Pokemon Sweet Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Sweet Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Sweet Version GBA ROM Hack Cover

Language: English
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Author: Olivia R.

Source: googledocs

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Pokemon Sweet version 1.0 detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Sweet (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

This will be a strict text walkthrough of the rom hack featuring what you need to do to get through the game as well as the trainers and their Pokemon. Check out Pokesweets Wiki for more information on the sweets! And always, expect spoilers in this walkthrough. You have been warned.

Main features of this rom hack:

Brand-new type chart with 12 types

151 PokéSweets to capture (no trading necessary)

PokéSweets are based on Pokémon from six generations

New music in many areas

Re-match gym leaders

Made by Ephraim225 and Chainnini


Cookie Village [COOV]
Cookie Meadow [COOM]

Flour Town [FLOT]

Apple Road [APLR]

Donut Plains [DONP]

Flour Forest [FLOF]

Pudding City [PUDD]

Cake Hills [CAKH]

Candy Mine [CANM]

Orange Hills [ORAH]

Orange City [ORAC]

Jelly Bridge [JELB]

Orange Woods [ORAW]

Orange Road [ORAR]

Banana Road [BANR]

Meringue City [MERI]

S.S. Banana [SSBA]

Lemon Way [LEMW]

Chocolate Cave [CHOC]

Honey Road [HONR]
Chocolate Creek [CHOK]

Cake Tunnel [CAKT]

Candy Village [CANV]

Tower of Candy [TOWC]

Cookie Bridge [COOB]

Fudge Road [FUDR]

Keylime Road [KEYR]

Banana Coast [BANC]

Berry Road [BERR]

Grape Garden [GRAG]

Rainbow City [RAIN]

Chocolate Hill [CHOH]

Strawberry Slide [STRS]

Cotton Crater [COTC]

Berry City [BERC]

Black Forest [BLAF]

Surf Backtracking [SURF]

Ginger Wood [GING]

Grapevine City [GRAC]

Sweet Science [SWES]

Milky Coast [MILC]

Milky Way [MILW]

Freezer Islands [FREE]

Cookie Coast [COOC]

Pirate Fort [PIFO]

Cinnabun Island [CINI]

Cherry Way [CHEW]

Rocky Road [ROCR]

Cake Castle [CAKE]

Secret Cave [SECR]

Appendix [APPE]


Get through the intro as usual. You're in Cookie Village, and you have a Potion in your PC as usual. Go downstairs and talk to mom to immediately get both the Running Shoes and the Town Map! Well, you can't go north, cause some girl ate the whole thing! Also the guy to the left can sell Potions and Paralyz Heals at P200. The rival you named is sleeping at home for some reason. There's two empty houses that are supposed to belong to Mark and Katia, two new rivals. Cinna's house is the laboratory-like one. She's our professor of course (even though it was an Oak-like person who was in the intro). The other two you saw here show up, named Mark and Katia. Well, we are about to get our starter PokeSweet, and we have one for everybody! And we are immediately to battle them now.

PKSW Trainer Katia: Brownisaur/Strawmander/Squirpie Lv5, P100

PKSW Trainer Mark: Brownisaur/Strawmander/Squirpie Lv5, P100

Following this, you get your Cookbook (Pokedex) and Sweet Balls (obviously Poke Balls) from Cinna. Anyways, you can now head north.


Sweets found:

Licorita: 50%

Meowffin: 50%

The music here is from Super Mario Kart, from the Donut Plains tracks. Well, the two rivals Mark and Katia had battled earlier, and they've caught up to you. And now you must battle the named rival who also caught up.

Rival (rival): Popsichu Lv5, P80

Anyways, he leaves. The present nearby has a Sweet Ball. Your other rivals are ahead, but there's nothing of real importance. Another dude is at the NW and can be battled.

Youngster John: Meowffin Lv5, P40

Note that if you beat John, return to Cookie Village and talk to a young boy in town to get two Oran Berries. When you're ready, let's head to the next town.

FLOUR TOWN [FLOT] - We have both kinds of it here!

Sweets found:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

To the right of the PokeSweet Center are two berry trees where you can get berries from. They refill daily, no need to plant.

Mart wares:

Sweet Ball: P200

Potion: P200

Antidote: P100

Paralyz Heal: P200

Repel: P300

Escape Rope: P500

The "baking school" is north of the Center, which of course gives some decent information. There's a glitchy dude at the left side of town. The Name Rater is north of the school. There's a gym here, but it's of course locked until much later. To the left is Apple Road. Let's detour.


Sweets found:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Applin: 40%

Candino: 30%

Rattatart: 10%

Mintret: 10%

Licorita: 10%

Just a place to catch a few new PokeSweets. Rocky Road's entrance is here, but it's closed for now. When you're ready, head to the north to meet Mark and Katia, who will go up to the next route.


Sweets found:

Creampuff: 45%

Meowffin: 45%

Popsichu: 10%

Super Mario World reference here. Get the Paralyz Heal and Ether and then enter the forest.

FLOUR FOREST [FLOF] - Watch out for Cottonat!

Sweets found:

Cottonat: 30%

Spinacake: 30%

Cookietot: 30%

Popsichu: 10%

The guy at the tree is mad that the trainers her beat him, and he wants you to help him against those guys. Well, get an Antidote from the tree here. Let's go clockwise, so head left first and get a Potion. Head north through the grass.

Bug Catcher Sam: Popsichu Lv9, P108

To the NW is the exit, there's a trainer here too.

Bug Catcher Colton: Spinacake Lv7, Cottonat Lv7, Cookietot Lv7, P168 (double battle)

Go to the left end of the grass behind him and go four steps up in the grass to find a hidden Potion. We want to continue checking the trainers out, so head east from that trainer and head north, then south.

Bug Catcher Antonio: Meowffin Lv9, Creampuff Lv9, P216 (double battle)

East again.

Bug Catcher Doug: Spinacake Lv7, Cookietot Lv7, Cottonat Lv7, P168 (double battle)

South from this guy, then west to a dude in a green cap who got stuck in a Cottonat nest. You'll free him and get some berries for being nice. Go back south for the last trainer. I sort of went the opposite direction so the trainers were harder instead of easier, but the good news is that there's no linear path to exit.

Bug Catcher Rick: Cookietot Lv6, Cottonat Lv6, P144 (double battle)

Return to that kid from earlier and you'll get some berries for beating the trainers. Now head NW to the exit. On the other side, there's a man who ate too much, acting as a roadblock to that cave there. Go north.

PUDDING CITY [PUDD] - No, the houses aren't made of it

Mart wares are the same as in Flour Town.

A guy next to the city sign says he has a hidden stash and will allow you to take what's there if you can find it. There's a hidden Soda Pop behind the PokeSweet Center. In the PokeSweet Center is the profile girl and Mark, who's trying to resist a Creampuff singing. At the NE part of town, you can pay four Oran and four Pecha berries to get a free Rattatart. Note that you need to free space in your party in order to get one. A Fresh Water salesman is in the NW corner of town (P200). The gym here has a leader with only one win (against your named rival for some reason) but 99 losses. The guy outside mentions that once you enter, you cannot leave until you win or lose! He does mention that it's possible to rematch leaders even after you win. We'll hold off for now, as Katia is in front of the big building which is Candy Manor. Some thugs have broken in, though, so we might need to deal with them. Enter to immediately battle!

Sour Orange: Meowffin Lv8, Rattatart Lv7, P280 (double battle)

Sour Lemon: Meowffin Lv9, P180

Seems like these guys are after the hidden stash mentioned earlier, and want to get it before the others. Head upstairs to be ambushed again.

Sour Apple: Rattatart Lv9, P180

Sour Grape: Rattatart Lv8, Meowffin Lv9, P360 (double battle)

Upstairs, a room in a house? Check the drawer for a hint. It says something about something hiding under the bed. Inspect the bed from the bottom to find...a stash of Rare Candies! Someone comes in though. Seems to be a bad guy, who attacks you with a Rattatart. He seems to be a bigwig in the so-called Team Sour. Time for a battle.

Sour Admin Wilfred: P2400 (double battle)

Meowffin Lv10, Bite, Scratch, Thief, Growl

Rattatart Lv10, Quick Attack, Thief, Pursuit, Growl

Meowffin Lv15, Scratch, Taunt, Tail Wag, Thief

Well, we still lost the hidden stash, even though we win this battle. Downstairs, your named rival is hoping to get at Team Sour, but it seems everything's done already. And now he challenges you, thinking that by beating you, he'll take all the credit.

Rival (rival): Rattatart Lv10, Creampuff Lv10, Popsichu Lv10, P320

Okay with all this done, why not challenge a gym? The leader is Beryl, the Jaw Breaker, although he is basically Brock in sprite. The gym is pretty much just like the usual Pewter gym, except you can't leave and the guy to the right is glitched for some reason.

Camper Lum: Caratorb Lv10, Creampuff Lv12, P480 (double battle)

Leader Beryl: Caratorb Lv15, Gumble Lv15, Candix Lv18, P720 (double battle)

You get the Jewel Badge, and you're told that you can visit Cake Castle if you get all eight. Way to go! Anyways, beating the leader will allow you to leave to the north. This exits the gym. Note that if you wish to train more, this area's always available and even the trainer here will be available for a rematch. Always remember you can't leave until you win or lose! Anyways, when you're ready, Cake Hills is to the east.


Sweets found:

Gumble: 35%

Caratorb: 35%

Mintret: 30%

Lass Jane: Creampuff Lv12, Meowffin Lv12, P384 (double battle)

Bug Catcher Colton: Cottonat Lv10, Cottonat Lv10, Cottomoth Lv18, P432 (double battle)

Bug Catcher Greg: Caratorb Lv9, Caratorb Lv9, Gumble Lv12, Gumble Lv12, P288 (double battle)

Youngster Calvin: Popsichu Lv14, P224

Lass Sal: Ariacake Lv18, Ariacake Lv18, P576 (double battle)

Bug Catcher James: Cookietune Lv18, Cookietune Lv18, P432 (double battle)

There's a hidden Oran Berry in a small shadow-looking patch east of these two trainers (jump the ledge). Also for some reason some of the trainers listed won't battle me, so this information came from the wiki. Head up to Orange Hills and go into the PokeSweet Center, using it as needed. There's two entrances here. Which one to use? Well, the door to the left leads to...Vanilla Dome! Another SMW reference. But it's a place where you battle four trainers in a row, no cost necessary!

PKSW Trainer Louise: Cupcat Lv15, Creamtuff Lv15, Popsichu Lv15, Popsichu Lv15, P600 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Chris: Cookietot Lv15, Cookietot Lv15, Ariacake Lv15, Cottomoth Lv15, P600 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Pete: Cottonat Lv18, Cottonat Lv18, Ariacake Lv18, Ariacake Lv18, P720 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Meg: Ariacake Lv18, Ariacake Lv18, Gumballer Lv18, Caratrode Lv18, P720 (double battle)

A good place to train, for the record. Win and you get a Rare Candy. You can retry this as many times as you want.


