Pokemon GS Chronicles Items by Location

Pokemon GS Chronicles Items by Location

Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA ROM Hack Cover

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New Bark Town
Potion Poke Balls Master Ball

Route 29
Potion Oran Berries

Cherrygrove City
Route 30
Cheri Berries Oran Berries Antidote Pecha Berries TM27 Return
Route 31
Full Heal Heart Scale Persim Berries Potions TM21 Frustration
Dark Cave (Violet Side)
Moon Stone Escape Rope Super Repel
Violet City
Premier Balls Scope Lens Chesto Berries Fresh Water TM88 Pluck
Sprout Tower
HP Up X Accuracy Potion Escape Rope Soothe Bell TM10 Hidden Power
Route 36 (West)
TM65 Shadow Claw
Route 36 (South)
Thunderstone TM108 Snarl
Route 32
Miracle Seed Rare Candy Poke Ball Super Potion Great Ball TM62 Silver Wind
Union Cave (Main)
Super Repel Burn Heal Heart Scale Awakening
Union Cave (Upper)
Great Ball TM39 Rock Tomb
Union Cave (Lower)
Cleanse Tag Nugget
Route 33
Sitrus Berries
Azalea Town
Charcoal Lum Berries Fresh Water TM89 U-Turn
Slowpoke Well (Main)
Super Potion
Slowpoke Well (Lower)
X Defend Max Revive King's Rock Nevermeltice TM07 Hail
Ilex Forest
Revive Leaf Stone Ether TM95 Struggle Bug
Route 34
Repeat Ball
Goldenrod City
Big Pearl Fresh Water TM115 Play Rough TM72 Avalanche

Goldenrod Department Store
TM11 Sunny Day TM18 Rain Dance TM20 Safeguard TM15 Hyper Beam TM49 Leech Fang TM74 Gyro Ball TM91 Flash Cannon
TM109 Defog TM120 Dazzling Gleam Fire Stone ThunderStone Water Stone Leaf Stone Dusk Stone Dawn Stone Shiny Stone Oval Stone
Goldenrod Underground
Metal Powder Lucky Punch Black Belt Stick White Herb Cleanse Tag Heart Scale

Route 35
Rawst Berries TM28 Dig
National Park
Quick Claw Revive TM32 Double Team
Goldenrod Sewers
PP Up Poison Barb Magmarizer Leftovers TM36 Sludge Bomb
Route 37
Micle Berries Aspear Berries Custap Berries
Ecruteak City
Ful Heal TM30 Shadow Ball
Burned Tower
Charcoal TM44 Rest
Route 38
Kelpsy Berries TM42 Facade TM100 Infestation
Route 39
Pomeg Berries Nest Ball Magnet MooMoo MIlk TM54 False Swipe
Olivine City
Ultra Ball Heart Scale Amulet Coin Macho Brace Hyper Potion TM106 Smart Strike
Nugget Max Potion Revive Leaf Stone TM47 Steel Wing
Cinawood City
Bottle Cap Super Potion TM101 Power-Up Punch
Route 42
Spell Tag Wacan Berries Passho Berries Occa Berries Rindo Berries Yache Berries Chople Berries Payapa Berries Shuca Berries Coba Berries Kebia Berries Tanga Berries Colbur Berries Haban Berries Kasib Berries
Charti Berries Babiri Berries Chilan Berries Qualot Berries Hondew Berries Roseli Berries TM100 Infestation TM76 Stealth Rocks

Full Restore Life Orb Nugget Electrizer Hard Stone Max Revive Ultra Ball PP Up Max Repel Escape Rope Moon Stone TM31 Brick Break TM96 Bulldoze
TM102 Dazzling Gleam TM71 Stone Edge TM107 Acrobatics
Mahogany Town
Rage Candy Bar Hyper Potion TM97 Frost Breath
Route 43
Max Ether Heart Scale TM61 Will-o-Wisp
Lake of Rage
Full Heal X Defend Dive Ball Tamato Berries Custap Berries Metal Coat King's Rock Spell Tag Twisted Spoon Hard Stone Prism Scale Protector Magmarizer Electrizer Razor Fang
Razor Claw Reaper Cloth Dragon Scale Deep Sea Tooth Deep Sea Fang TM105 Brutal Swing
Rocket HQ
Rare Candy Carbos Max Repel Max Elixir Full Restore Choice Scarf TM26 Earthquake
Whirl Islands
Water Stone Revive Protector Black Glasses Big Pearl X Special Ice Heal TM119 Sky Drop
Route 44
Marang Berries X Attack Calcium Nugget
Ice Path
Ice Heal Max Potion Mental Herb Nevermeltice Full Restore Iron TM13 Ice Beam
Route 45
Awakening Carbos Protector Metal Coat Kee Berries PP Up

Route 46
Rowap Berries Jaboca Berries Nugget TM50 Overheat

Dark Cave (Blackthorn side)
Max Revive Elixir
Goldenrod Basement
HP Up X Special Bright Powder Star Piece Twisted Spoon Calcium
Dragons Den
Max Revive Max Elixir Dragon Fang TM93 Dragon Tail
Bell Tower
Moon Stone X Attack Max Revive Ultra Ball Fluffy Tail Power Bracer Max Potion Choice Band TM02 Dragon Claw
Cinawood City (to Route 47)
Route 47
Choice Specs Water Stone Ultra Ball Shell Bell TM68 Giga Impact
Route 48
Shiny Stone Protector
Victory Road (Main)
Dawn Stone PP Max Max Potion Escape Rope Slver Cap Electrizer Rare Candy Max Ether Calcium Full Heal Sacred Ash TM01 Focus Punch
Victory Road (Ice Room)
Big Pearl Max Repel TM14 Blizzard
Victory Road (Outside)
Scope Lens Focus Band Light Ball
Victory Road (Swamp)
HP Up Max Elixir PP Up Water Stone
Victory Road (Waterfall Room)
PP Up Max Potion Hard Stone Hyper Potion Max Revive Black Sludge Fluffy Tail TM59 Dragon Pulse
Pokemon League
Black Sludge