Pokemon Snakewood Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Snakewood Walkthrough (by Olivia R.)

Pokemon Snakewood Version Cover

Language: English

Author: Olivia R.

Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10125669#

Note: Search inside the Page by pressing ctrl+f or use the "Search" option on your browser to look for a specific area. No changes were made to the original text of the author. 

Pokemon Snakewood final version detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Ruby ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Snakewood (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

I will list things that need to be listed, although for catching mons, I put a (?) if the dex lists its area but I'm unable to find it for any reason (possibly because it's a 1% encounter or something).

Notable things in this hack:

New uncatchable zombie Pokemon. These will be in the possession of enemy trainers you encounter. If you must know, their types are the same as the ones that are the regular mons (so for instance Rotmander, which is a zombie Charmander, will be a Fire type). I believe the abilities are the same for them as well.

New originally created mons, some catchable, some aren’t.

New items and item names (X Attack is Attack Plus, and so forth)
New attacks with different effects and PP (Flamethrower for instance is Fire Pump and has default of 8 PP, while Thunder has been changed to Discharge, which now has 100 accuracy but 80 power, making it weaker than Thunderbolt, although it can hit both enemy mons in a double battle)

New Disease type (does not have weaknesses or resistance though, and replaces the ??? type, Curse is a Ghost-type now too)
The setting is a post-apocalyptic Hoenn. Many locations are the same, but have changed drastically. Do not expect to go through the game the exact same way.


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Prologue/Littleroot Town [PROL]

Route 101 [R101]

Oldale Town [OLDA]

Route 103 [R103]

Route 102 [R102]

Petalburg City [PETA] and [PETG]

Route 104 [R104] and [104R]
Petalburg Woods [PWOD]

Rustboro City [RUST]
Route 116 [R116]
Rusturf Tunnel [RUTF]

Verdanturf Ruins [VERD]

Route 115 [R115]

Route 105 [R105]

Route 106 [R106]

Dewford Town [DEWF]

Solar Caverns [SOLR]

Route 107 [R107]

Route 108 [R108]

Route 109 [R109]

Slateport City [SLAT]

S.S. Cangrejo [CANJ] and [CNJR]

Route 110 [R110]

New Mauville [NMAU]

Mauville City [MAUV]

Route 117 [R117]

Island of Calm [CALM]

Inquisition Boardroom [BRDM]

Famine’s Desert [R111]

Route 112 [R112]

Frigid Way [FRIG]

Sage’s Slope [SAGE]

Shakya Monastery [SHAK]

Mt. Chimney [CHIM]

Shakyamuni Tower [STWR]

Blighted Way [R113]

Fallarbor Town [FALL]

Route 114 [R114]

Meteor Falls [METE]

Route 119 [R119]

Route 118 [R118]

Route 123 [R123]

Route 122 [R122]

Mt. Pyre [PYRE]

Route 121 [R121] and [121R]
Madio Cave [MADI] and [MAD2]

Route 120 [R120]
Fortree City [FORT]

Lilycove City [LILY] and [DEPT]

Fort Draco [DRAC] and [DTWR]

Route 124 [R124] and [124R]

Victory Road [VICT]

Hoenn League [EVGR]

Lilycove Sewers [LSEW]

Pacifidlog Town [PACI]
Route 132, 133, and 134 [CURR]

Hoenn Starters and Turmur Sidequest [SIQ1]

Route 131 [R131]

Route 130 [R130]

Route 129 [R129]

Route 128 [R128]

Route 127 [R127]

Route 126 [R126]

Abandoned Mine [AMIN]

Sootopolis City [SOOT]

Necropolis [NCPS]

Trick House [TRIK]

Gym Island [GYMI]

Strength Backtracking [STRE]


While you're treated to seeing Birch again, things don't seem right, as it looks like we're talking about zombies here. Go through the naming and selection as normal. You'll be in what appears to be Littleroot Town of Hoenn, but what happened to the houses here? The sign even has blood on it. Go to where Birch's lab would be, and you'll see three Poke Balls. The one spinning on its axis refers to Baltoy, the one that is gently spewing exhaust fumes is Koffing, and the one that has an air of ill health is referring to Paras. These are our starters, and you can only get one. All of them are currently holding an Oran Berry, and Paras has a new ability if you get that one (Aqua Heal, restores HP in rain). Go north now.

ROUTE 101 [R101]

Mons found:

Wurmple: 45%

Zigzagoon: 45%

Poochyena: 10%

Birch will run and be chased by a zombie it seems. Go up to battle this zombie, it's actually a trainer battle as opposed to an initial wild encounter.

Zombie Kid Liam: Boilbasaur Lv3, P48

The kid will crumble into dust after you beat it. You and Birch will talk, it seems that you, the player, lost your memory. As it turns out, your memory is almost totally shot, except for you remembering a zombie Pokemon. Afterwards, we're immediately taken to a PokeCenter. Do your things here and leave.


Well, this town seems to be 3/4 okay. As usual, talk to the mart clerk outside for that mini-tutorial, and then you'll get a free Light Potion (basically a Potion).

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200 (after you go to Route 103)

Light Potion: P300

Antidote: P200

Parlyz Heal: P100

Awakening: P250

Well, go north, seeing as Route 101 is blocked and the guy at Route 102's entrance won't let you go further.

ROUTE 103 [R103]

Mons found:

Goldeen: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Zigzagoon: 60%

Carvanha: 40% (super rod)

Poochyena: 30%

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Wingull: 10%, 35% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Just go up to where Birch is, which is where you would normally have your first rival battle in R/S/E. We then receive an Egg as well as some info about our brother who beat the Pokemon League. He and May have set off a few weeks ago and that of course we need to find them. We then get a device known as the PokePhone. No it's not a PokeNav. Also the Egg will hatch into a strange mon known as Mysteryegg. Return to Oldale and the guy will have finished his watch. Even moreso, go back to the Mart as he says and the Poke Ball will be available to buy for P200. The strange girl here is rude, and then when you try to go to Route 102, she'll just ambush you.

Deathcaller ???: Sneasel Lv5, P160

Her name is Alicia. She'll then go on ahead of you.

ROUTE 102 [R102]

Mons found:
Magikarp: 94% (surf)

Zigzagoon: 50%

Seedot: 20%

Corphish: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Skitty: 15%

Poochyena: 14%

Goldeen: 5% (surf), 100% (old rod), 80% (good rod)

Surskit: 1% (surf)

Wurmple: 1%

You'll see the first trainer of R/S/E getting attacked by a zombie. Actually, it's a ghost girl.

Ghost Girl Lizzie: Polihag Lv4, Rotmander Lv4, P112

With the ghost girl crumbling to dust (shouldn't this be fade out of existence?) our youngster friend gives us the Running Shoes! You then get an appropriately crappy flashback on how to use the Running Shoes. A little humor as we go along. Anyways, those zombies and ghosts do in fact act as trainers that you'll be facing along your way.

Ghost Girl Rica: Graveill Lv4, Graveill Lv4, P112

The other zombie is too busy eating. Pick the berries and go west, then south to reach a Broken Heart item. You need 150 of these for something later on apparently.

Ghost Girl Janice: Rotmander Lv9, P252

Zombie Kid Allen: Boilbasaur Lv5, Boilbasaur Lv6, P96


Mons found:

Magikarp: 99% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Corphish: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Feebas: 1% (surf)

Well, the PokeCenter is gone, but there's a bag there which functions as a medical kit. This could be handy. No PokeCenter or PokeMart, and the gym's doors are wedged shut. There's a zombie you can battle here.

Ghost Girl Dani: Oozle Lv7, P196

Enter the south house and talk to the lady. Apparently it's a corpse with the legs cut off. You can loot it to get Leftovers. Now head west to be stopped by a guy. He knows who you are too, and says that May and your brother are at Petalburg Woods. A group of zombies shows up behind you, and the guy then sacrifices himself. Well, you technically can explore Petalburg, or at least this last house, which is Wally's. The supply crate here seems to have an unlimited supply of Potions.

GLITCH: Your sprite is wrong when you enter Wally's house.

ROUTE 104 [R104]

Mons found:

Goldeen: 100% (old rod), 100% (good rod), 99% (super rod)

Zigzagoon: 50%

Wurmple: 30%

Taillow: 10%

Wingull: 10%, 95% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Staryu: 1% (super rod)

The zombie here apparently won't battle. The beach has a regular trainer.

Looter Laurence: Seedot Lv6, Taillow Lv8, P288

Well we can't talk to Mr. Briney, as it seems he tried to eat the guy by the door.

Looter Ritchie: Surskit Lv11, P396


Mons found:

Zigzagoon: 30%

Wurmple: 25%

Shroomish: 15%

Silcoon: 10%

Cascoon: 10%

Pikachu: 5%

Slakoth: 5%

To the right is Larry the Looter. Unlike the others, he's not a trainer but rather a makeshift PokeMart.

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Water Bottle: P250

Poke Ball: P200

Parlyz Heal: P200

You can get a free Super Potion in the empty spot in the rightmost grass patch here. Detour south back to the ledge on Route 104 and talk to the lady here. She's been running from zombies for some time but if you have a spare potion, you can give her one and she'll give you an Anadrin Talon. A Poke Ball is on this ledge too. Return to the woods and head all the way west, then north, grabbing the Parlyz Heal as you go.

Survivor Lyle: Slakoth Lv7, Wurmple Lv7, Ralts Lv7, P224

Eventually you will come to a Levitating Legless Corpse. It will try to possess you!

Demon Corpse Zabulon: Hounsour Lv11, Dirtkrow Lv13, P416 and the Stone Badge

Note that the Demon Corpse will use an Attack Plus as it starts the battle. The Demon Corpse seems to be quite noble, but warns us of other demons. Still, I wasn't expecting a gym badge here. Your character experiences a flashback of your brother (named Landon) talking about its benefit of raising attack. I’m pretty sure you also can use Cut with the badge too, but we of course need the HM. The next person you talk to will apparently die. Move on NW to get an Ether. The exit is to the north, but let's go east now.

Demon Corpse Andromalius: Secretegg Lv12, P384

There's a handy healing kit to the east, along with some trees that need Cut. Now we can exit north. Before doing so, inspect the empty patch in the middle of four grass patches for a Great Ball.

ROUTE 104 (revisited) [104R]

Yes, that is a severed head of a Pikachu. You can loot it for a Super Potion. Seems the Pretty Petal Flower Shop is intact, but no one’s inside. Head to the grass behind it and inspect the first empty space to get a Poke Ball. A Light Potion is in the middle, and another Super Potion can be nabbed in another empty space here. The Flower Shop may be intact, but no one's inside. The Wailmer Pail is sitting out there on the floor, so nab it. Another healing kit is here.

Survivor Tilly: Poochyena Lv11, P352

A granny is to the east. Talk to her to get TM09 Grasswhistle. There's a tree to Cut for later, and while we do have the badge, we need the HM. Cross the bridge.

Fisherman Dunstan: Magikarp Lv19, Magikarp Lv19, Magikarp Lv19, P912

Zombie Kid Harvey: Rotmander Lv10, Graveill Lv10, P160

Zombie Duo Doug&Lola: Shrivelsaur Lv10, Entrailtle Lv12, P1344

Go to the right side of the fence and go up and around for a Defend Plus. Also your character sprite will glitch out here for some reason.


If you talk to the head here you'll get into a battle!

Severed Head Benji: Eye-eye Lv14, P728

And you can enter the building to the left too. You can battle the demon corpse and severed head, but you're not able to climb the stairs due to them being broken.

Demon Corpse Orobas: Dirtkrow Lv16, P512

Severed Head Kent: Eye-eye Lv14, Eye-eye Lv14, (forgot money amount)

The house to the north, Cutter's House, is actually the PokeCenter! Talk to the guy at the NW and you'll get the Mush Mask (his sprite disappears too for some reason). You will need this item for a fetch quest later on. Anyways, you'll notice zombies in a pen outside. Alicia is here, and she's the one who sicced the demons in the woods! She's a servant of Lord Gravetric, and she'll also battle you.

Deathcaller Alicia: Sableye Lv10, Shuppet Lv10, Sneasel Lv15, P480

The trainer's school here is empty. It seems that it's been picked clean, as nothing but a diary and a Demon Horn are here. Behind the Cutter's House is a Hoenn Bank. You can't get in nor can you battle the demon corpse. As you go north, a purple-haired guy comes, along with a demon corpse named Dantalion. Your character gets the weird idea that they can be allies. Anyways, you can't enter Devon Corporation, authorized personnel only. Go in the house next to the gym and loot the hiker's corpse for a Zombie Liver. The gym is completely empty aside from TM39 Rock Tomb. We already got the badge though. Don't worry about the demon corpse here, and you'll also find that Route 115 is off limits thanks to a tree. Go east to find the purple-haired man. He'll recognize you, but you will feign ignorance. He's Gleis, and he is basically invisible except that you can see him. Well, we have to battle him as a test.

Taoist Gleis: Faceleech Lv17, P4760

He'll then heal us, then he'll join Dantalion to the east. Time for us to follow them on Route 116.

ROUTE 116 [R116]

Mons found:

Zigzagoon: 48%

Taillow: 40%

Whismur: 10%

Skitty: 1%

Surskit: 1%

The zombies here seem to have been exorcised. A Repel is out in the open. The guy in front of the Tunneler's Rest House mentions some snail-like creature, except it uses a human corpse as a shell. You can't go into the tree maze to the left since you need Rock Smash. A Special Plus is next to the rest house. The guy near the tunnel is Dantalion in a new body and it tells you to go inside.


Mons found:

Whismur: 100%

Start by getting the Poke Ball at the NW. Gleis will call you over and explains how demons come in. Gleis will order you to take position near the girl, who is a vessel. You'll recognize her as the Cut Man's daughter, then you'll battle a demon.

Demon Belial: Anorith Lv16, Anorith Lv17, P1836

The demon spoke in Hadean, "I dislike you intensely". Then you battle another demon.

Demon Asmodeus: Anorith Lv16, Anorith Lv17, P1836

Afterwards, Gleis completes the spell and Elise wakes up, but then disappears from exhaustion. Gleis is done here. We'll then want to head to Verdanturf Town to the east. A Max Ether is to the NE. You'll need Rock Smash for the rock to the west of the exit.


You'll then get a hurting feeling as you enter the ruins, and a voice called Pestilence speaks to you. This causes a fade to white, but then you end up near the cliffs where you can see Alicia and another woman near a crater. The woman is in fact Pestilence, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. She seems to be the one responsible for your memory erasure, and then you'll battle her.

Horseman Pestilence: Moulder Lv16, Moulder Lv17, Qwilfish Lv18, P4248

She'll leave, and Alicia apologizes for her role, but won't battle us. But wait, what's this she drops as she goes off? It's a PokeDex! Apparently it's May's, but you'll use it for now. It's pretty much the Hoenn Dex, and you'll realize Graveill and Moulder are on it (as opposed to other zombie Pokemon, who aren't actually catchable unlike Graveill and Moulder).

GLITCH: Running around this area and facing south shows a lot of exit arrows for some reason.

You may have noticed a Charizard to the NW, you'll be back here soon enough. Go around the crater to reach it (the zombie here won't do anything). It has a collar, so you can't really do anything about it, plus it seems to be enjoying itself near the crater. Enter the cave and you'll be in a weird place known as Endless Plains. Larry the Looter is here again.

Great Ball: P600

Nest Ball: P1000

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Water Bottle: P250

Antifreeze: P250

Repel: P350

Special Plus: P350

Fluffy Tail: P1000

Above all else though, get HM01 Cut. That's it here. Go back and now we shall be backtracking and cutting stuff.

Back at Route 116, the black belt is now away from the entrance. Get inside and loot the corpse for a Gamble Fish. As you go, the PokePhone rings, and Birch informs you of a satellite and Dewford Town, which seems to be isolated from the plague. It seems we need Surf and a Balance Badge, but we have no idea where the HM would be. Though there are survivors from Norman's gym, who would be in the vicinity of Rustboro. Well, you can detour to Route 115 to the north and cut the tree down for some clues.

ROUTE 115 [R115]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Taillow: 50%

Swablu: 30%

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Swellow: 10%

Wingull: 10%, 39% (surf)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

Don’t worry about that above list, though, since you won’t be able to get much. A Super Potion is to the NE from where you cut.

Ghost Girl Theresa: Shrivlsaur Lv16, Charmeworm Lv16, P448

To the north, you'll need both Strength and Rock Smash to reach the entrance to Meteor Falls. The Black Belt nearby is dead, and you can actually loot a Pokemon from him if you have a space in your party. Do it, because it is actually holding HM03! Now go to the NW gym and talk to the girl here, who's actually the only gym trainer from Petalburg left. You'll have to defeat her.

Normal Girl Laura: Zangoose Lv16, Delcatty Lv17, P816 and the Balance Badge.

Cool, looks like we can Surf now. Except not a lot of mons you can catch know it. You can teach it to a Zigzagoon, or evolve the Magikarp you got into Gyarados, or evolve a Wingull into Pelipper, but that's about it until you catch more Water types. Also you can't really surf far in Route 115 anyways.

On Route 104, you can get a Caramac in the area east of the bridge with the fisherman. An Accuracy Plus is behind the bush with the granny.

At Petalburg Woods, use Cut on the trees east of the north exit and keep going to the NE to get a Great Ball. Jump the ledge to the south and head to the NW for an Attack Plus. A hidden item known as a Blue Rock (Heart Scale) iis nearby as well. If you go back to Petalburg City, go back to the northern pool and surf across to get a Max Revive. If you attempt to surf on Route 103, the way is blocked, but note the area that needs Waterfall for later. For now, we gotta surf south of Route 104.

ROUTE 105 [R105]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Dawn: Sealeo Lv16, P576

Swimmer Beverly: Wailmer Lv18, Wailmer Lv18, P648

Pirate Arturo: Meowth Lv18, Persian Lv19, P1368

Swimmer Vegas: Magikarp Lv20, Qwilfish Lv19, Wingull Lv23, P1012

The rock north of Vegas is of course tied to a sidequest; we'll be back here after a long while.

Swimmer Luis: Carvanha Lv16, P704

To the SW of Luis is a seemingly bare island. You can land and inspect this tiny island for a Blue Rock. A Broken Heart is to the SW of that.

ROUTE 106 [R106]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Beatrice: Wailmer Lv16, P576

On the shore to the east you can find a Riesen.

Swimmer Pekabo: Qwilfish Lv24, Qwilfish Lv24, P1056

Black Belt Smash Shot: Makuhita Lv20, Makuhita Lv20, Hitmontop Lv24, P2208

You can get a Stardust near the Granite Cave entrance. Also you can't enter by the way, because of an alien-like roar. Just go to Dewford Town. Talk to the fisherman here to get an Old Rod!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Yep, this place is pretty much safe, although in Dewford Hall someone mentions that a monster is in Solar Cavern (basically what Granite Cave is now). You can enter the other house nearby to get a Plus Band from the guy (we can't tell him that Laura is okay though). East of the gym, a man will give you TM31 Ice Punch. A man near the gym mentions that Brawly became a member of the Kahuto Elite Four and that there's a new leader: Haruko

Haruko is actually a trainer of the Dark type. The gym layout is also significantly different than it was before. Feel your way around this maze, but sadly after beating trainers, you'll notice that the gym doesn't brighten. Guess it makes sense though, this gym specializes in Dark types.

Pirate Franklin: Meowth Lv17, Persian Lv20, P1440

Pirate Matteo: Meowth Lv22, P1584

Film Student Kongamoto: Sneasel Lv22, P968

Rocker Tyrone: Shinx Lv16, Shinx Lv16, Luxio Lv18, P648

Film Student Miguel: Sneasel Lv15, Poochyena Lv16, Carvanha Lv17, Poochyena Lv18, P792

Rocker Marvin: Carvanha Lv20, P720

Pirate Vitruvio: Persian Lv24, P1728

Film Student Tomas: Poochyena Lv17, Sneasel Lv18, P792

Rocker Beldum: Shinx Lv16, Shinx Lv16, Luxio Lv16, P576

There sure are a lot of trainers here. Haruko is on the path past Beldum. But she won't battle us just yet. We have to figure out what the heck is at Solar Caverns before we can fight her. Leave and go to the cave.