Sweets found:

1st floor:

Cupop: 45%

Mintanyte: 45%

Candix: 10%

2nd floor:

Cupop: 50%

Mintanyte: 50%

3rd floor:

Cupop: 40%

Mintanyte: 40%

Lemeod: 20%

There's TM09 Bullet Mint to the left of the start.

Bug Catcher Kent: Cottonat Lv11, Cookietot Lv11, P264 (double battle)

Pick up a Paralyz Heal and head east of the entrance now. Take the ladder here, then take the next ladder.

Sour Grunt: Caratorb Lv17, Rattatart Lv16, Meowffin Lv16, P640 (double battle)

And there's another Rare Candy to take here. Backtrack to the first floor

Sour Girl: Meowffin Lv14, Rattatart Lv15, P600 (double battle)

Along the east wall you can find an Escape Rope and another Rare Candy.

Super Nerd Huey: Cupop Lv11, Caratorb Lv11, P528 (double battle)

Near this guy is a Potion. Head to the NE corner of this floor and head west.

Sour Boy: Candix Lv15, Meowffin Lv15, P600 (double battle)

Take the next ladder you come to, then the one after it.

Sour Grunt: Gumble Lv15, Creampuff Lv16, P640 (double battle)

Pick up TM46 Thief here, then return to the first floor and continue.

Sour Dude: Rattatart Lv16, Rattatart Lv16, Meowffin Lv10, P400 (double battle)

Take the last ladder on the first floor and head up to get a Revive, then head right.

Sour Grunt: Rattatart Lv13, Mintanyte Lv17, P680 (double battle)

Just follow the path around to the west side.

Sour Grunt: Rattatart Lv13, Cupcat Lv18, P720 (double battle)

Head up to find more grunts finding out it's you who's screwing their operation up. They would make a run for it, except Mark and Katia are blocking their escape route. Wilfred shows up, so you're gonna face him now.

Sour Admin Wilfred: P2880 (double battle)

Cupcat Lv18, Pound, Slice, Thief, Pay Day

Meowffin Lv17, Pound, Endure, Thief, Charm

Rattatart Lv17, Scratch, Banana Shot, Pursuit, Taunt

Raticake Lv18, Pound, Thief, Taunt, Pursuit

Simple villain, he plots revenge on you. Mark and Katia took care of the other two grunts by the way. They mention that Orange City is up ahead, and go before you. Pick up an Antidote and take the next ladder. The next ladder will take you out.


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Mintret: 40%

Caratorb: 30%

Gumble: 30%

No trainers here. A hidden Great Ball is in the first patch of grass in the NW corner. A hidden Razz Berry is in the long grass patch at the south end, four spaces from the right and at the southernmost end (think 4x4 square from the right side, SW corner). Then, there's TM05 Roar. Time to head to Orange City.

ORANGE CITY [ORAC] - Don't eat the seeds.

Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Mart wares are the same as in Flour Town.

Bike shop is still selling a bike for a million. Not happening. The house next to the bike shop will bake a Cupvee for you, but only if you have Oran, Pecha, Chesto, and Cheri berries with you. Two of each, in fact. A girl at the north end of town sells Soda Pop for P600. The middle patch of flowers to the left of her has a Rare Candy. A suspicious person is in the SW corner.

Sour Chick: Banvine Lv25, Doslug Lv25, P1000 and TM11 Sundae (double battle)

Wanna keep the TM? Don't say "No" to the hiker in the NE house which was burgled. That being said, you get, in return, TM18 Rain Dance. Which would you prefer? Honey Road is to the east, Orange Road to the south, and Jelly Bridge is to the north. But we got a gym here too. Hmm...

It's definitely the Misty setup alright, but her name is Fizzy. The Floating Orange. And it seems the trainers here love Orange types.

Swimmer Kel: Sherzel Lv16, Popsichu Lv16, P128 (double battle)

Picnicker Oujay: Cupcat Lv19, P380

Leader Fizzy: Raicicle Lv25, Bertzel Lv25, Flangoose Lv25, P1000 (double battle)

You got the Soda Badge! Nice. Let's exploer some routes. Starting with Jelly Bridge to the north.


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Sherzel: 40%

Meowffin: 30%

Flangoose: 20%

Popsichu: 10%

You can't go further on the east side due to something about the orchards, in case you're taking the right bridge. Also Mark is blocking the other bridge, but he'll just  battle you instead.

PKSW Trainer Mark: Chocosaur/Strawleon/Tartortle Lv22, Raticake Lv22, Bertzel/Flangoose/Raicicle Lv22 (Raicicle will be Lv21), P880 (double battle)

And he'll move, mentioning that Katia went to Orange Orchard ahead. Anyways, pick up TM45 Attract and move on.


Sweets found:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Popsichu: 40%

Sherzel: 40%

Flangoose: 20%

Head up a bit, then back to Jelly Bridge to examine that small shadowy patch to get a Pecha Berry. Enter the woods proper and examine the NW part of the grass to find an Elixir. Head east until you find two grass bushes. There's an Oran Berry there. Just before the end of the woods proper, examine the NE ice cream cone to get a Leppa Berry. You'll soon see Katia and a bunch of soil patches. Kinda like in the R/S/E games, this is where you plant the berries. You can take the thin path back west, but the woman is still blocking there because of the orange juice being drenched by PokeSweets. So this is a lie, apparently. Talk to Katia now and yes, you have another battle to do.

PKSW Trainer Katia: Chocosaur/Strawleon/Tartortle Lv22, Raicicle Lv22, Cottomoth/Ariacake/Cookietune Lv22, P880 (double battle)

So she says she'll now leave and get a bite to eat, but for some reason she stayed there. I got her to leave by going back to Jelly Bridge (by the way, that woman is gone now) and returning. Now you should visit Orange Orchard. Here, you can talk to the big guy to get Ethers for P2000 and Elixirs for P4000. Neat. The guy who looks like Bill can offer you Berry Juice, which requires two Oran Berries. That's about it here. Now head back to Orange City. What's the route to the east I wonder? Well, this guy is trying to cut a tree, so it's blocked. To the south we go I guess.


Sweets found:

Sherzel: 40%

Popsichu: 40%

Chocowool: 20%

You'll wanna get HM01 Cut from the guy at the bottom. Finally, an HM. The house at the west side just has a PC to use, nothing too important. The south gate is closed, so take the Underground Path nearby.


Sweets found:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Banvy: 40%

Bananaby: 40%

Mawnana: 20%

A Sitrus Berry and a Rare Candy are by the north gate (road is still closed). Head south.

Bug Catcher Kyle: Ariacake Lv23, Cottonat Lv22, Ariacake Lv21, P504 (double battle)

Bug Catcher Dave: Bananaby Lv20, P240

MERINGUE CITY [MERI] - It's Yellow All Over

Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

New mart wares (all others are the same as before):

Super Potion: P500

Awakening: P200

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

There's a little girl selling lemonade for P800 here, next to a guy who plans on building a house on some dry land. You can go straight to the Banana Harbor and board the S.S. Banana, but hold off on this for now. The PokeSweet Baking Club above the gym has a chairman who'll give you a Bike Voucher. Use it back at Orange City to get your Bicycle.

So our gym challenge this time has us against Ban and Lem, two trainers who specialize in the Banana and Lemon type. Interestingly, these two types are weak to one another. Well, we have a sliding puzzle to deal with to get to things. You can slide left or right, but either way will have you battling a trainer.

Super Nerd Baily: Bananaby Lv21, Gummiursa Lv21, P1008 (double battle)

Chef Dwayne: Popsichu Lv21, Popsichu Lv21, P1344 (double battle)

Biker Tucker: Popsichu Lv23, P460

Leader Ban&Lem: Gummaring Lv28, Mawnana Lv28, Bananibuzz Lv28, Lemdrop Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Now you have the Yellow Badge! Let's check out a boat now! It's still available, though if you wanted to head to the route on the right, that's still locked.


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Alright, first floor, head to the SW to reach the chef's kitchen. Pick up some berries from the trash cans here, as well as a Great Ball. Now check on the cabins on this floor, left to right. Second cabin has two trainers.

Lass May: Sherzel Lv18, Gummiursa Lv18, P576 (double battle)

Youngster Tyler: Banvy Lv21, P336

TM31 Brick Break is in this cabin. The third cabin doesn't have anything of interest, same with the fourth cabin. The fifth has an angry trainer.

Gentleman Arthur: Banvy Lv19, Banvine Lv25, P3600 (double battle)

The sixth cabin is a free rest stop. Last cabin now.

Gentleman Thomas: Cupcat Lv23, Cupcat Lv23, P3312 (double battle)

Downstairs we have more cabins, plus a Hyper Potion in the trash. From right to left now. The first cabin has a Super Potion on the table. Second cabin.

Chef Leo: Candix Lv21, P672

Chef Duncan: Lemdrop Lv17, Cupop Lv17, Flangoose Lv22, P1408 (double battle)

Third cabin...

Chef Dylan: Mintanyte Lv17, Cupop Lv17, Flangoose Lv24, P1536 (double battle)

Pick up the Ether and move to the fourth cabin.

Chef Huey: Gumble Lv18, Cupvee Lv18, P1152 (double battle)

Pick up TM44 Zest and move to the final cabin on this floor.

Fisherman Hank: Limeshroom Lv17, Limeshroom Lv17, Gumballer Lv25, P1800 (double battle)

Chef Phil: Raticake Lv30, P960

Back at the first floor, rest as needed, then head upstairs to the next batch of cabins. Ignore this staircase nearby for now and explore the cabins left to right. The gentleman in the first cabin mentions Smorelax. Next cabin.

Fisherman Dale: Caratorb Lv17, Caratorb Lv17, Caratrode Lv23, P1656 (double battle)

Gentleman Brooks: Popsichu Lv23, P1656

Nab the Super Potion and enter the cabin after the next one.

Lass Dawn: Rattatart Lv18, Popsichu Lv18, P576 (double battle)

Gentleman Adam: Creampuff Lv17, Cupop Lv17, P2448 (double battle)

An X Attack is in this cabin. The last two cabins have nothing to note. The stairs at the east leads to Chocobun! Or rather, Dark Chocobun, her sister! Yeah, this is supposed to be a Lopunny. Anyways, nothing really to note, I mean you can read the diary but whatever. Now take the steps you ignored earlier, then head to the bow of the ship to find the real Chocobun! The one who created everything in the world here. The conversation is interrupted by the Black Sugar Pirates! A new enemy team!

