei Lv65!

Holy Karst Cave (entrance closest to Marble City):

Expert Taylor: Gabite Lv48, Mightyena Lv50, Toxicroak Lv51, P5100

Psychic Stan: Slowbro Lv54, P2160

The second area is past the two trainers. Surf to the cave to reach the third area.

Mons found:

Graveler: 30%

Ditto: 21%

Magneton: 20%

Machop: 10%

Scrafty: 9%

Onix: 9%

Sandshrew: 1%

In here you'll find a Meteorite. Touching it causes a quake, and it has something to do with Deoxys.

How about that one place called Myst Cave? Fly to Redwood and head east to reach that place. Sure enough, Deoxys Lv55 is inside!

Holy Karst Cave (main entrances): Surf up the waterfall near the entrances, then the bigger one, until you reach a cave. Next area, let's see, you can Surf north, go east to a ladder, or further east to another cave exit. Taking the cave exit allows you to reach a Full Heal. Drop down the hole to appear in B1F, which you could also reach by the aforementioned ladder. A PP Up is right here.

Cooltrainer Aaron: Seviper Lv50, Golem Lv52, P4160

Two ladders are here besides the one we know, one to the NW and the other to the SW. The SW one leads to TM23 Iron Tail. The NW one leads back to the area from before, just beyond the pond. Nothing else up here but another trainer.

Black Belt Suzuki: Machamp Lv49, Lucario Lv51, (forgot money amount), registered in PokeNav

High Edge Falls: Hmm, nothing at the left waterfall, but we can reach the center via the right waterfall. You actually cannot climb the waterfall going up, so nowhere to go but down. Down once more to reach the bottom, and now you should enter the waterfall cave. Yes, it's Mew Lv30!

Greenland City: You can go to the 20th Century Company, up the stairs, then down the stairs at the other end to find Expert S. But like N, I'd recommend you wait until you can handle his team, since his mons are all at Lv96. Still, I'll give the ex-champion's team and reward.

PKMN Trainer S: P17280

Mega Venusaur Lv96, Sunny Day, Magical Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Mamoswine Lv96, Icy Wind, Earthquake, Rollout, Rest

Weavile Lv96, Aerial Ace, Aurora Beam, Mean Look, Faint Attack

Mismagius Lv96, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater

Escavalier Lv96, Double Team, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Tri Attack

And if you beat him, go back to the empty house at Waterwave Path, then talk to his assistant to get a Rotom! You can battle with S again by talking to him but I think he has the same party.

Let's see the Greenland Cave now. Descend the ladder past the waterfall for the cave proper.

Mons found:

Ditto: 50%

Claydol: 25%

Scrafty: 10%
Axew: 10%

Houndoom: 5%

Basically just follow the path east. It's fairly linear, and once you reach the third waterway, turn to the north to find Mewtwo Lv65! Now you should be done with the excess stuff, on to Western Tyron! Board the ship at Bronze Port if you forgot.


Mons found:

Finneon: 65% (surf), 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod)

Skrelp: 30% (surf), 20% (good rod), 41% (super rod)

Basculin: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Magikarp: 1% (surf), 70% (old rod)

Already we have trouble. We haven't seen the Threat Four in a while now.

Threat Four Liam: Crobat Lv73, Toxicroak Lv72, Cofagrigus Lv73, Salamence Lv74, P8880

Well we don't deal with Team Mirage these days, it looks like our new evil team for Western Tyron is the so-called Threat Four. We'll see about that. Uranium says that Liam's boss is the commander of the Dark Workers (those guys that did things with Luke and Eva) and that it was those guys who also destroyed Uranium's hometown and are suspected to have murdered his brother. Just then, Eliza comes in. As it turns out it looks like she's after them too.

It's town exploration time. To the north is Sunny Beach, a black belt near the PokeCenter namedrops the Ivara region and that Elite Four Cyasine is from there, and has a sister named Chronya. A guy in the PokeCenter has a serious grammar error by saying there are "sever towns", but it looks like Orange Village was considered a town here. The girl here is Prof. Elm's assistant, neat.

Talk to the girl SW of the PokeCenter, you'll find out it's not actually a girl but a Zoroark. And guess what? You can take care of her Zorua child! I believe it either evolves at Lv33, or by happiness, but I'm unsure. Speaking of Cyasine, this city has not one but two gyms, but one is closed, and the father of Cyasine was a gym leader. The closed gym is now a training venue of sorts. And there's such a thing as "battle bases" in this region, hmm…

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

Before you say anything, yes, the grandma and her son in the home south of the PokeMart do say the term "litterateur", which is a real term. Go to the home east of there and talk to the girl to get a Squirtle! The sailor to the east of the house will give you the Storage Key! We'll deal with the S.S. Bluesea a bit later. Anyways, to the SE is the Battle Base and its leader Sheila. Let's keep exploring the rest of town first. You sadly are not able to exit to the south for now.

The gym here seems interesting. It is actually the Whitewave Training Venue! Go inside and you'll see Silk battling Cathaya, and winning. Silk then tells her sister to head back home. She's not as decisive as she should be, and leaves, even after running into you. Silk will leave as well. There's actually nothing to do but talk to people in this venue, but then again, nothing of real importance.

