Pokemon DarkRising 2 Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon DarkRising 2 Walkthrough (by Olivia R.)

Pokemon DarkRising 2 GBA Cover

Language: English

Author: Olivia R.

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Pokemon Dark Rising 2 complete version detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Dark Rising 2 (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

This will be a strict text walkthrough of the rom hack featuring what you need to do to get through the game as well as the trainers and their Pokemon. This will not feature Pokemon locations or evolution changes, as they are already available in other documents and I will link them in the last section for convenience. I will, however, provide info on specific trainers when necessary so as to let you know what moves and held items their Pokemon will have.

Features of Dark Rising 2:
-New music

-Mons of every generation up to Gen-6

-Physical/special split

-Day/night system

-and a compelling story with recurring characters. Warning, this walkthrough will spoil the plot of both this game and the previous one!


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Celsius [CELS]

Arkaios Harbor [ARK1]

Arkaios City [ARK2]

Arkaios Route [ARK3]

Tabula Rasa [TABU]

Citadel Forest [CITA]

Eden City [EDE1]

Eden Path [EDE2]

Lunar Cave [LUCA]

Volton City [VOL1]

Volton Path [VOL2]

Volton Factory [VOL3]

Volton Gym [VOL4]

Helios Canyon [HEC1]

Helios Cavern [HEC2]

Gemstone Ridge [GEM1]

Gemstone River [GEM2]
Gemstone City [GEM3]

Gemstone Mines [GEM4]
Gemstone Gym [GEM5]

Verdant Fields [VERD]

Keir Route [KEI1]

Keir Steppe [KEI2]

Misty Trees [MIST]

Hollowsville [HOL1]

Hollowsville Gym [HOL2]

Hollows Route [HOL3]

Astraeus City [AST1]

Fight Dojo [AST2]

Astraeus Garden [AST3]

Fight Dome [AST4]

Astraeus Gym [AST5]

Aster Prairie [AST6]
Omega Gate [OME1]
Utopia Basement [OME2]
Omega Utopia [OME3]

Omega Facility [OME4]
Meadow of Karma [KARM]

Artic Mirage [ART1]

Artic Cave [ART2]

Contra Route [CON1]
Contra City [CON2]

Snowflake Route [SNOW]

Contra Gym [CON3]

Endless Garden [ENDL]

Boscage Trail [BOSC]

Canyon Pathway [CAN1]
Vulcan Canyon [CAN2]

Noble Beach [NOB1]
Noble Town [NOB2]
Noble Cave [NOB3]
Noble Pathway [NOB4]
Alfheim City [ALFH]

Hoia-Baciu [HOIA]

Sealed Dungeon [SEAL]

Path to Harmony [HAR1]
Harmony Town [HAR2]
Glacier Cave [GLAC]

Aquatic Serene [AQSE]

Dark Waters [DAWA]
Dimension Castle [DIME]

Hyetal City [HYET]

Twin Path [TWIN]

Tower of Demise [DEMI]

Majestic Gate [MAJE]


Dark Rising 2 gives you the usual beginning, pick your gender, name, rival's name, then you'll apparently set sail for the Omni region. Your character is on a boat on course for that destination, as the hero/heroine of the previous game, you're still set for finding your missing father (yes I just sort of spoiled the fact that in the first game, you never did find your dad). Head east to have the sailor tell you your starter and dex will be at Arkaios City, held by Prof. Mercury. Also awaiting you at the dock are several familiar characters from the first game, Dray and Florina. Also you get the Running Shoes right away!

In the hall that follows, talk to the first person you see to receive a free Potion. Head downstairs. Many rooms are locked, but you can find a Stardust to the right of the rooms. You can head north from the Stardust to find the captain. You'll then see a map, which sadly refers to the Kanto region (although like in the first Dark Rising, the locations are correct for other areas). Head back a floor and attempt to go downstairs where another sailor stops you and gives you your Town Map. Head to the right and into the second cabin on the right, and pick up both items. Yep, that first one is a Master Ball! The other is a Jewel of Life, a key item said to release Arceus from Darugis' power. The other cabins, as well as the downstairs corridor in the SE, are locked, so head north to reach Arkaios Harbor.


Dray and Florina greet you, and your named rival is here too along with another familiar Dark Rising character, Sydney. The gang's all here! You and your named rival will have to get your Pokemon before going on, but everyone's interrupted by Professor Mercury, who scolds us for being late. Your named rival goes on ahead, followed by your group. There's nothing of interest at the harbor, although you could re-enter the Celsius if you want. Enter the gate to enter Arkaios City.


To the east is the PokeMart (also for some reason, you can walk through the nearby tree).

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Ether: P1300

Repel: P350

The house on the hill NW of the PokeMart is Benga's but you cannot enter it. Anyways, you should enter Mercury's Lab, which is at the NW side. You'll automatically walk to Mercury, who'll explain that the Dex data you acquired from the Core region is more or less invalid with this region. You will decide on your Dragon-type starter Pokemon now. In the first Dark Rising, you could choose between Dratini, Bagon, or Gible. In this game, somehow, you will pick between their fully evolved forms. That's right, you can pick between Dragonite, Salamence, and Garchomp! The starter you pick will be Lv10. Note that if you played the first Dark Rising, you’re not forced to pick up the one you chose last time, you could try switching things up and picking up another starter in this game!

Now talk to the assistant being Mercury to pick up your dex, which already has the National mode for your convenience. If you think you're getting into the obligatory rival battle after this, guess what, you don't. Leave the lab and head for the PokeCenter, which is to the east of the lab. Inside, a mysterious character is in front of Nurse Joy, and will leave once spoken to. Anyways, the PC has a Potion as usual. Head north to reach Arkaios Route.


As you go around the route, you'll fight your first trainer, who is actually from Team Galactic! It seems that Cyrus has made a pact with the other evil teams in the series.

Galactic Grunt: Stunky Lv9, P72

Galactic Grunt: Bronzor Lv9, Bronzor Lv9, P72

You can't go north, as a Team Magma and a Team Aqua grunt block the path. You'll have to head east. Mercury is there, and she'll talk about how trainers usually get their first mon at Tabula Rasa, but the evil teams are conducting business and attacking newborn Pokemon there!


The first person you meet is an unknown character, who's a bit of a jerk as she just watches as you go along. Another girl up ahead is scared. Obviously, we've got some enemy grunts to battle.

Galactic Grunt: Glameow Lv9, Stunky Lv9, P72

The first item you see is...a Max Elixir? Wow.

Team Rocket Grunt: Rattata Lv9, Rattata Lv10, Grimer Lv11, P352

Team Rocket Grunt: Rattata Lv10, Rattata Lv10, Sandshrew Lv11, Grimer Lv11, P352

North of the kid with the yellow hat (not a trainer you battle) is a Max Ether.

Galactic Grunt: Bronzor Lv12, Glameow Lv11, Stunky Lv11, Bronzor Lv12, Murkrow Lv13, P104

A Full Heal and yet another Max Ether are on the road ahead.

Galactic Grunt: Glameow Lv11, Stunky Lv11, Murkrow Lv13, P104

Team Rocket Grunt: Grimer Lv13, Grimer Lv13, P416

Two Team Rocket Grunts guard the entrance to the Play Pen.

Team Rocket Grunt (left): Grimer Lv15, P480

Team Rocket Grunt (right): Grimer Lv15, P480

In this middle area, get a Super Potion to the west and a Rare Candy to the east before confronting the villains. Dray and Florina will allow you to take on the Galactic boss, Cyrus, in the middle.

Boss Cyrus: P2800

Murkrow Lv18, Pursuit, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Swift, holds Sharp Beak

Sneasel Lv18, Icy Wind, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Low Kick, holds Blackglasses

Gyarados Lv20, Thrash, Bite, Scald, Hyper Beam, holds Mystic Water

Team Galactic retreats now. You may know that the Pokemon near the boy with the Bonsly is actually a Sword of Justice, Virizion. The boy's name is Tommy, and Virizion will speak directly to you and say you're the chosen one as usual. Leave the area. Back at Arkaios Route, you'll be able to head north now into Citadel Forest.


Oh great, it's raining. I hated how frequent the weather effects were in the original Dark Rising.

Youngster Ricky: Rattata Lv13, Fletchling Lv13, P208

The item on the way is an Antidote.

Bug Catcher Douglas: Weedle Lv12, Sewaddle Lv12, P144

Bug Catcher Anthony: Kricketot Lv13, Ledyba Lv13, P156

The next item you find is a Poke Ball. Notice the Hoothoots.

Monk Charlie: Hoothoot Lv13, Buneary Lv14, Shroomish Lv14, P560

Youngster Samuel: Turtwig Lv17, P272

The next item you find is a Potion.

PKMN Breeder Robin: Petilil Lv16, Ledyba Lv16, Kricketune Lv17, P476

Going through the gate, you'll be on a different section of Arkaios Route. No more rain! The man blocking the gate seems to think you may be affiliated with the bad guys. Turns out this is Benga, the guy who has a house in Arkaios City, and he doesn't believe your side of the story.

PKMN Trainer Benga: P7000

NidoranM Lv20, Poison Sting, Shadow Claw, Double Kick, Toxic, holds Poison Barb

Zangoose Lv22, Slash, Shadow Claw, Taunt, Brick Break, holds Scope Lens

Larvesta Lv25, Flame Wheel, Wild Charge, Take Down, Zen Headbutt, holds Charcoal

Beating him has him believe who you are. You'll explain things and well he does think the world should be without Pokemon. Well, he'll leave, so just enter the gate here to reach Eden City. Inside the gate, you'll run into Mercury's assistant. He'll mention that if you somehow forgot to get your PokeDex (shame on you) you won't be able to evolve any Pokemon.


The PokeCenter is to the north of the gate, and the PokeMart is north of it. A free Potion is NE of the PokeMart.