Mons found:

1st area:

Makuhita: 50%

Hombone: 39%

Abra: 10%

Solrock: 1%

2nd area:

Nosepass: 40%

Makuhita: 30%

Hombone: 19%

Abra: 10%

Solrock: 1%

3rd area:

Geodude: 70% (rock smash)

Nosepass: 65%

Aron: 30% (rock smash)

Hombone: 24%

Abra: 10%

Solrock: 1%

Cave with Meteor:

Makuhita: 70%

Hombone: 11%

Abra: 10%

Nosepass: 8%

Solrock: 1%

As you go along the first floor, you'll hear it again. Go to the second floor to hear it yet again. You'll need a bike to cross the mudslide to Sundance Rock here. A Poke Ball is ahead. Another flashback occurs soon just before you reach the next ladder. Back at ground floor, head left, then up, ignoring the rocks since you don't have Rock Smash. You'll slow get some memory of what this creature is as you go along. Go up the steps and get the Neverstone from the rock. Now let's keep going east and up the ladder, then up the next one. As you head west more flashbacks occur. Enter the cave, and you'll run right in, apparently nothing is here. Some gray Charizard shows up known as Meteor, the Dragon King, and there's some sort of breach of contract. This thing has joined the Horsemen now.

Dragon King Meteor: P2640

Dragon Lv22, Dig, Fire Pump, Dragonbreath, Fly

Of course this thing's gonna vow vengeance. Anyways, hop the ledges east for a shortcut back, grabbing TM11 Sunny Day as you do. Now return to Haruko to confirm what you saw. And guess what, we have a gym leader to battle.

Leader Haruko: P436, Miasma Badge, and TM08 Bulk Up.

Poochyena Lv18, Howl Crunch, Take Down, Bulk Up

Absol Lv18, Razor Wind, Shadow Swipe, Swords Dance, Bulk Up

Carvanha Lv19, Bite, Waterfall, Bulk Up, Slam

Sneasel Lv22, Shadow Swipe, Ice Punch, Bulk Up, Ice Breath

Luxray Lv25, Bite, Thundershock, Bulk Up

Kingmadio Lv1, Night Shade

A note about Kingmadio, it is Ghost/Dark type with Wonder Guard as its ability. It is Lv1 and only knows the move Night Shade. You won't worry about Night Shade, because it does damage based on actual level, and Kingmadio is Lv1 so it'll only do 1 damage each turn (if you have a Normal type, it won't damage you at all). This will basically be an annoying battle pretty much, because you basically have to wait until it damages itself with Struggle (and Haruko will probably use a Super Potion once if she hasn’t used one previously). You can speed up the process if you have a mon that knows Poisonpowder (Shroomish learns it at Lv19, and if you chose Paras as your starter it'll know it too) or Poison Gas (Koffing should have it at the start) you can poison it, speeding the battle along in your favor.

Exit the gym and soon your PokePhone will start ringing. You'll tell Birch you haven't found Landon or May yet, but you apparently killed two dragons. Maybe you should ask around the houses, even if you did this already. A clue is in the Dewford Hall if you talk to the kid next to the granny. You'll then figure out it's in the desert, basically where Route 111 used to be. Well, this'll be a long trek.

ROUTE 107 [R107]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Before you set off on Route 107, do take note of the Diving spot at Dewford's pier.

Swimmer Tarquin: Qwilfish Lv22, P968

Swimmer Mikhail: Barboach Lv23, P1012

Sis and Bro Simon&Tabby: Staryu Lv23, Psyduck Lv23, P2392

You'll see a woman near a breakable rock. Note it for now.

ROUTE 108 [R108]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Kris: Totodile Lv22, Wooper Lv22, P792

Swimmer Jackaby: Qwilfish Lv22, Telson Lv23, P1016

Telson is just a different-colored Qwilfish, not even a shiny. Anyways, the abandoned ship is here if you wanna explore it now. Well, you can't actually, since you'll be lasered with giant shark eyes. Not in reality though, the game just won't let you explore it. Surf SE of there to the shore with the single rock and get a Ragecandybar.

Pirate Jesus: Meowth Lv16, Meowth Lv16, Meowth Lv16, P1152

ROUTE 109 [R109]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

That's a healing kit on the nearest island.

Gentleman Ricardo: Growlithe Lv22, Ponyta Lv22, Shinx Lv23, Raticate Lv23, P920

Help yourself to a Caramac on the island to the east.

Young Couple Jan&Jon: Secretegg Lv22, Linoone Lv22, P1408

Swimmer Erlandu: Nuzleaf Lv24, Grumpig Lv26, P1144

Pirate Pious: Meowth Lv25, P1800

Looter Barrabas: Surskit Lv22, Taillow Lv23, Wingull Lv24, P864

Survivor Buccha: Linoone Lv28, P896, plus a warning not to enter the Seashore House

Survivor Dublique: Zigzagoon Lv20, Wingull Lv23, P736

Just before you reach Slateport City, talk to the girl at the right side to get the Volcano Pot. What if you enter the Seashore House here? Well the child's corpse here has a Fire Stone. Then you'll be attacked by the chef!

Former Chef Tomu: Munchlax Lv30, P720

You'll figure out that of the four horsemen, this must be Famine's doing. Anyways, you can use the Soda Machine here for some of that free stuff if you want.


Mons found:
Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

As soon as you enter, another crazy chef attacks!

Former Chef Shirasagi: Munchlax Lv24, Kirlia Lv25, P600

The worst part is you have to fight another one with the same name and team right afterwards! Anyways, the Slateport Market is barricaded off. As you go north and east towards a girl another chef appears.

Former Chef Naota: Munchlax Lv25, Kirlia Lv26, P624

It seems the only place you can go is Stern's Shipyard. The supply box looks like it can be destroyed with...an Arclight Spanner. Enter the shipyard and go to the water, where you'll be prompted to dive in.


You're in an entirely new storage area for some reason. Go right first to get a Gateau.

Stowaway Paolo: Hombone Lv26, Hombone Lv26, P2496

Exit through the hole and go to the back door. The guy at the desk, named Usher, stops you and tells you you are actually on the S.S. Cangrejo, built by Mr. Michelangelo of Blue Sky Port of the Visbu region. You'll then jump down the hole.

Mons found (area with water):

Magnemite: 94% (surf)

Luvdisc: 5% (surf)

Corsola: 1% (surf)

Well, actually you don't need to worry about wild encounters for now. Get to the bottom of this area as you can't fall into holes or do anything else. The elevator to the left is broken, and you need Strength if you want to head out. The stairs to the south are our only option. Down here you can Surf to head south, or head east to another set of steps. We want to head south, where if we go to the SE corner, the trash can is empty. But we should inspect the cabinets for a Dive Ball and an Arclight Spanner! To the north of there is a handy medical kit. Now let's take the NE steps.

You'll be in a laboratory of some sort, property of Angel Laboratories, with two usable PCs here. The red machine here can be whacked with your Arclight Spanner, which dispenses a Poke Ball. You can get several of these by this method. There's a bed to sleep in too. Go back across the water and go to the SW corner, then head east and inspect the machine. You will find a section that's broken. Use the Arclight Spanner to fix it! But how do we get out of here I wonder? Well, we see Usher by going north. He's looking for the energy, but his token of gratitude for us is to drop us off at…

ROUTE 110 [R110]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Geodude: 50%

Oddish: 40%

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Wingull: 8%, 35% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Graveler: 2%

You'll be under Cycling Road, so head south to the station to reach the Slateport entrance of the city. You're unfortunately not able to actually walk on Cycling Road. You can go south to Slateport City's north side. The Contest and PokeCenter buildings are destroyed, and of course you can't go on Route 134 at this time. The Name Rater isn't home either. The Fan Club building isn't occupied, but you can get a Kilin Horn from here. The PokeMart is empty, but there is a vending machine here.

Fresh Water: P200

Soda Pop: P300

Lemonade: P350

I believe there was a vending machine in Oldale’s mart, and other vending machines are in other marts in this hack as well. Use the Arclight Spanner on the crate near the shipyard to be able to access the south part. The Oceanic Museum above the shipyard is also vacant, and you don't have to worry about paying an entry fee. Enter the Slateport Market, where all the survivors are huddled, because apparently the chefs hate the food here. A girl here will trade you a Munchlax if you have a Faceleech, but that will be a LONG time from now. Looks like the Name Rater is here, as is the Energy Guru.

Riesen: P9800

Kinder Egg: P9800

Magic Stars: P9800

Wine Gums: P9800

Starmix: P9800

White Rabbit: P9800

Go back up on Route 110 and a strange sound starts playing. Sounds like a military band! Better investigate. Up where the Trick House used to be is a handy PokeCenter. Inspect the rock near the entrance to obtain a Max Revive. Let's detour to Route 103's east side for a bit. Note the rock here, which seems to be pulsating with energy. Cut the trees here to get a Reduct Reduce and pick the berries. Let's see what we can do about what's going on with the zombies and the guy here.

Former Chef Akagi: Munchlax Lv26, Kirlia Lv26, P624

You'll want to talk to the man to initiate the next battle.

Zombie Duo Tim&Tina: Shrivlsaur Lv23, Charmeworm Lv23, Electabugs Lv23, Eye-eye Lv23, P2576

Unfortunately we don't get any reward for saving him. To the west is the rock formation you probably saw earlier. We can climb back for a one-way trip back to the western part of Hoenn if you want, but let's just go back east on Route 110 again.

Survivor Rockit: Meditite Lv25, Whismur Lv25, P800

If you Surf to the north before the bend, you'll spot a Charizard behind a breakable rock. Go get the Crit Plus here and keep going.

Inquisition Footman: Hombone Lv24, Nosepass Lv25, Nosepass Lv25, P5000

You'll find a Ragecandybar at the next bend. You can also surf north to discover New Mauville and also a new location called Island of Calm!


Mons found (entrance area only):

Voltorb: 50%

Magnemite: 50%

You'll actually notice that there are people seeking refuge here. The first one here doesn't say anything (Dantalion?). No mons here (I just took this information from the wiki page), but talk to the people around. Talk to the girl to the left of the entrance and say yes (you cruel soul) to get a Broken Heart. You'll learn from one girl that Wattson gave up his plans for electrifying the city, and that people of course live here now. Nurse Joy is here too, with a Healmadio that can heal you. Something's strange with the scientists here. There's a storage area here where you might end up fighting Voltorbs. A Parlyz Heal is the SW item, an Ultra Ball is NE of that one, Snake Oil  to the south of that. A Teleporter (Escape Rope) is to the NE of that. The two items to the south and east are Voltorbs, though the south one just simply disappears. Finally, the SE item is a Thunderstone. To the east is Wattson, who'll say that you should aid the officer in investigations.

Basically, you're supposed to investigate the corpse in the storeroom (which is Wilfred), then go to the camper next to the entrance and help with the investigation, but we should probably go out first and to Mauville City. We won't be allowed to enter Island of Calm thanks to the guard. Keep going on Route 110. As you head west, just before it bends north, there is an empty spot with a Nest Ball.

Inquisitor Footman: Hombone Lv25, Lunatone Lv25, P5000

Former Chef Mashima: Munchlax Lv23, Munchlax Lv23, Kirlia Lv24, Kirlia Lv24, P576

Inquisitor Footman: Graveler Lv28, P5600


If it ain't obvious, the inquisitors are engaging in combat against zombies and chefs here.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Speed Plus: P350

Attack Plus: P500

Defend Plus: P550

Reduct Reduce: P700

Crit Plus: P650

Accuracy Plus: P950

There's a Speed Plus behind the fence here. Gleis is to the north. Those footmen you battled before? They're the Hoenn Inquisitorial Squad and are the current governing force. The boss shows up, and she singlehandedly deals with the monsters. Her name is Chloe and she's a Taoist like Gleis. The other two zombies there were actually her slaves. Chloe is apparently hunting Gleis, saying that he's responsible for the outbreak. He'll say that you need to head to New Mauville (we sort of were there already) and that we can get information on our bro there too.

Unfortunately the game won’t let you go to the north half of Mauville City, so make preparations and heal at the Route 110 PokeCenter and return to New Mauville. Since I went earlier, Dantalion wasn't really interactable, but now he'll show you to the officer (you probably already talked to him too). Investigate Wilfred's corpse, talk to the officer to mention he has burn marks, which could constitute a death by a Fire move, not enough evidence. Talk to the little girl who mentioned Wattson earlier. She says that a chef went into the room the night Wilfred got killed. The chef to the east of the girl professes innocence, and he just has a jar of nutmeg, not honey (Electrichoney is a real item in the game by the way, and it replaces the Magnet). Report to the officer, and he'll say to ask Wattson. Wattson suspects he's becoming a Former Chef. Again, he's gonna profess innocence. Go back to the officer and decline when he asks if the chef's the killer (if you accept, you actually have to start the whole investigation over). By deductive reasoning, we can figure out that powerful Electric attacks can shock so much that it induces fire. So it seems Wattson is the real killer. Confront him to reveal he works with the Inquisition!

Inquisition Wattson: Luxray Lv100, Lanturn Lv100, Raichu Lv100, Jolteon Lv100, Luxray Lv100, Raikou Lv100, P20000

This info is here in case you are cheating, because obviously you can't beat Lv100s at your current level. The game actually won't go anywhere until you lose to Wattson here.

You'll be back at Mauville City, where after taking a step, your character tries to contemplate a way to beat him. Unfortunately you still cannot access the northern end of Mauville City yet. Return to New Mauville and speak to the officer. He mentions something about shutting off a generator. You know there's a switch near the chef, right? It wasn't usable by then, but let's go back there. Now we can use it, shutting the generator off. Now go back to Wattson. He's still quite egotistical even with the generator off, however, his mons are no longer Lv100.

Inquisition Wattson: Shinx Lv24, Lanturn Lv24, Pikachu Lv27, Jolteon Lv27, Luxio Lv28, Raikou Lv33, P6600

He'll use a teleporter, along with the scientists, to flee. The Raikou he had has actually been released as well. However the officer from before actually managed to quickly arrest Wattson and his cronies. Now we can leave. Island of Calm is still off-limits, so let's try returning to Mauville City.

GLITCH: There's a few new pieces of dialogue if you talk to the people in New Mauville. But the big guy who's playing chess with the other one has had several parts of his lines cut.

We can now access the north half of Mauville City. The PokeCenter has only Nurse Joy, and Rydel's Cycles is empty. The Game Corner is completely empty as well. You can go on Route 118, but the rocks prevent you from even surfing in that direction. For now you can get a free Riesen and a Blue Rock though by inspecting some rocks. Also you can go to Famine's Desert to the north, but will be stopped by a breakable rock, and we don't have HM06 or even the badge to go with it. Perhaps try to go to Route 117? Notice I'm skipping the Mauville Gym for now.

ROUTE 117 [R117]

Mons found:

Goldeen: 99% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Vulpix: 40%

Roselia: 30%

Corphish: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Calfby: 14%

Illumise: 14%

Volbeat: 2%

Surskit: 1% (surf)

Thankfully the day care is here, so those services are still provided, although the people are slightly different.

Former Chef Hiroaki: Munchlax Lv20, Munchlax Lv24, Munchlax Lv26, Munchlax Lv28, Kirlia Lv25, Kirlia Lv28, P672

Zombie Duo Kat&Bert: Poliworm Lv25, Shrivlsaur Lv25, P2800

Skilled Chef Heiwajima: Snorlax Lv30, P1560

Skilled Chef Akatsuki: Gardevoir Lv30, P1560

The skilled chefs will be cured after you win against them. Cut the tree to the NW to find a Revive. A hidden Repel is south of the south flower garden. Obviously the rocks prevent us from heading to Verdanturf.

Let's enter the old Mauville gym now. Nothing but a footman inside.

Inquisition Footman: Hombone Lv27, Lairon Lv27, P5400

Looks like Gleis has been captured while the Inquisition is trying to retrieve Wattson's stuff. The footman dropped TM34 Shock Wave. We can go to the Island of Calm now.


Mons found:

Outside section:

Magikarp: 95% (surf), 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Shroomish: 54%

Corphish: 40% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Weedle: 30%

Gyarados: 19% (super rod)

Ralts: 9%

Jigglypuff: 5%

Psyduck: 5% (surf)

Kirlia: 2%

Feebas: 1% (super rod)

Deep caves:

Hombone: 64%

Slugma: 34%

Zubat: 2%

Head all the way east for a Healing Kit. Go north from the sign (you're wanted by the Inquisition!) then go northwest until you see another sign saying do not pick berries from the Boss' tree. Well, this tree here isn't really a berry tree though. Cut the tree to the NW. You'll see a happy Chikorita here. Keep going on the linear path, you'll see some caves as well as some mudslides you can't cross. Another healing kit next to the footman...

Inquisition Footman: Hombone Lv29, Geodude Lv29, P5800

There are a lot of caves up here! One near the start, one two steps down and two steps up to the left, two more caves further up and to the right along with two more to the left and one to the south, another cave two steps up, and another to the left and down. Let's start with the first cave, the one closest to the right side. There's only one person here, and that's a member of the Inquisition's Deadly Seven!

Deadly Seven Mikov: Oddish Lv28, P3920

I exited the cave and I got a Max Elixir, then it dumped me back at the exit with the slope leading down. Let's go to the next cave, which is two steps down and two steps to the left going up. Another of the Deadly Seven, with a Nugget inside the cave as well.

Deadly Seven Bobov: Onix Lv28, P3920

Next, head up the steps from that cave, then head south down some steps to the next one. Ha, fooled you, this has nothing and the item here can't be reached (if you use the walk through walls code, this isn't really a collectable item). Two caves are to the left and two are to the right. Let's go from left to right. The two caves to the left lead to the same area, and there are two more Deadly Seven members.

Deadly Seven Gunkov: Kenchira Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Karkov: Trapinch Lv28, P3920

The end of the cave here actually is a dead end, and upon re-entry you'll be back at the Max Elixir cave, exiting back out again. Now let's try the right caves. The C-shaped cave here has a Deadly Seven member.

Deadly Seven Robotnov: Zubat Lv28, P3920

Again, the other exit is a dead end. Let's try the rightmost cave which does not have anything but a Deadly Seven member.

Deadly Seven Rolv: Beldum Lv28, P3920

Okay we've got two caves left. From the area with four caves on that level, head up the steps and you'll see another cave. Let's actually go to the cave further to the west and south for another dead-end cave, this time with the seventh Deadly Seven member.

Deadly Seven Sputnov: Mareep Lv28, P3920

Basically he says that we just have to look for more Inquisition workers. Let's now go to that cave we skipped. Huh, two more members?

Deadly Seven Vladov: Calfby Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Adolv: Dratini Lv28, P3920

Let's go face the Deadly Seven...perhaps Deadly Nine...'s leader. The cave is to the NW. You may have seen a guy at the top of the mountain. Well, here he is.

Deadly Seven Asimov: Larvitar Lv28, P3920

He tells you to head back to the sign at the entrance, as there's a secret switch to use. Go there and use the sign and you'll be teleported to a cave section. Just head down and you'll find a healing kit and another cave entrance.


Inquisition Salaryman: Hombone Lv30, P6000

Yet another healing kit here. Anyways, the guy says that there's a security system that'll ward intruders off. Basically you need to step on certain tiles, or you'll be teleported to the entrance. Start by stepping down directly south from the entrance to the end of the hexagonal floor, then move one space east and go south twice. Head west three spaces, south one, west one, south one, west one. You should be behind a glass casing. Head west one, south one, west four, south one, west one, south two, west one, south two, and east one. Oh wow, the Deadly Seven are all in line here! Just so you know, you have to go all the way to the east, fighting all of them.

Deadly Seven Mikov: Oddish Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Bobov: Onix Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Gunkov: Kenchira Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Karkov: Trapinch Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Robotnov: Zubat Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Rolv: Beldum Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Sputnov: Mareep Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Vladov: Calfby Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Adolv: Dratini Lv28, P3920

Deadly Seven Asimov: Larvitar Lv28, P3920

Those lines are ridiculous and they really fatten your wallet by the time you go through them all. Head to the other side of this...table, except you'll see them all once again! You'll have to go through them all as you head all the way to the west, as you're not able to go behind them. Same order, same mons, same exact reward.

After defeating Asimov again, head one space west, south two, east six, south three, east eight, north one, east five, south one, east one, then go south and voila, we're out of the security system!

Inquisitor Salaryman: Hombone Lv28, Nosepass Lv28, Hombone Lv28, P5600

Inquisitor Salaryman: Graveler Lv32, P6400

Before heading down the steps, there's a Nest Ball to the west.

Next floor, what are these tiles?

Inquisitor Salaryman: Geodude Lv30, Graveler Lv33, P6600

These "X" tiles are pretty much unavoidable, but they tend to give you a wild encounter. The first stretch actually has Lv5 Geodude and Hombone though. Go past the next three sets of tiles, although once you reach the third set, the rightmost tile has a Phanpy! The Phanpy is Lv7, as opposed to the Lv5s here. There's another one on the next set before the bend. Three more sets of tiles as you head east, then north two more. On the second of those two, head to the rightmost tile to find out it's different from the others, and you'll face a Beldum Lv10! Note you can only battle this one time, so if you want to catch it, be prepared. North one more set of tiles and west three more, then south two more and east one more. You'll see a healing kit and tiles around the next exit. Head to the NW tile to find a Shuckle Lv10!