Pirate Dart: Raticake Lv20, Ariacake Lv22, Mintastar Lv22, P704 (double battle)

You only have to battle one of those guys, as they both run afterwards. Turns out Chocobun's sister hates humans all because of those guys. And now you get HM02 Fly! By now you should have the badge for it, so that's great! Anyways, we have two places to go now. Lemon Way over here on the right, or you can go to Honey Road back near Orange City. We're taking the first option.


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Tortewig: 40%

Gummiursa: 40%

Lemdrop: 20%

Chocolate Cave is here, but let's check out the rest of the route. The first trainer walking around has to be asked for a battle.

Youngster Eddie: Gummiursa Lv25, P400

If you look carefully behind Chocolate Cave, you'll find the item this guy is looking for, which is an Awakening.

Youngster Dave: Banvy Lv18, Banvine Lv23, P736 (double battle)

Youngster Dilan: Gummiursa Lv21, Bananaby Lv22, P704 (double battle)

Engineer Bernard: Gumble Lv22, Gumble Lv22, Gumballer Lv24, P2304 (double battle, talk to him to battle him)

Beauty Jasmine: Flangoose Lv30, P480

Gambler Darian: Cupcat Lv23, Creamtuff Lv23, P3312 (double battle, talk to him to battle him)

Gambler Jasper: Gumballer Lv25, Gumballer Lv25, P3600 (double battle, talk to him to battle him)

Gambler Dirk: Caratorb Lv18, Candix Lv27, P3888 (double battle)

Youngster Charles: Rattatart Lv17, Rattatart Lv17, Raticake Lv25, P800 (double battle)

Pick up a Rare Candy, as well as the Escape Rope in the nearby rock. Cookie Bridge is to the right, but we're not gonna explore this area yet, especially considering Smorelax is blocking the way south. There's a hidden Great Ball if you check behind the fence south of the guardhouse. Anyways, let's enter Chocolate Cave.


Sweets found:

Bananaby: 40%

Flangoose: 30%

Cookietot: 30%

Basically Diglett's Cave. You'll pop out back at Donut Plains. Well, that's all there is to this place. We're now going on Honey Road, east of Orange City. The hiker there is gone as is the tree.


Sweets found:

Gummiursa: 40%

Sherzel: 40%

Migum: 20%

Picnicker Alicia: Bananaby Lv18, Gumble Lv18, Banvine Lv18, Lemdrop Lv18, P720 (double battle)

The item is TM40 Aerial Ace. Continue east, then head up and west.

Camper Chris: Chocosaur Lv21, Strawander Lv21, P840 (double battle)

Bug Catcher Runt: Cookietune Lv19, Cookietune Lv19, P456 (double battle)

Go west and inspect the rock to find an Ether. Now continue east, heading up when you get the chance.

Bug Catcher Conner: Cottonat Lv20, Ariacake Lv20, Gummiursa Lv20, P480 (double battle)

Hiker Bryce: Squirpie Lv20, Popsichu Lv20, Caratorb Lv20, P1440 (double battle)

Camper Drew: Chocosaur Lv19, Straweleon Lv19, Sherzel Lv19, Gummiursa Lv19, P760 (double battle)

The NE corner has a Chesto Berry. Two more trainers at the east end.

Picnicker Caitlin: Meowffin Lv23, P460

Hiker Alan: Caratorb Lv21, Candix Lv21, P1512 (double battle)

The last item here is a Burn Heal.


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Caratorb: 40%

Popsichu: 35%

Sherzel: 25%

The cave to the north leads to another one of those arena areas, Ginger Arena. Same deal, defeat four trainers in a row. But these are quite tough.

PKSW Trainer Courtney: Teacakes Lv32, Goman Lv32, Raicicle Lv32, Straweleon Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Steve: Bananibuzz Lv32, Banvine Lv32, Creamtuff Lv32, Chocolish Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Jack: Panfisk Lv32, Leaforice Lv32, Golberry Lv32, Cinnawhirl Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Rod: Swalapple Lv32, Furmint Lv32, Cottgrape Lv32, Kirlicake Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

Again, the prize is a Rare Candy and you can keep going back here. Head south now.

Picnicker Heidi: Popsichu Lv20, Bananibuzz Lv20, P800 (double battle)

When you're ready, head south, pick up a Persim Berry and a Cheri Berry in the patches, as well as a Super Potion to the left of the PokeSweet Center, use the center as needed, and enter Cake Tunnel.


Sweets found:

1st floor:

Cupop: 35%

Popsichu: 30%

Panfisk: 20%

Kangascake: 10%

Banvy: 5%

2nd floor:

Candix: 40%

Cupop: 30%

Panfisk: 20%

Kangascake: 10%

There's a Repel to the right.

Pokemaniac Ash: Cupop Lv23, Snotree Lv23, P1104

Pokemaniac Winston: Candix Lv32, P1536

All the way west to a Revive.

Picnicker Martha: Raicicle Lv26, Raicicle Lv26, P1040 (double battle)

Pokemaniac Steve: Strawander Lv22, Cupop Lv22, P2112 (double battle)

Hiker Allen: Gumballer Lv32, P1152

Hiker Pat: Gummaring Lv30, Gummaring Lv30, P2160 (double battle)

Next floor.

Hiker Lenny: Gumble Lv19, Gumble Lv19, Caratorb Lv19, Caratorb Lv19, P1368 (double battle)

Hiker Oliver: Candix Lv20, Candix Lv20, Candix Lv32, P2304 (double battle)

Hiker Lucas: Lolliwak Lv25, Lolliwak Lv25, P1800 (double battle)

There's a handy Escape Rope here. Next ladder.

Picnicker Sofia: Creampuff Lv25, Raicicle Lv28, Meowffin Lv23, P920 (double battle)

To the north is a Max Ether, and to the south is a guy who will teach Rock Slide.

Hiker Dudley: Caratorb Lv21, Caratorb Lv21, Caratrode Lv30, P2160 (double battle)

Pokemaniac Cooper: Cupvee Lv25, Caratorb Lv25, Gumble Lv25, P2400 (double battle)

Final stretch.

Picnicker Lea: Gummiursa Lv22, Creampuff Lv22, P880 (double battle)

Picnicker Ariana: Ariacake Lv24, Ariacake Lv24, Ariacake Lv26, Ariacake Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Last item is a Pearl. And here's the fifteenth trainer to battle here.

Picnicker Dana: Meowffin Lv20, Meowffin Lv20, Bertzel Lv24, P960 (double battle)

Back on Chocolate Creek, we have four more trainers and a Pecha Berry to the NE.

Picnicker Carol: Banvine Lv21, Raicicle Lv21, P840 (double battle)

Beauty Clark: Candix Lv21, Candix Lv21, P3024 (double battle)

Hiker Trent: Candix Lv25, Caratrode Lv25, P1800 (double battle)

Pokemaniac Herman: Lolliwak Lv23, Gummaring Lv25, P2400 (double battle)


There's actually not much to this place, other than some familiar music from Earthbound as well as the Tower of Candy. The mart wares are the same as usual. There's another Name Rater here. Let’s head to the Tower of Candy!


Sweets found:

3rd floor:

Candix: 80%

Cupop: 20%

4th floor:

Lemdrop: 80%

Cupop: 20%

5th floor:

Gummiursa: 80%

Cupop: 20%

6th floor:

Gumble: 80%

Cupop: 20%

7th floor:

Cupop: 100%

Well I'm surprised. We have a slowed-down rendition of the Game Corner theme, plus this place is not a tower, but a factory. Like Willy Wonka I guess. But we'll soon see what's going on. You'll find a rather insecure rival on the second floor, who spills some information.

Rival (rival): Cupcat Lv25, Raicicle Lv25, Raticake Lv25, P800 (double battle)

Beat him and he'll drop his Binoculars. Okay? I guess it's a Silph Scope or something. Continue west. The next guy is glitched, so ignore him. The third floor is where you can find both PokeSweets and Team Sour grunts!

Sour Apple: Lolliwak Lv22, P440

Sour Puss: Cupcat Lv24, P480

Sour Crow: Caratrode Lv26, P520

Pick up an Escape Rope and take the next set of steps.

Sour Larry: Cupop Lv23, Lolliwak Lv23, P920 (double battle)

Sour Lemon: Gummaring Lv22, P440

Sour Milk: Gumballer Lv24, P480

The items here are an Elixir, a Great Ball, and an Awakening. Next floor!

Sour Orange: Caratorb Lv22, P440

Sour Grape: Lolliwak Lv28, P560

Sour Lime: Mintastar Lv24, P480

Sour Banana: Bananibuzz Lv22, P440

The items here are a Big Mushroom (hidden in the NW corner), a Rare Candy, and a Nugget. Onward to the next floor!

Sour Man: Banvy Lv22, Banvine Lv25, Banperior Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Sour Emile: Candix Lv24, P480

Two items here are an Ether and a Rare Candy. To the final floor! We'll see Wilfred again. He found out that the Rare Candies are made here from the Candy Mine.

Sour Admin Wilfred: Cupcat Lv32, Raticake Lv32, Banperior Lv32, Gummaring Lv32, P5120 (double battle)

The guy he leaves behind gives you the B-Day Cake! Yes, it functions like the Poke Flute, so we can go back and wake that Smorelax now!


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Gumchoo: 45%

Gummiursa: 45%

Gumtic: 5%

Gummaring: 5%

The guard at the guardhouse says that there's a No Fishing sign for a reason, but a bunch of fishermen later on on the bridge are disobeying the rule. By the way, you'll notice that there's no sweets to catch via fishing, cause there's no rods. In any case, the guard wants you to deal with the fishermen here. The good news is that they are all on the route before the Smorelax, so don't worry too much about things. Also make note of the item on the island for later.

Fisherman Ned: Cupvee Lv22, Rattatart Lv22, Lemdrop Lv28, P2016 (double battle)

Fisherman Chip: Bertzel Lv24, Candix Lv24, P1728 (double battle)

Fisherman Hank: Lolliwak Lv32, P1152

Fisherman Elliot: Gumble Lv21, Caratorb Lv21, Mintanyte Lv25, Lemdrop Lv26, P1872 (double battle)

Young Couple Gia&Jes: Gummiursa Lv24, Gummiursa Lv24, P1344

Well you beat four fisherman, go back to the guard and you'll get five Ultra Balls! Let’s continue. Prepare to battle Smorelax Lv30 by waking it up with the B-Day Cake. Afterwards, keep going south. The house has nothing to note.

Rocker Luca: Lemdrop Lv29, Lemdrop Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Camper Justin: Banvy Lv29, Banvine Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Pick up the Iron.

Fisherman Andy: Cupvee Lv24, Cupvee Lv24, P1728 (double battle)

In the grass, you can find a hidden Rare Candy. Let's keep going south. Or not. When you get to Keylime Road, Mark is itching for a battle, but then Katia comes in to battle him, blocking the way. We must head back to Candy Village and head west from there.