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Ether: P1200

Repel: P350

Antidote: P100

Net Ball: P1000

Leaf Stone: P2100

Sun Stone: P2100

You can teach a mon Dream Eater by talking to the guy above the leftmost house just before the gym. A guy just before the path towards Eden Path wants to trade you a Makuhita for a Beedrill if you have the latter.

Is it time to challenge the gym I suppose? Gym trainers specialize in Grass and Poison types.

PKMN Breeder Tina: Deerling Lv15, Petilil Lv15, P420

PKMN Breeder Mary: Petilil Lv16, Foongus Lv16, Sewaddle Lv16, Shroomish Lv16, Skiddo Lv17, P476

Student Kayla: Foongus Lv16, Shroomish Lv16, P384

Beauty Bridget: Petilil Lv16, Foongus Lv16, Shroomish Lv16, Deerling Lv17, P1224

Beauty Tamia: NidoranF Lv17, NidoranM Lv17, P1224

School Kid Lisa: Bulbasaur Lv17, P340

School Kid Lori: Chikorita Lv17, P340

Leader Ivy: P3000, Thorn Badge, TM19 Giga Drain

Ivysaur Lv22, Knock Off, Leech Seed, Poisonpowder, Razor Leaf, holds Miracle Seed

Tropius Lv22, Aerial Ace, Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Poisonpowder, holds Miracle Seed

Amoonguss Lv22, Giga Drain, Growth, Poisonpowder, Sludge Bomb, holds Poison Barb

Roserade Lv25, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Sludge Bomb, holds Poison Barb

Note that when you check your trainer card, you'll see that the badge you got is actually the eighth badge. I believe this is done so that in case you get any trade evolutions (like with the Makuhita mentioned earlier) they will always obey you. Now head north for Eden Path.


Youngster John: Rattata Lv17, Lillipup Lv17, P272

Two paths here. Take the right one and talk to the first fisherman to receive the Old Rod.

Fisherman Colton: Clauncher Lv18, Remoraid Lv18, Tympole Lv18, P648

Now take the other path.

Bug Catcher Greg: Sewaddle Lv17, Beedrill Lv18, Kricketot Lv17, Ledyba Lv17, P204

NW of him is a Parlyz Heal.

Businessman Sully: Hoothoot Lv18, Girafarig Lv19, P1140

Extremist Ben: Nidorino Lv21, Nidorina Lv21, P1008 (double battle)

Eventually you'll find your familiar allies near a cave entrance. Ignore them for now and take the right path, which eventually leads to an Ether. Sydney and your named rival are confronting the red capped girl, who'll battle you if you talk to her. She apparently was the girl in Malice Courtyard in the Core region (in the original Dark Rising. I don't even recall if she had any importance in that game). She's also a thief, it seems. Sydney says that Dray and Florina are already ahead, towards Volton City, and Darugis has a hidden base somewhere. Your named rival says she has a Dragon mon and could be another chosen one, while you give the girl a battle deal.

PKMN Trainer ???: P8400

NidoranF Lv22, Poison Sting, Shadow Claw, Thief, Double Kick, holds Poison Barb

Seviper Lv24, Poison Tail, Bite, Giga Drain, Flamethrower, holds Poison Barb

Fennekin Lv26, Flamethrower, Thief, Hypnosis, Psybeam, holds Charcoal

Noivern Lv30, Dragon Claw, Wild Charge, Air Slash, Shadow Ball, holds Dragon Fang

So her Dragon mon is a Noivern. I’d like to point out that it has Shadow Tag for its ability. After the battle she'll try to get away with your allies chasing her, then the three will move from the cave. Time to enter Lunar Cave.


Head north near the pond to find a Moon Stone. Now go for the NW end to find a Parlyz Heal.

Youngster Josh: Lillipup Lv18, Rattata Lv19, Sandshrew Lv20, P320

Hiker Marcos: Geodude Lv20, Drilbur Lv20, Sandshrew Lv21, P756

Bug Catcher Kent: Beedrill Lv19, Leavanny Lv19, P456 (double battle)

A Potion to the west. Head east now.

Miner Marion: Sandshrew Lv21, Diglett Lv21, P1260

An Escape Rope is to the east, and a ladder to the north leading to another area. Head south before taking it.

Scientist Jovan: Woobat Lv19, Frillish Lv19, Elgyem Lv23, P1104

Yes, he was guarding a Rare Candy. Go to the ladder and head west from it this time.

Miner Robby: Drilbur Lv20, Sandshrew Lv20, Diglett Lv21, P1260

PKMN Breeder Irene: Lilligant Lv23, P644

The item at the end here is TM09 Seed Bomb. Now take the ladder up.

Miner Nash: Diglett Lv21, Sandshrew Lv22, Drilbur Lv22, P1320

North of him is a Revive. Head south. (NOTE: If you use the walk through walls to talk to the miner there, you'll get TM46 Thief and softlock the game, so don't do it).

Hiker Chu: Rhyhorn Lv22, Rhyhorn Lv22, P792

A Star Piece is nearby. Head north again and east this time.

Hiker Jim: Graveler Lv30, Sandslash Lv30, P2160 (double battle)

Head east first.

Fisherman Matt: Tympole Lv22, Remoraid Lv22, P1760 (double battle)

The item near him is TM46 Thief. Head south from Jim now and the first item you should find is an Antidote. The ladder is in the SE. It takes you directly to Volton City.


Note that if you go into the second house you find, you'll have to battle a trainer.

Rich Boy Deter: P9520 (!)

Herdier Lv29, Crunch, Take Down, Yawn, Howl, holds Silk Scarf

Marshtomp Lv30, Scald, Yawn, Ice Ball, Mud Shot, holds Soft Sand

Raichu Lv30, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Nasty Plot, Hyper Beam, holds Magnet

Snorlax Lv34, Body Slam, Wild Charge, Yawn, Rest, holds Leftovers

The third house over has a scientist who has the HM for Flash. He'll give it to you if you've caught at least 20 mons in the first 150 of the dex. Hopefully you have. That being said though you still don’t have the first badge, but there’s no need for the HM at the moment. The last house is the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the chairman and hear him gush about his favorite mon to receive a Bike Voucher. The bike shop is in Astraeus City. If you head north, you'll find the rest of the buildings. If you can guess by the name, this gym specializes in Electric types, but the leader, Eon, is investigating Volton Factory at the moment, so the gym is closed. The PokeCenter has the Profile lady. The area left of the PokeCenter is another entrance to Lunar Cave. You need at least 6 gym badges to enter this area. The PokeMart is just to the east of the gym.

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Thunderstone: P2100

Burn Heal: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

The weird figure south of the path to the PokeMart is a girl named Zyiah. She's looking for a thief named Jalice, who stole her Noivern. You mention that you just battled the girl from before that had a Noivern. She leaves once you give this information. Volton Path is now open.


Team Rocket Grunt: Raticate Lv32, Yamask Lv31, P1984 (double battle)

Team Rocket Grunt: Swoobat Lv34, P1088

Team Rocket Grunt: Raticate Lv32, P1024

Team Rocket Grunt: Yamask Lv31, Yamask Lv31, Raticate Lv32, P1024

Team Rocket Grunt: Swoobat Lv34, P1088

Team Rocket Grunt: Frillish Lv32, Vullaby Lv32, P2048 (double battle)

Team Rocket Grunt: Grimer Lv30, Raticate Lv32, P2048 (double battle)

You'll go to a section of Helios Canyon next. However, you cannot go east thanks to the Magma grunts, so the only place available at the moment is the factory.

Team Rocket Grunt: Frillish Lv34, P1088

Team Rocket Grunt: Yamask Lv31, Grimer Lv31, Rattata Lv30, P960

Enter the factory.


Team Magma Grunt: Houndour Lv31, Houndour Lv31, Slugma Lv32, Slugma Lv32, Numel Lv33, P660

Team Magma Grunt: Slugma Lv32, Numel Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

First item you find is a Max Potion. Sydney is battling a grunt up ahead.

Team Magma Grunt: Houndour Lv31, Slugma Lv31, Numel Lv31, P620

The space to the east has an Elixir and TM17 Protect. Head back west, then south.

Team Magma Grunt: Houndour Lv31, Houndour Lv31, Slugma Lv32, Slugma Lv32, P1280 (double battle)

If you're tempted to get the item south of this grunt, you'll find an Electrode instead.

Team Rocket Grunt: Raticate Lv32, Raticate Lv32, P1024

Team Rocket Grunt: Vullaby Lv33, P1056

There's TM25 Thunder in the SE corner. Head up now. Dray is battling a dude. Keep going.

Team Magma Grunt: Numel Lv33, Slugma Lv33, Houndour Lv33, P660

According to Florina, who's battling grunts along with your named rival here, the leader plans on poisoning the products that this factory produces. You'll eventually reach the bigwigs soon. Eon is the first person you see, and it seems he was defeated. You'll see Maxie and Archie and it looks like Kayo is here too. For those that don't know, Kayo was the guy who looked like Silver (the Gen-2 rival) who worked with the enemy team often, but betrayed them in the end, so he's an ally for our group. That mon is his Hydreigon for the record. Talking to Maxie, Kayo will finish Archie off, but we'll have to battle Maxie. All of his mons hold a Charcoal item for extra Fire-type damage.

Magma Leader Maxie: P3496

Typhlosion Lv34, Fire Punch, Howl, Thunderpunch, Shadow Claw

Camerupt Lv36, Earth Power, Eruption, Body Slam, Rock Slide

Lampent Lv36, Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, Dark Pulse, Solarbeam

Heatmor Lv36, Inferno, Giga Drain, Thunderpunch, Night Slash

Rotom H Lv38, Overheat, Shadow Ball, Discharge, Confuse Ray

Kayo, ever so ruthless, won't allow the leaders to leave until they answer his questions. Florina then says that we should let them go, since all other members are defeated and they're waiting for police. A trustworthy plan? And also to meet them at Gemstone City, it seems. When the leaders try to escape, Kayo will disappear with them. Leave the factory, but don't forget to enter the area that Dray blocked, because you can get a free Thunderstone there. Return to Volton City; you can now challenge the Volton City Gym.