So now you should head east. There's several paths south.

Inquisitor Salaryman: Geodude Lv30, Hombone Lv30, Hombone Lv30, Relicanth Lv30, P6000

There's an Employee Garden here, and the salaryman here won't battle. There's a Max Elixir here too. Two stairs, one goes up, the other goes down. Guess what? If you go down the steps on the right, you'll be back at the Island of Calm's slope! You'll have to go up.

And the inevitable teleporter maze. Do NOT take the bottom teleporter, you'll be around black tiles that are possessed by The Shaderu, which have Lv80 Shaderu. If you somehow beat one, you get P4800 and can leave faster. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now, in the room with two teleporters, take the right one. This will take you to an area with four teleporters where you are on the NE one. Here, do NOT take the SE one, or you'll be surrounded by the Shaderu. And the NW one just takes you to the SE one, so you need to use the SW one. Use the next teleporter, and you'll be at the opposite end, on the teleporter east of the one surrounded by Shaderu. Dungeons are ahead, but you've got a storage room first.

Inquisition Footman: Hombone Lv32, Kabuto Lv32, P6400

Inquisition Salaryman: Relicanth Lv32, Hombone Lv31, Lunatone Lv33, P6600

See that black expanse? We have to go there. Go west until you can't anymore, then south, then east, then up to the steps.

Down here are the dungeons, where you can get mons like Slugma and Hombone.

Inquisition Gaoler: Corsola Lv35, P7000

Head south to a fork, then take the NW steps up to a Nest Ball.

Inquisition Double Act: P12000

Slugma Lv30, Rock Throw, Ember, Smog, Protect

Graveler Lv30, Rock Blast, Magnitude, Substitute, Focus Punch

Solrock Lv30, Extrasensory, Rock Throw, Cosmic Power, Sand Tomb

Hombone Lv30, Crush Claw, Earthquake, Crabhammer, Faint Attack

Gleis is across lava here. Actually it's "orangeade" so you can surf on it. Gleis was captured and lost his PokeGear and asks us to get it for him. Head to the NE and up the steps. Ignore the steps here and head east to the next set of steps to continue on the path.

Inquisition Gaoler: Graveler Lv35, P7000

Head north and east to exit the dungeons.

You'll be at the Boss' Garden. Jump the ledges going east, but when you reach the flower garden, enter the cave here to encounter a doctor who may have the PokeGear!

Doctor Malfeasance: P576, PokeGear, and the Dynamo Badge!

Haunter Lv29, Hypnosis, Shadow Punch, Curse, Mean Look, holds Curséd Skull

Qwilfish Lv31, Surf, Poison Fang, Ice Beam, Spikes, holds God’s Tear

Kadabra Lv33, Extrasensory, Calm Mind, Barrier, Knock Off, holds Mewtwo Brain

Faceleech Lv36, Poison Fang, Confuse Ray, Bite, holds Snake Eyes

When you leave, you'll be at a different cave, so just go into the one adjacent to you. Jump the steps going down and return to Gleis. He'll teleport you out but also give you HM06 Rock Smash! Finally we are done with this arc!

Well we can always go north to Famine's Desert to continue our journey, but I'm in the mood for some backtracking. Return to Route 110 and surf to where that Charizard is. Nothing but wondering why it's there though. We can go back to Rustboro and then to Route 116. Break the rock west of the Tunneler's Rest House to access this tree maze.

Normal Girl Scissora: Spinda Lv30, Zangoose Lv32, P1536

Oh, another TM34 Shock Wave? Okay then. You can head to Meteor Falls in Route 115 now as well (a Great Ball is near the entrance), but going north leads to a horde of zombies who won't move. You can surf east and get a Moon Stone, but there's nothing else to do here. At Solar Caverns, use two ladders then smash the rocks in the SW to get TM25 Discharge (Thunder). Head to Route 107 now and smash the rock next to the girl, then talk to her to get a Broken Heart. That should be it as far as backtracking is concerned. I'll see you at Famine's Desert.


Mons found:

Geodude: 95% (rock smash)

Sandshrew: 49%

Trapinch: 45%

Graveler: 5%

Anorith: 4% (rock smash)

Lileep: 4% (rock smash)

Golem: 1%

Break the rock to enter the desert. You'll see Escher Hill to the north. Yep, it's weird alright, but let's go ahead and talk to the troll to battle him four times.

Troll Mugwin: Golbat Lv28, Linoone Lv29, P696

Troll Mugwin: Loudred Lv34, P816

Troll Mugwin: Pineco Lv32, Spinda Lv32, Hombone Lv32, P768

Troll Mugwin: Machoke Lv34, P816

After beating him four times, he coughs up the Brain Link. Get off the hill and keep going to eventually find a White Rabbit.

Former Chef Ryuugamine: Munchlax Lv30, Kirlia Lv30, P720

Former Chef Horoda: Munchlax Lv34, P816

Former Chef Shizou: Kirlia Lv34, P816

ROUTE 112 [R112]

Mons found:

Hombone: 70%

Machop: 25%

Abra: 5%

Attempt to go left on Route 112, and you actually can't. Well actually you can if you take the grass, but we're not really supposed to go here yet. Still though have a little sequence break.

Survivor Lenna: Taillow Lv28, Pelipper Lv34, P1088

Survivor Westley: Linoone Lv30, Swellow Lv30, P960

Frost Demon Raa'kor: Seel Lv31, Seel Lv29, Snorunt Lv32, Snorunt Lv32, P896

Frost Demon Klo'thok: Snorunt Lv33, Glalie Lv34, P952

Wow, frost demons. The cable car is destroyed, and the place where Fiery Path used to be is actually Frigid Way! But I'm gonna hold off on this sequence break for now. Let us continue on Famine's Desert like we're supposed to. Head directly east from the original desert entrance to get a Broken Heart. One of the rocks to the south has a Ragecandybar. Head south from there to see a healing kit and some trainers near a rock. Again, like the one on Route 105, we'll deal with this much later in the game.

Recruiters Tina&Bruce: Horsea Lv30, Beldum Lv30, P2640

These two trainers replace Gabby and Ty and they are actually members of the Hoenn Internal Affairs Army! Well, you're not really gonna join but still you can offer some random quote if you want.

Firestarter Ken: Magcargo Lv34, P1360

Rocker Crankshaft: Luxio Lv33, P1188

Let's head north now. One of the rocks in the sand has a Riesen. You'll also see chefs and other people to the north, and if you go west, the way is blocked. A strange magic power prevents you from heading northeast, you'll have to confront these chefs. As you go up, you'll have another flashback. It seems Alicia was helping you then.

Skilled Chef Hayate: Snorlax Lv30, Gardevoir Lv30, P1560

Skilled Chef Nakajima: Snorlax Lv33, Gardevoir Lv33, P1716

We meet up with the man next to Alicia, known as Famine. He spills the beans that your brother and May were in fact captured. He'll then command Alicia to battle you as he runs.

Deathcaller Alicia: Sableye Lv29, Banette Lv32, Duskull Lv35, Sneasel Lv38, P1216

She'll tell you...or maybe she won't. You'll then hear your PokePhone ringing, and you tell Birch that you were underground that whole time. He'll mention the Mountain Monastery, which is actually in place of Lavaridge Town (the town succumbed to a volcano explosion as opposed to zombies or whatever). You're to look for Sage Kanzaki. We can now legitimately go on Route 112, so let's do so, battle the trainers if you haven't, then enter Frigid Way.


Mons found:

Hombone: 50%

Snorunt: 44%

Sneasel: 6%

Well, the inevitable ice puzzles are here. Make your way to the west (easy way is to go a space south then slide west). Note the boulders to the north as you'll need Strength later on, and treat yourself to another ice puzzle. Position yourself north of the rock before the slippery floor and slide west, then south. Slide west, north, east, north, west, south, and we're where we need to be. Take the ladder to reach Sage's Slope. But before you do, re-enter the cave and go east to another sliding puzzle. You might want that TM14 Blizzard.


Mons found:

Hombone: 55%

Machop: 25%

Spoink: 15%

Machoke: 4%
Seviper: 1%

This area is a bit like Jagged Pass, with numerous ledges going down. The sage at the top mentions that a monster is in the desert, but won't let us pass. First off, get the Water Bottle here.

Wise Sage Chin Bao: Baltoy Lv33, Baltoy Lv33, P528

Wise Sage Feng Darin: Baltoy Lv33, Baltoy Lv33, P528

There's a hidden Timer Ball near the west side.

Wise Sage Yong Shui: Baltoy Lv30, Meditite Lv31, Baltoy Lv33, P528

Back on Route 112, the Shakya Monastery is to the west of course.


Sages at the monastery do weird things. They do mention the brave Izumii though. There's also a Shakyamuni Tower to the SW. You are not worthy to actually enter at this time though. The shop is above this tower.

Energypowder: P500

Energy Root: P800

Aconite Juice: P450

Zombie Cuke: P2800

Let's head inside the temple and talk the sage up front. People have been mentioning a monster, which we probably saw earlier to the right of where Famine was. So let's head back there now. Talk to Izumii, who's magic has been keeping this weird Aerodactyl at bay. It is a shiny Aerodactyl at Lv40. You might want to actually catch it. Izumii can now return home!

So we've defeated the Aerodactyl. We should be able to go to the tower at Sage's Slope now, but first we need to head back to Shakya Monastery and talk to the guy at the top. Also I forgot to mention, the SE house is a Guest House and you can rest for free (although why, there's PokeCenter here too). Return to Sage's Slope and you can pass the guy at the top. In the icy room that follows, there's a healing kit next to the next ladder.


You'll be seeing what appears to be Frost Demons fighting Inquisition members. Climb up. Hey! Look who it is!

Deadly Seven Mikov: Gloom Lv36, Gloom Lv36, Vileplume Lv38, P5320

Deadly Seven Bobov: Onix Lv34, Steelix Lv38, P5320

Izumii is apparently fighting off both factions, although he doesn't seem to have a mon with him.

Deadly Seven Gunkov: Kenchira Lv35, Kenchira Lv37, P5180

Deadly Seven Karkov: Trapinch Lv36, Trapinch Lv36, Vibrava Lv39, P5460

Deadly Seven Robotnov: Golbat Lv37, Golbat Lv38, Golbat Lv39, P5460

We only get to half of the Deadly Seven before we end up seeing familiar faces in Chloe and Famine. Chloe tries her best, but is pushed back. Famine then threatens you before leaving the scene. You then explain that Chloe and the Inquisition are bad guys and you and Gleis is a good guy. Chloe tries to turn it around, saying Gleis works for a more sinister master, worse than the Horsemen or even Meteor, the one who was to invade Hoenn. Chloe also says they really need your strength. You of course realize Gleis wasn't of much help. Chloe then invites you to her home, which is at Fallarbor Town. After she leaves, Izumii shows up and declares you to be a pure soul! We can now enter the Shakyamuni Tower! There wasn't really much else to go to anyways, so let's head there now! Oh by the way, you can't go south on Mt. Chimney, so don't bother. Just head back to the Monastery and enter the Shakyamuni Tower.


No wild encounters. Head up the steps.

Wise Sage Gen Gui: Baltoy Lv33, Baltoy Lv33, P528

Wise Sage Mei Lin: Claydol Lv34, P544

Next floor...

Wise Sage Nianzhu: Grumpig Lv36, P576

Climb two more floors, then drop into the hole, then the next hole...

Wise Sage Yongliang: Baltoy Lv33, Baltoy Lv33, Spoink Lv34, P544

The old man on the next floor isn't a trainer, but mentions that an odd man was looking for the Chikuwa Salesman. He'll give us the Chaos of Oden armor. Head up the steps. I ran into this strange glitch with the next trainer.

Pokemon Snakewood Walkthrough ss1Pokemon Snakewood Walkthrough ss2

Wise Sage Guiren: Baltoy Lv31, Kadabra Lv37, P592

Up the steps will be the elder. He says that Landon managed to weaken, but not capture, the Aerodactyl from before. The elder explains that he may have gone back to Ever Grande to get the help of the Elite Four there. You then ask about the weird arms behind him (this actually applies to the other sages). Anyways, we are promised a battle.

Elder Longwei: Wobbuffet Lv36, Celebi Lv38, P1672 and the Yellow Vespa

Hooray! We now have the ability to scale mudslides. Guess what? Yep, backtracking. Move down a bit when finished/you don't feel like backtracking.

What sucks is that you are still not able to actually bike on Cycling Road, even if you are on the Vespa. You may recall there were slopes in the Island of Calm, but there's actually nothing of real interest. The only other place that had slopes was the Solar Caverns. Go to where the slope is and climb up. See these floor cracks? You obviously wanna avoid them. Before speeding over them, head down the ladder to get TM22 Solarbeam. Now speed across west, north, and east. The next ladder down has nothing. Speed east, south, and east, then take the ladder at the far end. Examine the rock here to get the Excalibur.

GLITCH: Past the first mudslide in Solar Caverns, there is a crack to the east of it. Do NOT fall in that crack, as you will be in an area where you will be completely stuck unless you use a Teleporter/Dig.

With this backtracking done, return to Famine's Desert and speed up the mudslide.

Black Belt Daisuke: Machamp Lv35, P3220

Go up and to the other mudslide. Examine the next rock you find to find a Sand Cloak.

Former Chef Ichi: Munchlax Lv34, Munchlax Lv33, Kirlia Lv36, P864

Head to the SW end to find the other half of Route 112. Enter this side of Frigid Way for more sliding stuff, however the only thing you can do is get TM06 Toxic here. Back in the desert, head to the NW and watch a trainer apparently decapitate a former chef. She'll battle you afterwards.

Normal Girl Jemima: Zangol Lv39, P1872


Mons found:

Spinda: 70%

Sandshrew: 25%

Skarmory: 5%

Get out of the first grass patch and examine the cracked rock here to get an Ether.

Severed Head Neal: Eye-eye Lv34, Eye-eye Lv34, P1768

Head up and hop the ledge to get a Super Repel.

Severed Head Tancred: Eye-eye Lv33, Eye-eye Lv33, Eye-eye Lv35, Eye-eye Lv35, P1924

Severed Head Vinnie: Eye-eye Lv41, P2132

Zombie Duo Ken&Bel: Shrivlsaur Lv35, Entrailtle Lv35, P3920

Next to the Glass Workshop, get TM32 Double Team from the rock.

Severed Head Charles: Eye-eye Lv36, Eye-eye Lv35, P1820

You can get a Max Ether behind the Inquisition footman here.

Inquisition Footman: Lairon Lv38, P7600


Yep, this town is under control of the Inquisition. The PokeCenter has Chloe at the PC. Talk to her and she'll mention Alicia is looking for us, before leaving the PC. The guys here are having a drinking contest, and you can join in if you want, but all that happens is you getting buzzed and having a hangover over and over again. Yet if you persevere, you could actually win and the reward is a whopping P50,000 to add to your wallet! The Mart is also owned by the Inquisition, and whaddya know, it's a pretty good one! Recommended to buy Teleporters and Super Repels for later.

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Revive: P1500

Parlyz Heal: P200

Teleporter: P550

Super Repel: P500

Special Plus: P350

Speed Plus: P350

Attack Plus: P500

Defend Plus: P550

Crit Plus: P650

Reduct Reduce: P700

The Super Rank Contest Hall is now their HQ, and the barracks are where the Move Tutor's home used to be. Also Cozmo's house is gone. Alicia just so happens to be at the HQ, thinking of changing her allegiance. You and her were both Deathcallers who worked with Lord Gravetric, who had been deposed by the horsemen. Your home had collapsed and that's basically how you had lost your memory. You and Meteor had a contract too it seems. Meteor also had a daughter that was trying to break out of the underworld. Our goal is to fight off the horsemen. They have used Meteor Falls as their base. Alicia will meet us there.

ROUTE 114 [R114]

Mons found:

Geodude: 99% (rock smash)

Qwilfish: 95% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Swablu: 40%

Seedot: 30%

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Zangoose: 19%

Nuzleaf: 10%

Wingull: 4% (surf)

Surskit: 1%

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

Kabuto: 1% (rock smash)

Well, the Fossil Maniac's dead, but his brother has crafted a network of tunnels! You can stumble around if you like, but you don't have Flash. Thankfully you won't have to deal with wild encounters here. Anyways, you can find a crater in the center of the first area (which actually has all three entrances) and entering it takes you to a different area. Re-enter the crater you come to, as this area has nothing of interest. But in the next area, you have another to the west (re-entering the crater here takes you back to the first one). Some steps are to the SE of that crater, but they lead nowhere. Entering this crater, there's one immediately to the east, and another one to the south of that. Take the steps south of that crater to get TM28 Dig. Note the Strength boulder here as well. This one is fastened with iron pegs, so even if you had Strength you couldn't move it. The crater near the entrance crater doesn't really lead anywhere, while re-entering the entrance crater leads to another area with a crater to the east, which takes you to the crater near the boulder. Entering the crater near the boulder takes you to the second area, but I recommend you leave after you get the TM since there's nothing of real importance left here.

Inquisition Footman: Graveler Lv36, P7200

Inquisition Footman: Hombone Lv28, Geodude Lv28, Aron Lv28, Rhyhorn Lv28, P5600

Nothing to note if you surf west, except maybe the waterfall. Feel free to get a Riesen behind the rock in the SW.

Inquisition Double Act: Golem Lv36, Aggron Lv36, P14400

Inquisition Footman: Slugma Lv34, Hombone Lv36, P7200

Chloe seems to have taken ownership of Lanette's old house. Talk to her inside and she'll lay the plan out. You and Alicia are to head in first, and to get past the zombies straight to the horsemen. Also by talking to her, the PC will say Lanette's PC when referring to the Pokemon Storage System, much like the original. Shame we can't go upstairs in the house. Go get a Magic Stars on the south rock, then head up to the mountain. Alicia will be at the entrance to Meteor Falls and will enter once you talk to her.


Mons found:

Entrance area:

Lunatone: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

2nd area (with horsemen):

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Hombone: 61%

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Lunatone: 25%, 100% (surf)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Graveler: 14%

3rd area (with trainers):

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Hombone: 45%

Lunatone: 35%, 100% (surf)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Graveler: 20%

4th area (small room):

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Golbat: 60%, 90% (surf)

Solrock: 40%, 10% (surf)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Follow Alicia into Meteor Falls and head west.

GLITCH: Do yourself a favor and stick to the topside of the bridge. There is a very strange tile at the south end that sometimes you can go through, and sometimes you can't. At times, it will sink you underneath, so it looks like you're walking on water. And if you go down the waterfall you can actually go back to the Rustboro entrance (although you won't be able to leave unless you're "technically" surfing). Basically follow my advice please.

Talk to Alicia again. She'll direct you to the zombie horde here, which you may have actually seen if you detoured into Meteor Falls prior to this. Instead of battling the zombies, we go past them, then she goes on ahead. One thing to note is that there are no encounters on this floor at all. Just go to the NW cave and pick up TM23 Iron Slam as you do.

This floor will have encounters, as well as Strength boulders. Um, what's the deal here? Looks like the "Alicia" is one of the horsemen, War. This horseman has lied about the Alicia character and your past, and made up all sorts of lies to lure you to their location. Meteor apparently was a victim too. You then give a rousing speech, and now we're slated to fight War.

Horseman War: P10384

Sableye Lv39, Crystalstorm, Protect, Shadow Swipe, Faint Attack, holds Sitrus Berry

Banette Lv40, Karate Chop, Glare, Shadow Swipe, Knock Off, holds Curséd Skull

Dusclops Lv41, Shadow Swipe, Toxic, Protect, Endure, holds Leftovers

Weavile Lv41, Ice Punch, Shadow Swipe, Faint Attack, Slash, holds Chaos of Oden

Gengar Lv42, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, holds Snipe Scope

Gigawolf Lv44, Shadow Swipe, Crunch, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Meaty Bell

A mysterious being then appears! It's Death, the last of the horseman. The final horseman orders the others to return before turning to you. In an escape you then jump into the water; now does this place seem familiar?

S.S. CANGREJO (revisited) [CNJR]

Mons found:

Ditto: 61%

Magnemite: 19%

Spheal: 19%
Sableye: 1%

It's the S.S. Cangrejo! Talk to Usher and you'll explain about a Maximum Security Vault, which is in the place of the Weather Institute. As you'd expect, it's taken over, this time by the horsemen. We have to fix the service elevators though.

So go down the hole and down all the way to the elevator. It needs to be electrically powered. If you have an Electric type with you, such as Pikachu, it can Thundershock to bring it back. If you don't have one at the moment, go downstairs then up at the other set to find a PC to use. Or if you have no electric types at all, you can surf around the bottom floor to catch Magnemite (if you need Poke Balls, head to the room with the PC and use the Arclight Spanner to get free Poke Balls). Once the elevator is powered on, enter, then leave. You're in a new area. First, walk south, then SE to find a diary on a computer. Afterwards, walk around the edge until you reach the next set of steps. This next floor has encounters. Catch Ditto while you're here, because you’ll need it later. Then head upstairs again to be at the other part of the previous area. You will find a teleporter soon enough, so take it. Or actually, it looks like you need a key to use it.