Sweets found:

Grapom: 40%

Doslug: 40%

Teana: 20%

Lass Julia: Creamtuff Lv26, Creamtuff Lv28, P896 (double battle)

Gambler Poor: Flangoose Lv24, Flangoose Lv24, P3456 (double battle)

Super Nerd Glen: Gumble Lv22, Gumballer Lv22, Gumble Lv22, P1056 (double battle)

Twins Elly&Ann: Gummaring Lv32, Creampuff Lv22, P528

Lass Paige: Gummiursa Lv27, Gummiursa Lv27, P864 (double battle)

Super Nerd Leslie: Cupvee Lv26, P624

Lass Andrea: Meowffin Lv24, Meowffin Lv24, Meowffin Lv24, P768 (double battle)

Lass Megan: Bananaby Lv19, Rattatart Lv19, Banvy Lv19, Meowffin Lv19, Popsichu Lv19, P608 (double battle)

Biker Jaren: Gumble Lv24, Gumble Lv24, P960 (double battle)

Biker Ricardo: Cupvee Lv22, Cupvee Lv22, Gumble Lv23, P920 (double battle)

Super Nerd Dexter: Caratorb Lv20, Cupvee Lv20, Caratorb Lv20, Raicicle Lv20, P960 (double battle)

Gambler Stan: Banperior Lv32, Gumballer Lv32, Candix Lv32, P4608 (double battle)

Twelve trainers! If you enter the guardhouse, the guard won't let you through, so you must go through the underground path here. The grass patch has a number of berries, including a Lum Berry, a Rawst Berry, and a Leppa Berry.

As you go through the Underground Path, Mark comes from behind as soon as you try to exit to battle.

PKSW Trainer Mark: Fudgasaur/Strawizard/Piestoise Lv36, Bertzel Lv32, Banperior Lv32, Cantree Lv31, P1240 (double battle)

Clearly Mark is running from Katia, who immediately follows. No time to rest for another battle.

PKSW Trainer Katia: Fudgasaur/Strawizard/Piestoise Lv36, Raicicle Lv32, Gummaring Lv32, Bisour Lv31, P1240 (double battle)

Now we can proceed to Grape Garden. However, I found out that after this, and basically what Katia says, is that there are multiple roads going around. In fact, I went back to Cookie Bridge and found out that it's indeed possible to pass these two on Keylime Road now! They're still there but they don't do anything this time or block your way. So I'll cover this until we reach the entrance of Berry City before turning around.


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Pawnsour: 45%

Emolpie: 40%

Candino: 10%

Bisour: 5%

Picnicker Susie: Creampuff Lv24, Meowffin Lv24, Rattatart Lv24, Popsichu Lv24, Meowffin Lv24, P960 (double battle)

Sweetie Pie Lola: Raticake Lv27, Popsichu Lv27, Raticake Lv27, P2160 (double battle)

Sweetie Pie Sheila: Cupcat Lv29, Cupcat Lv29, P2320 (double battle)

Picnicker Valerie: Gumballer Lv30, Gumballer Lv30, P1200 (double battle)

Picnicker Gwen: Banperior Lv27, Meowffin Lv27, Banvy Lv27, Banvy Lv27, P1080 (double battle)

Chef Robert: Squirpie Lv26, Squirpie Lv26, Squirpie Lv26, Tartortle Lv26, P1664 (double battle)

Picnicker Alma: Ariacake Lv28, Raticake Lv28, Cupvee Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Avian: Bananibuzz Lv29, Bananibuzz Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Perry: Bananaby Lv25, Bananaby Lv25, Bananaby Lv25, Bananaby Lv25, Bananaby Lv25, P1200 (double battle)

Biker Jared: Flangoose Lv28, Flangoose Lv28, Flangoose Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Ten trainers here. There's a sign here that says no littering. To the right of the sign, two tiles, is a PP Up.


Sweets found:

Bananaby: 45%

Gummiursa: 45%

Limeshroom: 10%

Bird Keeper Carter: Creampuff Lv28, Candix Lv28, Sherzel Lv28, P1344 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Mitch: Bananaby Lv26, Bananaby Lv26, Bananos Lv33, Bananos Lv33, P1584 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Beck: Bisour Lv29, Bananibuzz Lv29, P696

Bird Keeper Marlon: Bananaby Lv28, Gumballer Lv28, Creampuff Lv28, P1344 (double battle)

Biker Lucas: Cupvee Lv26, Cupvee Lv26, Gumble Lv26, Mintanyte Lv26, P1040 (double battle)

Biker Gerald: Gumballer Lv29, Gumballer Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Biker Isaac: Gumble Lv28, Gumble Lv28, Caratrode Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Donald: Lolliwak Lv33, P792

In the grass, you can find a Zinc. A Sitrus Berry is in the SE corner.


Sweets found:

Mediblue: 40%

Pieduck: 30%

Oshacone: 30%

Picnicker Becky: Popsichu Lv29, Raicicle Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Picnicker Celia: Bisour Lv33, P660

TM18 Rain Dance is at the end of the upper path.

Sweetie Pie Grace: Creamtuff Lv29, Creamtuff Lv29, P2320 (double battle)

Picnicker Kisha: Pawnsour Lv28, Pawnsour Lv28, Pawnsour Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Picnicker Yzma: Gumtic Lv29, Gummaring Lv29, Flangoose Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

In the guardhouse, head upstairs and talk to the aide. If you caught at least 50 PokeSweets, congrats, you get the Exp. Share. Also you can view Icebox through the binoculars, and head to Berry City as well. However, we're holding off on this. Now go back to the Underground Path where Mark and Katia ambushed you and keep going west.


Sweets found:

Pawnsour: 50%

Snotree: 30%

Gumchoo: 10%

Cottgrape: 10%

There's really not much here, other than it being named after a Kirby’s Adventure location I guess. Pick up a Sitrus Berry from the SE and head west.

RAINBOW CITY [RAIN] - The City of Rainbow Dreams

Sweets found:

Pieduck: 90% (surf)

Lempras: 10% (surf)

At the NW corner is an Ether. Nothing in the R D Center, even through the back door. Time to check out the dep...I mean Rainbow Mall.

Top clerk 2F:

TM05 Roar: P1000

TM15 Hyper Beam: P7500

TM28 Astonish: P2000

TM31 Brick Break: P2000

TM43 Secret Power: P2000

TM45 Attract: P3000

Bottom clerk 2F:

Potion: P200

Super Potion: P500

Revive: P1500

Antidote: P100

Paralyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P200

Burn Heal: P250

RageCandyBar: P650 <--I think this is Dire Hit by the description, but it's messed up in the menu

Super Repel: P500

Third floor has the guy who teaches Counter.

Left clerk 4F:

Poke Doll: P1000

Beige Candy: P2100

Thunder Lime: P2500

Moon Plum: P2500

Those are evolution stones for Cupvee.

Right clerk 4F:

Caramel Ball: P1000 <-- Nest Ball

Cherry Ball: P1000 <-- Timer Ball

Blue Ball: P1000 <-- works best on Blueberry types

Pie Ball: P1000 <-- Luxury Ball

Top clerk 5F:

Revive: P1500

Ether: P2000

Max Ether: P3000

Elixir: P4000

Max Elixir: P5000

Bottom clerk 5F:

HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos: P1000

PP Up: P5000


Fresh Water: P200 <--give to girl to get TM16 Light Screen

Soda Pop: P300 <--give to girl to get TM20 Safeguard

Lemonade: P350 <--give to girl to get TM33 Reflect

Anyways, the gym leader here, Keyla, deals mostly with Lime types, but we're holding off on this until later. One of the cooks at the pastry bakery has the strange ability to "reset" a PokeSweet, in other words, all the EVs it has will be undone. Also you can make PokeBlocks, PokePoffins, and PokePuffs by going to some of the sinks. However, according to the wiki, this stuff is quite buggy, and it's recommended to save before doing any of it. Better yet, don't do it at all. Anyways, if you head to the east side and up, there's hidden PP Up in the NE corner. And speaking of corners, there's a Chocolate Game Corner. Enter, but how are you supposed to get a Coin Case? The answer is by talking to your rival staring at a wall. He sulks about his own losing (actually he ate all his coins, they are Chocolate Coins by the way). What's downstairs is an interesting area. There's a strange jukebox on the east side. There's also Blackjack and Lucky Seven down here! Neat, more than just the slots. Anyways, here's the stuff you can get at the exchange corner.

Left clerk:

Smoke Ball: 800 coins

Miracle Seed: 1000 coins

Charcoal: 1000 coins

Mystic Berry: 1000 coins

Yellow Flute: 1600 coins

Middle and right clerk:

TM13 Ice Cream: 4000 coins

TM23 Apple Tail: 3500 coins

TM24 Orange Bolt: 4000 coins

TM30 Giant Grape: 4500 coins

TM35 Flamethrower: 4000 coins

Time for a gym. Although it is fairly standard, it is dark. I will take the trainers bottom to top, left to right.

Lass Kay: Gumchoo Lv23, Gumtic Lv32, P1024 (double battle)

Sweetie Pie Bridget: Pawnsour Lv26, Snotree Lv26, Gumchoo Lv26, Mintanyte Lv25, P2000 (double battle)

Picnicker Tina: Brownisaur Lv24, Chocosaur Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Sweetie Pie Tamia: Gumchoo Lv24, Gumchoo Lv24, P1920 (double battle)

Lass Lisa: Pawnsour Lv23, Bisour Lv28, P896 (double battle)

Leader Keyla: Cantree Lv32, Bisour Lv32, Gumtic Lv32, Mintastar Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

Congrats, you have the Keylime Badge! We're heading west now. But before that, note that with the Keylime Badge, you can head back to the Game Corner and into the card game area, talking to the first person here will allow you to buy HM04 Strength for 1000 coins.


Sweets found:

Pawnsour: 40%

Gumchoo: 30%

Snotree: 30%

You need Strength to get to the grass and the upper area. Access the back of the guardhouse and from there, enter the house on the opposite side. The girl here can bake a Cinnawag if you have two Cheri and Chesto berries. Another Smorelax is here, so wake it up. Now you have access to Cycling Road, which you'll obviously need a Bicycle to ride on.