As expected, Electric types are used. The woman by the way is Tarea, another recurring Dark Rising character.

Collector Dwayne: Pikachu Lv32, Emolga Lv32, P1920

Super Geek Baily: Voltorb Lv30, Voltorb Lv30, Elekid Lv31, Rotom Lv31, P1488 (double battle)

Gentleman Tucker: Electabuzz Lv32, Flaaffy Lv32, Tynamo Lv33, P2376

The setup of this gym is like Lt. Surge's old gym. Opening the barrier will allow you to challenge Eon. All of his mons hold a Magnet item.

Leader Eon: P4680, Jolt Badge, and TM24 Thunderbolt.

Jolteon Lv35, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Thunder Wave

Luxray Lv36, Discharge, Take Down, Crunch, Signal Beam

Electivire Lv37, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Brick Break

Ampharos Lv38, Thunder, Fire Punch, Brick Break, Signal Beam

Manetric (supposed to be Manectric but misspelled) Lv39, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Thunder Wave

I just realized. Eon was in the first Dark Rising as well, as someone who was corrupted by Darugis but saved by the player then. Anyways we now have the second badge, so we could now use Cut, then again we still don't have that HM yet. Back to the plot at hand, let's go back to Helios Canyon.


Collector Mike: Amoonguss Lv34, Palpitoad Lv34, P4080 (double battle)

Bug catcher Maku: Leavanny Lv34, Ledian Lv34, Karrablast Lv34, Shelmet Lv33, P528

There's a hidden Great Ball in the dead-end area to the east of Maku. Take the upper path.

Black Belt Jackson: Makuhita Lv33, Pancham Lv33, Scraggy Lv33, P1056

Extremist Kyle: Eelektrik Lv34, Eelektrik Lv34, P1632 (double battle)

Black Belt Evan: Tyrogue Lv32, Hitmonlee Lv35, Hitmonchan Lv35, P840

Youngster Coleman: Herdier Lv33, Breloom Lv34, Krabby Lv33, P528

TM05 Roar is here.

Beauty Lauryn: Flaaffy Lv33, Lilligant Lv34, Staryu Lv33, Togetic Lv34, Lopunny Lv34, P2720

You'll soon find a cave entrance with a person in front of it as well as a hiker to the right. Talk to the hiker and he'll award you if you beat him.

Hiker Rocko: Sudowoodo Lv36, Rhydon Lv36, Golem Lv37, P1332 and TM28 Dig

The person in front of the cave entrance is our old pal Benga. He's finally caught a mon that he thinks will avenge his family: Heatran. Apparently it was the Swords of Justice who did away with his ancestors. There seems to be a misunderstanding.

PKMN Trainer Benga: P13440

Nidorino Lv38, Crunch, Body Slam, Poison Fang, Dig, holds Poison Barb

Zangoose Lv39, Fire Punch, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Slash, holds Silk Scarf

Larvesta Lv41, Flamethrower, Zen Headbutt, Wild Charge, Signal Beam, holds Charcoal

Heatran Lv48, Fire Blast, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, Ancientpower, holds Charcoal

So to recap, a long time ago, the Swords of Justice attacked a village and took the lives of humans, and this story came to Benga from Alder, his grandpa and the champion in the Gen-5 games. Benga disapproves of his grandpa, and despite trying to reason with him by saying the trainer of those mons is a good guy, he'll still show no mercy to the Swords of Justice. He'll also hint that a Heatran lies within the Helios Cavern he's in front of, and that we'll need Rock Smash and Strength (sadly we're nowhere near that at the moment). He will chase after your named rival after you namedrop him, but at least we can now enter Helios Cavern.


Super Geek Ashton: Solrock Lv38, Lunatone Lv38, P1824 (double battle)

Hiker Lucas: Rhyhorn Lv36, Graveler Lv37, P1332

To the south of the hiker is an Escape Rope. West now.

Hiker Milo: Graveler Lv37, Gligar Lv35, P2520 (double battle)

A Pearl is near this guy.

Miner Oliver: Sandslash Lv37, Dugtrio Lv36, Sandslash Lv37, P2220

Keep going until you get to a left/right fork. West first to get a Repel, then head east.

PKMN Breeder Dana: Ledian Lv36, Tropius Lv37, Servine Lv36, P1008

Student Ariana: Wigglytuff Lv38, Clefable Lv38, Vulpix Lv35, Poliwhirl Lv35, P1680 (double battle)

Miner Leng: Dugtrio Lv36, Sandslash Lv37, P2220

Next floor.

Monk Cooper: Mr. Mime Lv37, Nosepass Lv36, Meditite Lv36, P1440

Hiker Dudley: Rhydon Lv39, Golem Lv39, Rhydon Lv39, P1404

Scientist Sota: Elgyem Lv37, Bronzor Lv36, Rotom Lv36, P1728

Several routes here. North of the scientist is a Max Ether. Take SW path for a Revive. Go south to find two paths, and the left one leads to a hiker who can teach Stone Edge. Shall we continue? To the NE is an area that requires Rock Smash, but of course we don't have that yet, so we need to head south and east.

Super Geek Steve: Stunfisk Lv37, Natu Lv36, P864

Miner Martin: Dugtrio Lv37, Dugtrio Lv37, P4440 (double battle)

Hiker Allen: Golem Lv39, P1404

Scientist Winston: Elgyem Lv40, P1920

Hiker Eric: Graveler Lv38, Gligar Lv37, P2664 (double battle)

I'm quite tired of this cave after fifteen trainers, aren't you? Anyways the exit is there, but we have yet another route to go on!


After such long routes without a rest stop, a PokeCenter is here! The lady sitting at the SE will give you a Litwick for $500.

Youngster Chad: Herdier Lv39, Pikachu Lv39, P1248 (double battle)

Next to him is TM43 Secret Power.

Lady Felicia: Pachirisu Lv39, Lilligant Lv40, P8000

Bug Catcher Matt: Vespiquen Lv40, Vespiquen Lv40, P960 (double battle)

Hiker Franklin: Graveler Lv39, Sandslash Lv39, P2808 (double battle)

Businessman Harold: Spinda Lv39, Girafarig Lv40, Smeargle Lv40, P2400

PKMN Breeder Kelsey: Ledian Lv40, Sawsbuck Lv40, P1120

Collector Wayne: Electrode Lv40, P2400

Extremist Dan: Luxray Lv42, P1008

Super Geek Nuben: Rotom Lv39, Klang Lv39, Xatu Lv40, Golduck Lv40, P1920 (double battle)


Lady Shana: Lopunny Lv40, Ledian Lv40, P16000 (double battle)

Move across the grass here and head up to get TM45 Attract. The bridge is the Fisherman's Gauntlet.

Fisherman Cale: Wingull Lv38, Psyduck Lv38, Barboach Lv38, Clauncher Lv38, P2736 (double battle)

Fisherman Eli: Poliwag Lv38, Magikarp Lv38, Feebas Lv38, P1520

Fisherman Tim: Quagsire Lv39, Palpitoad Lv39, P3120

Fisherman Renji: Seadra Lv38, Prinplup Lv39, P1404

Fisherman Ethan: Kingler Lv40, P1440

The last fisherman here will give you TM03 Water Pulse before you inevitably have to battle him.

Fisherman Kenn: Poliwrath Lv40, Gyarados Lv41, Whiscash Lv41, Gastrodon Lv41, Clawitzer Lv42, P1512


But wait, we have a new trainer catching us for a battle. It's May!

PKMN Trainer May: P5600

Venusaur Lv44, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Amnesia, Sludge Bomb, holds Miracle Seed

Snorlax Lv45, Body Slam, Rest, Crunch, Rock Slide, holds Lum Berry

Blastoise Lv44, Water Pulse, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Signal Beam, holds Mystic Water

Glaceon Lv43, Blizzard, Signal Beam, Water Pulse, Hyper Voice, holds Nevermeltice

Blaziken Lv50, Overheat, Thunderpunch, Sky Uppercut, Shadow Claw, holds Charcoal

May is a "Top Coordinator" that you apparently saw on TV once or twice. Naturally, she mentions that we helped Ash out (in the first Dark Rising). Afterwards, she goes, but then comes back and gives you the Fame Checker. She then goes to find her brother Max (who was also in the first Dark Rising) who got lost in Misty Trees. Now we can explore this town. Don't bother with the Fame Checker by the way.

So the first house is Granite's home. The officer outside says that no one's allowed in or out unless they're a certified trustworthy trainer like May. Well, we should be trustworthy since we beat May. Anyways, it looks like Granite's home has been invaded and we're forbidden to enter. Well, actually, you can enter it to discover some familiar characters. Zyiah and Sydney have cornered the red-capped girl, who we now know is Jalice. The man here is Granite himself, chastising Jalice for her little insurrection. Too bad Jalice found what she wanted, a Pokemon fossil. As they talk, Zyiah manages to snag her Noivern back. However, Granite disagrees with your group about taking the thief into custody and wants Jalice to learn things a harder way rather than just sit in a jail cell. Afterwards, Granite will reveal that he is the gym leader here (no guesses as to his preferred type!) and that he will accept a challenge. Anyways, they all leave, and you can't go in the hole by the way, so just leave.

As for the rest of town, the Gemstone Mines is to the west, and we'll get there soon. The gym is to the NE, and we'll also leave that for later. A bug catcher south of the gym wants to trade you a Golduck for a Durant. The house near him has an old couple who don't have a problem with you taking their Eevee, because they want you to train it. And you can find Dray near a tree that requires Cut as well. He mentions that your named rival isn't around, and like Max he's somehow lost in Misty Trees too. The rest of the team is running around a place called Hollowsville. You have to find your named rival too. And Dray will give us HM01 Cut. Neat. While we could cut the tree down, let's explore the rest of town first.