What to do? Try going back to the left section of this area and examining the computer just to the NW of the one with the diary. It has a username and password combo already on. With this memorized, use the computer just to the north to see some more backstory. This doesn't actually help or anything, but well it's neat I guess. What you really wanna do is go back to the PC and retrieve a caught Ditto, then head back to the teleporter pad. Ditto will transform into the key and you can now use the warp pad. Go back to Usher and he'll drop you off at Fortree City. We can't do anything here though, aside from use the PokeCenter. Head west to Route 119.

ROUTE 119 [R119]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Zigzagoon: 50%

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Carvanha: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Linoone: 20%

Gloom: 20%

Tropius: 9%

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Castform: 1%

Battlezombie Siobhan: Electabugs Lv40, Grimreaper Lv40, P1600

Battlezombie Roger: Azombarill Lv44, P1760

Before we head to the Vault, there's Larry the Looter near the water's edge.

Great Ball P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Super Potion: P700

Hyper Potion: P1200

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Revive: P1500

Super Repel: P500

Wood Mail: P50

Surf north to the waterfall and note it, also land on the right edge and find a hidden Starmix. Surf down the river and go to the tall grass patch at the SE end to find a hidden Ultra Ball in a clearing. At the very end of the river, where the rocks block off the waterfall, is a Leaf Stone. Now head back and cross the bridge. A battlezombie will come out to fight!

Battlezombie Bert: Miasmar Lv42, P1680

It drops HM05 Flash! You can deter a bit and defeat another battlezombie if you want, but if you go further you'll find a military personnel in combat with another zombie at the moment who won't let you pass.

Battlezombie Hughie: Poliwraith Lv43, P1720

Let's head inside the Maximum Security Vault.

Battlezombie Linda: Grimreaper Lv41, P1640

As you might expect the PC and bed here are incredibly convenient.

Battlezombie Mike: Gorelax Lv41, P1640

Battlezombie Sasha: Miasmar Lv38, Electabugs Lv38, P1520

Battlezombie Ricky: Grimreaper Lv38, Grimreaper Lv38, P1520

And there's Gleis. You say you're here to free Meteor's daughter. But not much else can be said as we get into a battle with Gleis.

Taoist Gleis: Haunter Lv38, Alakazam Lv40, Qwilshark Lv39, Seviper Lv38, Faceleech Lv41, P11480 and the Dragon Egg

The egg talks! Anyways not much to do as far as where to take it, as it isn't used to long words and such. Leave the Weather Institute. The military guy fighting at the slope is gone, as was the zombie he was fighting. Slide down the mudslide and collect a Hyper Potion nearby.

Battlezombie Philip: Grimreaper Lv40, Azombarill Lv40, Electabugs Lv40, P1600

There's an Elixir at the east enclave, but look out for a hidden severed head!

Severed Head Bret: Eye-eye Lv38, Eye-eye Lv38, Eye-eye Lv38, P1976

Soldier Yul Varin: Breloom Lv44, P1408

Oh of course...

Deadly Seven Rolv: Metang Lv40, Metang Lv41, P5740

Deadly Seven Sputnov: Flaaffy Lv40, Flaaffy Lv40, P5740

Deadly Seven Vladov: Calfby Lv40, Tauros Lv41, Miltank Lv41, P5740

Deadly Seven Adolv: Dragonair Lv40, Dragonair Lv41, Dragonite Lv42, P5880

Deadly Seven Asimov: Pupitar Lv40, Pupitar Lv41, Tyranitar Lv44, P6160

Use the medical kit here and pick the berries before going south. Well, there's a house here that leads to an Endless Plains, but it doesn't have use. Also there's a woman near a boat named Gabriella, nothing really to note. Surf NW to find some Wine Gums then head south for the Mimic Circle trainers.

Mimic Bros Tommo: Psypig Lv39, Psypig Lv39, P1560

Mimic Bros Cinnabar: Kajilianth Lv42, P1680 (NOTE: Kajilianth is Poison/Psychic type with Wonder Guard, use Ground, Ghost, or Dark moves to defeat it)

Mimic Bros Floatzel: Roselia Lv39, Swellow Lv39, P1560

A Super Repel is at the SE end. A hidden Zombie Cuke is west of where Tommo would be wandering.

ROUTE 118 [R118]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Zigzagoon: 60%

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Carvanha: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)
Linoone: 10%

Kecleon: 10%

Abra: 10%

Wingull: 9%, 35% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Alakazam: 1%

As soon as you step in, Dr. Blackthorn stops you and asks you about the egg. He was on his way there to help but you beat him to it. Then you ask if he knows any way to help bring the daughter to Meteor. Meteor is apparently at Mossdeep. He also knows that people are untrustworthy around here. Get a Broken Heart near the other scientist.

Battlezombie Fernando: Moulder Lv39, Yuck Lv39, P1560

Recruiters Tina&Bruce: Seadra Lv41, Metang Lv41, P3608 and another chance at a report.

Battlezombie Hester: Headdoom Lv39, Grimreaper Lv42, P1680

Normal Girl Tesrael: Spinda Lv40, Hariyama Lv40, P1920

Rock Warrior Dalton: Luxio Lv38, Exploud Lv41, Luxray Lv42, P1848

Fisherman Oswald: Carvanha Lv37, P1776

If only we could've actually been able to return to Mauville, but the rocks are all in the way. Talk to the other fisherman here to get the Cursed Rod, which is cursed to fish up stronger mons. Hey, I don't mind this.

Battlezombie Jaime: Ironreaper Lv43, P1720

ROUTE 123 [R123]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Machop: 30%

Zigzagoon: 20%

Linoone: 20%

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Gloom: 15%

Machoke: 9%

Wingull: 5%, 35% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Machamp: 1%

Yeah, there's a weird graphics glitch near the berries there. The trainer with the Pichu-looking thing is a trainer who uses Denjuu from the game Keitai Denjū Telefang! They are Grass, Flying, and Rock types, respectively. Even if you beat this trainer she won't move from the Berry Master's house. There's more of these trainers by the way.

T-Fanger Ran-Mao: Kuriputo Lv40, Roodanse Lv40, Ooshe Lv40, P2080

An Ultra Ball is behind the south fence.

T-Fanger Shubitz: Ooshe Lv42, Fangasu Lv43, P2236

T-Fanger Mirai: Roodanse Lv43, Fangasu Lv43, P4472

T-Fanger Majide: Goosuboa Lv36, Fangasu Lv36, Roodanse Lv36, Nigera Lv36, Ooshe Lv29, P1508

Fangasu is Grass-type, Nigera is Water-type, and Goosuboa has no weakness as it's Ghost/Dark type. Use the medical kit and move on.

T-Fanger Mei-Rin: Goosuboa Lv39, Kuriputo Lv40, Ooshe Lv41, P2132

You'll explain to Mei-Rin where these people are, in your own words hah. The antenna tree these guys operate with for some reason has sent these people here. They talk about the mountain to the north, which you of course know is Mt. Pyre, and you'll gladly investigate. First, head north, pick the berries, and jump west for an Elixir. Inspect the rock east of Mei-Rin to find a Hyper Potion, then continue east.

Battlezombie Yves: Gorelax Lv42, Azombarill Lv44, P1760

T-Fanger Rubric: Nigera Lv41, Kuriputo Lv41, P2132

Cut the tree to the east and take the north path to find a Ragecandybar. The girl who loves Grass types is on the south path, and she'll give you TM19 Giga Drain like before as long as you have one with you.

ROUTE 122 [R122]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

There's actually two entrances to Mt. Pyre, strangely enough. There's one if you surf clockwise from the main entrance all the way to the east side. For now, I went through the main entrance.


Mons found:

Interior section:

Shuppet: 99%

Banette: 1%

Path to summit:

Shuppet: 40%

Meditite: 30%

Vulpix: 20%

Kenchira: 8%

Wingull: 2%


Duskull: 85%

Shuppet: 14%

Gengar: 1%

Talk to the zombie who talks to you and gives you the Dispell Toke. A severed head blocks the way. This means we have to take the other entrance. Just follow the path once you're inside. You'll be outside soon enough, follow the path and use the healing kit and get TM48 Skill Swap as you climb up. When the fog thickens, keep going and head to the NW to get TM25 Discharge.

T-Fanger Lolidragon: Kuriputo Lv45, P2340

T-Fanger Liria Chen: Fangasu Lv45, P2340

T-Fanger McDougal: Goosuboa Lv45, P2340

If you were sighted by McDougal (Kei) from afar, go behind where he was and head into the grass. A hidden Ragecandybar can be found here. Anyways head up to the man who has been lying more or less about your involvement. It's Temulence, who is basically Gleis' associate, and you're gonna battle him.

Worldbreaker Temulence: P3240

Fangasu Lv43, Headbutt, Razor Leaf, Agility, Sleep Powder

Kuriputo Lv44, Razor Leaf, Submission, Ice Punch, Megahorn

Nigera Lv45, Twineedle, Poison Fang, Storm Surge, Mean Look

Afterwards we're basically done with the Denguu trainers at this point, and they all leave. You mention to the egg that the Fortree Gym could be up and running. Let's hope so. But since all the T-Fangers are gone, you can go back to Route 123 and enter the Berry Master's house. This is actually a sidequest, as the Berry Master is no longer a master but a collector, who wishes to find Broken Hearts, 50 to be exact. This'll have to wait of course, since you're nowhere near that amount at this point. Head to Route 121.

ROUTE 121 [R121]

Mons found:

Goldeen: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Duskull: 30%

Zigzagoon: 20%

Linoone: 20%

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Oddish: 15%

Gloom: 5%

Wingull: 9%, 35% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Bouffalant: 1%

The cave here is the Madio Cave where you can catch Madio mons. You can enter it if you like. The old Safari Zone is closed, cause apparently a dimensional rift has come through and for some weird reason all these weird mons had come through. You can't go towards Lilycove as there's a ledge in the way

Best Friends Jade&Sara: Masquerain Lv46, Slaking Lv46, Sandslash Lv46, Vigourlan Lv46, P4416

Film Student Tchaikovsky: Mightyena Lv43, Weavile Lv43, P1892

A hidden White Rabbit is in a clearing to the south of the berry patch.

Film Student Hiro: Weavile Lv43, Sevicious Lv45, P1980


Mons found:

Aeromadio: 25%

Treemadio: 21%

Bonemadio: 20%

Seamadio: 20%

Normadio: 5%

Gluemadio: 4%

Earthmadio: 4%

Burstmadio: 1%

All of these Madio mons are level 1 by the way. Use Flash to see better. Enter the cave to find a woman who can heal you. The next area has four caves at the north wall, of which the one second from the left is the one you just came out of. There's several ladders here, plus four more exits on the south wall. The NW exit aligns with the south exit that is second from the right. The SE exit takes you back to the middle exit on the north wall (the one with the woman who healed you). The one to the right of where you exit just takes you back to the first floor. The NE exit is a complete red herring that just exits you out the same one. The SW exits both lead to each other. The west ladder leading down leads to a nearby ladder near the south exits, while the other ladders also don't lead anywhere.

So there's a solution to all this; from the start, go to any ladder at the west end (not the easternmost one, I prefer the leftmost ladder) without taking any exits. This should lead to a room with four ladders. Take the NW one, as the others lead you back. Exit this cave and go to the next cave, where the music changes. You will find an Afro Ball on a rock! That's it here. Sometimes if you go to the rightmost ladder, you might find a young couple.

Young Couple Mai&Hiro: Nidoqueen Lv47, Nidoking Lv47, P3008

There’s actually much more to the Madio Cave, but let’s just go in the direction of Fortree for now.

ROUTE 120 [R120]

Mons found:

Graveill: 73%, 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Absol: 27%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Gotta admit, I thought there'd be more than this as far as wild Pokemon goes. The lady here mentions that Absol are fighting the zombies. Get a Hyper Potion to the NW before moving up.

The Witch: Gardevoir Lv44, Lunatone Lv44, P2640

North from the Witch is a Snake Oil and yet another cave to keep in mind for later.

Film Student Chiki Corma: Sharpedo Lv40, Mightyena Lv41, Mightyena Lv41, P1804

Film Student Zappizor: Magneton Lv40, Magneton Lv41, Luxray Lv43, P1892

Enter the grass maze and pick up a Nugget nearby. The "witch" is a Witch Doctor, which functions as a much-needed healing spot!

The Tooth Witch: Misdreavus Lv40, Solrock Lv40, Lunatone Lv40, P2400

The Swine Witch: Banette Lv41, Shiftry Lv41, Gorelax Lv41, P2460

The East Witch: Banette Lv45, P2700

The Blair Witch: Sableye Lv45, P2700

The Maybe Witch: Xatu Lv41, Gengar Lv43, P2580

The Sand Witch: Claydol Lv44, Marowak Lv43, Rhydon Lv44, P2640

Dr Blackthorn is on the next bridge, and he gives you an Astral Lens (Devon Scope).

The Bad Fairy: Clefable Lv46, P2760

A hidden Revive is in a clearing in the grass nearby. You can enter an aptly named Rainy Cave if you go west and surf south. Inside, sure enough, is TM18 Rain Dance. You can also find Sneasel, Hombone, Zubat, and Golbat here. If you head north past the recruiters by cutting trees down, you can find TM38 Fire Blast.

The Angel Witch: Xatu Lv44, Gardevoir Lv44, P2640

Recruiters Tina&Bruce: Kingdra Lv45, Metagross Lv45, P3960

You seem to be blocked at the entrance to Fortree! Use the Astral Lens to find a hidden witch!

The Witch: Gardevoir Lv44, Lunatone Lv44, P2640


Enter the first house to find what used to be a secret base shop, but on the right is Count D's shop.

Scratchkitten: P1000

Scruffy Chick: P1000

Flash Puppy: P1000

Sparkly Pony: P1000

Interesting pet shop, ain't it? These pets actually can become Pokemon through a sidequest, but you haven't really reached the area where it is yet. In order, you can get a Meowth, Doduo, Growlithe, or Blitzle by turning them in, although do mind that it might fail and give you a Glute, a really crappy mon that takes a long time to evolve and doesn't learn anything good! It's up to you if it's worth the money to buy these things.

To the south is the film institute, as well as the house with the Hidden Power granny. Take her test to get TM10 Hidden Power. Anyways your PokePhone will ring soon enough, and you'll talk about the witch problem as well as stuff involving the gym leader Veracity (Winona's brother). We'll explore the rest of Fortree first. A woman near the NE house mentions that Veracity has closed his gym off. The house has a messenger Wingull like before. On approach to the gym, the guards tell you to back off, they're actually more scared of Veracity than anything. Larry the Looter is near the PokeCenter.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Maxi Potion: P2500

Full Restore: P3000

Snake Oil: P600

Revive P1500

Max Repel: P700

Now let's enter the University of Film, it's quite a big building. The Nurse Joy lookalike here is a woman named Tilly who will still heal us, and there is a PC nearby. The item on the table is a Soma (Sea Incense). A trainer is on the right side.

Film Student Zachary: Mightyena Lv42, Mightyena Lv42, Mightyena Lv42, P1848

The doors to the north are, from left to right, the Staff Offices and Accommodation, Student Accommodation, and Studios and Classrooms. The man to the left of the Staff Offices apparently is going before you, and won't let you enter, and the same with the lady near the Student Accommodation. Enter the Studios and Classrooms to fight some more film students.

Film Student Bill Stokey: Weavile Lv46, Blissey Lv46, P2024

Actress Whitney: Milotic Lv47, Hombeast Lv46, Psypig Lv47, P3760

Four studios to choose from. Try the leftmost one, and you seem to interrupt a filming.

Film Student Jared: Gigawolf Lv48, P2112

While you can attempt to interrupt their filming, what you should do is talk to the guy behind Jared, who gives you TM40 Beat Up. You may want to save this TM, as it's one of the few moves that is capable of damaging Kingmadio (and there will be a trainer with one very late in the game!). Let's try the next studio.

Film Student Leozar: Sevicious Lv48, P2112

Actress Marlene: Psypig Lv46, Hombeast Lv46, Milotic Lv46, P3680

There's a Sand Cloak in the SE corner. Next studio!

Film Student Asphodel: Sableye Lv47, Luxray Lv47, P2068

Nothing else here though if you talk to one of the actresses she mentions something about an experimental camera that could put them out of a job. Hmm. Anyways, last studio which is the rightmost one. Well, actually you won't be able to enter as the actress nearby will stop you. Try to head back and the guy will stop you and tell you you've been wandering a lot. We should get a visitor's pass from someone named Godot. He'll say he's in the classrooms to the...right...um okay then. Now we can head up the rightmost steps. Again, more places to head north to, except the rightmost steps which are blocked by the student and actress. The leftmost stairs are also not accessible, because you've already smelt the scent of death numerous times it seems. Let's once again go left to right, starting with the third from the left. This is a Film Theory class. Some info is here if you're interested in film theory I guess. Next class is Actress class. Again, nothing of note. The last class you can access has both students and actresses. One of the students says that Godot probably went to the dorms. Well, now you can access the dorms.

Actress Tabby: Milotic Lv50, P4000

I guess there's a boys and girls room here, but I believe if you talk to the one that matches your gender, he’ll/she'll mention what Godot is up to. TM30 Shadow Ball is right here too. One of the tenants here can give you a free Emolga, but only if you have space in your party. The old man is Godot, and you'll get the Visitor's Pass. You can now access the Staff Offices and Accommodations. There's four places to go, with Veracity's office in the middle. You won't be able to enter any staircase but Veracity's. Veracity will give you the lowdown, which of course is in regards to the experimental camera that seems to be slaughtering the students below. We might as well go down there now that we can. The problem seems to be a really weird fakemon by the name of X32763. It's an Electric/Steel type with Levitate at Lv50 and you can catch it only once. Go back to Veracity. You'll find out there's no real reward, huh. Veracity will go back to the gym though, so it should be quite obvious we should follow. The guards at the gym will go away after hearing about a possible witch attack, and we can enter.

Go up the broken ledges and you'll meet up with a zombie. Seems to be familiar to you, as you have a flashback. Turns out it's actually Winona!

Monstrous Winona: P816

Dirtkrow Lv47, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Faint Attack, Glare

Grimreaper Lv48, Air Cutter, Shadow Swipe, Earthquake, Aerial Ace

Ironreaper Lv49, Iron Slam, Cross Chop, Earthquake, Ice Punch

Scar Lugia Lv51, Earthquake, Aeroblast, Psychic, Cosmic Power

Veracity immediately rushes in to ensure that we won't harm her and keep it all a secret. After you give your own pep talk it's now time to fight Veracity. He's a Fire-type expert.

Leader Veracity: P22236

Psypig Lv46, Fire Blast, Psychic, Calm Mind, Substitute

Ninetales Lv47, Fire Pump, Hypnosis, Skullbreaker, Will-O-Wisp

Torkoal Lv48, Toxic, Double Team, Amnesia, Iron Defense

Flareon Lv49, Fire Pump, Quick Attack, Bite, Dig

Blaziken Lv50, Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut, Beat Up, Swords Dance

Ho-oh Lv51, Sacred Fire, Fly, Psychic, Earthquake

You then take the Sacred Sword (which is from his Ho-oh) and then cut Winona down, since Veracity could never do it. He'll heal your mons for doing this, then he'll go. You can't access the rest of the gym, and it looks like we're badgeless and we don't even get HM02 out of all this.

When you try going back to Route 120, a girl stops you and gives you the Comet Badge. Amusingly, this is the seventh badge, but we don't have HM08 yet.

MADIO CAVE (revisited) [MAD2]

Hmm, how do we get to Lilycove? Guess we'll just stumble a bit more in the Madio Cave. Once you reach the area with the exits and ladders, note that for now, the two middle ladders lead to each other, the rightmost one leads to the young couple, while the left one leads to the area with four ladders. Try the SW exit first. You'll be at...Dewford Gym? A trainer immediately notices you.

Pirate Inigo: Persian Lv46, Milotic Lv46, Persian Lv46, P3312

Yes it's confusing, but the gym is brightly lit up anyways, and you can see where you are relative to the rest of the gym. You can't revisit any place here. Walk right into Inigo to return to Madio Cave.

You may have seen some weird mon in some clearing on Route 120 that you couldn't access. Well, you can by going through the Madio Cave. To do so, first start from the puzzle room entrance, then take the exit that is directly south of the entrance. You should end up out of the SW exit. Go back to that entrance again, which will pop you out at the exit to the right of the entrance. Now enter the leftmost ladder and leave the cave and you're there! The mon is a fakemon known as Cinderco, a Fire type at Lv40. It can evolve into Radiorange if exposed to a Leaf Stone.