Detour back to the S.S. Bluesea which is on Waterwave Path and enter. Go to where the locked storage room is and enter.


Mons found:

Koffing: 40%

Grimer: 29%

Magnemite: 25%

Voltorb: 4%

Seviper: 1%
Zubat: 1%

Surf and Waterfall up. Go to the right and down to get an Ultra Ball. This place will remind you of New Mauville with these color switches.

For now, hit the first green switch you find, then go to the left past the open door and hit the blue switch. Go south, ignore the green switch as you go east, this will lead back to the entrance. Well, it's a good way back. Back past the open green door, touch the blue switch here to open the blue door to the west. Go north, and pick up the Parlyz Heal on top of the green switch. Do not hit the green switch though; keep going north and then east through the open door. You'll see another pair of switches, this time you can hit the green switch to continue east.

At the end you'll find, no not a reactor that needs to be shut down if that's what you're thinking, but instead it's Dr. Cathy! You know, the gym leader of Bronze Port? Basically it's her underwater secret base, entrusted by Samuel as the storage room. But like N and S, you should probably wait until you have level 94+ mons with you, she's gonna be a challenge for sure. Return to Whitewave City and let's hit the Battle Base (skip below to the Whitewave Battle Base section, as this deals with the Shaymin sidequest assuming you will battle Cathy).

PKMN Trainer Dr. Cathy: P16920

Toxicroak Lv94, Brick Break, Detect, Mean Look, Toxic

Crobat Lv94, Silver Wind, Toxic, Aerial Ace, Double Team

Weezing Lv94, Haze, Sludge, Destiny Bond, Toxic

Arbok Lv94, Poison Tail, Toxic, Super Fang, Double Team

Dustox Lv94, Toxic, Sludge, Silver Wind, Psychic

Assuming you do battle and beat her (yes, she is a Poison type expert like her former gym implies), she's saying she's researching Shaymin, who of course people have witnessed on Flora Island, then she'll go there.

GLITCH: Use an Escape Rope to leave Underwater Lab, and you'll basically be at not the S.S. Bluesea entrance to the lab, but in whichever location you last came out of (this can include buildings).

Return to Flora Island and to Flower Sea to discover a cave at the north end.


Mons found:

Golbat: 50%

Graveler: 30%

Mienfoo: 10%

Muk: 5%

Machoke: 4%

Marowak: 1%

Get Flash to help. Nothing to the right, so try the left stairs. At the fork, you'll see an entrance to the left. The south end has nothing to it, so let's use this entrance.


Run north, you'll find Dr. Cathy with a Shaymin, apparently one that lacks the Sky Form. She asks to find Gracidea, and mentions the Redwood Flower Shop. Go back there and talk to the clerk to get it for free, then return to Flora Path. You will then get the chance to catch Shaymin Lv65! Also you can rematch Dr. Cathy in her lab again, and she'll call you aggressive, although she still uses the same team.


Black Belt Hugh: Hitmonlee Lv81, Hitmonchan Lv82, P3280

PKMN Ranger Shea: Sneasel Lv81, Altaria Lv83, P2656

Picnicker Cyndy: Larvesta Lv82, Togekiss Lv82, P1312

Battle Girl Missy: Haxorus Lv83, P1992

Leader Sheila: P8800, Power Emblem, TM08 Bulk Up

Marowak Lv84, Bone Club, Earthquake, Headbutt, Screech

Bouffalant Lv85, Horn Drill, Volt Tackle, Thrash, Toxic

Floatzel Lv85, Ice Beam, Surf, Crunch, Agility

Luxray Lv86, Thunderbolt, Thrash, Rock Throw, Double Team

Snorlax Lv87, Rest, Snore, Take Down, Amnesia

Lucario Lv88, Karate Chop, Hyper Beam, Mega Punch, Aerial Ace

You’ll find out what these emblems are for soon enough. Anyways nowhere to go but up to Sunny Beach.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Skrelp: 41% (super rod)

Finneon: 34% (surf), 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Basculin: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Help yourself to a PP Up at the right edge of the beach

Swimmer Gina: Golduck Lv71, Dragalge Lv71, P2272, registered on PokeNav

Swimmer Chris: Starmine Lv70, Kingdra Lv72, P2304

Head to the left side of the beach and find the section of beach that juts out to the left. From there, walk one space east and one space north, then press A to get a hidden Heart Scale. Further to the north, find a hidden Revive on one of the beach mats, then an Ether on the leftmost of these two beach mats. North from there to the edge of the beach, at the NW corner, face east and press A to get another Heart Scale. If you talk to the nearby sailor, he'll check to see if your mons trust you, and if they do, you'll get a Soothe Bell. Go to the tuber girl who is running around and somewhere between the red, blue, and green umbrellas is a hidden Great Ball. Head north from there to a sailor who mentions using the Itemfinder and go to the NE edge of the beach, scrounging for a third Heart Scale.