You'll get a Powder Jar from a guy in the house west of the tree. The PokeCenter and PokeMart are to the far west.

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Lava Cookie: P200

Ether: P1200

Escape Rope: P550

Fire Stone: P2100

Moon Stone: P0 <- yes it costs nothing

Water Stone: P2100

Super Repel: P500

Alright, let's see what Gemstone Mines is about. You can catch fossil Pokemon down there.


This place is structured like the Altering Cave. You'll see Steven in the NE, talking to him will trigger a battle but I highly recommend not battling him now as his mons are high level. I'll list his team once you get ready to battle him.

PKMN Trainer Steven: P39200 (double battle)

Excadrill Lv65, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Iron Head, Rapid Spin, holds Soft Sand

Armaldo Lv65, Swords Dance, Stone Edge, X-Scissor, Rapid Spin, holds Hard Stone

Cradily Lv65, Swords Dance, Recover, Seed Bomb, Stone Edge, holds Miracle Seed

Metagross Lv70, Meteor Mash, Thunderpunch, Agility, Zen Headbutt, holds Metal Coat

The guy in the NW is looking for a Gold Ring item. We'll see what this is later. That's it for here, so catch all the fossil mons you want and let's go to the gym once you're set.


Aargh! A sandstorm in a gym! Just like in the previous Dark Rising too, there's a perpetual sandstorm inside the gym. Anyways, you'll notice an item in the SE corner, which is the Gold Ring, so get it now. Well, even though there's a sandstorm here, this place is modeled after Brock's gym, so thankfully there's not much here. You’ll want your best Rock/Ground beaters.

Hiker Hardy: Sandslash Lv40, Dugtrio Lv40, Rhydon Lv42, P1512

The gym leader by the way has Marshal's sprite from the Gen-5 games.

Leader Granite: P5520, Fossil Badge, and TM39 Stealth Rock

Rhyperior Lv43, Megahorn, Earthquake, Rock Wrecker, Stealth Rock, holds Hard Stone

Armaldo Lv44, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance, holds Silverpowder

Cradily Lv44, Giga Drain, Earth Power, Recover, Sludge Wave, holds Leftovers

Relicanth Lv42, Stone Edge, Rest, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, holds Lum Berry

Tyranitar Lv45, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Crunch, Stone Edge, holds Choice Band

Barbaracle Lv46, Stone Edge, Cross Chop, Bulk Up, Earthquake, holds Hard Stone

Since you found the Gold Ring, return to the miner in Gemstone Mines to give it to him. In return, you'll get HM04 Strength. We're done in this city for now, so cut the tree at the south end down and let's go!


Lady Arya: Lilligant Lv36, Sawsbuck Lv36, P14400 (double battle)

Youngster Johnson: Emolga Lv35, Fearow Lv35, Breloom Lv36, P576

Bug Catcher Braydon: Kricketune Lv34, Beedrill Lv35, Scyther Lv36, P864 (double battle)

Beauty Tila: Jynx Lv38, Vespiquen Lv39, P2808

As you go you'll find a Max Potion. You'll reach the gate to Keir Route, where if you talk to the guard, there's a storm ahead! Not again with weather effects.


Youngster Alan: Raticate Lv37, Stoutland Lv40, Luxio Lv37, Talonflame Lv40, P640

Hiker Jeremy: Graveler Lv38, Sandslash Lv40, P1440

Monk Brice: Xatu Lv39, Drowsee Lv40, Hypno Lv40, P1600

Miner Chris: Nosepass Lv38, Dugtrio Lv40, P2400

Cut the tree north of the miner.

Bug Catcher Brent: Escavalier Lv42, Accelgor Lv42, P1008 (double battle)

And the item back by the gate is a Burn Heal. Now let's keep heading east. Try the upper of two eastern paths first.

Fisherman Connor: Pelipper Lv39, Kingler Lv38, Wailord Lv41, P1476

Student Drea: Lopunny Lv40, Swablu Lv36, Pachirisu Lv36, Breloom Lv40, P960

Now for the low path.

Collector Lando: Rotom-FR Lv39, Gastrodon Lv39, Carnivine Lv40, P2400

Super Geek Carlton: Castform Lv50, P1200

Backtrack a bit to the left to get TM15 Hyper Beam before moving east to Kier Steppe.


Rich Boy Herman: Espeon Lv40, Umbreon Lv40, P22400 (double battle)

A PokeCenter is here. An aide of Prof. Mercury is here and will give you an Everstone if you've caught 20 mons or more in the "Kanto dex".

PKMN Breeder Heidi: Lilligant Lv40, Kecleon Lv41, P1148

Black Belt Mark: Primeape Lv40, Hariyama Lv42, P1344

Extremist Rupert: Scyther Lv40, Medicham Lv41, P1968 (double battle)

Hiker Clark: Cubone Lv39, Marowak Lv41, P2952 (double battle)

Gentleman Trent: Stunfisk Lv42, Skarmory Lv42, P3024

Cut down a tree, then head north on the long path. Cut the next tree, then head to the west and south a bit to find a hidden Super Potion. Now enter Misty Trees.


Bug Catcher Jonah: Kricketune Lv42, Beedrill Lv42, Kricketune Lv43, Beedrill Lv43, P516

Student Joana: Rotom-F Lv45, P1080

Lady Allison: Ninetales Lv44, Ledian Lv42, Audino Lv44, P8800

Collector Barney: Octillery Lv45, P2700

Youngster Layton: Stoutland Lv43, Raticate Lv42, Luxray Lv43, P688

Scientist Marc: Solrock Lv43, Lunatone Lv43, Beheeyem Lv44, P2112

Monk Vance: Mr. Mime Lv43, Whiscash Lv43, P3440 (double battle)

Bug Catcher Nash: Combee Lv42, Combee Lv42, Vespiquen Lv44, P528

PKMN Breeder Dalia: Amoonguss Lv43, Gogoat Lv43, Clefable Lv44, Wigglytuff Lv44, P1232

Businessman Riley: Sudowoodo Lv43, Girafarig Lv43, P5160 (double battle)

You'll soon meet up with your named rival, who seems to be finding his true potential as he somehow defeats Benga and his Heatran. Seems like something's wrong with him! His inner power has awakened and now he wants to destroy the planet and make a new one! He then releases the Swords of Justice mons he apparently had and is now on track to finding Yveltal. They both leave without any battling.

Super Geek Garrett: Shedinja Lv45, P1080

Extremist Cordell: Skarmory Lv43, Ampharos Lv43, P2064 (double battle)

You'll see Sydney at the end, who'll tell you to come back after you make some room in the party. Once you have a free slot, talk to her again and she'll explain that the group has a secret base of operations south of Hollowsville. You'll battle her now...not! Instead, she actually gives you a free Axew! It's Lv35 and comes with the Choice Band item. Now go south to enter Hollowsville.


The very first person you see is an elderly lady who is actually a retired gym leader. Talking to her will have you battle her to cheer her up...um, okay.

Elderly Estelle: P1536

Honchkrow Lv47, Night Slash, Roost, Drill Peck, Heat Wave, holds Sharp Beak

Gengar Lv48, Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Destiny Bond, Will-O-Wisp, holds Poison Barb

Dusknoir Lv48, Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Curse, holds Leftovers

Anyways the PokeCenter and PokeMart are to the east. Go to the first house to the west of the gate and talk to the fisherman, where you can now receive a Good Rod. The house to the left of that has Ms. Psychic, who true to her name will give you TM29 Psychic.

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Repeat Ball: P1000

Spell Tag: P100

Super Repel: P500

GLITCH: For some reason, you can run through the sign closest to the north gate.

The Name Rater is also here, south of the PokeCenter. You'll be hearing a bit about Hollowsville's current gym leader, Morgana, and well yes she's a Ghost type expert. But who's in front of the gym? Very strange people indeed. We've got some trainers to battle.

Hooded Kid Minion: Gastly Lv50, Haunter Lv51, Gengar Lv52, P3120

Well only one trainer actually. Talk to the main guy again and he'll somehow forget his favorite TV show is on so he'll forgo killing his sister for now. Well, the gym's accessible now!


Oh cripes, the gym's dark. This gym sort of combines that aspect with the teleporters from Sabrina's old gym. Take the first teleporter.

Elderly Caroline: Shuppet Lv48, Phantump Lv48, Misdreavus Lv48, P1536

As far as I can tell, the overall placement of the teleporters and their destinations is unchanged from the original Fire Red, so I decided to go in the order that gets me all the trainers in one sitting. Caroline was in the SE square, and taking the NE teleporter takes me to the east square.

Super Geek Tyron: Frillish Lv48, Frillish Lv48, P2304 (double battle)

Next teleporter I took was in the NW. This takes you to the NE square.

Elderly Jude: Haunter Lv49, Lampent Lv49, Dusclops Lv49, P1568

From here I took the SE teleporter. This takes you to the SW square.

Monk Tai: Gastly Lv48, Duskull Lv48, Litwick Lv48, P1920

I then take the SW teleporter. This takes you to the north central square.

Super Geek Amondo: Yamask Lv48, Yamask Lv48, P2304 (double battle)

From here, take the SW teleporter to be at the west square.

Monk Sato: Gengar Lv50, P2000

Once again, the SW teleporter, which takes you to the final regular trainer in the gym in the NW square.

Scientist Preston: Shedinja Lv50, P2400

One last time, the SW teleporter. Which of course takes you to the middle where Morgana is.