Back at the maze from the entrance, take the NW exit, then take the rightmost ladder. This area has crystals on the walls and three ladders. Take the one going up to reach the trainer that you saw at the beginning of Madio Cave.

Film Student Machi: Weavile Lv48, P2112

Go back and try the ladder to the north of that one, which leads to a north-south hall where the opposite ends basically lead to each other. The two ladders lead to a cave that is similar to the main puzzle room, but brighter and with a music change. Enter the cave east of the sign which actually leads to Cutlerine himself! The area behind him is under construction. Three caves on the south wall lead back to the original cave, while the rightmost of those leads to the NW cave here, and the other two caves (west of the sign and NE) lead to each other. The NW cave leads to an area with Victory Road music and another trainer.

Lost Soul Alberto: Luxio Lv49, Cloyster Lv49, P2548

Pick up a Caramac here. Since this area has the Victory Road music, we can surmise we're in an unreachable area of it. You can catch some of the mons here if you wish.

Return to the room with crystals and four ladders and take the SE ladder. This leads to another four-ladder room. Avoid both ladders that go down and head straight south to the one going up. The guy here mentions the walls are made of compressed jelly. Continue to the next cave. Um, hey, remember this area? The Inquisition base on Island of Calm, specifically the boss's courtyard. Well, nothing to do but enter the next cave. Trying to enter the nearest ladder will not allow us, since some force is trying to get an item from your bag that you don't have yet. Guess we'll have to remember this area for later. Take the other ladder and get TM13 Ice Beam before FINALLY leaving this cave. We're back on Route 121!

ROUTE 121 (revisited) [121R]

Gentleman Winston: Rapidash Lv50, P2000

Hmm, what this guy mentions after you battle him makes me suspicious. People looking for us? Cake? We'll have to see. There's a troll character to the south, a weird tree in the way, and a completely inaccessible garden of flowers to the north. Get a hidden Full Restore to the east and confront the troll. You used to have 11 mons? Okay, what? Glued them together to make one?

Troll Ugbuoon: A Monster Lv49, P1176

This "A Monster" only appears once, and is Disease type, so no weaknesses or resistances, but high HP. Visually it looks like a cross between Lotad, Skitty, Numel, Machamp, Golbat, Kyogre, Tropius, and I think that's part of a Zigzagoon tail and Zubat tail. Wow. That's about 9 mons, not 11. Anyways, move on and pick the berries, then grab the Magic Stars.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 85% (super rod)

Staryu: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Oooooohhhhhhh...it's these guys again. Crap. Walk into the middle of their circle. Looks like they had cake, but ate it all! This is gonna be extremely rough, as you're locked into combat with all of them one at a time.

Deadly Seven Mikov: Gloom Lv46, Vileplume Lv48, Bellossom Lv48, P6720

Deadly Seven Bobov: Onix Lv46, Steelix Lv48, Steelix Lv48, P6720

Deadly Seven Gunkov: Kenchukuo Lv50, Kenchukuo Lv50, P7000

Deadly Seven Karkov: Vibrava Lv46, Vibrava Lv46, Flygon Lv48, P6720

Deadly Seven Robotnov: Golbat Lv46, Golbat Lv47, Crobat Lv48, P6720

You actually get a tiny break after this, which heals your mons. Thanks cake!

Deadly Seven Rolv: Metang Lv47, Metang Lv47, Metagross Lv49, P6860

Deadly Seven Sputnov: Ampharos Lv46, Ampharos Lv47, Ampharos Lv48, P6720

Deadly Seven Vladov: Tauros Lv46, Miltank Lv47, Ramshaker Lv48, P6720

Deadly Seven Adolv: Dragonair Lv46, Dragonair Lv46, Dragonite Lv49, P6860

One last break before we battle Asimov.

Deadly Seven Asimov: Tyranitar Lv46, Tyranitar Lv47, Tyranitar Lv48, P6720

Wow, just...wow. Assuming you finished them off, it's now time to explore Lilycove. Get the Sun Stone by the rocks. You'll see some Inquisition people here, so get ready at the PokeCenter first. The chef will apparently challenge you to bring something tasty, well I'm not sure what it's about. The guys to the bottom right have a drinking contest going! Assuming you drank a lot at Fallarbor Town to have won a Rank 1 badge, you could, in fact, challenge these guys. And if you win, even after repeatedly losing your brain cells in the process, you get a HUGE money reward at P100000 from their wallets. When you're ready, you should battle some Inquisition boys.

Inquisition Footman: Solrock Lv50, P10000

Inquisition Double Act: P19200

Hombeast Lv48, Curse Claw, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Guillotine

Cradily Lv48, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Substitute, Protect

Note that for these trainers, the Hombeast has a Rock type move called Curse Claw. It's a 77% accurate move that is a OHKO. I assume it's like the other OHKO moves except with more accuracy, though I believe if you have mons Lv49 or higher it still won't work.

Inquisition Footman: Golem Lv47, Armaldo Lv47, P9400

Inquisition Five Ninja: Beedrill Lv48, Sevicious Lv48, P9600

You might be tempted to enter the Cove Lily Motel, but that will advance the story a bit. Let's go towards the Contest Hall.

Inquisition Footman: Breloom Lv48, Exploud Lv48, P9600

Welp, nothing in the contest hall, not a single sign of living and nothing can be interacted besides maybe the PC. Enter the house to the west and talk to the guy who is Randolph. This guy is actually the move tutor, so bring your Heart Sc...I mean Blue Rocks to him to have him teach your mons some moves. The girl seems to be held captive, and Randolph thinks she's a Magenpie. How strange. Anyways, nothing else to do so let's head into Cove Lily Motel now. Yep, that's Chloe, along with those two weird zombie cohorts. Since we have ridden the horsemen away, we're now the Inquisition's target. Two grunts come in to take you on, but then two dragons come in, Hun and Visigoth, and even the score. Basically, they get the grunts while you battle Chloe.

Taoist Chloe: P14000

Alakazam Lv46, Psychic, Hypnosis, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, holds Mewtwo Brain

Wigglytuff Lv47, Body Slam, Sing, Rollout, Skullbreaker, holds Plus Band

Aggron Lv48, Rock Slide, Iron Slam, Bite, Focus Punch, holds Old Brick

Persian Lv49, Slash, Brick Break, Earthquake, Hypnosis, holds Flash Scales

Gengar Lv49, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Mean Look, holds Curséd Skull

Faceleech Lv50, Poison Fang, holds Snake Eyes

Right then and there, the zombies and guards disappear, then Chloe teleports out. The dragons who helped you apparently ate those other guys. Seems they're here on behalf of Dr. Blackthorn. You'll then ride to Mossdeep.


Mons found (outside of fort only, in water):

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Yup! This is what Mossdeep is all right! You're in front of a meeting hall. Enter and it's in the construction process, but talk to Meteor who's next to Blackthorn. You'll return her in exchange for HM02 Fly! You'll then be told to talk to Dragon Hun, but also warned by Blackthorn that the enemies are still after you. We still need the badge for Fly though, so we're sort of stuck on this island until we talk to Hun.

Anyways, the two caves at the bottom of the steps lead to an Endless plains section with a lot of happy mons and another cave where Iberian tells you that the Charizard we've been seeing a lot lately actually lives here. Head down the steps to get to the waterfront. You can't surf south, but you can get a Net Ball down here.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Net Ball: P1000

Dive Ball: P1000

Hyper Potion: P1200

Snake Oil: P600

Revive: P1500

Max Repel: P700

Attack Plus: P500

Defend Plus: P550

To the north of the PokeMart is Visigoth and Hun. But let's see the rest of the island, as there's also a handy PokeCenter here. You'll get the Dumbbells from the dragon outside the PokeCenter. The cave to the east of the PokeCenter has a dragon who won't do anything until you have obtained the Secret of the Magi. Two caves to the north. The left one apparently leads to Victory Road, but in an inaccessible part. The other cave has a dragon who gives you the Kingdra Rod! Talk to Hun, where you can fly to either the Tower or the training Hall.

FORT DRACO TOWER (and training hall) [DTWR]

Mons found:

Noctowl: 40%

Vulpix: 30%

Psypig: 21%

Growlithe: 8%

Torkoal: 1%

Welp, I went to the tower first. A Five Ninja is in a dragon disguise.

Inquisition Five Ninja: Beedrill Lv48, Roselia Lv48, Nidoqueen Lv48, P9600

There's really nothing else of note when going up the tower. You just go back to the beginning. To the training hall!

The training hall is underground, but funny enough, it's more like the Mossdeep Gym in that it has the conveyors to deal with.

Six Elements Flamma: Psypig Lv48, Moltres Lv49, P1960

Six Elements Ventana: Aerodactyl Lv48, Skarmory Lv49, P1960

Six Elements Aquifer: Kingdra Lv50, P2000

Six Elements Mons: Claydol Lv47, Sandslash Lv47, Whiscash Lv49, P1960

Six Elements Gaia: Meganium Lv51, P2040

Six Elements Thundora: Electrode Lv48, Zapdos Lv50, P2000

With all this done, you're ready to battle Meteor in the middle, of course you're going to have to handle the switches to reach him.

Dragon King Meteor: Dragon Lv48, Dragon Lv48, Dragon Lv50, Kingdra Lv51, Altaria Lv52, Dragon Lv53, P6360, Knight's Emblem, and TM02 Dragon Claw

The Knight's Emblem is the sixth badge. Now we can Fly! As you return to Fort Draco Birch calls you and says that a zombie invasion has been initiated in Lilycove. Gleis and Temulence are there, and a Swampert is mentioned, which just so happens to be your brother's signature mon. He must be there! When you open the Fly menu, you'll find your options are severely limited, only able to fly to Littleroot, Oldale, Rustboro, Fallarbor, Fortree, Dewford, and of course Lilycove. Well, how about some sidequests before we head to Lilycove?

GLITCH: Fly to Fallarbor and return to the Famine's Desert. Go back to where you encountered Famine and Alicia. If you talk to either of them, you'll get the prompt for Rock Smash. If you attempt to use Rock Smash on either of them, the game will softlock.

First, fly to Littleroot and head north to Route 101. Talk to the girl to get a Broken Heart. You apparently cannot go further north, or even go to that house over there at the east end. That's all for backtracking surprisingly. Return to Lilycove and you'll see zombies! They will block off Route 121 and the south half of Lilycove. Well, we weren't able to head into the north end before, so let's go now! It should be obvious where we should go, as evident by the zombies and...Dantalion at the department storefront. The Move Deleter is alive and well if you require his services, and I'm glad both he and the Move Relearner are in the same city (although right now the Relearner is inaccessible). Hop two ledges and enter the house here to get TM44 Rest by looting the corpse. Head to the beach and examine the leftmost rock to get a Poke Ball. You'll see zombies in the water at the hideout up there, so you can't go there, but you can go to Route 124. For now though, we should continue our plot.


Yeah, I gave this one its own section. Anyways, besides the sidetracking, we obviously need to confront Dantalion at the Department Store entrance (seeing as how the art museum is also blocked off). Words and talk about flashbacks, then he enters. Head after him inside. The elevator is blocked off. Hey, is that a Deadly Seven member? Even though you don't want to, help Mikov out, and one of the zombies will battle you.

Battlezombie Barbara: Headdoom Lv49, Poliwraith Lv49, P1960

Once again, talk to the Deadly Seven member Bobov, as there's nothing to do besides this.

Battlezombie Mimi: Yuck Lv49, Azombarill Lv42, P1680

I wonder who this man is that Asimov is facing at the top?

Battlezombie Duncan: Gorelax Lv51, P2040

Next floor, we see Gleis is now fighting Karkov with a zombie. He seems to have four mons fainted, which will make this easier. Battle Gleis.

Taoist Gleis: Alakazam Lv50, Faceleech Lv56, P15680

Karkov mentions "that man" as we continue up the department store. On the next floor, that wouldn't happen to be Temulence there, would it? He ditched his Denjuu team for his team of Pokemon this time.

Worldbreaker Temulence: Gyarados Lv48, Hariyama Lv49, Machamp Lv50, Entei Lv51, P3672

What ceremony, Robotnov? Uh oh... The remaining four Deadly Seven members are worried about Asimov, and we have two battlezombies to deal with as well.

Battlezombie Perkins: Miasmar Lv52, P2080

Battlezombie Magdalene: Grimreaper Lv50, P2000

Walk up to the gentleman next to Temulence, and Asimov disappears. He's yet another character who knows who you are. Is this...the Dark Lord of the East? The Deadly Seven by the way are the Order of the Afro, and this gentleman's name is Senex. He wants your eyes! And he insists on a Pokemon battle to get them. This will be rough.

The Senex: Turmur Lv52, Luca Zámon Lv54, Shaderu Lv56, P3360

Turmur is Disease type, and has no weakness or resistances. Luca Zámon is Dragon/Ice type (like Kyurem) and Shaderu is Ghost/Normal type (only weak to Dark). Adolv then talks to you, with regards to the Order of the Afro, temporarily with the Inquisition, and they use the art of Hajike and attacking with lunacy, which is a Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo reference. Senex's lair is at Sootopolis, and the Order has helped Landon out, but he hasn't come back yet. Adolv then says we need to challenge the Elite Four themselves to build our strength. We then get HM08 Dive. Hey wait a minute, don't we need Waterfall? Oh well, we do have the right badge, and all will be revealed how to get to Ever Grande in due time.

You can enter the Art Museum for a stupid scene, but I would recommend holding off on this for now. Teach a mon Dive and let's have some fun.

But before that, return to Dewford Town and use the diving spot there. You'll spot a rock. Guess what? It's a Roclobster Lv50! Make sure to actually catch it, as it holds an item you’ll need for much later. To leave, go to the spot it was on. Now let's explore the good half of Route 124 for lots of diving and water!

ROUTE 124 [R124]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Wailmer: 65% (underwater) 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Chinchou: 30% (underwater)

Relicanth: 5% (underwater)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Hah, psyche. Looks like almost the entirety of Route 124 is completely blocked off aside from one diving spot. Dive in and there's nothing much here besides a cave entrance, but you can find a hidden Green Shard to the south.

Go in the cave and into the next one, then surface. You're at Ever Grande City! Awesome! And over the waterfall too. Should you decide to go down the waterfall, the diving spot leads back to the one at Route 124. If you attempt to go west, a quake occurs, and a sea monster shows up! You can't take it on and you'll automatically return to the Ever Grande PokeCenter.

GLITCH: You can sequence break. When you enter the first cave, use B right away and you can resurface on the other side of Route 124. While tempting, you might find trainers with around Lv70 mons, so it's probably best not to sequence break right now.

Mons found (Ever Grande City):

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Luvdisc: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Corsola: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)


Mons found:

1st area:

Hombone: 35%

Hariyama: 25%

Lairon: 10%

Loudred: 10%

Makuhita: 10%

Aron: 5%

Whismur: 5%

2nd area:

Graveler: 69% (rock smash)

Hariyama: 35%

Hombone: 34%

Geodude: 30% (rock smash)

Lairon: 20%

Medicham: 10%

Meditite: 1%

Omanyte: 1% (rock smash)

3rd area:

Goldeen: 95% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Hombone: 60%

Medicham: 25%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Lairon: 15%

Seaking: 5% (surf)

First off go to the east side of 1F and talk to the granny to receive a Broken Heart. The area to the north of there is the place where you fought a lost soul from the Madio Cave exit.

Normal Girl Bethany: Zangol Lv55, P2640

You'll need Flash and Rock Smash, but thankfully not Strength to proceed in B1F.

The Enigma: Dodrio Lv51, Aggron Lv53, Alakazam Lv54, P3240

Beauty Fishgirl: Swampert Lv55, P2420

Make it to the SE corner and ascend the ladder to get a Max Elixir before returning to B1F. There's a Full Restore behind some rocks to the north. Go down the ladder to the west of the SE corner to get to B2F.

Lost Soul Julianne: Sandslash Lv52, Misdreavus Lv55, P2860

You'll see a cave further north, and also steps leading to the top. No waterfalls, neat! But let's see the NE section here first.

Pirate Castaño: Persian Lv55, Persian Lv57, Crawdaunt Lv58, P4176

TM29 Psychic is up the north ladder. Try the bridge to the south.

Inquisition Five Ninja: Weavile Lv53, Sableye Lv55, P11000

This of course leads to the other side of the water, well, there's a Snake Oil on the north ledge and another trainer.

Firestarter Corleone: Blaziken Lv50, Ninetales Lv51, Psypig Lv52, Torkoal Lv54, P2160

If you're wondering where that new cave leads, it leads to a smaller section that ends up back at Fort Draco. If you need anything there, you can go there, but bear in mind this is a one way trip which means you have to go back to the entrance of Victory Road again to continue. Go down the waterfall and head east to the next ladder to B1F.

Normal Girl Susan: Hariyama Lv49, Snorlax Lv50, Kajilianth Lv50, P2400

Susan is an area that's a one-way, and you'll be back at B2F. Go back to the B1F ladder and head south, then around to go back to the other side of 1F. You're almost there.

The Mango Man: Starmie Lv55, P3300

Go up and, well it's obvious we have one more challenge just before the Victory Road exit, although since Wally's not here in this hack it's gotta be someone else. Guess who, it's Temulence!

Worldbreaker Temulence: P4104

Gyarados Lv52, Surf, Fury Dance, Earthquake, Thrash

Hariyama Lv52, Belly Drum, Frustration, Arm Thrust, Faint Attack

Machamp Lv53, Dynamicpunch, Cross Chop, Earthquake, Scary Face

Rhydon Lv55, Skullbreaker, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Curse

Entei Lv57, Calm Mind, Extrasensory, Fire Blast, Fire Pump


I always knew Ever Grande wasn't much of a city. Anyways there's something new to the east side, which is actually a room that resembles what your house's room would be, complete with the Littleroot music. But there's nothing to do there.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Maxi Potion: P2500

Full Restore: P3000

Snake Oil: P600

Revive: P1500

Max Repel: P700

There's a weird hiker guy who's actually a dwarf named Minin' Jonny of the Dwarven Minin' Committee and actually sells you mining equipment.

Miner Doll: P10000

Miner TM: P5000

I recommend not buying these now. Come back later when this becomes more relevant. Talk to the guys at the Elite Four entrance and they'll basically explain the current circumstances. Yep, considering we made it all the way here, we're basically good to go, with us only needing six badges one of which being that nifty Knight Emblem. They'll step aside, so now we can battle the Elite Four! You better be well prepared, as these trainers will be strong, with the champion at the end having mons around Lv70+

The first member is Caitlin, a Fighting type expert.

Leaguemaster Caitlin: P22800

Hariyama Lv53, Whirlwind, Belly Drum, Vital Throw, Earthquake, holds Leftovers

Machamp Lv54, Scary Face, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Cross Chop, holds Spiked Glove

Breloom Lv55, Leech Seed, Focus Punch, Spore, Giga Drain, holds Wonderplum

Blaziken Lv56, Blast Burn, Frictionkick, Sky Uppercut, Bright Idea, holds Flash Scales

Kenchukuo Lv57, Air Cutter, Slash, Cross Chop, Shadow Swipe, holds Snipe Scope

So this next dude's from Sweden eh? He's a Flying type expert.

Leaguemaster Benny: P24000

Tropius Lv57, Fly, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Sleep Powder, holds Leftovers

Swellow Lv58, Wing Attack, Frustration, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, holds Anadrin Talon

Altaria Lv59, Dragonbreath, Fury Dance, Body Slam, Earthquake, holds Treasure Ball

Pelipper Lv59, Stockpile, Storm Surge, Fly, Protect, holds Soma

Kenchukuo Lv60, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, holds Sitrus Berry

Apparently the only member of the original Hoenn Elite Four to survive the zombie invasion was Glacia. Pretty odd since I find most of the Hoenn Elite Four overall to be disappointments (her, Phoebe, and Drake are very easy to defeat type-advantage wise, and they often have two of the same mon).

Leaguemaster Glacia: P25600

Glalie Lv59, Light Screen, Crunch, Hail, Ice Beam, holds Rainbowfrost

Walrein Lv60, Surf, Body Slam, Hail, Ice Ball, holds Leftovers

Weavile Lv61, Shadow Swipe, Faint Attack, Hail, Ice Punch, holds Rainbowfrost

Cloyster Lv62, Crystalstorm, Ice Beam, Surf, Hail, holds Rainbowfrost

Articuno Lv64, Mind Reader, Hail, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, holds Sitrus Berry

She immediately namedrops the next in line, Indigo. Despite his name, he's the Electric-type trainer, or as he calls himself, the Thunder King.