Biker Lao: Gumble Lv29, Flangoose Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Cue Ball Koji: Snotree Lv28, Snotree Lv28, Cantree Lv28, P1344 (double battle)

Cue Ball Luke: Mawnana Lv29, Candix Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Biker Hideo: Smorelax Lv35, P700

Biker Ruben: Flangoose Lv28, Flangoose Lv28, Flangoose Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Cue Ball Camron: Bisour Lv29, Cantree Lv29, P1392 (double battle)


Sweets found:

Pawnsour: 40%

Mintret: 40%

Applin: 20%

Cue Ball Isaac: Gumble Lv29, Gumballer Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Biker Virgin: Rattatart Lv28, Rattatart Lv28, Raticake Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Cue Ball Paul: Snotree Lv29, Cantree Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Biker Nikolas: Caratorb Lv29, Caratorb Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Cue Ball Zeke: Candix Lv33, P792

Cue Ball Corey: Cinnawhirl Lv29, Snotree Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Biker Billy: Gumballer Lv33, P660

Cue Ball Sirius: Snotree Lv26, Mawnana Lv26, Candix Lv26, Flangoose Lv26, P1248 (double battle)

Biker Jaxon: Flangoose Lv29, Gumballer Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Biker Will: Cupvee Lv25, Cupvee Lv25, Cupvee Lv25, Cupvee Lv25, Furmint Lv25, P1000 (double battle)

There are some hidden items on the road, such as a Rare Candy (right runway, a bit after Zeke), a Full Restore (just west of the first sign on the dirt path), a PP Up (left runway, a bit after Sirius), a Max Revive (west of the sign between two lakes near the end), and a Max Elixir (three east and one north of the last signpost).


Sweets found:

Pieduck: 40%

Oshacone: 35%

Mintret: 10%

Raticake: 10%

Rattatart: 5%

Just a short walk to Berry City, with one grass patch of sorts.

Bird Keeper Jacob: Mintret Lv26, Mintret Lv26, Furmint Lv26, Mintret Lv26, P1248 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Wilton: Mintret Lv29, Furret Lv29, P1392 (double battle)

Bird Keeper Ramiro: Bananibuzz Lv34, P816


Sweets found:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

A lady in a house next to the gym can bake Tortoals for you, and she needs a total of four Chesto Berries. This is the only place to get Tortoal, by the way. The Move Deleter is next door. A hidden Max Revive is in the backyard of the house with the pond, search between the flowers. Next door is the warden’s home. A Rare Candy is in the house, which you’ll need Strength to move. The Move Reminder is in the big house in the middle, and luckily you don't need to give him anything to learn a move again! Anyways, we want to explore the Black Forest to the north now. We can hold off on going to the gym for now.


Sweets found:

Christmas Zone:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Snotree: 40%

Mintanyte: 40%

Mousse: 20%

Valentine Zone:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Malts: 40%

Buttercup: 40%

Chocorose: 20%

Halloween Zone:

Parfwit: 40%

Airloon: 40%

Cornet: 20%

Easter Zone:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Eggby: 40%

Peepow: 40%

Chocotank: 20%

Well, good news, no Safari Zone mechanics. Have fun! The signpost says all you need to know (although it reverses the Valentine and Easter zones). Nothing to really know in the Christmas Zone, but do note the item on the island where the lake is.

You can find TM46 Thief in the Valentine Zone on the slope. A Max Potion is SW of the pattern of grass, and a Full Restore near the rest house. TM11 Sundae is at the NE corner in this zone. There's two strong trainers here.

Sweetie Pie Lilly: Teacakes Lv40, Velvevoir Lv45, Lillicake Lv45, P3600 (double battle)

Sweetie Pie Lip: Velvevoir Lv45, Lillicake Lv45, Whimsiwine Lv35, P2800 (double battle)

In the Easter Zone, you can pick up Easter Eggs, which are the purple eggs. These are usable items, they sometimes give you an item like a Lava Cookie, a Rare Candy, or even an encounter with a Peepow. The other building in this zone has a dude who's supposed to give a prize, but it's been stolen, and we have no clue what this prize could be!

Finally we have the Halloween Zone up north. We have a few trainers to deal with here, plus some items. Start on the left side, then head right and up.

Hex Maniac Henry: Furmint Lv28, Parfure Lv28, Airblim Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

Hex Maniac Ashley: Grapipom Lv37, Swalapple Lv36, P1440 (double battle)

There's a Bear Claw (Quick Claw) up here. Now head left and up. There's a sneaky trainer here.

Hex Maniac Tharja: Airloon Lv32, Parfure Lv33, Pumpkinete Lv35, P1400 (double battle)

Head north and you can barely see it, but that's an item. TM47 Banana Wing. Head east a bit and then north and east. There's a Protein. Backtrack and take the other path east, um, there's pirates here!

Pirate Dart: Tartortle Lv30, Cinnawhirl Lv30, Mawnana Lv32, P1024 (double battle)

Pirate Darros: Meringle Lv24, Tartortle Lv29, Tortoal Lv30, P960 (double battle)

And what do you know, there's pirates in this rest house too.

Pirate Ross: Creamtuff Lv28, Banperior Lv32, Torteringe Lv32, Gummaring Lv32, P1024 (double battle)

Pirate Dozla: Banvine Lv24, Bananibuzz Lv26, Swellpeep Lv26, Creampuff Lv8, P256 (double battle)

Yes, a Lv8 Creampuff. Anyways, time to get the captain now.

Pirate Captain: Lemdrop Lv32, Gumtic Lv32, Gummaring Lv32, Cupcat Lv32, Torteringe Lv32, P1024 (double battle)

Oh, even though you beat the captain and the pirates, the boy they were attacking decides to battle you too! With a low level sweet too.

Youngster Oscar: Tortoal Lv20, P320 and HM03.

Cool, you now have Surf! But to use it on the field, you of course need the city's badge, so let's head to the gym now.

Juggler Nate: Golpie Lv34, Dewice Lv34, P2720 (double battle)

Juggler Kano: Samurcone Lv38, P1520

Juggler Green: Shroompie Lv31, Gumtic Lv31, Bisour Lv31, Cantree Lv31, P2480 (double battle)

Juggler Eddy: Raticake Lv33, Raticake Lv33, Samurcone Lv40, P5760 (double battle)

Cue Ball Phil: Golpie Lv34, Raticake Lv34, P1632 (double battle)

Juggler Sean: Dewice Lv34, Dewice Lv34, P2720 (double battle)

Leader Berry: Golpie Lv42, Berrierd Lv42, Frubat Lv42, Raticake Lv42, Samurcone Lv42, P1680 (double battle)

And now you have the Berry Badge. This next segment will be all backtracking for items now.


The item in the middle of the Christmas Zone in Black Forest is a Nugget. You can also challenge the swimming trainers in Easter Zone.

Tuber Drake: Slugnut Lv37, Cweamicent Lv36, Panfisk Lv34, P272 (double battle)

Tuber Josh: Goman Lv34, Banperior Lv36, Parfelure Lv36, Grapipom Lv38, P304 (double battle)

By the way, the guy who says he lost the prize to the pirates, yeah, that was HM03 Surf. But you probably knew that.

The item on Cookie Bridge is TM48 Skill Swap.

Head back to the S.S. Banana and surf east of the ship. You'll find a truck and...a Mew? It's actually Mewberry. Interact with it and you'll get a Rare Candy and it will fly in the direction of Orange City. In other words, that cave that was there at the NW part. And it is open, by the way. You may be tempted to go there, but we're not doing that, as we gotta be much higher level to even deal with the Sweets there.

Return to Chocolate Creek and surf down that way. You'll be at the entrance of Ginger Wood. A Max Ether is in an empty space to the right (without flowers).


Sweets found:

Caratorb: 30%

Slugnana: 30%

Popsichu: 25%

Bananos: 10%

Chocotank: 5%

Chocobun seemed to have been born here, interesting. Also there's a weird house at the back end. What if you go to it? The sign is blank, but approach the front door to be attacked by Reginger Lv50! You can enter after the encounter, although the only thing of interest is a jukebox. Well, that's it for this place. At some point, the way to the central city of Grapevine City is now open, so now would be a good time to go that way!


(I think the sign in this area is unchanged from the original game).

As you may know, this is a big city and we'll be doing a lot here. TM29 Rasp can be acquired from the guy in a house east of the PokeSweet Center. The mart wares are the same as in Berry City, Meringue City, and Sweet Village, although the Super Repel is now available for P500 and the Great Ball for P600. In the Chocolate Cult, the girl in the back says they have infiltrated Team Sour, which probably explains the uniform. This cult obviously worships PokeSweets and Chocobun, but are also responsible for bringing Team Sour here. The Chocobun sisters are talking at the top of the tower here. Not much else in town despite its size. The Sweet Science building is open, as is the Cooking Dojo, but Lavender's gym has a Sour grunt guarding it. Let's do the Cooking Dojo first.

Apprentice Lee: Lolliwak Lv38, Lolliwak Lv38, P1824 (double battle, both hold a Lollipop)

Apprentice Don: Velvevoir Lv36 (holds Oran Berry), Applin Lv31 (holds Bear Claw), Swalapple Lv45 (holds Leftovers), P2160 (double battle)

Apprentice Mike: Applin Lv31, Applin Lv31, Swalapple Lv42, P2016 (double battle, all hold a Lum Berry)

Apprentice Raph: Swalapple Lv36 (holds Black Belt), P864

Did you notice that all these apprentices are actually named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Anyways, it's time to take on the master.

Chef Splint: Strawizard Lv42, Piestoise Lv42, Fudgasaur Lv42, P2688 (double battle, all hold a Lum Berry)

Beating the leader here will have you taking the prizes in the back, however you need to leave space in your party. These two will be the other two starters that you did not get! Great! Anyways, since the other gym is locked, we might want to try conquering that tower now.


On the first floor (lobby), you may be tempted to go to the elevator, but you'll get ambushed by a grunt for doing so.

Sour Grunt: Rattatart Lv45, Rattatart Lv45, Samurcone Lv45, Rattatart Lv45, Bananibuzz Lv44, P1760 (double battle)

You don't need a lift key to use the lift, but we're just gonna go up the building normally. To the Design Room, which is 2F. A teleporter to the west of the lift here will take you to 8F, but we're staying on this floor for now.

Sour Grape: Slugnut Lv32, Pawnsour Lv32, Pawnsour Lv32, Raticake Lv33, Cinnawrath Lv35, P1400 (double battle)

Sour Apple: Cupop Lv29, Doslug Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Science Guy Jerry: Lillicake Lv28, Caratorb Lv28, Gumballer Lv42, P4032 (double battle)

The teleporter here also takes you to 8F. We'll get here eventually though, and both teleporters can be accessed from the hall where the stairs is anyways. We're done in the Design Room for now, and we don't have a Card Key for the doors. 3F is the Warp Tile Room. The nearest teleporter takes you back to the previous floor behind a Card Key door. You can talk to the woman here to teach Orange Wave. The teleporter all the way to the left takes you to 5F, near the elevator, but we'll be here soon as well.

Sour Orange: Raticake Lv40, Whimsiwine Lv40, Raticake Lv40, P1600 (double battle)

The teleporter near the worker leads to one just SE of it on the same floor. A hidden Protein is in the middle plant near that teleporter. The SW teleporter on this floor leads to 5F, but in a storage area locked by Card Key. You can find TM01 Focus Punch here. Return to 3F and head to 4F, which is the Pastry Vault.