Leader Morgana: P6720, Shadow Badge, TM30 Shadow Ball

Mismagius Lv52, Ominous Wind, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Will-O-Wisp, holds Spell Tag

Spiritomb Lv54, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Double Team, Will-O-Wisp, holds Leftovers

Jellicent Lv53, Hydro Pump, Recover, Double Team, Shadow Ball, holds Mystic Water

Chandelure Lv54, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Double Team, holds Charcoal

Trevenant Lv53, Leech Seed, Will-O-Wisp, Earthquake, Double Team, holds Miracle Seed

Gourgeist Lv56, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Double Team, Disable, holds Leftovers

With all of her mons having Double Team I’m surprised that she doesn’t give out the TM for it. Take note that this is the fifth badge, and as she says, you'll be able to use Surf, once we get the HM of course. Now to leave, take the teleporter, the NW teleporter, the NE teleporter, and the SE teleporter to get out. Our next destination, naturally, is Hollows Route to the south.


Extremist Luca: Electrode Lv46, Magmar Lv47, P1128

Guitarist Justin: Jolteon Lv47, Houndoom Lv47, P1504

Guitarist Ned: Electabuzz Lv47, Flaaffy Lv46, Scrafty Lv47, P1504

Get TM48 Skill Swap and continue. An Iron is along the road too.

PKMN Breeder Cheyla: Lilligant Lv47, Sudowoodo Lv47, P1316

You may notice a tree to the side and are wondering if anything is back there. Well, there is. Cut the tree and examine the square above it for a hidden Rare Candy.

Elderly Aundrea: Liepard Lv46, Swoobat Lv46, P2944 (double battle)

Fisherman Hank: Seismitoad Lv49, P1764

The people you see here will tell you to enter the secret Dark Rising base (you know, from the top). Do so. Inside the base, the first scientist hands you the Itemfinder if you have at least 30 Pokemon caught in the "Kanto dex". The other scientist hands you the Vs Seeker for free. Exit out the back, you'll now see Dray, Sydney, and Florina. And you'll have to battle Sydney to proceed.

PKMN Trainer Sydney: P16800

Skarmory Lv54, Brave Bird, Spikes, Iron Head, Roost, holds Leftovers

Kingdra Lv54, Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, holds Mystic Water

Lucario Lv55, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, holds Black Belt

Volcarona Lv55, Silver Wind, Hurricane, Inferno, Psychic, holds Silverpowder

Haxorus Lv59, Swords Dance, Dragon Claw, Night Slash, Superpower, holds Dragon Fang

Kyurem Lv60, Blizzard, Outrage, Earth Power, Roost, holds Nevermeltice

So now after the battle (and shooting down Dray's dumb idea of watching anime at the moment) it seems that the group has to go to Aster Prairie, as their satellite has found out a large trace of negative energy is there. You decide to take the long route alone. Sydney will mention a friend of yours is in the next room, then they all leave. Through the door they were in front of, you'll see Pete, another familiar character from the first Dark Rising. You will want to free a slot in your party to actually talk to him. You'll receive Victini! If you go upstairs, you'll find a Nurse Joy who can heal as well as a PC (unfortunately it's not one where you can store Pokemon). Victini comes at Lv50 with a Sacred Ash item, by the way.

Anyways, we still have to go through the rest of Hollows Route.

Fisherman Elliot: Qwilfish Lv46, Clawitzer Lv47, Quagsire Lv47, Feraligatr Lv48, P1728

Super Geek Billy: Hypno Lv47, Carnivine Lv48, Bronzong Lv47, P1128

Collector Tubby: Excadrill Lv48, Munchlax Lv46, P5520 (double battle)

Tubby mentions he dropped his Leftovers somewhere. Guess what, you can find it, just go to the SW part and you can find it hidden at the end. No you can't give it to him.

Beauty Nicole: Jynx Lv49, P3920

Youngster Tylor: Stoutland Lv47, Luxray Lv47, P1504 (double battle)

Cut the tree and we'll reach Astraeus City.


Strange, there's no music in this city at all. Head south to reach a Game Room. Neat! Dray is wasting time here and Florina is mad at him, and May is here too. You can use the Pokemon Printer and check on things, but you don't have a Coin Case. If you have a Xatu, you can trade for a Castform from the fisherman at the top. The Exchange Corner is in a house NW of the Game Room. North of the game room is the PokeMart and the PokeCenter.

50 Coins: P1000

500 Coins: P10000

Smoke Ball: 800 coins

Miracle Seed: 1000 coins

Charcoal: 1000 coins

Mystic Water: 1000 coins

Yellow Flute: 1600 coins

Abra (actually Skiddo): 180 coins

Clefairy: 500 coins

Dratini (actually Sliggoo): 2800 coins

Scyther: 5500 coins

Porygon: 9999 coins

TM13 Ice Beam: 4000 coins

TM23 Iron Tail: 3500 coins

TM24 Thunderbolt: 4000 coins

TM30 Shadow Ball: 4500 coins

TM35 Flamethrower: 4000 coins

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Ether: P1200

Full Heal: P600

Timer Ball: P1000

Yeah, I kinda went south of the main gate and around, but if you go west, you'll reach the restaurant, and can get a Coin Case from the guy there. There's several more areas at the northern end. Cut the tree down at the NW corner and inspect an empty space to pick up a Max Ether. Head to the SW part of town to meet Fight Guy, who will give you HM06 Rock Smash. At the north end of town, you'll find a Fighting Dojo, a Fight Dome, Astraeus Garden, the gate to Aster Prairie, the Bike Shop, and the gym. There's so much to cover! I'll go left to right, starting with the Fight Dojo.


Left to right, bottom to top:

Black Belt Hideki: Pangoro Lv49, Pangoro Lv49, P1176

Black Belt Hitoshi: Combusken Lv49, Monferno Lv49, Pignite Lv49, P1176

Black Belt Mike: Primeape Lv49, Poliwrath Lv49, Breloom Lv49, P1176

Black Belt Aaron: Hariyama Lv49, P1176

Sensei Katsumi: Blaziken Lv52, Infernape Lv52, Emboar Lv52, Gallade Lv53, Hawlucha Lv54, P2592 (double battle)

I don't think you can fight those two trainers on the ledges there, but talk to Katsumi again and you can get the mon behind her. Well, it's kinda obvious given what her ace is, it's a Hawlucha, and well you can't get Hawlucha anywhere else anyways, so take it. You need to free a slot though. It comes at Lv50 and has the Black Belt item.


Bug Catcher Keigo: Kricketune Lv51, Leavanny Lv51, Scyther Lv52, P624

Bug Catcher Elijah: Leavanny Lv53, P636

Rich Boy Deandre: Porygon2 Lv53, P14840

Collector Stan: Lickilicky Lv53, P3180

Cooltrainer Jeff: Excadrill Lv52, Nidoking Lv52, P1872

Cooltrainer Isabelle: Flareon Lv51, Vibrava Lv51, Nidoqueen Lv52, P1872

Use Cut to get a PP Up and a Max Potion. Next area!


Black Belt Dirk: Medicham Lv49, Pangoro Lv49, P1176

Black Belt Yasu: Hitmonlee Lv49, Hitmonchan Lv49, Hitmontop Lv49, P1568

Black Belt Darian: Primeape Lv48, Breloom Lv48, P2304 (double battle)

Black Belt Dave: Monferno Lv47, Combusken Lv47, P2256 (double battle)

Black Belt Braxton: Pignite Lv49, P1176

Black Belt Jasper: Mankey Lv47, Riolu Lv47, P1128

Black Belt Bernie: Scraggy Lv47, Scrafty Lv48, Poliwrath Lv48, P1152

Black Belt Dillon: Pancham Lv47, Pangoro Lv49, P2352 (double battle)

Black Belt Eddie: Tyrogue Lv49, P1176

Black Belt Hugo: Meditite Lv47, Makuhita Lv47, P2256 (double battle)

At the end you'll see an X Defend. A hidden Escape Rope is at the bottom rock as well. The grass is west of the entrance, and there are two items that aren't accessible, so remember for later. The next entrance is of course Aster Prairie, so let’s skip it and enter the Bike Shop. Trade your Bike Voucher for a Bicycle, then go to the gym at the far right this time.


Giovanni's gym more or less.

Beauty Corina: Talonflame Lv53, Fearow Lv53, P8480 (double battle)

Extremist Kiyo: Scyther Lv53

Student Samantha: Noctowl Lv51, Ledian Lv51, Togetic Lv51, Xatu Lv51, Swoobat Lv51, P1224

Beauty Yuka: Skarmory Lv53, P3816

Extremist Sako: Chatot Lv50, Tropius Lv52, P1248

Beauty Jasenia: Vespiquen Lv53, P3816

PKMN Breeder Wendy: Pelipper Lv51, Emolga Lv51, Honchkrow Lv52, Vullaby Lv52, Hawlucha Lv52, P1456

Extremist Taka: Gliscor Lv52, Aerodactyl Lv52, Gyarados Lv53, P1272

Leader Feather: P7080, Wing Badge, and TM40 Aerial Ace (it says TM39, but she actually gives you TM40)

Charizard Lv54, Heat Wave, Ominous Wind, Roost, Ancientpower, holds Charcoal

Rotom-F Lv56, Air Slash, Ominous Wind, Discharge, Thunder Wave, holds Leftovers

Togekiss Lv58, Air Slash, Roost, Aura Sphere, Heat Wave, holds Leftovers

Altaria Lv57, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Roost, Earthquake, holds Leftovers

Braviary Lv59, Brave Bird, Bulk Up, Superpower, Roost, holds Sharp Beak

Feather shares the same sprite Caitlin from the Gen-5 games had by the way. This is the sixth badge as well. Anyways, we are now done with Astraeus City! Let's take the Aster Prairie exit east of the Fight Dome entrance now.


PKMN Breeder Julia: Lilligant Lv50, Tangrowth Lv50, P2800 (double battle)

Student Gesha: Lopunny Lv50, Pachirisu Lv50, Servine Lv51, P1224

Youngster Rich: Raticate Lv50, Stoutland Lv51, P1632 (double battle)

Guitarist Josh: Heliolisk Lv50, P1600

Guitarist Bosh: Heliolisk Lv50, P1600

Cooltrainer Leslie: Typhlosion Lv52, P1872

Beauty Megan: Glameow Lv50, Purrloin Lv50, Wigglytuff Lv51, Clefable Lv51, Blissey Lv52, P7488 (double battle)

Elderly Sora: Swoobat Lv50, Jynx Lv50, Medicham Lv51, P1632

And here we have the Day Care. Of course, you can't breed with this one since he only accepts one mon, but the PC here will help if you need to change stuff around.