Leaguemaster Indigo: P26800

Luxray Lv62, Crunch, Discharge, Earthquake, Body Slam, holds Electrichoney

Raichu Lv63, Thunderbolt, Iron Slam, Swift, Bright Idea, holds Electrichoney

Ampharos Lv64, Thunderpunch, Cotton Spore, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, holds Chaos of Oden

Zebstrika Lv65, Discharge, Agility, Flame Wheel, Double Team, holds Electrichoney

Zapdos Lv67, Drill Peck, Thunderbolt, Detect, Agility, holds Sitrus Berry

Up to the champion, who isn't Landon obviously. He apparently shares Tower Tycoon Palmer's sprite from D/P, but is named Feng Lei.

Hajike King Feng Lei: P74460

Hitmontop Lv64, Triple Kick, Aerial Ace, Rapid Spin, Scary Face, holds Spiked Glove

Roclobster Lv66, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, Crabhammer, Earthquake, holds Meaty Bell

Ramshaker Lv66, Psychic, Tri Attack, Bright Idea, Double Kick, holds Leftovers

Bouffalant Lv68, Wild Bolt, Reversal, Swords Dance, Megahorn, holds Plus Band

Radiorange Lv68, Fire Pump, Crazy Bolt, Faint Attack, Earthquake, holds Salac Berry

Kingmadio Lv73, Splash, Toxic

As a reminder, Kingmadio can be indirectly poisoned/burned (hint: Toxic) as well as be hit with Future Sight or Beat Up. Hopefully you saved that TM40! I had it for a Zangol and gave it both Toxic and Beat Up, and it worked out quite nicely. This Kingmadio has the moves Splash and Toxic, and I didn’t have to worry about the latter because of the Immunity ability.

Steven, the former champion, shows up after the battle. He apparently has a Bronzong, and it senses a disturbance in your mind. Birch has also shown up to rate your Pokedex, but why bother during a zombie invasion. Now we've got a Hall of Fame, credits, etc.

When you reload, you'll be in what should be your room in your house. Or is it? It's just like I described before, that one spare room. Basically you're still at the League.

GLITCH: If you're playing as the female, the room is actually the one you're supposed to be in, but if you leave and re-enter, you will be inside the boy's room.

Exit the League and the PokePhone should ring soon enough. You'll mention you haven't seen Landon's Swampert, and also mention that they're at Sootopolis, along with Senex. Zombies cannot go over running water. Fly back to Lilycove and go to where the hideout would be.


Mons found (main section):

Qwilfish: 100% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 84% (super rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Feebas: 1% (super rod)

South side:

Qwilfish: 100% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 99% (super rod)

Feebas: 1% (super rod)

Ah yes, the obligatory sewer dungeon, never a shortage of these. Get off as soon as you can and follow the linear path until you can't no more. Surf again. There seem to be several sections to the sewers, so surf east to the next one. There's a healing kit up ahead. Surf south and east onto solid ground.

Lost Soul Kerri: Roselia Lv66, Illumise Lv65, P3380

Lost Soul Manfred: Crobat Lv64, Weezing Lv64, P3328

Lost Soul Al Capone: Linoone Lv66, Snorlax Lv66, P3432

So this guy mentions that a phone is up ahead. Keep going to reach it, and it will ring. The mystery caller seems to have lost an item that was on the wrecked ship on Route 108, and you're the one who's gotta pick it up. About the size of a football, in the shape of a round cone, made of stone. The person who calls is waiting in the sewers somewhere. Go back to where you landed, then surf west and past the area with the breakable rock, then surf again to the west.

Lost Soul Mary-Sue: Parasect Lv68, P3536

Head north and around to reach the item near the entrance, which is a Full Restore. Now surf again, this time to the south. If you go east and north, you'll find an athletic guy, who actually is the mystery caller, but we don't have the item just yet. The sign just to the south talks about the main sewer line being ahead. Note this area.

Surf east from the sign to find a girl who loves Shinx, as well as a sign talking about the Inquistion Five Ninja. If you're following the guide, you've fought three out of the five already.

Swimmer Anjou: Wailord Lv67, Qwilshark Lv67, Gyarados Lv67, P2412

Back at the sign, head west. If you head south, you'll see a sewage runoff that you probably don't want to go in just yet.

Swimmer Dirthugger: Pelipper Lv69, P3036

Surf south and then land to the west. Go all the way up and east to get to a supply crate that contains Super Potions. You're probably thinking about getting more. Surf south and east when done to reach the bottom edge of the sludgefall (how does this geometrically and geographically work?).

Slimemonger Bess: Weezing Lv64, Swampert Lv65, Qwilshark Lv66, P1584

Slimemonger Missy: Whiscash Lv64, Whiscash Lv64, Weezing Lv65, Dustox Lv66, P1584

Surf east, since the south seems to be a one-way trip. Head north through the narrow opening for two more trainers.

Slimemonger Brunella: Beedrill Lv65, Omastar Lv65, P1560

Slimemonger Eowyn: Qwilshark Lv64, Shiftry Lv64, P1536

To get the item behind Eowyn, go down a bit then back up to reset her position. You may have to go west a bit more until the Lilycove Sewers watermark pops up, then go back. TM26 Earthquake is your reward. Now head down the sludge to the south to reach the Regurgitation Pumping Station. The only way to go is east, through the door. There are nine switches here. Most of them are jammed, but the one you want is the right one in the middle row. Exit after using it, then surf west and towards the closest sludgefall, which will reveal some steps going up.

Hooray, another teleporter maze. You're in the NW room:

NW teleporter -> SE teleporter in NE room.

NE teleporter -> NW teleporter in SW room.

SW teleporter -> NW teleporter in NE room.

SE teleporter -> NW teleporter in same room.

NE Room:

NW teleporter -> SW teleporter in NW room.

NE teleporter -> NE teleporter in SW room.

SW teleporter -> NW teleporter in NW room.

SE teleporter -> NW teleporter in NW room.

SW Room:

NW teleporter -> NE teleporter in NW room.

NE teleporter -> NE teleporter in NE room.

SW teleporter -> NW teleporter in NW room.

SE teleporter -> NW teleporter in SE room.

SE Room:

NW teleporter -> SE teleporter in SW room.

NE teleporter -> NW teleporter in NW room.

SW teleporter -> NW teleporter in NW room.

SE teleporter -> Next area.

So the quick way is, from the entrance, NE teleporter, SE teleporter, and SE teleporter.

Go east now and use the healing kit, then head up the steps. Senex awaits! Or does it? You'll see a zombie, Temulence, and Gleis surrounding you. They've broken the lever that controls the sludgefall to Sootopolis. You'll then run, while Gleis orders Temulence to seal off Sootopolis. Gleis goes after you himself.

What follows is a chase scene, where you'll notice that Gleis' eyes are blackened. When you run to the teleporter, he's there. You'll be surrounded by his magical prowess, then you'll have whitening and be at...yet another familiar Littleroot home. Hmm, was this ENTIRE hack nothing but a dream? Go downstairs to talk to mom, who'll direct you to a TV. Mom then turns into Gleis! After hopping the table, you leave. Outside is an enclosed area resembling Littleroot, with the other houses not accessible and three people outside. Talk to any of them, then they will turn into Gleis. More whitening and you're in a new location. It says Necropolis, and there's a Battlezombie below.

Battlezombie Gaoler: Grimreaper Lv100, Gorelax Lv100, P4000

Yep, another opponent that's supposed to be completely unbeatable by way of Lv100 mons. Well, technically the game will still continue if you somehow win, as the Gaoler will kick you violently if it happens. In any case, you’ll wind up at Pacifidlog Town.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Dr. Blackthorn is here, apparently having rescued you from Senex's lair. Pacifidlog has a gym here, with its leader known as Esau. Senex is also apparently attacking Fort Draco. The gym is to the north of the PokeCenter. Enter the NE house to talk to a guy who's Birch's biggest fan, and he tells you about those rocks that would normally have the Regis in them. You can get the TMs for Return or Frustration in the SW house. A girl in the southernmost house has a Chikuwa. The SE house has Aeon Clock. You get the Air Treks from him though. Neat.

Before confronting the gym, you may need a specific item to challenge the leader. You picked up a Chikuwa from this town, right? Fly back to Lilycove City and enter the PokeCenter, then talk to Chef Maximilian to the NE. If the Chikuwa is in your inventory, you can shop there!

Blue Fish: P500

Red Stew: P500

Pink Ink: P500

You need to buy the Red Stew. After you do this, fly back to Pacifidlog Town and head to the cave where the gym is, to the north of the PokeCenter.

Wise Sage Tohru: Claydol Lv70, Medicham Lv70, Vigourlan Lv70, P1120

Wise Sage Kyou: Magneton Lv70, Exploud Lv70, Exeggutor Lv70, P1120

Wise Sage Yuki: Weavile Lv70, Beedrill Lv70, Dodrio Lv70, P1120

Wise Sage Hatori: Kecleon Lv70, Whiscash Lv70, Sableye Lv70, P1120

Wise Sage Momiji: Masquerain Lv70, Swellow Lv70, Hyperegg Lv70, P1120

Huh? There's a mirror here. Say "Candyman" and nothing actually happens. That is, unless you actually say it multiple times, then something will "kill" you and you'll wind up at the PokeCenter. Attempt to break it, and you'll somehow break your teeth and get it as an item! Some Teeth replaces the King's Rock, and oddly enough you can get multiples of these if you attempt to repeatedly break the mirror. Say "Hairy Man" to progress. If you have the Red Stew in your inventory, Esau will reveal himself to be behind the mirror! Time for the gym battle.

Leader Esau: P33572 and the Focus Badge

Vigourlan Lv68, Psychic, Slash, Hyper Beam, Protect

Basculin Lv70, Surf, Crunch, Earthquake, Hyper Beam

Kenchukuo Lv72, Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Hyper Beam

Gyarados Lv74, Earthquake, Fury Dance, Surf, Hyper Beam

Spiritomb Lv77, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Hyper Beam

You hand him the Red Stew, and then he asks you to find him at Sundance Rock. If you paid attention, that is at Solar Caverns. The Focus Badge by the way is the eighth badge, so assuming you have Waterfall with you (which as far as I know Goldeen/Seaking learns it naturally, and this is probably the only way to use Waterfall in this hack) you can now go up waterfalls. Anyways, while we are supposed to go to Sundance Rock, there's other places to go too.

For example, go back to Route 119 now that you have the Air Treks. If you have Waterfall, go to where Larry the Looter is and scale the waterfall here. Pick the berries, then go across the white bridges using the Air Treks until you find TM14 Blizzard. Now head under the long bridge and use the Air Treks again near the healing kit. On the other side you can get a Hyper Potion.

Fly to Fallarbor and head up the waterfall on the left side and you'll find TM05 Roar.

Also I went back to Meteor Falls, and up the ladder past where the horsemen were. Take the south exit to find a Snake Oil. That's all we can do there at that point, as we don't have Strength yet. However, if you go near the water near the boulders, you have the option of jumping back to the S.S. Cangrejo.

Another place to sidequest to...Petalburg City! If you're wondering, yes, you can enter the Petalburg Gym! But only if you have the Arclight Spanner. I think you can get the gym open with the spanner the moment you get it, but it's probably not recommended, as zombie trainers inside have Lv60+ mons. Although by now, you should have a team that can beat Lv70+ mons if you've been following this guide well.


The gym should be the same layout as last time. You're already a certified trainer though, weird. Note that when you pick a room, you won't be able to return to the previous room, so choose wisely.

Battlezombie Randall: Gorelax Lv58, P2320 (Speed Room)

Battlezombie Mary: Ironreaper Lv58, P2320 (Accuracy Room)

Battlezombie Parker: Bleedoise Lv58, P2320 (Zero Reduction Room)

Battlezombie Lori: Headdoom Lv58, P2320 (Defense Room)

Battlezombie George: Poliwraith Lv58, P2320 (Recovery Room)

Battlezombie Jody: Vivosaur Lv58, P2320 (Strength Room)

Battlezombie Berke: Dirtkrow Lv58, P2320 (One-hit KO Room)

So obviously, you can only reach three of the seven rooms here. Enter and it looks like Norman is fine? If you use the emblem to the east, you can exit, and perhaps can rematch other trainers if you want. You apparently need to use the Arclight Spanner to open the door again, but whatever. Talk to Norman, and it should be obvious, he's your dad. But that speech problem sort of gives away what Norman has become.

Monstrous Norman: P1104

Rotting Lv62, Facade, Yawn, Slack Off, Faint Attack

Rotting Lv63, Slash, Encore, Facade, Slack Off

Rotting Lv64, Dynamicpunch, Slack Off, Facade, Faint Attack

Gorelax Lv64, Frustration, Yawn, Rest, Skullbreaker

Gorelax Lv66, Facade, Body Slam, Crunch, Rest

Yuck Lv69, Sludge Bomb, Acid Armor, Amnesia, Toxic

Well, that was definitely not an ending I think should be for a character. You don't actually get anything else out of this sidequest. For now, let's fly to Dewford, but instead of going to the Solar Caverns, surf east to get to the abandoned ship.


Mons found:

Qwilfish: 100% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Gyarados: 20% (super rod)

You should be able to enter had you done that mystery call in the Lilycove sewers.

Doctor Macguffin: Magnezone Lv60, P960

Behind him is a room with some explosives. This area can be incredibly confusing as each area actually leads to other areas of the ship seemingly randomly. For now, take the SW exit to reach a room. Exit to reach a room with three crates and two doors, one on the far north end. Exit the way you came to reach a room with a Revive. Ignore the exit to the south and head back the way you came. You will be at the NE stairs in the first room (the one where Macguffin was running around). Take the steps down to reach a section of the deck with several doors and more stairs. I recommend noting this area.

Pirate Formaggio: Wailord Lv65, Persian Lv65, P4680

Go up the steps that you came to reach a hall with only one door. Re-enter those steps to be in the previous hall with all the other doors, this time from the other set of steps. Go back up those steps you came out of to reach a single room with a door leading outside. Climb to the captain's quarters here to get a free Sparkly Pony. Leave and go back to the stairs, and the next place you come to is the connected rooms that had the Revive. If you use the south exit here, you will be at the SW exit in the first room.

Go back to the room with two cabin doors and take the first one at the south end. Head to the adjacent compartment and examine the trash can to get the Heat Badge. Hooray! You have all eight badges! Although we still need to find HM04. If you exit to the south of the trash can, you will be out in the hall that had the long cabin (accessible by the NE stairs twice). Go back to the hall with two cabins and go to the north one. You will wind up in the hall that had Formaggio and several doors, popping out from the leftmost one on the south wall.

Go to either of the northern compartments in the middle of this hall and talk to the guy inside. He apparently got the call from the sewers too. A Dive Ball is here too. Head back to the hall and inspect the door to the NE cabin, the storage room. I don't believe we got the Storage Key, but we could still enter! Inside is of course TM13 Ice Beam. A Teleporter is in the cabin directly south of the storage room. You of course need to go to the middle cabin and dive down to continue.

Ah, here we are at the room puzzle. Rooms 3 and 5 are open, but 5 is of course blocked by trashcans. Head into Room 3 to see a sparkle at the NE corner. Ignore it though (nothing is there) and examine the trashcan to get the Arcane Key. Also get the Water Stone here. The Arcane Key unlocks the door to Room 1. Inside is TM18 Rain Dance and two shining spots, neither of which have anything. You will have to scout the room, but the key you want, which is called the Secret Key, is actually just a tile SE of the table in the room. The Secret Key will unlock Room 4 at the NW end. The key you want is near the two chairs on the right side of the room, south of one and west of another. It's called the Abstruse Key and it fits in the door to Room 6. Since Rooms 5 and 6 are joined together, you might think that the next key is hidden on the shining spots, but no. Anyways, get the Luxury Ball in Room 6, then enter Room 5 and examine the SE corner to find the Hidden Key. Take it to Room 2 and enter to find the item you're looking for, which is the Odd Keystone. If you wanna see some funny dialogue, take it back to the guy that was also looking for it on the shipwreck, and you'll beat him up. This doesn't really do anything though.

Return to Lilycove City, and before heading into the sewers, head to the Cove Lily Motel. Seems it's been reopened. Head upstairs to find the Game Break dev team (as well as a lecherous fat man). Nothing much else here. Head into the sewers and head back to the mystery caller (read the section on how to find him). Talk to him, and something comes out of the Odd Keystone. Well, if you know your D/P games, it's Spiritomb! It's Lv60 if you must know.

Return to Solar Caverns and use your Yellow Vespa to reach Sundance Rock. If you've been here already, you've probably already got the Excalibur item from the rock itself. This time though, Esau is here. Apparently there's also a Cassidy Rock, but that's besides the point. Some silly dialogue, and the title music plays while your character participates in a dumb montage. Your character loses it at this point. Looks bad because it seems like you just killed the guy! As you leave, the PokePhone rings. Birch seems to not realize you've not only met Esau, but ended up killing him. After calming down, Birch says that we should do absolutely nothing regarding his death. After Birch hangs up, you contemplate seeing Dr. Blackthorn. Don't use a Teleporter to leave; go back to the entrance the old-fashioned way. You decide to call Dr. Blackthorn. He's a bit busy now, but the phone will ring again. Blackthorn will explain that you should meet him at Cassidy Rock, by breaking into an abandoned mine in order to reach Sootopolis itself. He mentions its location as Sky Pillar. The pillar had collapsed and sadly Rayquaza was killed, well we at least have a destination in mind. But for now, I want to go through some water routes to the west of Pacifidlog.

ROUTE 132-134 [CURR]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Horsea: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Danapix: Gyarados Lv67, Gyarados Lv67, Gyarados Lv67, P2412

On the northern island of Route 133 there is a Broken Heart. There's a cave on the opposite end of the island.

Doctor Gimlet Eye: Ditto Lv68, Excadrill Lv69, Dustox Lv69, P1104

The cave is blocked (and it's not even a cave you can enter, if you try the walk through walls code, you won't enter anything).

Swimmer Mushushshu: Qwilshark Lv65, Kingler Lv68, P2992

Swimmer Fun House: Starmie Lv64, Gyarados Lv64, P2816

The hiker near Fun House is a Hajikeist, but he does nothing important. At least for now.

Black Belt Final Smash: Magnezone Lv67, Heracross Lv68, P6256

Lord Unbone (inside a breakable rock): Lapras Lv70, Gyarados Lv70, Vaporeon Lv70, Kabutops Lv70, Croconaw Lv70, Swampert Lv70, P14000

Black Belt Hatsuharu: Hariyama Lv67, Machamp Lv67, Magnezone Lv67, P6164

Try surfing north of the island Hatsuharu is on and the current should take you to an island with a Ragecandybar. Surf west for another Ragecandybar.

Swimmer Donatello: Smeargle Lv69, P3036

Soldier Deckard: Breloom Lv68, Crawdaunt Lv68, P2176

Pirate Ostafan: Persian Lv64, Persian Lv64, Persian Lv66, Persian Lv66, P4752

Elder Liu Bei: Metagross Lv75, P3300

Film Student Baka Neko: Mightyena Lv65, Weavile Lv68, P2992

Swimmer Meadowbreak: Seaking Lv67, Kingdra Lv67, P2948

Surf directly west of where Ostafan is to reach the Sealed Chamber entrance. The procedure is the same as it would be if you’re doing the Regi quest: dive down, go south and surface up at the sign, then use Dig at the north wall. Go up to the north rock and make sure you have a Relicanth in the first slot and a Wailord in the last slot before reading it. Once the ground shakes, get out, and you probably know what to do by now if you're familiar with the Regi sidequest.


Fly to Fallarbor then head east to Blighted Way, then to Famine's Desert. Go all the way down to where the rock is to find Ivy Ruins. The same procedure as if this was the Desert Ruins, go right two spaces, then down two spaces, then use Strength. Unfortunately, we don't have Strength yet! Return here when you have Strength and you can get a Lv5 Treecko from the cave.

Fly to either Rustboro or Oldale then make your way back to Route 104. Surf south to Route 105 and get to the west side of the route, then up to what used to be the Island Cave, but now it's the Heated Cave. As you would for getting Regice, read the message, then stand still for at least two minutes without touching a thing for the cave to open. Inside is a Lv5 Torchic!

Fly to Fortree and while there, get the Mush Mask you got from WAY back at Rustboro City so long ago (I'll guess and say you stored it in the PC for awhile). Go down Route 119 to Route 118 and talk to the Scientist there. You can now exchange the Mush Mask for a Cologne. Go all the way to Route 120 and go to the rock on the left side of the route to find the Mud-Strewn Tomb. Head to the middle of the room and use Fly to unlock the wall and you can now get a Mudkip Lv5!

Now that you have Cologne, fly back to Dewford and enter the house with the many inhabitants. Talk to the bald guy who blocks the way to give him the Cologne. You will get a Spark Token in exchange. I don't know why he wanted to drink cologne, but he flees. You can now get TM36 Sludge Bomb here.