Swimmer Tobby: Tentacruel Lv71, Dragalge Lv71, P2272


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf), 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Horsea: 15% (super rod)

Magikarp: 5% (surf), 70% (old rod)

Basculin: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod)

Krabby: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Gleis: Lumineon Lv71, Basculin Lv72, Gyarados Lv72, P2304

Swimmer Terra: Basculin Lv72, Lumineon Lv72, Marshtomp Lv72, P2304

Cooltrainer Choles: Eelektross Lv71, Lucario Lv73, P5840

Swimmer Claude: Gyarados Lv72, Seadra Lv72, Whiscash Lv73, P2336

At the north island is a Max Revive. The island to the south with Choles has a Big Pearl.


Mons found:

Finneon: 60% (surf), 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Basculin: 30% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Seadra: 15% (super rod)

Magikarp: 5% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Krabby: 4% (surf)

Tentacool: 1% (surf), 70% (old rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (super rod)

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

Protein: P9800

Calcium: P9800

Iron: P9800

Zinc: P9800

Carbos: P9800

HP Up: P9800

It's a quaint little villa, with a few mentions such as Cynthia, and also yourself in one house. The leader of the battle base here is J...P...:T...A...? You can't enter since it's closed. Guess we'll deal with the commotion on the left side. It's the Dark Workers! And they came for Uranium it looks like. You'll battle one of these guys.

Dark Worker Grunt: Nidoking Lv74, Weezing Lv76, Tyranitar Lv76, P4864

Looks like Uranium is speculating that they murdered his brother and it turns out they still are around in this region. He'll follow the grunts to the house. They don't seem to be around. Uranium finds a poster with a keyhole, and it seems you need a key. To make things harder for us, we need to go back to eastern Tyron to find a grunt. Time for a goose chase. Take to Uranium again to hear a hint, they'll go to a big city, then somewhere on the routes, then the big cities again.

Without a guide, I'd bet you'd be scrimmaging everywhere to find these guys, but not to worry, this will help. First stop is Redwood City. Go to the flower shop, and notice a white lump above it. That's a grunt!

Dark Worker Grunt: Sableye Lv75, Typhlosion Lv76, P4864

He'll escape. Now where to? The answer: Marble Grassland. He's at the left side of the grass patches, near an old man. He has the EXACT SAME mons and money reward. And again he'll run. Make your way to Pure Village, then left to Volcano Path. Surf NW to the island and there he is. Again, same team, same money reward. We'll catch him again, this time at Bronze Port. Go to the old couple at the NE end of town to find the guy. Once you beat him a fourth time (same team and everything) as well as terrify him to death, we'll get the Secret Key.

Go back to Crystal Villa and give the key to Uranium. He'll open the poster to reveal a door and go in. Hmm, is that Giratina I see next to a familiar face? And we've got some trainers to deal with.

Dark Worker Grunt: Toxicroak Lv77, Weavile Lv78, Absol Lv78, P4992

Dark Worker Grunt: Claydol Lv78, Forretress Lv79, P5056

Uranium's busy with the front group, so you have to go left.

Dark Worker Grunt: Scrafty Lv77, Zangoose Lv78, Swoobat Lv78, P4992

Wait, Lumiere? He's the boss of the Dark Workers? And HE'S the one who brought Giratina here?

Boss Lumiere: Slowking Lv85, Xatu Lv85, Lucario Lv86, Magnezone Lv86, Honchkrow Lv87, Giratina Lv90, P16200

Even with our win, they all escape. Uranium will pursue them and then we can go. All we can do is leave and go east.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Skrelp: 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf), 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Horsea: 15% (super rod)

Magikarp: 5% (surf), 70% (old rod)

Krabby: 4% (surf)

Basculin: 1% (surf), 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod)

Swimmer Bernie: Cloyster Lv73, Dragalge Lv73, P2336, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Laurel: Starmie Lv73, Basculin Lv73, Lumineon Lv73, Lapras Lv74, P2368

Lady Reyna: Beautifly Lv72, Roserade Lv73, P14600

Get a Star Piece and a Carbos on the island Reyna is on.

Swimmer Shayla: Quagsire Lv73, Tentacruel Lv74, P2368

There's a maze-like area to the south of Shayla. You can find a Dive spot here. Go south to the cave and you'll be in a trench. Surfacing anywhere will take you back to the Dive spot. Go all the way south to spot a Braille message reading "GO UP HERE". Use Dive at this spot and you'll be in the Ancient Cave. The wall here says "DIG HERE", so have a mon with Dig to open the way. You'll find a Volcarona Lv65! Go back to Mist Path and keep going east to reach Brightlight City.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 61% (surf), 70% (old rod), 100% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf)

Gyarados: 20% (super rod)

Basculin: 5% (surf)

Krabby: 4% (surf)

The first house you find is Cynthia's house! Is this her resort home or something? Well no one's home. The next house to the right has a youngster who'll give you a free Torchic!