Lady Andrea: Clawitzer Lv50, Emolga Lv50, Stunfisk Lv50, P10000

Cooltrainer Peter: Gyarados Lv52, Rhyperior Lv54, P3888 (double battle)

Cyclist Rika: Hawlucha Lv51, Luxray Lv51, Rotom-F Lv51, P1020

If you cut the tree east of the pond and inspect the empty spot behind it, you'll find a Lum Berry.

Cyclist Jarissa: Scyther Lv50, Emolga Lv50, P2000 (double battle)

Super Geek Aidan: Electrode Lv50, Golduck Lv50, Nosepass Lv50, Bronzor Lv50, P1200

Team Aqua?

Team Aqua Grunt: Octillery Lv53, P1060

Team Aqua Grunt: Octillery Lv53, P1060

Aqua Leader Archie: P9280 (double battle)

Whiscash Lv55, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Waterfall, holds Leftovers

Poliwrath Lv56, Brick Break, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Bulk Up, holds Black Belt

Wailord Lv57, Waterfall, Iron Head, Substitute, Zen Headbutt, holds Leftovers

Samurott Lv57, Hydro Cannon, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Slash, holds Mystic Water

Rotom-W Lv58, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, Substitute, holds Mystic Water


You'll see Dray, Florina, and Sydney here. It seems that all the evil teams have congregated in this place, and you need to utilize stealth to beat them or so. You'll be given a member's badge and a specific set of rules, like, well, you can't go to the side guard to the west, since not only does he not do anything but bar your passage, he can tell if you're an infiltrator with his sharp eye. You'll be told to get to the Omega Facility, battle the strongest person, then your allies will rush in by that point to aid. Make sure you're well prepared for the infiltration.

Upon entering, there's a sleeping Rocket Grunt, and you'll find a Card Key key item.


You'll notice that there are janitors down here, all of which are named after the Goonies!

Janitor Mikey: Escavalier Lv52, P832

Janitor Mouth: Chatot Lv52, P832

Janitor Data: Klang Lv52, P832

Janitor Brand: Accelgor Lv52, P832

Next floor...

Janitor Chunk: Munchlax Lv52, P832

Janitor Sloth: Scrafty Lv52, P832

Janitor Jake: Liepard Lv52, P832

Janitor Francis: Primeape Lv52, P832

Exit and you'll be immediately discovered by a grunt, despite your badge.

Team Rocket Grunt: Swoobat Lv51, Raticate Lv51, Muk Lv51, P1632


Well, it's raining yet again, but this place seems like a town. Since you have a badge, you're not necessarily seen as hostile, even though you don't seem to have an enemy team uniform. Yeah, feel free to talk to people. You can't leave the area at all though (not even by trying to take the basement, as the door won't open). An Aqua Grunt will teach you Softboiled if you want. There's a pond at the north end, as well as what appears to be an item behind a tree to Cut (but guess what you don't need Cut since you can head around the tree). The item is an Ether. Another tree to Cut is to the west, with a hidden PP Up behind it.

GLITCH: You can go through the sign west of that tree for some reason.

At the NW is the Omega Facility, your destination. The grunts in front are pissed because another guy who's supposed to be on shift hasn't shown up yet. Where might he be? The SE area is the lounge area for off-duty people. The first place is the hotel, but of course, the place is booked, so all you can do is talk to people. There's a reference to the previous Dark Rising here, referencing Atem (Yu-gi-oh) who was actually a gym leader in that game. Nothing in the far right house, but the middle house has that lousy grunt. He'll hurry off, maybe we should go back to the facility entrance now? As expected, the grunts have left and we can enter.


Nothing important on 1F, go upstairs to 2F. Already your cover's been blown, as your badge fell off.

Galactic Grunt: Bronzong Lv53, Purugly Lv54, Skuntank Lv54, P432

Scientist Jerry: Electrode Lv56, Electrode Lv56, Hypno Lv57, P2736

Team Rocket Grunt: Muk Lv55, Muk Lv55, Garbodor Lv55, Raticate Lv55, P1760

Since you have the Card Key, use it to open the gates at the west side. Nothing in the south room, but you can teach Thunder Wave by talking to the girl hiding in the north room. When ready, enter 3F via the SE steps.

Plasma Grunt: Liepard Lv58, P464

Open two Card Key gates and you can find a Hyper Potion.

Plasma Grunt (this should say Galactic Grunt actually): Purugly Lv57, Skuntank Lv57, P912 (double battle)

On 4F, head directly south to find TM41 Torment.

Team Rocket Grunt: Swoobat Lv57, P1824

Team Magma Grunt: Houndoom Lv57, P1140

Ignore the first path up (nothing behind that gate) and open the gate with the Card Key. This warehouse holds a Full Heal, Max Revive, and Escape Rope. The next steps up to 5F are here along with an injured Clefairy. 5F by the way is Team Magma’s main floor.

Team Magma Grunt: Camerupt Lv57, Magcargo Lv57, P2280 (double battle)

A Protein is behind a Card Key door at the NW end of this floor. The scientists here aren't trainers by the way.

Team Magma Grunt: Houndoom Lv57, P1140

Team Magma Grunt: Houndour Lv56, Numel Lv56, Slugma Lv56, Magmar Lv57, P1140

The SW Card Key door has TM01 Focus Punch and Maxie guarding the steps to the next floor. All of his Pokemon hold the Charcoal item for extra Fire damage

Magma Leader Maxie: P5888

Ninetales Lv60, Fire Blast, Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Extrasensory

Typhlosion Lv63, Fire Blast, Wild Charge, Earthquake, Shadow Claw

Magmortar Lv63, Fire Blast, Psychic, Will-O-Wisp, Thunderbolt

Heatmor Lv63, Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb

Chandelure Lv63, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Calm Mind

Rotom-H Lv64, Overheat, Thunder, Dark Pulse, Signal Beam

Defeating Maxie has him forgetting why he was here. Onto 6F.

Team Rocket Grunt: Muk Lv57, Garbodor Lv57, P1824

West of that grunt is an HP Up.

Scientist Taylor: Electrode Lv57, Electrode Lv57, Eelektrik Lv56, Metang Lv56, Beheeyem Lv57, P5472 (double battle)

X Special is in the room west of the scientist. The middle room of scientists has nothing.

Team Aqua Grunt: Jellicent Lv57, Octillery Lv57, Poliwrath Lv57, P1140

Now we're at 7F. This seems to be Team Aqua's floor.

Team Aqua Grunt: Qwilfish Lv56, Poliwrath Lv57, P1140

Free the scientists to the west with the Card Key and talk to one of them to receive a free Ralts! (It says Cryogonal at one point, but it's Ralts). Another mentions the Pokemon Xerneas is around here too. The other room that needs a Card Key has TM08 Bulk Up.

Team Aqua Grunt: Qwilfish Lv56, Qwilfish Lv56, P2240 (double battle)

Team Aqua Grunt: Octillery Lv57, Qwilfish Lv56, P1120

You'll find a Calcium just before you battle Archie again. All of his mons hold the Mystic Water item for extra Water damage

Aqua Leader Archie: P5120

Politoed Lv60, Hydro Pump, Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Psychic

Whiscash Lv63, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Earthquake

Wailord Lv63, Waterfall, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Substitute

Kingdra Lv63, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Iron Head

Samurott Lv63, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Megahorn, Superpower

Rotom-W Lv64, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Dark Pulse, Signal Beam

Like before with Maxie, Archie’ll not realize what he’s doing here after you win. We're getting there. 8F.

Galactic Grunt: Purugly Lv56, Skuntank Lv56, Bronzong Lv57, Bronzong Lv57, P912 (double battle)

Team Rocket Grunt: Swoobat Lv57, Muk Lv57, P3648 (double battle)

The scientist in the room to the right mentions that a boy came crashing down with a red bird. Could it be your named rival with the Yveltal he was trying to find? Pick up the Iron and continue west.

Plasma Grunt: Liepard Lv57, Scrafty Lv57, Garbodor Lv57, P912 (double battle)

On 9F, you'll get a much-needed heal by talking to Florina. Nothing if you go east, so battle the Galactic Grunts. You may see something to the side over there.

Galactic Grunt: Bronzong Lv57, Skuntank Lv56, Purugly Lv56, P448

Galactic Grunt: Purugly Lv56, Skuntank Lv56, Bronzong Lv57, P456

Galactic Grunt: Skuntank Lv56, Purugly Lv56, Bronzong Lv57, P456

Boss Cyrus: P9100

Weavile Lv62, Icicle Crash, Night Slash, Poison Jab, Brick Break, holds Choice Band

Houndoom Lv64, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, holds Charcoal

Honchkrow Lv64, Brave Bird, Night Slash, Superpower, Roost, holds Leftovers

Gyarados Lv65, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Iron Head, Stone Edge, holds Mystic Water

What's that? Looks like your named rival showed up with Yveltal! He's all power-hungry and plans to do something involving Light (a character from the previous Dark Rising who resembled Lance) and Xerneas, whom Light currently owns. Seems your rival prevented Xerneas' rebirth, and now he has higher plans. No battle with him, but you gotta follow him to 10F to see what's really going on.

