Pokemon Rocket Strike Evolution Changes and FAQ

Pokemon Rocket Strike Evolution Changes and FAQ

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Author: AmazingCharizard

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Evolution Changes:

Golbat evolves at Level 40. Evolve Poliwhirl by Water Stone/Sun Stone. Kadabra evolves at Level 44. Machoke evolves at Level 44. Graveler evolves at Level 44. Evolve Slowpole to Slowking by Water Stone. Magneton evolves at Level 44. Haunter evolves at Level 44. Onix evolves at Level 36. Rhydon evolves at Level 55. Evolve Tangela by Leaf Stone. Seadra evolves at Level 45. Scyther evolves at Level 40. Evolve Electabuzz by Thunder Stone. Evolve Magmar by Fire Stone. Evolve Eevee to Umbreon/Espeon by Moon Stone/ Sun Stone. Shinx evolves at Level 15. Luxio evolves at Level 30. Sandile evolves at Level 29. Krokorok evolves at Level 40. Yanma evolves at Level 34. Murkrow evolves at Level 36. Misdravus evolves at Level 36. Gligar evolves at Level 36. Sneasel evolves at Level 36. Piloswine evolves at Level 44. Houndour evolves at Level 30. Skorupi evolves at Level 40. Silcoon evolves to either Beautifly/Dustox. Ninjask evolves at Level 36. Feebas evolves by Water Stone. Carvanha evolves at Level 30. Trapinch evolves at Level 30. Snorunt evolves to Froslass/Glalie. Dusclops evolves by Moon Stone. Vigoroth evolves at Level 36. Clamperl evolves by Sun Stone/Moon Stone.


Q: F*** this, I can't get the card key, the dome fossil causes a purple screen, I can't progress in the Safari Zone! A: These annoying bugs were fixed long ago. So if you haven't read the description you probably don't have the current update here. Refer to Triune's thread, he posted the way to update the game. Reading always helps(also my personal motto)! Q : I can't get SURF! A:You can obtain Surf if you got a certain amount of GYM badges at the same place you get it in Firered. Q : Why does this Pokemon sound like that Pokemon? A:Because I'm unable to insert new cries. The new Pokemon have the cries of the old Pokemon... Q : Where can you get the VS-Seeker? A:I removed it since there 1)lot's of trainers and Pokemon to fight and 2)personally, I don't see it as essential anyway. Q:Are there any bugs in this great game? A: First, thanks for the compliment As far as I know, there should't be any game breaking bugs. Apart from this, there are some text overlaps and not disappearing text boxes but they don't affect gameplay. Q: Why is my rival May instead of Gary? A: Without spoiling too much, I assure you that you meet Gary fricking Oak later in the game. I was just unable to replace Gary's sprite in the intro with May's. Q:Why do my Pokemon (like Houndour) not evolve? A:You don't have the National Pokedex. You can get it pretty early in the game when you head to Vertania Forest. Q:Which new Pokemon did you include in Rocket Strike? A:I'll only name a few: Electivire, Honchcrow, Shieldon, Cocnodon, Magmortar and some more! Q:Which evolutions were changed? A:I changed evolutions for some Pokemon. Pokemon which required trading(like Graveler)or happyness(like Golbat)will evolve by level up or by a special stone(for example: Feebas). A few Pokemon like Houndour and Ekans will need a few more levels to evolve.