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Shadow Mail: P50

NW of the PokeCenter is an Airport. You need a Central Pass if you want to get to that Central Town. But you can go get a Protein at the west end of the runway. The black belt near the Battle Base mentions the ultimate challenge of western Tyron, the Challenge Bridge, where you have to battle Bridge Guards and a Bridge Champion. But we need six emblems first. We have one, and we can get another here.


Gentleman Drew: Claydol Lv82, Mienshao Lv83, P2656

Beauty Isabel: Lilligant Lv83, Beautifly Lv83, P6640

Collector Cooper: Xatu Lv83, Weavile Lv84, P5040

School Kid Caitlin: Slowbro Lv83, Hypno Lv84, P1008

School Kid Jaiden: Electrode Lv83, Porygon2 Lv84, P1008

Leader Dillon: P8900, Skill Emblem, TM48 Skill Swap

Porygon-Z Lv85, Conversion, Signal Beam, Hyper Beam, Supersonic, holds Silk Scarf

Chandelure Lv86, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Double Team, holds Charcoal

Magnezone Lv86, Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon, Lock On, Metal Claw, holds Sitrus Berry

Musharna Lv87, Psychic, Hyper Beam, Dream Eater, Recover, holds Twistedspoon

Aerodactyl Lv88, Rock Slide, Fly, Hyper Beam, Double Team, holds Brightpowder

Rotom Lv89, Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon, Shadow Ball, Lock On, holds Magnet


Mons found:

Basculin: 65% (surf), 30% (old rod), 4% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 20% (good rod), 1% (super rod)

Salandit: 20%
Buneary: 20%

Ledyba: 14%

Swellow: 10%
Pikachu: 10%
Croagunk: 10%

Finneon: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Volbeat: 5%

Drifblim: 5%

Rattata: 4%

Illumise: 1%

Scyther: 1%

Bug Catcher Deandre: Ledian Lv74, Beautifly Lv74, Butterfree Lv75, P2400

Gentleman Dario: Honchkrow Lv77, P2464

Past the northern pool is a secret base indent, with a hidden Heart Scale at the SE edge of the land, and at the south pool you can find a Hyper Potion. Another secret base indent is close to the east exit.

PKMN Breeder Chester: Scrafty Lv74, Steelix Lv74, Scizor Lv75, P3000

Aroma Lady Sydney: Bellossom Lv74, Victreebel Lv75, Roserade Lv74, P2960, registered in PokeNav


Not a lot to this town. A girl loves Aisha, the Sylon region is namedropped, a dude named Ruby got his head split open, gym leader Elesa from Unova is mentioned, and apparently Mirage leader Night used to live here.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Shadow Mail: P50

The SE house is probably Night's, given what is written in the journal which probably explains his motivations for using Darkrai. Sleep in the bed, and you'll be transported to Fullmoon Island! Enter the forest, and you'll see Cresselia! But it'll run away. You'll then get a Lunar Wing. Then you'll get a feather and be back in the bed. What should we do? Let's backtrack to Rocky Road a bit, and go onto the rocky area above the north lake. At the right spot here you'll be able to get Cresselia Lv68!


Collector Aidan: Altaria Lv82, Lopunny Lv83, Roselia Lv84, P5040

Cooltrainer Avery: Sandslash Lv83, Sigilyph Lv84, P6720

Camper Zac: Zangoose Lv83, Seviper lv83, P3320

Youngster Nob: Scrafty Lv85, P5100

PKMN Ranger Nora: Lucario Lv83, Absol Lv83, P2656

Leader Megan: P9000, Peace Emblem, TM04 Calm Mind

Accelgor Lv86, Earthquake, Agility, Ancientpower, Whirlwind

Lilligant Lv87, Petal Dance, Grasswhistle, Magical Leaf, Growth, holds Sitrus Berry

Cloyster Lv87, Icy Wind, Surf, Confuse Ray, Withdraw, holds Sitrus Berry

Toxicroak Lv88, Toxic, Karate Chop, Bulk Up, Protect, holds Leftovers

Typhlosion Lv89, Earthquake, Crunch, Screech, Rock Slide, holds Sitrus Berry

Cubchoo Lv90, Icy Wind, Protect, Take Down, Surf, holds Sitrus Berry

Let's see if we can go back south of Whitewave City. Looks like we can now.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Basculin: 35% (surf), 60% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Bruxish: 4% (surf)

Finneon: 1% (surf), 41% (super rod)

Swimmer Melissa: Tentacruel Lv76, Lumineon Lv77, P2464

Swimmer Colton: Starmie Lv78, P2496

Swimmer Madeline: Dragalge Lv79, P2528

PKMN Ranger Dario: Kingler Lv78, Milotic Lv79, P2528, registered in PokeNav

A Big Pearl is on the island Dario is on.


I don't get why every single instance of Canyon is spelled "Cayon"

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Finneon: 35% (surf)

Jumpluff: 21%

Floatzel: 20%
Carvanha: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Smeargle: 11%

Weepinbell: 10%

Claydol: 10%

Clefairy: 10%

Helioptile: 8%

Poliwhirl: 5%
Castform: 5%

Basculin: 5% (surf)

Gentleman Dwayne: Rapidash Lv79, Honchkrow Lv80, Roserade Lv80, P2560

Surf through the river and land on the steps to the north. Climb up three more steps then go to the single flower. Two spaces north and one space west of this flower is a hidden Max Ether. Nearby is TM29 Psychic. Keep going downriver and onto the next set of steps.