Sour Lemon: Bertzel Lv35, Slugnut Lv35, Lolliwak Lv35, P1400 (double battle)

TM41 Torment is on the table. Leave and head west.

Sour Lime: Parfelure Lv35, Shroompie Lv35, P1400 (double battle)

The tile to the north near the Card Key door leads to 10F. We'll be here soon, but you can get an HP Up from the plant nearby. Back on 4F, the other tile also leads to 10F, in a different room that is locked. The next tile in this room leads back to 4F, in another locked room.

Science Guy Rodney: Caratrode Lv50, P2400

And this teleporter leads to 6F, but we'll be there soon. Now backtrack and take the steps to 5F, Key Admission. First teleporter leads to a dead end area of 7F.

Sour Grunt: Migum Lv29, Goman Lv45, P1800 (double battle)

Head back.

Sour Nut: Whimsiwine Lv50, P1000

Juggler Dalton: Gumtic Lv29, Lemdrop Lv29, P2320 (double battle)

Feel free to read the reports, as well as get a hidden PP Up from the plant at the NE corner. The teleporter near the next trainer is one you should be familiar with, as it leads back to 3F.

Science Guy Bob: Airblim Lv26, Panfisk Lv32, Egglove Lv26, Cottgrape Lv32, P3072 (double battle)

Sour Loser: Teacakes Lv50, P1000

Enter and re-enter the teleporter you come to and head east to get the Card Key! The teleporter takes you to 9F by the way, but now that we have the Card Key, we can open up all the doors now. On 5F head up and open the Card Key door at the NW side to find a Protein and a wandering scientist. Open the door in the interior room on this floor and inspect the lower plant to find an Elixir. Back on 4F, go to the SW and open the door here to get a Full Heal, a Max Revive, and an Escape Rope.

On 3F, open the door. The teleporter here leads to 7F, but ignore it for now and open the next door. A Hyper Potion is here.

Science Guy Jose: Caratrode Lv33, Egglove Lv33, P3168 (double battle)

Teleporter here leads to 9F. Only a trainer here, besides a door you can open, so let's get this trainer out of the way now.

Sour Grunt: Cottgrape Lv37, Gumble Lv28, Velvevoir Lv38, P1520 (double battle)

Now head back to 2F, open both doors. The north one leads to the woman who teaches Orange Wave. The south has a science guy and a teleporter.

Science Guy Bill: Gumble Lv26, Egglove Lv26, Eggby Lv26, Egglove Lv26, P2496 (double battle)

The teleporter here takes you to 6F. Yes, we're supposed to be here right now too. This is the Network Room.

Sour Grunt: Lickichef Lv32, Lillicake Lv33, P1320 (double battle)

Sour Grunt: Doslug Lv35, Doslug Lv36, Slugnut Lv40, P1600 (double battle)

Science Guy Taylor: Caratorb Lv32, Eggby Lv25, Kirlicake Lv25, Gumballer Lv32, Eggby Lv25, P2400 (double battle)

Open the Card Key door to pick up the HP Up there. Head up to the teleporter and inspect the left plant to get a Carbos. This teleporter leads back to 4F. 7F is aptly titled the Annoying Room.

Sour Grunt: Cupop Lv29, Cupop Lv29, P1160 (double battle)

Open the nearby door to get a Zinc (from the lower plant) and TM08 Bulk Up. You already know where the teleporter to the south takes, so head out and west.

Sour Grunt: Raticake Lv34, Doslug Lv26, Slugnut Lv35, Raticake Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

Science Guy Joshua: Caratrode Lv42, Gumballer Lv42, P4032 (double battle)

Pick up a Calcium. We'll be going to 8F now. The Surprise Room.

Sour Grunt: Raticake Lv32, Bertzel Lv26, Eggby Lv26, Slugnut Lv42, P1680 (double battle)

Enter the room on the right to get an Iron and a Nugget (from the tree where the scientist is) then head left.

Sour Grunt: Egglove Lv40, Slugnut Lv40, Eggby Lv28, P1120 (double battle)

Science Guy Parker: Gumble Lv41, Caratrode Lv41, P3936 (double battle)

You already know about two of the teleporters, but the middle one just leads into the room on the left. Now to 9F, the Unknown Room!

Science Guy Ed: Caratorb Lv32, Egglove Lv28, Lolliwak Lv28, P2688 (double battle)

Remember, the teleporter here leads back to 5F.

Sour Grunt: Slugnut Lv41, Cottgrape Lv41, Whimsiwine Lv45, P1800 (double battle)

Open the Card Key door and pick up a hidden Max Potion near the boxes. Here is where you'll finally spot a rest point where you can use the beds! Head up and inspect the right plant for a Calcium. The door here leads back to a teleporter taking you back to 3F. Now to 10F, which is just called Almost There!

Science Guy Travis: Monsieur Lv32, Emolpie Lv32, P3072 (double battle)

Sour Grunt: Mawnana Lv50, P1000

The storage room here has a Carbos, a Rare Candy, and an Ultra Ball. The other rooms have teleporters leading back to 4F. Time to check on the final floor! Which is the meeting room. Well, not really. If you took the stairs or the lift, guess what? The only thing you can do here is get a Zinc. How do we get to the middle room? Remember that teleporter on 3F that you ignored in the middle room? Yeah, that one, the one that led to your rival. We're going there.

Rival (rival): Candaros Lv37, Swellpeep Lv38, Shroompie Lv35, Samurcone Lv38, Raicicle Lv40, P2880 (double battle)

The teleporter behind him takes you to the other side of 11F. You have one last grunt to deal with.

Sour Grunt: Lolliwak Lv50, Lolliwak Lv50, P2000 (double battle)

Before you open the last door, inspect the middle plant to get a Revive. Now to enter and we'll be seeing that Sour Admin again, discussing "business matters" with the Chocobuns. Also his name changes from Wilfred to Jerk!

Sour Admin Jerk: Banperior Lv37, Kangascake Lv35, Flangoose Lv37, Torteringe Lv41, P6560 (double battle)

Talk to Chocobun to receive a Master Ball! That does it for this big building. The gym here is now open, with the trainers specializing in Grape types. And of course it's the gym with teleporters. Our route will get all the trainers here. First, take the first teleporter to the SE room.

Juggler Cameron: Lolliwak Lv33, Whimsiwine Lv33, Cottgrape Lv33, P2640 (double battle)

Take the NE teleporter to the east room.

Juggler Tyron: Panfisk Lv34, Doslug Lv34, P2720 (double battle)

Take the NW tile to the NE room.

Juggler Johan: Lolliwak Lv37, Grapipom Lv37, Whimsiwine Lv37, Grapom Lv31, P2480 (double battle)

Take the SE tile. The guy by the way mentions the SW tile, but that's if you want the quick way to the leader. We're going to get all the trainers, so the SE tile takes you to the SW room.

Apprentice Tasha: Malts Lv33, Malts Lv33, Kirlicake Lv33, P1584 (double battle)

SE tile to get to the west room.

Apprentice Stacy: Velvevoir Lv44, P1056

NE tile, north room (she recommends the SW tile, which will take you to the NW room for the quick way).

Apprentice Amanda: Malts Lv34, Kirlicake Lv34, P1632 (double battle)

Now we should take the NE tile to go to the NW room for the last trainer.

Rasp Preston: Lolliwak Lv43, P860

The SW tile takes you to Lavender. Why is she drunk?

Leader Lavender: Whimsiwine Lv45, Grapipom Lv45, Slugnut Lv45, Panfisk Lv45, Lolliwak Lv45, P1800 (double battle)

You now have the Grape Badge! Now let's head south of Berry City to check out the water route. Also at some point, I believe after you finish the sixth gym, these items appear in all PokeMarts.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Full Heal: P600

Revive: P1500


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Pinekle: 40%

Tropanana: 40%

Pieduck: 20%

Swimmer Rich: Icefish Lv30, Gumchoo Lv30, P240 (double battle)

Swimmer Dude: Candino Lv29, Lickichef Lv29, Emolpie Lv45, P360 (double battle)

Swimmer Tony: Berochef Lv45, Berochef Lv45, P360 (double battle)

Swimmer David: Chocorose Lv34, Gumchoo Lv36, Lempras Lv43, P344 (double battle)

Swimmer Doug: Lickichef Lv44, Icefish Lv44, Icefish Lv43, Chocorose Lv43, P344 (double battle)

Swimmer Matt: Cinnawag Lv30, Cinnawhirl Lv30, P240 (double battle)

Swimmer Alice: Chocorose Lv30, Lempras Lv44, P352 (double battle)

Swimmer Connie: Emposh Lv32, Tropanana Lv43, Raicicle Lv33, P264 (double battle)

Swimmer Lea: Icefish Lv34, Icefish Lv35, Mousse Lv35, Lickichef Lv33, Cweamicent Lv43, P344 (double battle)

Swimmer Annie: Cinnawag Lv33, Chocorose Lv34, Lempras Lv41, Chocorose Lv33, Cinnawag Lv27, P216 (double battle)


Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf)

Swimmer Barry: Gumchoo Lv31, Gumtic Lv31, P248 (double battle)

Swimmer Darrin: Kangascake Lv45, Tropanana Lv45, Berochef Lv45, Mintastar Lv45, P360 (double battle)

Swimmer Shirley: Candino Lv30, Pinekle Lv30, Berochef Lv44, P352 (double battle)

Picnicker Irene: Cweamicent Lv43, Emolpie Lv36, Airloon Lv37, P740

Bird Keeper Roger: Bananibuzz Lv41, Banperior Lv42, Creamtuff Lv43, P2064 (double battle)

Swimmer Nora: Gumchoo Lv30, Gumchoo Lv30, Gumtic Lv30, P240 (double battle)

Swimmer Madeline: Cinnawrath Lv45, Lempras Lv45, P360 (double battle)

Swimmer Don: Candino Lv45, P180

Picnicker Missy: Chocorose Lv32, Lempras Lv33, P1320 (double battle)

A Nugget is on the last island before the pirate ship. Don't go there yet! We actually can explore Freezer Island here, even though we passed it on the way here. Let's go!


Sweets found:

1st floor:

Chocolite: 30%

Oshacone: 30%

Doslug: 30%

Lipsynx: 10%

2nd floor:

Chocolite: 30%

Oshacone: 30%

Slugnana: 30%

Heartgrape: 10%

3rd floor:

Macaloon: 30%

Polyorange: 30%

Lickichef: 20%

Berrierd: 20%

4th floor:

Airloon: 60% (surf)

Icefish: 40%

Polyorange: 30%

Lickichef: 30%, 30% (surf)

Airblim: 5% (surf)

Pieduck: 4% (surf)

Golpie: 1% (surf)

5th floor:

Airloon: 60% (surf)

Lolliplup: 40%

Lickichef: 30% (surf)

Airblim: 5% (surf)

Pieduck: 60%, 4% (surf)

Golpie: 1% (surf)

If you came from the left cave, slide to the left first to pick up an Ice Heal. Then, slide your way to the steps, then stand on the left step and slide down, then right, then up. Inspect the red gem; it's Cryorange Lv50! Now fall down the hole to the 2nd floor. Ignore the hole here and head up and south to get a Revive next. We're gonna go back to the up ladder back to 1F.