And you'll immediately see V, another familiar Dark Rising character and actually a villain, laying on the floor on 10F. His children, Kaiden and Sakura, are dead (they were turned to stone in the previous Dark Rising though, so I'm not sure what happened between games). Team Plasma's leader, Ghetsis, defeated him and gained his Genesect, while another man upstairs had killed his children. V then dies. Xerneas is to the west, idle. Below it is Light, who's looking a lot less Lance-like. Although Xerneas is a Fairy-type mon (and for those who are already familiar, we already have several soon-to-be Fairy types like Clefairy in the hack), it seems that the Fairy type isn't real anymore thanks to Darugis, because he got rid of his one weakness (seems like a type foreshadowing for when we eventually battle him!). Arceus had been sealed away too. As a result, Xerneas is just pure Normal type. A Rare Candy, an Ultra Ball, and a Carbos are in the warehouse to the south. You'll have to head east and south now.

Plasma Grunt: Liepard Lv58, P464

Open the door to see Ghetsis, Dray, and Sydney. Dray makes a Bleach reference, and you opt to battle Ghetsis while your allies watch Light in case he tries something funny.

Boss Ghetsis: P9800

Cofagrigus Lv64, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Grass Knot, holds Leftovers

Eelektross Lv64, Wild Charge, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Wave, holds Magnet

Seismitoad Lv64, Hydro Pump, Drain Punch, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, holds Leftovers

Hydreigon Lv67, Outrage, Dark Pulse, Tri Attack, Fire Blast, holds Shell Bell

Genesect Lv70, Flash Cannon, Signal Beam, Flamethrower, Extremespeed, holds Lum Berry

One floor left, one big boss left to battle. It's recommended to head back downstairs and heal with Florina before moving on to 11F.

Team Rocket Grunt: Muk Lv57, Raticate Lv56, Raticate Lv56, Garbodor Lv57, Muk Lv57, P3648 (double battle)

Team Rocket Grunt: Swoobat Lv57, Garbodor Lv57, Muk Lv57, P1824

Before opening the last Card Key door, pick up a Zinc. It's time we battle Giovanni. Wait, he's using a mega evolution! And it's his first choice!

Boss Giovanni: P9520

Mega Mewtwo Y Lv70, Psychic, Thunder, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, holds Twistedspoon

Gliscor Lv66, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Stone Edge, holds Leftovers

Nidoqueen Lv67, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Crunch, Megahorn, holds Soft Sand

Nidoking Lv67, Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, holds Soft Sand

Honchkrow Lv66, Dark Pulse, Icy Wind, Heat Wave, Nasty Plot, holds Leftovers

Rhyperior Lv68, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Swords Dance, Stone Edge, holds Leftovers

Somehow, that negative energy will fuel Darugis and Giovanni will beg for Darugis to take his life before he disappears. Talk to the scientists. The one on the couch gives the Fragment Case key item, and tells you to give it to a certain Alcina. The other one says that Alcina lives in Alfheim City. And there's a PC here.

Go all the way back through the building. Nothing's left as far as anything interesting. At Omega Utopia, everyone's gone, you can head east to Omega Gate, as well as south to our next destination, the Meadow of Karma.


Cut the tree near the entrance to find another hidden PP Up.

Extremist Sebastian: Raichu Lv59, Skarmory Lv59, P2832 (double battle)

Cooltrainer Suko: Nidoking Lv60, Golduck Lv59, Flareon Lv59, Klinklang Lv59, Primeape Lv59, P2124

Beauty Lola: Wigglytuff Lv59, Clefable Lv59, Blissey Lv60, P4320

Youngster Almo: Raticate Lv59, Heliolisk Lv59, Stoutland Lv60, P960

If you enter the house, talk to the researcher to find a woman who's scared to go out to the next route. This researcher also notes that this is the Meadow of Karma, which judges, well, your karma. If you have bad karma, the next route apparently will freeze you slowly until you die. This is believed to be the work of the Order Pokemon. Talk to the woman here to get HM02 Fly! Well we have the badge for it too, so that's even better for backtracking.

PKMN Breeder Valerie: Gogoat Lv59, Tangrowth Lv60, P1680

Fisherman Gaven: Skrelp Lv59, Jellicent Lv60, Clawitzer Lv59, Octillery Lv60, P2160

Painter Robert: Smeargle Lv60, Chatot Lv59, Chatot Lv59, Smeargle Lv60, P960

Cyclist Jamesha: Emolga Lv59, Heliolisk Lv59, Hitmontop Lv60, P1200

Cooltrainer Perissa: Lopunny Lv59, Milotic Lv60, Medicham Lv59, Heatmor Lv59, Sceptile Lv60, P2160

Lady Shelia: Audino Lv59, Jynx Lv60, P24000 (double battle)

And just when you thought you'd be done with yet another trainer gauntlet, a familiar face is blocking the way west. You know her as Jalice. Wait a minute, why is your character acting so negative? Seems your attitude problem provokes a battle, and even worse, she had stolen one of gym leader Granite's Pokemon.

PKMN Trainer Jalice: P18760

Aurorus Lv66, Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, holds Leftovers

Seviper Lv65, Sludge Wave, Crunch, Giga Drain, Flamethrower, holds Poison Barb

Goodra Lv66, Outrage, Power Whip, Ice Beam, Sludge Wave, holds Dragon Fang

Nidoqueen Lv65, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Poison Jab, Stone Edge, holds Soft Sand

Fennekin Lv67, Flamethrower, Hypnosis, Grass Knot, Psychic, holds Charcoal

Talking to her again will have her explaining about Artic Mirage. Well, it seems her brother was one of those who perished due to bad karma. Would you be next?


Cooltrainer Mitch: Talonflame Lv60, Blastoise Lv60, Gliscor Lv59, Ferrothorn Lv60, P2160

Extremist Beck: Excadrill Lv61, Luxray Lv61, P2928 (double battle)

If you have Cut, cut the tree down and talk to the man there. He's apparently sane, and his name is Zale. He's searching for the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy, and he just so happens to be a gym leader, of Hyetal City. Unfortunately, the gate in front of him is off-limits to those who aren't pure-hearted and have negative emotions. Good going protagonist. Continue south.

Guitarist Marlon: Ampharos Lv62, Scrafty Lv61, Weavile Lv60, P1920

Student Carrie: Lopunny Lv60, Starmie Lv61, Kecleon Lv62, P1488

Painter Isaac: Hawlucha Lv61, Chatot Lv60, Smeargle Lv62, P992

Cooltrainer Malika: Flygon Lv62, Raichu Lv62, P4464 (double battle)

Cyclist Luca: Jolteon Lv63, Jolteon Lv63, Rotom-F Lv63, Rotom-F Lv63, P2520 (double battle)

Black Belt Gerald: Pangoro Lv62, Hariyama Lv62, P2976 (double battle)

Elderly Donna: Chandelure Lv63, P2016

A hidden Zinc can be found behind these trees.

Pokefan Benny: Sudowoodo Lv61, Wailord Lv62, P4960

Looks like we gotta face Benga to enter the cave.

PKMN Trainer Benga: P19320

Tyrantrum Lv66, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Stone Edge, holds Dragon Fang

Zangoose Lv65, Swords Dance, Ice Punch, Night Slash, Fire Punch, holds Dire Hit

Volcarona Lv66, Fire Blast, Hurricane, Silver Wind, Psychic, holds Charcoal

Nidoking Lv65, Earthquake, Superpower, Megahorn, Thunder, holds Soft Sand

Heatran Lv69, Flamethrower, Earth Power, Ancientpower, Dragon Pulse, holds Leftovers


Your way is blocked by a blue-capped dude. He actually recognizes you as the champion of the Omni League. Strange, because you really only beat the Omni champion in the Core region back in the previous Dark Rising. According to him you're actually the champion of the Omni League because you defeated Adrian. And again, your aggressive attitude gets in the way, but luckily, we won't have to battle this guy. His name is Nathan, the top contender for a title you apparently don't care to have. After he leaves (and a PokeCenter door sound plays for some reason) you can continue.

Explorer Leonard: Avalugg Lv66, P3168

Explorer Duncan: Cryogonal Lv64, Weavile Lv63, Dewgong Lv63, P3024

Explorer Dylan: Dewgong Lv63, Bergmite Lv62, Vanillish Lv62, P2976

Explorer Huey: Cryogonal Lv65, Jynx Lv65, P6240 (double battle)

You'll find an Ice Heal on this floor as well. Onto the next floor.

Explorer Phillip: Glaceon Lv66, P3168

A Water Stone is north of the ladder you came from.

Explorer Barny: Vanilluxe Lv63, Vanilluxe Lv64, Avalugg Lv65, P3120

Hiker Brooks: Probopass Lv66, P2376

Pick up a Revive before entering the next floor.

Hiker Dale: Golem Lv64, Golem Lv64, Rhyperior Lv65, P4680 (double battle)

A Big Pearl is to the east of him. Take the break in the ice in the middle to continue, then you'll get to the next floor.

On this floor, go towards the three rocks in the SW and one of them will contain a hidden Nugget. You don't have Surf, and there's a ladder near the water. Another ladder is to the south. If you take the ladder to the north, you'll eventually hit a dead end that requires Surf to progress, so take the south ladder. We're on the home stretch of this cave. A hidden Water Stone is in one of the rocks where you come out of. An Ultra Ball is on the path as well. You might spot Cobalion across the water, remember its location for later and enter Contra Route through the cave.


I know, this is just a slog at this point, and you really want a rest. Well, there is a rest, TM44 Rest that is, to your left. We only have three trainers on this route before we finally hit the next city.

Explorer Wilton: Weavile Lv68, Weavile Lv68, P6528 (double battle)

Fisherman Ramiro: Politoed Lv69, P2484

Officer Jacob: Houndoom Lv67, Probopass Lv68, Bronzong Lv68, Whiscash Lv69, P2760


Wow! Look at this city full of snow! A guy next to some trees that can be cut will teach the move Substitute. Cut a tree there and search for a hidden Max Revive. Apparently this place has contradicting gym leaders in Blaze and Isis. What can we expect them to be type experts in, I wonder? A house here has a Strength boulder, but sadly we need the fourth badge. Another home mentions that a strong trainer came by. The PokeCenter and PokeMart are in the same building at the NE end.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Hyper Potion: P1200

Ice Heal: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Max Repel: P700

You probably found one of those weird hooded figures near the city entrance. Well, what about the gym? Looks like that weirdo from before is here too. To no one's surprise, they are Darugis worshippers. The guy mentions that he is Mason, another Darugis cult leader. Unfortunately you don't get a chance to battle him and worse, he won't move from the gym entrance. He namedrops the Endless Gardens, where the dual gym leaders seem to be. Only a couple other places left to go, first we start with the SE corner. That strong trainer mentioned earlier is Paul from the anime.