Psychic Nya: Xatu Lv79, Chandelure Lv79, P3160

Head west and north from her to find a berry patch, a secret base indent, and a Rare Candy.

Expert Greg: Chingling Lv80, Gardevoir Lv79, P7900

Ruin Maniac Earl: Golem Lv80, P2560

Find a Leaf Stone in the SW corner and get back to the river again. Surf upriver all the way then get to the grass at the east end. Enter the grass behind the two trees, line up to the east of the bottom tree, then walk three spaces east, face south, and press A to get a hidden Ultra Ball. Downriver, go down the waterfall and you'll find a Zinc.

GLITCH: If you use the Itemfinder near the waterfall, it will try to show you an item to the west, which is in an inaccessible area. I've pinpointed its location using the Walk Through Walls cheat code, and it seems to be something that can be interacted, but is not actually an item.

Beauty Nicole: Ledian Lv80, P6400

Black Belt Ron: Machoke Lv79, Poliwrath Lv79, Hitmonchan Lv79, P3160 (you have to talk to him to battle)

You're at the mouth of the river (gosh these routes never seem to end). To the west is a Super Repel and a secret base indent. An Elixir is to the south, and a Full Heal is in a rock in the big grass patch. At the SE end of the grass patch is a Hyper Potion.

Collector Marlon: Snorlax Lv79, Froslass Lv79, Steelix Lv78, P4680

The next location is the destroyed Orange Villa. You can't Fly here..


There's hardly anything resembling a villa here. The old man near Uranium mentions that the gym leader here was a guy named Hail. He was murdered, and it looks like he was Uranium's brother, as evident when you talk to him by the gym sign. According to him, there's a cave somewhere around here where the Dark Workers are hiding. Seems like Lumiere gave Uranium a chance to beat him and that he stole something. He'll then run off, as always, we should follow. Up the steps east, then up the steps south. Go to the SW and talk to the black belt to get a Beldum. To the east is Golden Canyon, and a Nurse Joy is here. Despite the lack of a PokeCenter she'll heal us for free. The cave is just to the north, so let's go.


Mons found:

1st floor:

Gastly: 40%

Onix: 20%

Swoobat: 15%

Geodude: 10%

Woobat: 5%

Golbat: 4%
Scrafty: 4%
Electrode: 2%

2nd floor:

Swoobat: 24%

Golbat: 20%

Onix: 20%

Scrafty: 10%

Gastly: 10%
Haunter: 10%

Graveler: 6%

Dark Worker Grunt: Scrafty Lv82, Chandelure Lv82, P5248


Dark Worker Grunt: Zangoose Lv81, Luxray Lv82, P5248

Dark Worker Grunt: Heliolisk Lv81, Froslass Lv82, P5248

Dark Worker Grunt: Claydol Lv80, Trevenant Lv82, P5248

Dark Worker Grunt: Lopunny Lv83, P5312

Dark Worker Grunt: Muk Lv83, P5312

As we go on, Uranium shows up and heals us. Good, though frankly I can't understand why he always goes on ahead of us every time. Seems we have to battle Liam before we can reach Lumiere.

Threat Four Liam: P10800

Umbreon Lv86, Sand Attack, Crunch, Wish, Slash

Glalie Lv87, Icy Wind, Hail, Ice Beam, Protect

Toxicroak Lv88, Toxic, Brick Break, Screech, Sludge

Crobat Lv88, Toxic, Poison Fang, Aerial Ace, Double Team

Cofagrigus Lv89, Shadow Ball, Curse, Cosmic Power, Confuse Ray

Salamence Lv90, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Double Team, Agility

We confront Lumiere, and it looks like Giratina will betray Lumiere. Uranium tells Lumiere that he should remember that he was attacked back at Orange Villa. Turns out the thing he stole was Giratina's Poke Ball! And he also broke it, voiding Lumiere's ownership over it. Giratina then leaves the battlefield. Guess who shows up? It's Max! Thanks to Uranium who had given him the memo, he's not late for once. Looks like we apprehended the man. Uranium says he'll be at Brightlight Airport. I wonder what for?

But first, want Giratina for yourself? You can by going back to the cave behind the poster in Crystal Villa. It's Lv70.

What does Uranium want at the airport? Well apparently your dad (wait you have a dad?) had called and it looks like Uranium has two of the Central Pass. We'll get one and now we can access the Central Area! He says there's many strong trainers there, and we should battle to see if we're ready.

PKMN Trainer Uranium: Metagross Lv89, Sigilyph Lv89, Eelektross Lv90, Marowak Lv90 (holds Thick Club), Lucario Lv91, Suicune Lv92, P16560

Well we can go to Central Area for now. But then again, there's the whole Challenge Bridge segment we ought to tackle too. So I'll hold off on Central Area until after we finish that. Also I believe after you battle Uranium here, you can go back to the Pure Tower, and the impossible-to-move stones will now be gone! The one on 1F has a teleporter that leads nowhere, so instead go up the steps past the other one. You'll be in a tombstone maze.