Camper Bob: Icesundae Lv45, Icesundae Lv45, Icesundae Lv45, Icesundae Lv45, Icesundae Lv45, Icesundae Lv45, P1800 (double battle)

Back at 1F, head right and down the steps to a hole and a ladder, both take you to the same enclosed area in 2F. Just take the hole here to 3F, then take the ladder (not the hole) to 4F. Then, take the ladder to 5F. On this floor, head SW and inspect the leftmost rock for a Nugget, then go SE to find an Ultra Ball. Now take the nearest ladder back to 4F. Head west and south to an up ladder, picking up another Nugget from the northernmost rock in the formation. Ignore the ladder and head east, SE, down the steps, then west (note that if you attempt to surf here or on 5F, you'll find the current is too fast). There are two holes here. Take either one back to 5F, then head for the northernmost set of steps. Land and you have your chance to catch Icebox Lv50! At this point, you need to use an Escape Rope, because you're stuck. Back outside, re-enter and head to 2F. Head to the middle platform where you got the Revive and take a ladder to 3F. Head south, picking up an Ice Cream. It's a held item that boosts Grape moves. Take the up ladder to the SE to get a Moon Plum. Now head back to 3F and go to the west side of the big ledge for the last legendary here, Manalime Lv50! Return to 2F and take the hole to 3F again, then the next hole to 4F, landing in the water. Land at the right side and take the ladder there, then take the next few ladders to leave this place once again. Back at Milky Way, you can head to the pirate ship, where the pirate will accost you for stealing HM03 from them and you'll be thrown into their fort! However, we have another route that would lead us to the lower left island, so we might as well go there now.


Sweets found:

Qwilapple: 100% (surf)

Berrierd: 40%

Vinegla: 40%

Pudding: 20%

Well, I decided before we do the pirate fort, I flew back to home and tackled the south route first. Obviously, both routes will lead to the same area, and there will be a pirate ship blocking the way to the next gym regardless. Only one trainer here.

Swimmer Spencer: Berochef Lv45, Cweamicent Lv45, P360 (double battle)

No matter if you came from Milky Way or here, the pirate and his ship will take you into the Pirate Fort.


Sweets found:

Eggby: 30%

Raticake: 30%

Peepow: 15%

Rattatart: 15%

Gumble: 5%

Egglove: 5%

First off, you'll notice you've lost both your Cookbook and Party menus. You are also on a floor where you don't need to worry about encounters for now. Head south to get TM22 Solar Beam. Then head to the chair in the room you are in. Face the wall and you will remember that the walls are made of chocolate, allowing you to eat through them. Go through the wall now and pick up TM14 Brain Freeze. Head to the NE room with the statue. Before checking it out, there's a hidden Elixir a bit to the right of it. You might be tempted to press the switch, but don't, because you're just blocking the way south by doing so. Head into the enclosed room with the next switch and get your PokeSweets back! This will also give your Cookbook too, so now both menu options are available. Use the statue switch this time and head up the steps here. The door north should be open. By the way, this is the first floor, and encounters are here.

Pirate Ross: Samurcone Lv48, Cweamicent Lv48, Gumtic Lv48, P1536 (double battle)

Head up and use the statue to open the way north (nothing in the south room). On the way, pick up the Escape Rope (no you cannot use it to leave) and head for the NW room. Use the statue here, then return to where you got the Escape Rope, where the door is now open. Pick up the Protein, then leave to the SW.

Pirate Dozla: Fudgasaur Lv45, Piestoise Lv45, P1440 (double battle)

We're almost out. Head to the west side and inspect the rock pile (the small rock in the middle) for a Pearl. Now head out. There's no extra floors here. But you do get ambushed the moment you reach the front door.

Pirate Erik: Slugnut Lv45, Creamtuff Lv45, Grapipom Lv45, P1440 (double battle)

CINNABUN ISLAND [CINI] - Now with bunnies!

Sweets found:

Icefish: 100% (surf, same with the south side of Cookie Coast)

Before we deal with town, head north to Cookie Coast to deal with two more trainers at the south end of the area.

Fisherman Nolan: Lempras Lv33, Chocorose Lv33, P1188

Fisherman Claude: Gumchoo Lv31, Gumtic Lv31, P1116

Given that these aren't double battles like the rest, I wonder if they were not supposed to be in the hack. Also if you surf north (or go on Milky Way west of the island), the pirate and his ship are still there. Strange. Anyways, back to Cinnabun Island. Hmm, the gym leader here is the captain of those pirates? And his sign says he has 100 wins and 0 losses. Someone is going to get it. There's a Sweet Lab here, and according to one guy, it's all been taken over by pirates. Are you sure? There's no one else here. I guess we better go see this captain now. The predominant type in this gym is Raspberry. The leader here used to be a guy named Fargus, but the pirates have booted him out I guess. Same setup as Cinnabar's gym, though the questions are different.

Lemonade has sugar? Yes

Pirate Qunicy: Cinnawrath Lv46, Creamtuff Lv46, Grapipom Lv46, P1472 (double battle)

Ice cream has flour in it? No

Pirate Avery: Cottomoth Lv48, Ariacake Lv47, Cookietune Lv45, Cookietune Lv44, P1408 (double battle)

Piestoise evolves? No

Pirate Ramon: Pumpkinete Lv41, P1312 (note, this trainer is glitched. He seems to be a double battle where he has a ??? mon but just attack and defeat the Pumpkinete only)

Can apples be poisoned? No

Pirate Derek: Pumpkinete Lv44, P704

Pie Day is March 14th? Yes

Pirate Rusty: Bisour Lv47, Cweamicent Lv45, P1440 (double battle)

TM28 contains laxitives? No

Pirate Zac: Swellpeep Lv47, Cottomoth Lv47, P1504 (double battle)

Leader Captain: Plumbreon Lv48, Lipsynx Lv48, Leaforice Lv48, Cookietune Lv48, Cottomoth Lv48, Ariacake Lv48, P1920 (double battle)

You now have the Sugar Badge! One more to go! And it's in Flour City, which the gym should be open by now. Leave this gym the way you came in and make your way for the final gym match! Before you go, inspect the gym sign in Cinnabun Island. You're the new leader now. Although you just wanna get going at this point, I'm sure. Anyways the Flour Gym specializes in the type with no strengths or weaknesses, the Vanilla type. The leader is...You Know Already? What an odd name. Probably an odd guy.

Tamer Cole: Bertzel Lv46, Tropanana Lv46, P3680 (double battle)

Apprentice Cookie: Berochef Lv52, P1248

Cooltrainer Yugi: Goman Lv38, Parfelure Lv38, Candix Lv38, Parfure Lv38, Lolliwak Lv38, P2736 (double battle)

Apprentice Jack: Pumpkinete Lv40, Velvevoir Lv40, P1920 (double battle)

Cooltrainer Warren: Lolliwak Lv37, Lolliwak Lv37, Mintastar Lv38, Meringle Lv39, Torteringe Lv39, P2808 (double battle)

Tamer Jason: Mintastar Lv50, P2000

Hey, I kinda lied earlier when I said that this gym specialized in Vanilla types. Only the leader seems to be the one who uses Vanilla types. But he does look familiar.

Sour Admin Wilfred: Furmint Lv50, Creamtuff Lv50, Cupcat Lv50, Swellpeep Lv50, Egglove Lv50, Berochef Lv50, P8000 (double battle)

Although you fought Vanilla types here, the final badge is actually the Chocolate Badge! Now we should be able to head west, to the final part of this game!


Sweets found:

Pieduck: 100% (surf)

Applin: 30%

Furmint: 25%

Sherzel: 20%

Mintret: 15%

Swalapple: 5%

Bertzel: 5%

Obviously, you need all eight badges, then go to Apple Road and the gate should be accessible. Just head up. After the second gate, a Leppa Berry is in a patch to the west. When you start surfing, reach the small brown island and search around for a Max Ether. Land at the north end and keep going. First, head to the two statues at the east side and inspect the wall between them for an Ultra Ball. An Aspear Berry is in a nearby patch. Keep heading up, then veer to the right and inspect the single rock for a Full Restore. You will soon reach the entrance to Rocky Road. At the NW part of the entrance, pick up a Sitrus Berry.


Sweets found:

1st and 3rd floors:

Candix: 30%

Frubat: 20%

Parfwit: 20%

Doslug: 10%

Slugnut: 5%

Lolliwak: 5%

Bertzel: 5%

Golberry: 5%

2nd floor:

Candix: 20%

Frubat: 20%

Parfwit: 20%

Swalapple: 10%

Doslug: 10%

Slugnut: 5%

Lolliwak: 5%

Bertzel: 5%

Golberry: 5%

Cooltrainer Naomi: Cupcat Lv42, Cornet Lv42, Pumpkinete Lv42, Grapom Lv42, Grapipom Lv42, P3024 (double battle)

Head right first, then to the boulder. Go above it and check the rock at the dead end there for a Full Restore, then move the boulder accordingly to get the Rare Candy and TM02 Magic Claw. Head back and to the left this time, going SE to the rock to get an Ultra Ball, then NW.

Cooltrainer Roland: Raicicle Lv42, Fudgasaur Lv42, Piestoise Lv42, Strawizard Lv42, P3024 (double battle)

To the second floor. Let's get all the trainers here for good measure, although you can't do anything about the guy at the NW yet.

Apprentice Davis: Samurcone Lv43, Cweamicent Lv43, Gumtic Lv43, P2064 (double battle)

Juggler Nelson: Whimsiwine Lv41, Whimsiwine Lv41, Samurcone Lv41, Samurcone Lv41, P3280 (double battle)

Down and left to get TM37 Sandstorm. East and around to get a Full Heal.

Tamer Vincent: Cupcat Lv44, Golpie Lv44, P3520 (double battle)

Juggler Gregory: Mousse Lv55, P2200

The item here is TM07 Hail. Take the nearest ladder to the third floor and let's get all the items and trainers here too.

Cooltrainer George: Shroompie Lv42, Goman Lv42, Gumtic Lv42, Caratrode Lv42, Swellpeep Lv42, P3024 (double battle)

Pick up the Max Revive, then head all the way NW. You will find TM50 Overbake and a ladder where you can get the last trainer on that floor.