Fly back to Fortree or Lilycove, then go to the other side of Fortree and find the home with the Count in it. You will exchange the Spark Token for the Thunder Cub. Now we need to head back to Fort Draco. The best way to do that is to fly to Ever Grande from the League side, then back to Victory Road. Go down two floors to the one with water, then use Waterfall (assuming you have Goldeen/Seaking with one) then go around to the other side of the rocks where the cave entrance is (if you don't have Waterfall with you that's fine, the going will be slightly longer but the cave is there on the right side of the water. Jump the ledge to reach Fort Draco, then go to the rightmost cave to drop the Thunder Cub off at Endless Plains. You'll then have to waste some time before coming back. Apparently afterwards, the Thundercub had eaten a Sparkly Pony. It has become a Shinx, Lv10.

The Shinx is holding the next item for this quest, a Cat's Eye. Fly back to Lilycove and re-enter the sewers. Go back to the first sign there and head east to find the girl who loves the Shinx. I don't think you need Shinx in your party to get this next item, just the Cat's Eye. Give her the souvenir and she gives you one of her own, the Pachi Sword. What to do with this?

Well, let's try going back to Fallarbor and then through Blighted Way and Famine's Desert once again. Go to Route 112, but on the south end of the route, then into Frigid Way. Go through to Sage's Slope, then up to Mt. Chimney. I forgot to mention, but now that the commotion here was gone, there's new trainers here. Anyways, while you are here, you want to go to the fox-like thing in the NW corner, who begs you to give him the Pachi Sword. We get the Hajike Bird in return. Also this thing actually sells Chikuwa at P200 so if you ever want them come back here.

Wise Sage Wei Shi: Metang Lv35, P560

Wise Sage Chao Yun: Claydol Lv35, P560

Wise Sage Shu Yi: Medicham Lv35, P560

Wise Sage Qing Xue: Baltoy Lv35, Solrock Lv36, P576

Do you remember the weird hiker on Route 134? Go back to him (he's at the north end so stay as close to the north end of the routes as possible) and exchange the Hajike Bird for a Rydrake Wing. This is the last item for this fetch quest. Go back to Fortree or LIlycove, then head to Rainy Cave on Route 120. It's where Scorched Slab used to be in case you forgot. There's a new cave here leading to an icy area, which is basically where the mons are.

Mons found:
Main area:

Sneasel: 65%

Hombone: 25%

Zubat: 10%

Sliding section:

Zubat: 94%
Golbat: 6%

Supplicant Cherie: Galactimon Lv50, P200

Supplicant Donpunchies: Aggron Lv47, Cradily Lv47, P188

Seems you're in a location owned by the Meat Mafia! Get the Broken Heart here. You have three ladders to go to. Take the left ladder and talk to the Meatfather's daughter to get a Meaty Bell. Take the middle ladder and slide north to a guy who gives you TM02 Dragon Claw. Take the right ladder, then slide around to the other one here, then talk to the old man who's the Meatfather. Since you have the Rydrake Wing, you'll be asked to send it back to the world it came from. A cry you might be familiar with echoes as this happens, and then you get the chance to battle a wild Turmur Lv60! Yep, that entire fetch quest of items culminated in a giant mushroom to catch. It has Levitate for its ability.

There's something you can do with Turmur. Go back to the Daycare on Route 117 and drop it off along with a Ditto if you have one. It may take a while, but the two can produce an egg. After you get it, you can then hatch it for a Faceleech (remember the mons that Gleis and Chloe had? The one with the uber Attack and Speed but bad stats everywhere else? It has Speed Boost as its ability by the way). But that's not all. Go south all the way to Slateport and go into the marketplace. You may recall the woman below the Mart clerk wants a Faceleech. In exchange, she'll trade you a Munchlax, named Gourmo. It has a Sun Stone held, this is a hint that, once you evolve Munchlax into Snorlax, which is by max happiness, it can then evolve again into a new mon named Skylax!

At this point, I decided to go east of Pacifidlog Town.

ROUTE 131 [R131]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Gonzales: Pelipper Lv80, P3520

Sis and Bro Hana&Miki: Corsola Lv70, Crawdaunt Lv70, P7280

Swimmer Shunkle: Wailord Lv64, Qwilshark Lv64, P2816

Swimmer Crepérie: Kingdra Lv66, Kingler Lv66, Whiscash Lv66, P2376

Swimmer Dongiga: Seaking Lv80, P2880

You'll find that the Sky Pillar entrance is now the abandoned mine entrance. I decided to check out other water routes before tackling this next bit of plot though.

ROUTE 130 [R130]

Mons found:

Kingmadio: 100% (if Mirage Island is present)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Bif Bof Bee: Solrock Lv70, Lunatone Lv70, P3080

Swimmer Catalána: Basculin Lv67, Basculin Lv67, Basculin Lv67, P2412

ROUTE 129 [R129]

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Pelipper: 4% (surf)

Wailmer: 1% (surf), 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Swimmer Hunky-Dory: Pelipper Lv66, Starmie Lv69, P3036

Swimmer Icikling: Sharpedo Lv70, Walrein Lv70, Relicanth Lv70, Golduck Lv70, P3080

Swimmer Trisha: Lanturn Lv70, Lapras Lv70, Pelipper Lv70, P2520

Swimmer Marie Bain: Quagsire Lv70, Pelipper Lv70, Starmie Lv70, Pelipper Lv70, P2520

ROUTE 128 [R128]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Luvdisc: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Corsola: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

To the east is a Grand Fishing Contest.

Fisherman Wayneflete: Gyarados Lv68, Gyarados Lv68, Qwilshark Lv68, Milotic Lv68, P3264

Fisherman Cyrus: Golduck Lv70, P3360

Fisherman Jourdelays: Seaking Lv65, Qwilfish Lv69, P3312

Fisherman Perjury: Starmie Lv70, P3360

Dive into the trench north of where the fisherman are and examine the rock for a Pearl. The sea serpent that appears when you go to Ever Grande is still there, so you can't go to Ever Grande that way yet. You'll find a weird house to the west of the trench. If you go into the middle of the atoll where the Seafloor Cavern entrance is, you can pick up a Riesen from an underwater rock.

Normal Girl Ms Doolittle: Shiftry Lv66, Golem Lv66, Exploud Lv66, P3168

Well, the house here actually leads back to the Lilycove Sewers. You may recognize the area as the one where you were ambushed by Gleis. If you dive and attempt to enter the cave entrance to what would be Seafloor Cavern, then resurface, guess what? It leads back to Ever Grande.

ROUTE 127 [R127]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

If you're diving in the main trench, get a Blue Rock from the rock along the way. The trench to the left of the main trench has a Star Piece on a rock.

Swimmer Monkley: Dewgong Lv66, Dewgong Lv66, Dewgong Lv66, Lapras Lv69, P3036

Swimmer Maxine: Pelipper Lv65, Starmie Lv65, Pelipper Lv65, Starmie Lv65, P2340

Fisherman Frozone: Lapras Lv68, Lapras Lv68, Lapras Lv68, P3264

Fisherman Paralisi: Lanturn Lv67, Lanturn Lv67, Lanturn Lv67, Lanturn Lv67, P3216

Rock Warrior Dynamo: Luxray Lv69, Sceptile Lv69, P3036

There's Wine Gums on the NW island where Paralisi is.

Fisherman Burnaggio: Milotic Lv67, Milotic Lv67, Milotic Lv67, Milotic Lv67, P3216

A Pearl is in the NE trench. A White Rabbit is in the trench east of the main trench. The enclosed area with trees and Black Belt Ultra Kick has Magic Stars.

Black Belt Ultra Kick: Machamp Lv68, Hariyama Lv68, P6256

If you attempt to go north, you'll reach Fort Draco...sort of. It's actually the outside of that one enclave that led to their training area (where you fought Meteor for the emblem). You actually cannot proceed further here.

ROUTE 126 [R126]

Mons found:

Chinchou: 90% (underwater)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Qwilfish: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Relicanth: 10% (underwater)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Near the north end of the route you will find an abandoned gym. For some reason, a monkey demon is inside, and the gym is locked to prevent it from leaving. The diving spots all around Sootopolis are gone.

Swimmer Kotokabe: Seaking Lv70, P2520

Swimmer Might: Qwilshark Lv67, Pelipper Lv67, P2948

Swimmer Seamus II: Sharpedo Lv68, Pelipper Lv67, Sharpedo Lv68, P2992

There is a diving spot at the SW end of the route. Head to the clearing at the end of the seaweed to find a hidden Blue Shard.

ROUTE 124 (revisited) [124R]

Swimmer Chad: Wingull Lv34, Wailmer Lv34, P1496

Swimmer Petruchio: Qwilfish Lv67, Qwilfish Lv67, Qwilshark Lv67, P2948

Dive near Petruchio and go south and resurface to the enclosed section, then west to another diving spot in another part of Route 126. At the end of this diving detour, pick up a Green Shard. You'll see that the area to the east, leading to Fort Draco, is locked off. Use the diving spot nearby and press use on the dark spot to get a Mush Mask, if for some reason you needed another one I guess (note that you CAN get another Turmur with this fetch quest again!). Nothing in the diving spot NW of there, and the Treasure Hunter's home is sadly gone.

Sis and Bro Venus&Milo: Suicune Lv68, Articuno Lv68, P7072

Swimmer Worcesteria: Crawdaunt Lv70, P2520

Just a note, if you sequenced breaked back in the first section about Route 124, you would have wound up next to Worcesteria. Go SE and dive down, then head south and east. There's a clearing with a hidden Magic Stars. Keep going south after that. You will find a surfacing spot, but ignore it as it leads to nothing. Go west and surface there, then get on the island to find a Power Hat, then head back.

Wise Sage Hua Jiao: Claydol Lv70, Grumpig Lv70, Alakazam Lv70, P1120

I'll be honest, I was surprised at that trainer, particularly since I didn't see him earlier until I resurfaced and that he's able to walk on water. Head into the diving spot east of him and inspect the dark spot for a Blue Rock. Head straight up at the fork to find a Starmix in a surfacing spot. Don't surface though, as nothing of note is over there beside seeing an item on the other side of the rock. Instead, go west and surface there, then head east to get a Water Stone. Backtrack to the spot east of Hua Jiao now.

Swimmer Obligation: Spiritomb Lv73, P3212

Surf east from him to find two diving spots. The south one has nothing but the north one has a Pearl. Surf north from there now and dive at the end. Surface at the other end and you can get the last item here on the other side of that rock you saw, which is a Broken Heart. That's basically it for water route exploration, a whole bunch of items, but no way to enter Fort Draco or Sootopolis from any of the sides here. Whenever you're ready, head east from Pacifidlog to the former Sky Pillar entrance on Route 131 and enter the Abandoned Mine.


Mons found:


Graveler: 56%

Nosepass: 24%

Onix: 19%
Steelix: 1%

Maze section:

Graveler: 55%

Nosepass: 23%

Onix: 21%

Steelix: 1%

Deadly Seven caves:

Graveler: 49%

Nosepass: 25%

Onix: 25%

Steelix: 1%

Bridge over lava:

Magcargo: 66%

Slugma: 34%

Head straight up at the start to the next cave. The hiker at the fork wants you to mine for him, but nah. Head east at this fork, since north is a dead end. Multiple caves? Oh no no no...not this multiple similar rooms stuff again. I highly recommend not going into any of the caves unless you want to confuse yourself further. Go down every ladder you see until you reach a room with six caves on the north wall. Oh, the Deadly Seven are in these caves it seems. I went from left to right.

Deadly Seven Mikov: Vileplume Lv70, Bellossom Lv71, Vileplume Lv71, Vileplume Lv72, P10080

Deadly Seven Vladov: Tauros Lv70, Miltank Lv70, Ramshaker Lv70, Tauros Lv70, Miltank Lv70, P9800

Vladov is in the cave south of Mikov if you must know. The cave south of Vladov just loops around back to where Mikov is, so leave north back to the hall with six caves. The second cave actually has a Glow Herb in it. Enter the third cave.

Deadly Seven Bobov: Steelix Lv70, Diamandix Lv70, Diamandix Lv70, Diamandix Lv71, P9940

Do NOT go into the cave south of Bobov unless you want to get lost in the caves again. Head into the next cave to the east.

Deadly Seven Gunkov: Kenchukuo Lv69, Kenchukuo Lv69, Kenchukuo Lv69, Kenchukuo Lv70, Kenchukuo Lv70, P9800

Once again, do not go into the cave below Gunkov. It will drop you off at the entrance. Now for the fifth cave.

Deadly Seven Karkov: Flygon Lv70, Flygon Lv70, Flygon Lv70, Flygon Lv71, P9940

The cave below Karkov will lead to the maze areas again. Now for the final cave here.

Deadly Seven Robotnov: Crobat Lv70, Crobat Lv70, Crobat Lv70, Crobat Lv71, P9940

Deadly Seven Rolv: Metagross Lv71, Metagross Lv71, Metagross Lv71, P9940

If you exit out of the cave where Rolv is, you'll be in a different hall with three caves, the rightmost of which you just came out of. If you head north, there is a blue rock and the other six caves. TM24 Thunderbolt is near the leftmost cave. Enter the middle cave. The left cave leads back to where Mikov and Vladov are.

Deadly Seven Sputnov: Ampharos Lv71, Ampharos Lv71, Ampharos Lv71, Ampharos Lv71, Ampharos Lv73, P10220

Deadly Seven Adolv: Dragonite Lv70, Dragonite Lv70, Dragonite Lv70, Dragonite Lv70, Dragonite Lv71, P9940

Take the cave to the south and go up the steps to get an Antifreeze. Take the cave to the south, then the next one, then head north to an old man. He does a Gandalf, but mistakes who you are and jumps off. Keep going and note the Strength boulder before you continue up the cave. A group of hikers will go for a gold rush. The area they go to is actually a dead end with nothing but a blue rock though. To the south is a ladder leading to dwarves and Snow White references. Go east again to find the hikers getting fooled by Pyrite. Hmm...what's over there? Oh.

Pirate Pyrite: Persian Lv67, Sharpedo Lv67, Crawdaunt Lv70, Shiftry Lv67, P4824 and five Nuggets

Leave through the south ladder and enter the next cave to find Dr. Blackthorn near Cassidy Rock. We're going to break into Sootopolis, and Cassidy Rock is basicaly our ticket there, by way of light magic to break dark magic around Sootopolis. Before doing so, you'll be introduced to an old friend. It's apparently an old Toxicroak you used to have (given by Dawn from Sinnoh as a Croagunk, your actual first Pokemon too). You may have to backtrack to free space in your inventory to have it join though (also my character sprite glitches horribly at this point). Then you put your hands on Cassidy Rock to reach Sootopolis. Here we go.


Enter the PokeCenter and do your thing, then go into the back room. Blackthorn will take you to the table, which is the Resistance meeting. Birch is here too. The man who looks like a contest judge goes to the front, then introduces the members: Birch, Lucretia Borgia (you never met her, but she's the CEO of the PokeMart Company and is probably a reference to a Renaissance figure), Chloe, Veracity, Haruhara Haruko, Sage Izumii, Steven, Lord Unbone (yep, even the rock), Meteor, and finally the guy at the top is Grendel Spendicle, the Contest King. They were expecting Esau, but well we know what happened to him. The Resistance's goal: to break Senex's grip from Hoenn. The only people who have the power to challenge him are Steven, Izumii, Meteor, and of course you. Chloe had used her Taoist abilities to sense thousands of zombies underground in the Necropolis. A scout did manage to create a floor plan of the Necropolis though. The back door is our destination, as the front is heavily guarded. Meteor will confront Temulence, Steven will use Earthquake a lot to trap the guards, and Izumii will duel Gleis. Our goal is to inspect a room on the second floor, known as the Incarceration Chamber, which would naturally have prisoners inside. Of course, we can presume both Landon and May are held prisoner there. Some breakings of the fourth wall later, we can then talk to Grendel to finish off this final portion of the plot.


Talk to Grendel to have Meteor fly you up to Sootopolis Heights. Steven and Izumii are behind him, and the three will go on ahead. Follow them again and they'll again go on ahead. Before entering, there is a Broken Heart on the wall at the east end.

GLITCH: Move away from the area they were in and come back, and they'll all be back, lines and everything.

Mons found:

1st jumpmaze:

Moulder: 49%

Graveill: 45%

Azombarill: 5%

Yuck: 1%

Super Trick Maze:

Moulder: 50%

Graveill: 45%

Azombarill: 4%
Yuck: 1%

Go up the steps and if you go left, you will recognize this area that had the unbeatable battlezombie gaoler. Go to the group for them to give a plan. Steven says you should go first, but talk to him and he'll change his mind. They go on ahead and give you the all clear. Another strange LoTR reference there.

Inspect the sign and you'll notice you're at the hub. The top left is the passages south, top right is passages west. Bottom right is passages east, and bottom left is passages north. Head to the southwest pit, between the rocks, then drop down.

It's basically a ledge maze, you'll have to hop down either way you go. Hop the ledges going south, then when you can go east or south, either way is fine, because you'll be heading all the way to the south. Head east at this fork instead of west (which just takes you back to the first fork), then head up. You can see a Rhydon in a center block. Circle clockwise to reach it, then it will roar and another section elsewhere will have a bridge connecting to it.

Back at the first fork, jump the ledges east to a four-way intersection. Head north, then east to a pit. You can head north or south. Choose north since south leads back. Jump the ledges going west until you can go west or south. Any way you go south will just lead back, so hop west and go south there. Two paths lead west and you will want the northernmost one, as the other two just lead to familiar areas. Head north to the NW corner, then hop all the way to the NE, then south, avoiding a ledge to the west unless you want to go back. Head south and head east (west leads back) then south to two paths. The left is the one you want, the right leads away from where you want to go. Avoid the left ledge unless you want to go back to the Rhydon, and instead head north. You have now reached the ledge that formed when the Rhydon roared, and you may have seen these people already, but you'll note they have been carbonite frozen. The frozen people get put into Holding Room B below. This triggers an alarm that causes you to drop to the floor below.

Down here, you can now release the prisoners just by talking to them. The leftmost one just so happens to be none other than the Trick Master! The one after him is actually Landon, who has a Cooltrainer sprite for some reason. You'll automatically release May who is the third one, another Cooltrainer sprite. The last one contains Wally but you seem to not care. Another alarm blares. Head south, west, and north, then you can choose west or north. If you choose north, you'll only be able to head back, so go west through the narrow passage, then you can go north or south. Going south leads back, so head north ONCE, don't go north further, because all routes lead back there. Head west and north to another west/north section. Again, head west, north just leads back. Follow the winding passage until you can jump either west or south. If you head south, or head west then south, you can reach an area with three zombie trainers to battle and an item.

Headslinger Wayne: Shinigami Lv75 (Zombie Gallade), P4500

Headslinger Woody: Stitcher Lv75 (Zombie Latias/Latios), P4500

Severed Head Nicky P.: Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, P3796

The item here is a Necro Ball. It's basically a glorified Safari Ball, so it probably isn't useful. Head back to the fork past the winding passage, then head west and west again. Then take the winding path all the way to the north, heading west when you can again to reach the NW corner.

Severed Head Fortuno: Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, P3796

Severed Head Mitchell: Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, Eye-eye Lv73, P3796

Headslinger Clint: Antispiral Lv74 (Zombie Zangol), Antispiral Lv74, P4440

Go up the steps and the screen shakes. You wonder if this is Steven's doing, and the screen pans over and Cutlerine breaks the fourth wall once again. He'll show how the others are fairing. Looks like Meteor has lost to Temulence. Steven is being surrounded and worn down by the zombies, and Izumii while battling Gleis falls down a hole. Then something completely random, and you'll have control once again. Go down to reach the Super Trick Maze. Oh boy, there's no shortage of these. I'm just gonna go ahead and post this map, and it should lead you to where you need to go.

Pokemon Snakewood Walkthrough maze

Headslinger Tex: Shinigami Lv74, Stitcher Lv74, P4440

Head up to go to the water, your character is quite fatigued, then decides to hop in. This music seems familiar. The stairs to the north aren't even accessible, so head to the other set. Seems like you're on the S.S. Cangrejo again, since you call out for Usher. Head up the next steps, then get TM16 Light Screen below. Go to the north room to realize how stupid this is, then you warp someplace else. This hall has a ship going back and forth. The room to the north is a helpful one where you can get Pokeballs, rest, and use the PC, sweet! There's also wild Electric types around here. Head up the next steps to see a rock concert, actually it's Sumekka, I don't know what that is either. Either way, this is Sumekka's last concert. Head up the steps and your character, seemingly a fan of Sumekka, wants to see them in person. The doors don't work, so go up the steps.