Mons found:

Cofagrigus: 40%

Haunter: 30%

Lampent: 10%
Litwick: 10%

Banette: 10%

Make your way to the SE and you'll find Suicune. For some reason, it's Lv1! Alvaro will come and tell you that the Suicune is something only you can see, and leaves.

If you want to battle Alvaro, he's in the area to the SW, accessible from the teleporter at ground floor that previously had nothing.

Taoist Alvaro: Tentacruel Lv92, Dustox Lv92, Seviper Lv92, Weezing Lv92, Arbok Lv92, P3680, and you can rematch him if you want too.


Mons found:

Sandshrew: 20%

Primeape: 20%

Houndour: 15%

Meowth: 14%

Nidorina: 10%

Nidorino: 10%

Pikachu: 5%

Scyther: 4%

Graveler: 1%
Onix: 1%

Youngster Vito: Hypno Lv81, Rapidash Lv82, P4920

Expert Ricardo: Sigilyph Lv80, Garchomp Lv81, P8100

Cooltrainer Julie: Sandslash Lv81, Ninetales Lv82, Electivire Lv83, P6640

TM07 Hail is to the SE.


I love the blatant lampshading a girl near the PokeCenter says. Sadly you cannot Fly here, instead you gotta fly to Whitewave City and take the long trek to reach this area.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700


Cooltrainer Jovan: Machamp Lv85, P6800

Picnicker Crissy: Magmortar Lv83, Houndoom Lv84, Arbok Lv84, P1344

PKMN Breeder Timothy: Electivire Lv85, P3400

Gentleman Leslie: Chandelure Lv83, Froslass Lv84, P2688

Leader Trevor: P9000, Mystery Emblem, TM20 Safeguard

Zangoose Lv86, Slash, Swords Dance, Sand Attack, Screech

Weavile Lv87, Mach Punch, Crunch, Icy Wind, Thief

Drifblim Lv87, Fly, Whirlwind, Shadow Ball, Selfdestruct

Lopunny Lv88, Mach Punch, Body Slam, Attract, Agility

Sandslash Lv89, Earthquake, Dig, Slash, Toxic

Haxorus Lv90, Mega Punch, Dragonbreath, Detect, Earthquake

Hmm, if we do the math, we should have 4 emblems at this point, from Whitewave, Brightlight, Rose, and Iris. Yet Skylight Villa is the only other town to reach before Challenge Bridge, so if we were to go now, we'd still be one emblem short. Maybe we should see if Crystal Villa's Battle Base is open?


What's this? A Team Mirage Grunt? He won't battle but he'll say that Joseph is using it as a secret base, hmm... None of the Mirage members seem to want to battle here, except for Eliza! She's rather acknowledging of our success against the Dark Workers too.

Mirage Admin Eliza: P8000

Chandelure Lv89, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Night Shade

Cofagrigus Lv89, Shadow Ball, Cosmic Power, Night Shade, Confuse Ray

Mismagius Lv90, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball

Banette Lv91, Curse, Spite, Substitute, Pain Split

Gengar Lv92, Curse, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Will-O-Wisp

Eliza Lv100, Brick Break, Swords Dance, Night Daze, Double Team

She mentions that her leaders have disappeared and that they headed to the Sylon region. You can rematch her anytime.

Anyways, let's see what Joseph has to say in the middle. Hmm...he was actually the leader of this place two years ago? He seems friendly now. We still have to get his emblem.

Leader Joseph: P9100, Glory Emblem, TM27 Return

Shedinja Lv88, Protect, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Spite

Bouffalant Lv88, Take Down, Thrash, Volt Tackle, Toxic

Gengar Lv89, Shadow Ball, Curse, Substitute, Hypnosis

Trevenant Lv89, Psychic, Hypnosis, Magical Leaf, Calm Mind

Weavile Lv90, Icy Wind, Aerial Ace, Thief, Double Team

Charizard Lv91, Fly, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Crunch

Five down, only one more to go.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 90% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Skrelp: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Nidorino: 20%
Nidorina: 20%

Raticate: 15%

Arbok: 14%

Growlithe: 11%

Marowak: 10%

Roselia: 5%

Krabby: 5% (surf)

Kingler: 4% (surf)

Gloom: 4%

Bagon: 1%

Wimpod: 1% (surf)

PKMN Ranger Helene: Dugtrio Lv82, Arcanine Lv83, P2656

Ninja Boy Jaren: Shedinja Lv84, P1008

PKMN Ranger Jenny: Lopunny Lv83, Metang Lv84, P2688

Cooltrainer Gideon: Starmie Lv82, Altaria Lv82, P6560


Sadly this place doesn't have a PokeMart, and you can't Fly here. There's really nothing of interest in town itself apart from the Battle Base.

GLITCH: While you can't Fly to Skylight Villa, you can attempt to do so. Selecting Skylight Villa on the Fly map will make you Fly to the last building/entrance you came out of, instead of Skylight Villa itself.