Pokemaniac Dawson: Strawizard Lv40, Vinegla Lv40, Tortoal Lv40, P3840 (double battle)

The item here is a Guard Spec. Return to the third floor and continue on higher ground.

Cooltrainer Alexis: Teacakes Lv42, Creampuff Lv42, Cupcat Lv42, Airblim Lv42, Emposh Lv42, P3024 (double battle)

Cooltrainer Colby: Monsieur Lv41, Cinnawrath Lv42, Cweamicent Lv42, Berochef Lv42, Piestoise Lv43, P3096 (double battle)

Cooltrainer Caroline: Samurcone Lv42, Samurcone Lv42, Samurcone Lv42, Gummaring Lv42, Bisour Lv42, P3024 (double battle)

Run east and fall in a hole. Then take the nearest ladder to the north. Take the next ladder to the north and head east. You have just exited Rocky Road! Head up, then left when you can to find a Lum Berry. In the maze that follows, there's a Max Elixir at the NW dead end.


What are you two doing here?

PKSW Trainer Mark: Banperior Lv50, Icesundae Lv60, Cweamicent Lv50, Pumpkinete Lv50, Smorelax Lv50, Emolpie Lv50, P2000 (double battle)

PKSW Trainer Katia: Raicicle Lv50, Bananibuzz Lv50, Gummaring Lv50, Emposh Lv60, Bisour Lv50, Liganium Lv50, P2000 (double battle)

Time to enter. A bit like the Pokemon League, no? The area to the right is off-limits unless you're a champion.

GLITCH: I've read about a major glitch that happens if you attempt to heal at the center in Cake Castle, which blackens the screen and then freezes. If you need to heal, fly somewhere else just to be safe.

Bottom clerk wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Full Restore: P3000

Max Potion: P2000

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Max Repel: P700

And the top clerk sells every TM in the game! I'll let you figure out the prices for yourself. Now talk to the girl at the NW for the confirmation of your challenge. No turning back once you head in. Looks like our named rival is first on the block. Somehow he's the champion! Fat chance. A caped dude who looks not-like-Lance shows up and shoos him away. He's the first of four Pastriots. Yeah, these guys are the Elite Four.

Pastriot Steve: Samurcone Lv58, Cweamicent Lv58, Parfelure Lv58, Banperior Lv58, Tropanana Lv58, Bananibuzz Lv58, P2320 (double battle)

After Steve allows you to pass, you go and then you see the Chocobun sisters. What is the dark one planning? Battle the next Pastriot, who has Phoebe’s sprite.

Pastriot Sarah: Strawizard Lv58, Raicicle Lv58, Icesundae Lv58, Goman Lv58, Swalapple LV58, Torteringe Lv58, P2320 (double battle)

We then see Dark Chocobun punt her sister over a table, for some reason. Chocobun had created Dark Chocobun to be a better sister, but she's grown resentful of humans because they eat stuff all the time. Continue to the next Pastriot, who looks a lot like Wally.

Pastriot Cen: Velvevoir Lv58, Mawnana Lv58, Whimsiwine Lv58, Gummaring Lv58, Kangascake Lv58, Chocorose Lv58, P2320 (double battle)

Dark Chocobun thinks about defeating you now. Surprise! The last Pastriot is Prof. Cinna! For some reason she looks like Roxanne.

Pastriot Cinna: Fudgasaur Lv58, Strawizard Lv58, Piestoise Lv58, Cweamicent Lv58, Golpie Lv58, Cupcat Lv58, P2320 (double battle)

Yes, there's certainly something wrong going on in Chocobun's room. Time to confront Dark Chocobun. No, Chocobun isn't sick, that's a ploy. It's time for the champion bout, well, I mean, this was set up like the regular Elite Four + champion, even though it doesn't look like it that much. Anyways, Dark Chocobun does battle primarily with Chocolate types.

Dark Chocobun: Cinnawrath Lv60, Kangascake Lv60, Smorelax Lv60, Mousse Lv60, Chocotank Lv60, Chocobun Lv60 (shiny, made to look like Dark Chocobun of course), P5760 (double battle)

Since you're a good-natured protagonist, you're not the kind to just eat everything. Chocobun by the way is crying. Dark chocolate is bitter, which is how Dark Chocobun got to be like this. Eventually Chocobun's freed while Dark Chocobun leaves. We immediately go to the hall of fame and credits and everything.

Now that we're in the postgame, you're back in Cookie Village. Go back to Cookie Meadow and in the middle you will find Chocobun. Talk to her and you will get a chocolate egg (though you need room in your party). This egg will hatch into Cottonbun, and will evolve into another Chocobun at Lv40! She also mentions a missing PokeSweet that she is trying to find, having not been able to find it searching everywhere except for a certain cave near Orange City. There's also a new thing, now that you are champion of Sweet Land. There's three champions of other regions on this very route, and you can challenge them at your leisure! Of course, you don't need to battle them to do anything else in the post-game, but they are here if you're ready. They're themed after babies, clowns, and music.

Baby Daisy: P1920 (double battle)

Toddlezam Lv60, Multi Slap, Tri Flavor, Whirlpool, Rain Dance, RASP type

Machump Lv60, Karate Choc, Foresight, Turnover, Endure, VANIL type

Bottledur Lv60, Flurry Blitz, Triple Kick, Outrage, Choco Punch, VANIL type

Rattlerade Lv60, Orange Punch, Fruit Hammer, Protect, Grape Juice, LIME type

Mortimer Lv60, Vicegrip, Banana Slip, Spite, Cake Bomb, ORAN type

Seismitodd Lv60, Berry Punch, Poparang, Lock-On, Icy Wind, BLUE type

Clown Adder: P24000 (double battle)

Ambipie Lv60, Mud Pie, Taffy Web, Facade, Triple Kick, BLUE type

Afrobull Lv60, Headbutt, Turnover, Fork Dance, Bake Down, VANIL/CHER type

Kangaclown Lv60, Fruit Punch, Comet Punch, Grape Juice, Slice, VANIL/CHOCO type

Bearclown Lv60, Spikes, Substitute, Vital Throw, Confupunch, VANIL type

Clownpunny Lv60, Pay Day, Extremespeed, Pursuit, Charm, VANIL type

Clownlax Lv60, Zest, Belly Drum, Snore, Sleep Talk, VANIL type

Rocker Jake: P5760 (double battle)

Cymbalist Lv60, Headbutt, Banana Slip, Turnover, Flail, RASP/GRAPE type

Rockeretta Lv60, Sonic Boom, Perish Song, Spikes, Heal Bell, LIME/VANIL type

Flutefetch Lv60, Jump Kick, Slice, Aeroblast, Icy Wind, BANAN/CHOCO type

Drumonite Lv60, Double Edge, Belly Drum, Turnover, Magnitude, BANAN/ORAN type

Ocarelia Lv60, Sing, Substitute, Lemon Drop, Protect, BANAN/CHOCO type

Pianotot Lv60, Pound, Sharpen, Mind Reader, Grape Juice, VANIL type

These particular PokeSweets are not available if you’re wondering. And aside from these trainers, you do have an ultimate challenge awaiting at the Cake Castle if you head to the right side. It's a trainer named Marisa, another champion who is wandering the earth.

Extra Boss Marisa: Icebox Lv100, Manalime Lv100, Cryorange Lv100, Reginger Lv100, Twoberry Lv100, Mewberry Lv100, P2400 (double battle)

Again, there's not much aside from having to beat a really powerful trainer here. So let's see the final thing that Chocobun wants. It's the cave near Orange City.


Sweets found:

1st floor:

Pieduck: 65% (surf)

Golpie: 35% (surf)

Slugnut: 28%

Bisour: 25%

Bananos: 20%

Swalapple: 11%

Pudding: 11%

Caratrode: 5%

2nd floor:

Slugnut: 50%

Bisour: 14%

Chocolish: 11%

Pudding: 11%

Bananos: 10%

Caratrode: 4%

3rd floor:

Pieduck: 65% (surf)

Golpie: 35% (surf)

Pudding: 35%

Chocolish: 25%

Bisour: 14%

Slugnut: 12%

Bananos: 10%

Caratrode: 4%

Surf to the first ladder, then take it. This will lead to a dead end where you can get a Full Restore. Head back and surf again, this time going west to the next set of steps. The ladder to the north is a dead end, but there's a hidden Ultra Ball two spaces to the right of the ladder. There's also a Nugget. Head south and take the ladder there to another dead end area with a PP Up. Return to 1F and get the Full Restore to the east, then take the next steps until you get to the next ladder. This dead end area has an Ultra Ball. Return, pick up the nearby Max Elixir, then take the last ladder on this floor. Back on 2F, head south at the first fork, east at the next, and east at the next fork, then follow the path to the ladder. Back on 1F, take the down ladder. In this area, make your way to the NE part of the cave to find a Max Revive. If you encountered Mewberry back east of the S.S. Banana, it will be here as well to catch, at Lv75. Continue along the path to get an Ultra Ball. That's it for items. Continue on the path and you will find Twoberry Lv75!

At this point, we are all done with Pokemon Sweet! This was an...interesting hack, with nearly every battle being a double battle, but there's no other place to go other than a sweetified Kanto that has only 151 PokeSweets to catch, so yeah, this walkthrough was definitely not as long as another one I did not too long ago. But I played with enjoyment like I always do and if you want something different in regards to typings and stuff, maybe this will tickle the taste buds.



See this link. This has the list of all the catchables in the game, and you can click on one to get the Pokemon info.


Q: How to evolve Lickichef?

A: I read that you need to cook PokeBlocks with it, but I’ve tried this, plus tried leveling it up afterwards (particularly once it hits max happiness) and have had no success. I read a comment saying it evolves at Lv32, but this is false. Furthermore, trying the PokeBlock mechanic multiple times actually reset my game. I’ve searched for the answer to this and haven’t come up with anything yet.

Q: Why is everything a double battle?

A: Probably for added challenge overall. A number of trainers who have more than one PokeSweets aren’t double battles though.

Q: Can you rematch the last two gym leaders?

A: No, and if you’re wondering, I don’t think you can challenge trainers as the new leader either.

Q: How do you get Rare Candies?

A: Battle four trainers in a row at the Vanilla Dome and Ginger Arena. I’m sure these trainers don’t change their levels, so keep battling away when needed.

Q: Are you gonna play Pokemon Sweet 2?

A: Perhaps. It may be a long time before I do though.

Q: Where’s the type chart?

A: You can find it on the PokeCommunity thread. You can also check out the wiki for more info with regards to which particular PokeSweet types are stronger or weaker against others.


-Ephraim225 and Chainnini for the hack itself, it was quite fun to play and write a walkthrough about.

-Game Freak for Pokemon Fire Red, the game that the hack is based on.

-Pokesweets Wiki for great bits of information.

-PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)