Mons found:
Magneton: 55%

Ampharos: 29%

Magnemite: 10%

Flaaffy: 4%

Smeargle: 2%

Oh joy, another puzzle, a trashcan puzzle at that. Head to the bottom row and use the trashcan second from the right to find the item you're looking for, which is the Bone Keyring. Head back to the steel doors and use the Bone Keyring to get a Skeleton Key to open the right door. A roadie will stop you and you'll be at the top, but then you climb the girders to reach Sumekka. Talk to either Moxie or Lemuel here to get their autograph (not an item). The game will sort of glitch by warping you back to the top, but the character is cut for some reason. Go back to the room with the door and take the left door now. Take the teleporter here and take the steps. Go up again and now you'll have a quiz to complete. This sure is a marathon of puzzles.

If you get a question wrong, you will just teleport to the room before. For this first machine, answer No, Yes, No, and No to make the wall to the east open.

For the next machine, answer Yes, No, No, No, Yes, No, and Yes to proceed.

For the third machine, answer No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No to continue.

For the fourth machine, answer No, Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No, and No to get to the steps.

Do NOT touch the crate next to the steps, it will take you back to the steps before but will reset your quiz progress. Take the teleporter to be opposite of that water area.

Headslinger Nottingham: Stitcher Lv74, Shinigami Lv74, P4440

Battlezombie Isabel: Gorelax Lv70, Poliwraith Lv72, P2880

Headslinger Bandito: Antispiral Lv72, Antispiral Lv72, Stitcher Lv72, P4320

Headslinger Tarnation: Shinigami Lv70, Stitcher Lv72, P4320

Nice to provide a medical kit right here.

Battlezombie Hannah: Miasmar Lv75, Electabugs Lv75, P3000

Battlezombie Kathy: Azombarill Lv74, Yuck Lv75, P3000

Headslinger Magnus VII: Stitcher Lv78, P4680

Headslinger Chief: Stitcher Lv71, Stitcher Lv72, Antispiral Lv73, Antispiral Lv74, Shinigami Lv75, P4500

Take the door by Chief. Do NOT take the path by Magnus VII because that will lead back to the ledge maze and you will have a long way to go to get back. Jump the ledges to reach the peak. You'll confront Senex along with Gleis and Temulence, then the latter two pull out your friends who joined you here, they are all carbonite frozen as well. You'll then battle Senex.

The Senex: P4800

Faceleech Lv72, Poison Fang, Crunch, Iron Slam, Roar, has Chaos of Oden

Luca Zámon Lv74, Dragon Claw, Blizzard, Hail, Recover, has Sitrus Berry

Shaderu Lv75, Pulsar, Shadow Punch, Body Slam, Glare, has Leftovers

Turmur Lv80, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, has Meaty Bell

Senex will attempt to erase you from history regardless of you winning. Guess who comes to save the day, Asimov! His haiku defeats Senex, and the other two flee. Seems like he cannot die. Senex however comes back, and will try destroying you by...baking a cake! You'll wind up in a watery area. Talk to Asimov to confirm what Senex has done, destroyed Hoenn by baking a cake. However, you gain access to Cutlerine's pop culture references, the Pop Culture Nexus, as well as also explaining on how you killed Esau. You and Asimov go up to Senex. Now we begin the referential attacks, but must be careful not to overdo it. The Snark will soon come, and you have to close your eyes while Asimov holds Senex's eyes open. Then you use another reference to bring Hoenn back.

Well wasn't that just freaky and wild. You're back in the Sootopolis PokeCenter in a room under the meeting table. Birch then gives everyone the celebratory message on going to Gym Island and we are offered a reward. So how do we get to Gym Island? But first...


Fly back to Littleroot and go to Route 101. Since we freed the Trick Master earlier, we can go back there and check out the house. Before doing so, make sure you have an empty slot in your Pokemon roster. Pick up the Choc Orange here. To the east is a scroll and a door, but both are useless. Step on the switch to close the trapdoor. The lever to the east is useless, and you punch the Mechadoll here. The rest of the stuff here shows that the Trick Master is far from finished with his traps and tricks. Talk to him at the end. Give him the Choc Orange which will cause him to work on it, becoming a Chocwork Orange. It's called Chocwork by default, Lv1, Dark/Steel, Intimidate, and knows the moves Selfdestruct and Ice Ball.

Hopefully you caught Roclobster earlier, as it holds an important item, the Hard Disk Solo. Take it with you back to Route 110, then go to Route 103. Inspect the rock with the Hard Disk Solo in your bag, and you will receive the Gym Tickets! You'll need these. Fly to Fortree now and while there, pick up all your Broken Hearts. If you've been following this guide, you should have 12. Go to Route 119 and go to the south end. You probably remember seeing a girl named Gabriella here near a boat. Remember her for later. Go to Route 118 and east to Route 123, then into the Collector's house. Now, I probably said you needed 50 Broken Hearts, or perhaps 150, in reality you need at least 10. He says you found at least 50, and then you get the Spatial Pass. If you're wondering what to do with this, you need to head back to Slateport, then visit the Oceanic Museum. Head to the top floor, then go to the cylindrical exhibit at the north end to find a wild Shaderu Lv85! It comes with a Curséd Skull. Return to the woman at the boat in Route 119. Gabriella will sail you to Gym Island now, and even ram a rock out of the way.


Well we can't Surf here, but we can go up the steps to talk to Asimov, but what's all the way down in the sand? A gym? The Rustboro Replacement Gym in fact. The leader is Schwartz. He doesn't have trainers with him, but can shapeshift, and first takes the form of a Film Student. You have to battle him four consecutive times.

Film Student Schwartz: Luxray Lv75, Weavile Lv75, P3300

Frost Demon Schwartz: Glalie Lv75, Lapras Lv75, P2100

Actress Schwartz: P6000

Psypig Lv75, Psychic, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Sunny Day

Milotic L75, Storm Surge, Extrasensory, Recover, Refresh

Starmie Lv75, Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Smeargle Lv75, Ingrain, Slash, Rock Slide, Superpower

Soldier Schwartz: P2752

Kabutops Lv76, Slash, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Skullbreaker, holds Power Hat

Rhydon Lv77, Earthquake, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Megahorn, holds Volcano Pot

Roclobster Lv78, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Outrage, Swords Dance, holds Treasure Ball

Armaldo Lv79, Rock Blast, Signal Beam, Brick Break, Double-edge, holds Flash Scales

Cradily Lv86, Ingrain, Sandstorm, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, holds Leftovers

Unfortunately apart from money there's no extra reward. Head up the steps near the boat and Asimov will greet you. Turns out we're late to that party and it ended already. However, we finally get HM04 Strength from him. As the name dictates, Gym Island has some of those gyms. A PokeCenter is near Deadly Pokemon Gym (Asimov is the leader it seems) but sadly a guy stands in the way. We already went to the Rustboro replacement gym, let's see the others. The leader of the Mossdeep replacement gym (up the steps) is Burke. Everyone here specializes in Steel types.

Gentleman Stanislaus: Metagross Lv75, P3000

The Boss: Aggron Lv75, Magneton Lv75, P4500

Leader Burke: Forretress Lv75, Steelix Lv76, Ironreaper Lv77, Magnezone Lv78, Excadrill Lv80, P34880

Again, no real reward. Let's challenge the Petalburg replacement gym to the east of here. It's an Electric type gym.

Film Student Brentford: Luxray Lv75, Luxray Lv75, P3300

Rock Warrior Hero: Magneton Lv75, Electrode Lv75, Exploud Lv75, P3300

Monstrous Zuul: Magneton Lv75, Raichu Lv75, Jolteon Lv75, Emolga Lv75, P1200

You have three doors here. Take the easternmost door, as the other ones will lead you inside a wall back at the gym entrance (although you're not actually stuck, since you can walk south to leave). The east door has the leader.

Leader Kylie: Magnezone Lv76, Luxray Lv77, Volbeat Lv78, Blissey Lv79, Zebstrika Lv80, Roclobster Lv81, P35316

When you leave, you will somehow end up in an enclosed area. Head back and you'll be in a different section of Fort Draco! Go up again and you'll be back at the maze in Madio Cave! What's going on? Do yourself a favor and just use Fly to get back to Gym Island proper. You can talk to the guy here to be ready for the Deadly gym, but there's stuff to the south first. Also you may have noticed, but the meteorite on Gym Island is useless, since Deoxys isn't in this hack.

Rocker Ed: Zebstrika Lv85, P3060

Hahaha, is that the Battle Tower cut off down there? We'll never ever reach that area for the record. The guy in front of the house says it's the Gym Island Stadium. There's a spare Pokemon gym here.

Lost Soul Manzana: Sableye Lv75, P3900

Beauty Fishgirl: Swampert Lv75, P3300

This gym is annoying because of the invisible walls. Even more, Lord Unbone has the gym, but won't actually battle. That's it here. Now let's enter the Deadly gym...what is all this jumbled mess? And where's Asimov? Oh no, it's Senex. Apparently its his lair, Black Rock, but even he has no idea why it's called this. He will now battle in his true form. It's actually a wild Senex Lv90, and you can surprisingly catch him. He's Dark/Fighting and has Trace for an ability. That's basically it for Gym Island! But let's see what we can accomplish now that we have Strength with us.


First go back to the Abandoned Mine and go to that one area past the bridge over lava. The guy here behind the Strength boulder gives you a free TM43 Secret Power.

You can now get Treecko from the Ivy Ruins cave in Famine's Desert. Head to the writing, head right two spaces and down two spaces, then you can get Treecko Lv5.

Now head up and left to Route 112, then to Frigid Way (either side is fine) Go to where the Strength boulders are and move them out of the way, then ascend the ladder. You'll find Furi X Lv66!

Next go to Meteor Falls and push some boulders away to reach a new ladder.

Firestarter (?) John&Jay: Medicham Lv40, Hariyama Lv40, P3200

Lost Soul Nicolas: Altaria Lv38, Altaria Lv38, P1976

Huh, these trainers must not have been modified in the hack, apart from their names. Jump down the puddles and to the left side to find the next ladder down. Enter the cave to the north, which is the area where you would normally find Bagon, and surf to get TM04 Calm Mind. Surf all the way south and in the final cave here is a Caramac.

Go back to the area in Meteor Falls with the boulders, then go to the water near them to hop on the S.S. Cangrejo. Go to Usher's office and then fall into the hole. Go all the way to the south end and use Strength on the boulder. Then, you can follow the passage to reach Furi Z Lv66! Note that if want to catch Sableye elsewhere on the Cangrejo, you will not be able to after you battle Furi Z (at least that's what the Pokedex Locations page says). Afterwards, you'll automatically teleport to Oldale.

Make your way back to Route 115 and move the boulder, then go up and move the next boulder. Go up the mudslide to find a Kinder Egg at the end.

Black Belt Ichirou: Machamp Lv56, Magnezone Lv58, P5336

The Guardian: Walrein Lv80, P4800

So head north and then west to find the last Furi, Furi Q Lv66, TM01 Focus Punch is behind it. That's it for Strength backtracking, but we have a couple more legendaries to find before this guide finishes.

Fly back to Lilycove, and bring along a Pokemon that knows Explosion with you. Go to the art museum here. As you go up, Barqesh threatens to kill you, but then Landon and May show up. You'll also get word from Meteor's daughter. The scenes here are just stupid and silly. Even the player speaks to the character. When you have control, head up the steps and to the crate here. This is what we need the mon with Explosion for, and after that you can continue. You will be on Mount Doom, a place that is raining and there's also a weird guy here. Head up and around to the target, Luca Zámon Lv50! But when you try to leave, the weird guy hops up and challenges you!

The Manly Hero: Kamina Lv100, P6000

Basically he fights with himself, and is a Fighting-type with Intimidate. Win against him and he invites you to be part of Team Dai Gurren (in case you were wondering what his actual reference was).

Now that you have Luca Zamon, you can actually get another mon now. Go back to Fort Draco and ask Hun to take you to the Tower. Go to the top floor...what is that? Why it's Téa Barqán Lv55!

That is it for Snakewood and this walkthrough! I honestly don't believe there is anything else to really note for this hack, so we are done!

(well there's a few things we can do with the walk through walls Gameshark code. To the west of the tower is a diving spot that's unreachable unless you use the walk through walls code, down there is a Blue Rock. There's also that one house the guy was blocking on Gym Island, which actually leads back to Wally's house in Petalburg City. In Rustboro City, talking to zombies near the Cutter's House, or the two kids in the trees, reveals that they have dialogue from the original Ruby. The house that the demon corpse is blocking also has unmodified dialogue. If you attempt to enter Devon Corporation, you'll wind up in Usher's office at the S.S. Cangrejo. If you enter the unreachable flower meadow on Route 121, you can find a hidden Nugget. Finally attempt to explore Sootopolis City to find the majority of it unchanged. One lady in a house doesn't say anything when interacted, and one apparently triggers the script for Gleis summoning demons, but nothing else. If you attempt to enter the Cave of Origin, you will pop out at a Littleroot house, which you can exit to find yourself outside, east of Littleroot itself. You caught a Furi by now, so you won't go to the water, but you technically can by using the walk through walls code. It takes you back to the S.S. Cangrejo. You can also re-enter the hole to be at Madio Cave, and the mysterious thing that was looking in your bag finds HM04 Strength, but is defeated by it somehow.)

As always, be sure to let me know if there's anything that was missed here, so I can modify this walkthrough later on.


See this link. This has the general Pokemon Locations so that you can find the mons you want. Of course, it’s not totally complete, but apart from the individual locations I list here this will help greatly. A recent update to this guide had me getting the percentages of most every single mon by location, so that’s going to help.


Otherwise known as Fakemon, these are the fake ones you can find in the hack. Again, this link should provide you with answers to each of these mons, new evolutions, as well as type changes to existing mons (Meowth/Persian are now Normal/Dark for instance). Not everything can be caught, like Wynaut or Wobbuffet, though.



Fighting type, makes contact

85 base power

85 base accuracy

10 PP

40% chance of paralysis

Fire Pump:

Fire type

90 base power

100 base accuracy

8 PP
40% chance to burn

Storm Surge:

Water type

120 base power

80 base accuracy

5 PP


Water type

20 base power

90 base accuracy

15 PP

50% chance to burn

Draco Fury:

Dragon type

Does fixed 40 damage

100 base accuracy

10 PP


Electric type

80 base power

100 base accuracy

15 PP

30% chance of paralysis

Can target both foes in double battle

Ice Breath:

Ice type

25 base power

95 base accuracy

15 PP

50% chance to freeze

Data Stream:

Electric type

100 base power

100 base accuracy

5 PP

Priority move (will go before most other moves)

Shadow Swipe:

Ghost type, makes contact

90 base power

90 base accuracy

10 PP

High critical hit ratio

Iron Slam:

Steel type, makes contact

100 base power

81 base accuracy

10 PP

30% to lower defense

Bright Idea:
Psychic type

20 PP

Sharply raises special attack

Crazy Bolt:

Dark type

95 base power

95 base accuracy

5 PP

50% to lower special defense

Afro Break:

Normal type

120 base power

100 base accuracy

15 PP

Hurts user with recoil, chance of paralysis


Bug type, makes contact

120 base power

80 base accuracy

10 PP

Hurts user with recoil


Steel type

150 base power

88 base accuracy

5 PP

Must recharge

Wild Bolt
Electric type, makes contact

90 base power

100 base accuracy

15 PP

Hurts user with recoil, chance of paralysis

Fury Dance:

Dragon type

20 PP
Raises attack and speed (basically Dragon Dance)


Dark type

125 base power

80 base accuracy

5 PP

Chance to lower accuracy

Signature move of Shaderu

Curse Claw:

Rock type

OHKO move

77 base accuracy

1 PP

Signature move of Hombeast


Afro Ball = Master Ball
Necro Ball = Safari Ball

Orpheus Ball = Premier Ball

Light Potion = Potion

Water Bottle = Burn Heal

Antifreeze = Ice Heal

Maxi Potion = Max Potion

Snake Oil = Full Heal

Zombie Liver = Fresh Water

Gateau = Moomoo Milk

Aconite Juice = Heal Powder

Zombie Cuke = Revival Herb

Chikuwa = Lava Cookie

Choc Orange = Berry Juice

Turmurspore = Sacred Ash

White Rabbit = HP Up

Riesen = Protein

Kinder Egg = Iron

Magic Stars = Carbos

Starmix = Calcium

Ragecandy Bar = Rare Candy

Caramac = PP Up

Wine Gums = Zinc

Wagon Wheel = PP Max

Reduct Reduce = Guard Spec.

Crit Plus = Dire Hit

Attack Plus = X Attack

Defend Plus = X Defend

Speed Plus = X Speed

Accuracy Plus = X Accuracy

Special Plus = X Special

Teleporter = Escape Rope

Glow Herb = White Herb

Dumbbells = Macho Brace

Brain Link = Exp. Share

Demon Horn = Quick Claw

Kilin Horn = Soothe Bell

Loveslayer = Mental Herb

Power Hat = Choice Band

Some Teeth = King’s Rock

Flash Scales = Silverpowder

Gamble Fish = Amulet Coin

Dispell Toke = Cleanse Tag

Taiji Dust = Soul Dew

Voodoo Candy = Smoke Ball
Neverstone = Everstone

Chaos of Oden = Focus Band

Love Drain = Lucky Egg

Snipe Scope = Scope Lens

Excalibur = Metal Coat

Volcano Pot = Soft Sand

Old Brick = Hard Stone

Wonderplum = Miracle Seed

Bass Guitar = Blackglasses

Spiked Glove = Black Belt

Electrichoney = Magnet

God’s Tear = Mystic Water

Anadrin Talon = Sharp Beak

Snake Eyes = Poison Barb

Rainbowfrost = Nevermeltice

Curséd Skull = Spell Tag

Mewtwo Brain = Twistedspoon

Cinnamon = Charcoal

Treasure Ball = Dragon Fang

Plus Band = Silk Scarf

Meaty Bell = Shell Bell

Soma = Sea Incense

Sand Cloak = Brightpowder
Yellow Vespa = Mach Bike

Cursed Rod = Good Rod

Kingdra Rod = Super Rod

Spanner = Devon Goods

Air Treks = Acro Bike


Q: Why did you include glitches in the walkthrough?

A: Simply put, this rom hack isn’t perfect, but if the creator decides on a next release that would come around these glitches will let the creator know what’s to be fixed

Q: How many trainer battles are in Snakewood?

A: About 416 of them. I tried to include all battles include ones that could be one-time only (like gym battles). I don’t believe you can rematch trainers in this rom hack (not counting storyline characters).

Q: How the heck do you damage Kingmadio?

A: Simply put, you cannot actually damage it unless you have Beat Up (which is a TM) or Future Sight. It’s Ghost/Dark, and the Fairy type isn’t present so it has no weaknesses. Plus you have Wonder Guard to deal with. Your best choice is to use a poisoning or burning move (one that doesn’t damage) like Poisonpowder, Toxic, or Will-o-Wisp and allow that to do the work. I outlined the strategy against Haruko’s Kingmadio, which is at Lv1. You won’t need to worry about Night Shade since it only does 1 damage per, but then it’ll end up using Struggle. Poisoning it will speed up the damage though. The Champion has a Lv73 Kingmadio with the moves Splash and Toxic. I recommend having a mon with Toxic of your own and some sort of immunity to poison (like the ability Immunity, Zangol is a great choice!) to make this one less of a headache.

Q: What is the best starter here?

A: In my opinion, none of them. The best overall would be Koffing, as it has only one weakness and it’s fairly bulky, but it lacks offense aside from the self-destructing moves. Paras is a bad choice due to its incredibly bad typing but it's got the situational Spore moves (plus Spore itself) which can help with some things (hint: Kingmadio). Baltoy seems like a good choice, as it learns Confusion already, but you’ll have trouble with Alicia’s Sneasel early on plus the Water and Grass types as well. Honestly, get a GOOD team going for you that won’t contain one of these starters, as they are not good in my opinion.

Q: Okay, so what are some good mons to catch?

A: For the early game, I recommend getting Wingull on Route 103 first. It already knows Water Gun, and evolves into Pelipper early, while it also gains access to Wing Attack and Protect. At Petalburg Woods, get both Shroomish and Pikachu, the latter of which will serve well as an Electric-type and the former being basically a better Paras with Leech Seed and HP-draining moves, plus it gains good Fighting-type moves as Breloom. Also if you need a surfer, and haven’t evolved Wingull yet (or decide not to evolve the Magikarp that had the Surf HM into Gyarados), catch Zigzagoon as it can learn Surf. Zigzagoon’s final evolution: Dragoone, knows every HM, making it a very ideal HM slave.


Cutlerine for the hack itself, it was quite fun to play and write a walkthrough about.

Game Freak for Pokemon Ruby, the game that the hack is based on.

PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)