Lass Anya: Victreebel Lv84, Dewgong Lv85, P1360

Guitarist Goon: Raichu Lv83, Magneton Lv84, Electrode Lv85, P2720

Expert Amira: Toxicroak Lv83, Haunter Lv84, Slowking Lv84, P8400

Aroma Lady Nikki: Cherrim Lv84, Roserade Lv86, P3440

This place really just had to recycle the Pokemon Contest field. Anyways upon approach Benjamin will make his Buneary run off. You'll have to check the plants inside. Start with the top right, then it will escape. Do the middle left, and you'll catch it! Now we can challenge Benjamin.

Leader Benjamin: P9000, Magic Emblem, TM32 Double Team

Xatu Lv86, Wing Attack, Foresight, Psychic, Hypnosis, holds Twistedspoon

Zoroark Lv87, Night Daze, Transform, Substitute, Thief, holds Blackglasses

Beautifly Lv87, Confusion, Silver Wind, Gust, Toxic, holds Silverpowder

Absol Lv88, Crunch, Slash, Facade, Bulk Up, holds Sitrus Berry

Espeon Lv89, Psychic, Hypnosis, Supersonic, Light Screen, holds Sitrus Berry

Lopunny Lv90, Body Slam, Attract, Aerial Ace, Crunch, holds Silk Scarf


Mons found:

1st area:

Golbat: 25%

Scrafty: 25%

Durant: 10%

Swoobat: 10%

Kadabra: 10%

Scraggy: 10%

Tynamo: 5%

Bagon: 4%
Shelgon: 1%

2nd area:

Graveler: 70% (rock smash)

Golbat: 35%

Scrafty: 35%

Geodude: 30% (rock smash)

Durant: 10%

Swoobat: 10%

Kadabra: 4%
Leafeon: 4%
Claydol: 1%

Shelgon: 1%

3rd area:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Golbat: 35%, 100% (surf)

Sableye: 35%

Zorua: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Eelektrik: 25%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Leafeon: 5%

Well here's the closest thing to Victory Road. I hope you brought some HMs, even though we all know you hate using them. The path is linear until you can go either south or east, but both basically lead the same way. For convenience, head south at the fork, get the PP Up to the south, then go west. Down here is a ladder.

B1F, use Flash

Cooltrainer Irene: Milotic Lv84, Accelgor Lv84, Escavalier Lv85, P6800

Past her is a fork. To the north is a Strength boulder, but you can go around it by taking the north path, where you will see a rock to smash to the east and another boulder above the other one. The boulders are useless, so head east and smash the rocks, then move the boulders down and up, respectively. At the three-way fork, the bottom route and the stairs nearby both lead to the same area on the east side. Smash the rock on the southwest path, then smash more rocks and move boulders to get a Full Heal, then take either of the other paths. The paths convene near a boulder; move it north, then west, then the next one west. Break the rock and we'll be back on the first floor

You can take a shortcut back to the south, but just keep going north. We're almost there.

Cooltrainer Virgil: Gengar Lv84, Trevenant Lv86, P6880


Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1500

Max Potion: P3000

Full Restore: P4000

Full Heal: P800

Revive: P1700

Max Repel: P700

Heal at Nurse Joy and prepare yourself. Sadly there's no PC here, so you'll have to trudge back in order to get items/mons to battle with, really annoying that there were HMs that needed using just to get here.

Remember, this'll be like a more enhanced Elite Four, with six "bridge guards" to battle before the champion.

Bridge Guard Garrett: P3760

Raichu Lv90, Thunderbolt, Agility, Slash, Thunder Wave

Rapidash Lv91, Flamethrower, Agility, Heat Wave, Take Down

Scoliopede Lv92, Toxic, Earthquake, Poison Tail, Screech

Mismagius Lv93, Hypnosis, Nightmare, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball

Scyther Lv93, Fury Cutter, Slash, Agility, Aerial Ace

Metagross Lv94, Psychic, Cosmic Power, Meteor Mash, Protect

Bridge Guard Ariana: P3760

Absol Lv90, Crunch, Slash, Agility, Barrier

Snorlax Lv91, Rest, Snore, Body Slam, Crunch

Cofagrigus Lv92, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Substitute

Gyarados Lv93, Rain Dance, Surf, Dragon Dance, Ice Beam

Ninetales Lv93, Flamethrower, Double Team, Recover, Confuse Ray

Sceptile Lv94, Leaf Blade, Slash, Nature Power, Toxic

Bridge Guard Lamar: P3760

Unfezant Lv90, Fly, Swagger, Double Team, Agility

Dewgong Lv91, Icy Wind, Protect, Curse, Double Team

Luxray Lv92, Thunderbolt, Take Down, Confuse Ray, Screech

Arcanine Lv93, Fire Blast, Extremespeed, Earthquake, Double Team

Alakazam Lv93, Psychic, Hypnosis, Mind Reader, Calm Mind

Eelektross Lv94, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Dragon Claw, Double-edge

