Pokemon Gold's Adventure (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Gold's Adventure
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Beta 1
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Your story begins as a young male/female that has grown up in a house full of pokemon. One morning you walk down the stairs and your mum tells you to go outside. You decide to see what Prof.Elm is doing. As you walk out you see a boy peeking through the window, You walk over but he had gone inside. As you go to open the doors he barges you out of the way. Then Prof.Elm says "It's terrible a thief just stole the Totodile I was preparing for a new trainer!"
You say "Was it that kid with the red hair that just ran out?"
He says "You saw him? I guess that you wouldn't mind explaining to the police over the videophone?"
You walk into the grand laboratory and stand to the side, Walk over to the cyndaquil and it looks ready to fight.
You "borrow" it and walk out, there your adventure begins!

List of Features

  • Jessie and James are in the games!
  • Day and Night system
  • Play as Gold in this MANGA REMAKE! 
  • New, exciting scripts


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Developer: KingCyndaquil

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=221920