Bridge Guard Yazmin: P3760

Crobat Lv90, Mean Look, Astonish, Double Team, Aerial Ace

Aerodactyl Lv91, Double Team, Agility, Ancientpower, Fly

Luxray Lv92, Agility, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Double Team

Scizor Lv93, Double Team, Agility, Slash, Hyper Beam

Arcanine Lv93, Flamethrower, Agility, Double Team, Extremespeed

Altaria Lv94, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Fly, Double Team

Bridge Guard Destin: P3760

Lopunny Lv90, Brick Break, Attract, Agility, Strength

Starmie Lv91, Psychic, Recover, Surf, Icy Wind

Roselia Lv92, Petal Dance, Grasswhistle, Magical Leaf, Poisonpowder

Bouffalant Lv93, Horn Drill, Thunderbolt, Take Down, Swords Dance

Nidoking Lv93, Earthquake, Toxic, Slash, Screech

Lucario Lv94, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Hi Jump Kick, Extremespeed

Bridge Guard Celia: P3760

Spiritomb Lv90, Curse, Destiny Bond, Night Shade, Shadow Ball

Froslass Lv91, Ice Beam, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Agility

Gardevoir Lv92, Psychic, Double Team, Future Sight, Calm Mind

Feraligatr Lv93, Hydro Pump, Surf, Crunch, Ice Beam

Houndoom Lv93, Flamethrower, Crunch, Double Team, Heat Wave

Tyranitar Lv94, Take Down, Earthquake, Toxic, Crunch

Enter the pyramid and there he is, Master Nelson.

Master Nelson: P3840

Mienshao Lv94, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Agility, Double Team

Electivire Lv94, Thunderbolt, Take Down, Earthquake, Thunder Wave

Spiritomb Lv94, Curse, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Crunch

Mega Houndoom Lv95, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Bulk Up, Crunch

Salamence Lv96, Outrage, Thrash, Agility, Superpower

Metagross Lv96, Psychic, Metal Claw, Cosmic Power, Hyper Beam

He'll take you to the Master Peak where you can view the whole Tyron Region. Congrats on being the new Bridge Master. Hall of Fame once again, credits once again. But we still have a Central Area to explore! Back to Brightlight City, let's go to the airport and fly there!


Mons found:

Sandslash: 30%

Absol: 20%

Arbok: 14%

Wooper: 11%

Nidorina: 10%

Nidorino: 5%

Drifblim: 5%
Primeape: 4%

Dugtrio: 1%

2nd area mons found:

Misdreavus: 45%

Mega Ampharos: 20%

Unown: 15%

Ninetales: 10%

Onix: 4%

Mienfoo: 4%

Mienshao: 1%
Sableye: 1%

Go west from the PokeCenter. You will find a scientist who is the Master Balls Seller! He will sell you them, but it will cost a hefty P100000 to buy one. Up the steps, you'll find your dad...he's just an ordinary male sprite, ah crap he's battling us. If you can handle the Challenge Bridge, you'll find him to be a slightly easier opponent.

Center Head Stanly: Altaria Lv89, Magmortar Lv90, Alakazam Lv90, Spiritomb Lv91, Luxray Lv92, P3680

He'll advertise the Tournament Tower, which is pretty much the Battle Tower if you want to nitpick about it.

Anyways, through the building here, this place is huge! There's several patches of grass around, the Tournament Tower is dead ahead, and there's plenty of people to talk to outside. And buildings to explore too. I won't cover the Tournament Tower, since it plays much like the Battle Tower anyways, but we'll see what the other buildings have to offer.

The big building on the left side is the lounge. Strange, it's actually empty. Nothing of importance in the other buildings either. Boo. There are grass patches at the NE, SE, and SW parts of Central Area. The cave is to the SE, but we'll hold off on that for now. Head to the SW part and talk to the granny, who mentions there's a hidden treasure somewhere nearby. Go all the way to the southwest part of this area and press A at the end to get the Azure Flute! Hmm, is there someplace we've been to that has the name Azure in it? What about Azure Hall? Yep, let's go there.

Go back to the Mt Skywall entrance from Marble City and to Azure Hall's entrance. At the top, blow the Azure Flute. Go north the long way until you find Arceus Lv80! Now let's check out the cave in SE Central Area.


Mons found:

Golbat: 40%

Misdreavus: 30%

Magneton: 15%

Muk: 5%
Haunter: 8%

Onix: 2%

Use Flash to see, then head right and up the steps. You can continue going up the path, which is a dead end (although you can nab a hidden Protein by pressing A at the cliff end), or up the steps nearby. Take the steps and go southeast for an HP Up. Take the next set of steps you see up, then down the next steps. Go along the narrow path, and when it branches, go left and at the end pick up a hidden Zinc. Then head east and down the steps here. To the left is a hidden Calcium at the dead end. An exit is just to the right. Ignore it for now and head north, then west. If you go SW, you can get a Protein at the dead end, but only if you didn't nab it from the cliffside earlier. Head NW, then east, finding an Iron in a rock to the SE. Keep heading east, then south, then west, then south again. You'll find Raikou Lv65!