PKMN Trainer Paul: P21840

Weavile Lv74, Ice Punch, Night Slash, Fake Out, Poison Jab, holds Dire Hit

Gastrodon Lv76, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Scald, Recover, holds Leftovers

Magmortar Lv76, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Psychic, holds Charcoal

Electivire Lv78, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Brick Break, Earthquake, holds Magnet

Gliscor Lv74, Stone Edge, Roost, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Leftovers

Torterra Lv78, Crunch, Giga Drain, Stone Edge, Earthquake, holds Miracle Seed

Doesn't seem like we can do much else aside from go on Snowflake Route to the east.


School Kid Olivia: Ledian Lv69, Pachirisu Lv69, P2760 (double battle)

PKMN Breeder Yazmin: Breloom Lv70, Lopunny Lv70, Tropius Lv71, P3976 (double battle)

Collector Edwin: Snorlax Lv70, Garbodor Lv70, Raichu Lv71, Poliwrath Lv71, P4260

Explorer Beck: Cryogonal Lv71, Avalugg Lv71, P6816 (double battle)

Explorer Kimbo: Vanillite Lv69, Vanillish Lv70, Vanilluxe Lv71, P3408

Extremist Chester: Ampharos Lv71, Fearow Lv70, Skarmory Lv71, P1704

Beauty Grace: Emolga Lv70, Blissey Lv72, P5184

The item below Grace is a Super Potion. With all these high-level trainers, this feels like a joke of an item placement.

Businessman Alex: Girafarig Lv70, Stoutland Lv71, Kecleon Lv72, P4320

Hiker Ernest: Sudowoodo Lv72, Sudowoodo Lv72, Golem Lv72, Gliscor Lv72, Rhyperior Lv73, P5256 (double battle)

You'll see the dual gym leaders Blaze and Isis battling a group of people. Talk to the middle man and you'll realize this is the Battle Frontier Brain Brandon. He's surrounded by the cultists and seems to be one of them.

PKMN Trainer Brandon: P22400

Regirock Lv75, Stone Edge, Drain Punch, Thunderpunch, Earthquake, holds Hard Stone

Regice Lv75, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, holds Nevermeltice

Registeel Lv75, Iron Head, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Earthquake, holds Metal Coat

Regigigas Lv80, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Substitute, Dizzy Punch, holds Silk Scarf

Seems Brandon isn't going to return to normal, unlike previous bosses you faced under Darugis' control. Brandon and the goons do retreat, and the sibling gym leaders will open their gym. Get TM18 Rain Dance here. Well, you have several options. One is to enter the nearby Endless Gardens. Another is to challenge the gym leaders back at Contra City. Finally, it is possible to go back to Volton City, then go back to catch the legendary Cresselia in the blocked-off part of Lunar Cave, but you might need Flash if you're intending to go that way.

Well, you may not really need Flash. If you decide to get Cresselia, entering the cave will have you taking a long, winding path, but there's no optional areas, so you just need to worry about high level encounters (you can catch Durant here). At the end will be Cresselia Lv70. Interestingly, you can battle it multiple times, so you don't have to worry about it being a one-time encounter (this applies to other legendaries too!). With that aside, let's check out the gym.


Set up like Cinnabar Island's gym. I usually don't bother with the quiz questions and just challenge every trainer. Two types are used, Fire and Ice. Remember that the gym leaders are fought in a double battle!

Explorer Quinn: Vanillite Lv68, Vanillish Lv69, Vanilluxe Lv70, P3360

Black Belt Erik: Chimchar Lv68, Monferno Lv69, Infernape Lv70, P1680

Black Belt Avery: Torchic Lv68, Combusken Lv69, Blaziken Lv70, P1680

Explorer Ramon: Avalugg Lv72, P3456

Cooltrainer Deena: Jynx Lv72, P2592

Cooltrainer Dusty: Ninetales Lv71, Typhlosion Lv71, P5112 (double battle)

Monk Zac: Flareon Lv71, Glaceon Lv71, P5680 (double battle)

Leader Blaze&Isis: P18000, Contra Badge, and TM38 Fire Blast (double battle)

Rotom-H Lv72, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Rest, holds Lum Berry

Rotom-FR Lv72, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Rest, holds Lum Berry

Emboar Lv73, Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch, Brick Break, Scald, holds Leftovers

Aurorus Lv73, Blizzard, Dark Pulse, Ancientpower, Thunderbolt, holds Leftovers

Arcanine Lv75, Flare Blitz, Extremespeed, Crunch, Wild Charge, holds Charcoal

Froslass Lv75, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, holds Nevermeltice

This is the fourth badge! Which means you can now use Strength. You can go back to Helios Cavern (fly to Gemstone City, go north and east), then take a ladder, then go back to the west, north a bit, then east to see a group of rocks. Use Rock Smash, then Strength at the boulders, then smash another rock. You can now catch a Heatran Lv50!

GLITCH: Strength boulders are messed up when you move them.

Now let's check out Endless Garden!


This place seems to echo the Safari Zone by its card, but it's a bit different. For one, you don't have to worry about a time limit or anything, nor do you have to catch mons via Safari Balls. In the first area, known as the Prep Area, pick up a Nugget in the NE corner. The people in the Prep House mention that two legendaries reside around here. Only one exit, to the north.

Pick up a Max Potion as you head north in the second area. TM11 Sunny Day in the third. Full Restore in the fourth. Leaf Stone in the fifth. TM47 Steel Wing and a Quick Claw in the sixth. This is the last area where you can find both Latias and Latios. They are Lv55.

Now, from Contra City, you can go west through the north of two gates to Boscage Trail. In the gate, head upstairs and talk to the aide, and if you have 50 mons caught in the "Kanto Dex" you can get an Exp Share.


A hidden Full Restore is near the gate, in a clearing in the grass patch to the west.

Cyclist Willow: Emolga Lv74, Rotom-M Lv75, Electrode Lv74, Electrode Lv74, Ampharos Lv76, P1520

Head up and enter the grass to the right. A rock at the NE corner has a PP Up. Go across the left patch of grass and head all the way south to get a hidden Rare Candy.

PKMN Breeder Nika: Gogoat Lv76, Furfrou Lv76, P4256 (double battle)

Black Belt Corey: Primeape Lv76, Pangoro Lv76, P1824

Collector Jamal: Snorlax Lv76, Poliwrath Lv75, Camerupt Lv74, Rhyperior Lv76, P4560

The large patch of grass to the south has a hidden Max Revive. Get to the west side of the rock by this patch, then head south and a bit east to find a hidden Max Elixir.

Youngster Billy: Excadrill Lv77, P1232

Enter the rest house. You'll spot a familiar face, Gary! All of his mons hold a Lum Berry.

PKMN Trainer Gary: P22680

Umbreon Lv79, Dark Pulse, Yawn, Mean Look, Toxic

Electivire Lv77, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Meditate

Nidoqueen Lv76, Poison Jab, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Rest

Nidoking Lv76, Poison Jab, Megahorn, Crunch, Rest

Scizor Lv78, X-Scissor, Iron Head, Swords Dance, Baton Pass

Blastoise Lv81, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Rest

If we meet him again he promises to give you HM03 Surf, which is needed for Alfheim City. Also Gary is investigating activity at Vulcan Canyon. Head upstairs to find another aide, who gives you an Amulet Coin should you have at least 40 mons caught.

Continue on Boscage trail, going through another gate where a guy mentions that the cult seems to have passed here.

PKMN Breeder Alize: Tangrowth Lv78, Gogoat Lv78, Lilligant Lv78, P2184


You'll see the cultists to the east. But wait, what if you cut the tree here? You'll find a house, and another familiar character, Iris, is inside.

PKMN Trainer Iris: P23800

Excadrill Lv82, Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Iron Head, holds Soft Sand

Emolga Lv80, Agility, Baton Pass, Thunderbolt, Air Slash, holds Magnet

Garchomp Lv81, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Swords Dance, Stone Edge, holds Soft Sand

Dragonite Lv84, Hurricane, Dragon Pulse, Roost, Thunder, holds Leftovers

Haxorus Lv85, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, X-Scissor, Earthquake, holds Lum Berry

Well, you really don't get anything out of battling her, sorry. Let's battle the cultists.

Hooded Kid Minion: Gastly Lv75, Haunter Lv76, Gengar Lv77, P4620

Hooded Kid Minion: Shuppet Lv76, Banette Lv77, P9240 (double battle)

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv77, Gengar Lv77, P9240 (double battle)

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv77, Banette Lv77, P9240 (double battle)

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv80, P4800

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv80, Banette Lv80, P9600 (double battle)

At the entrance to Vulcan Canyon are your allies Dray, Florina, and Sydney. Seems they've found word of your recent attitude as of late. Florina challenges you to a battle to control your anger.

PKMN Trainer Florina: P22680

Eelektross Lv77, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Crunch, Drain Punch, holds Choice Band

Togekiss Lv79, Fire Blast, Nasty Plot, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, holds Leftovers

Infernape Lv80, Fire Punch, Mach Punch, Thunderpunch, Swords Dance, holds Charcoal

Samurott Lv80, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Megahorn, Substitute, holds Mystic Water

Serperior Lv80, Dragon Pulse, Reflect, Giga Drain, Light Screen, holds Miracle Seed

Altaria Lv81, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, holds Dragon Fang

Well, somehow it worked! You can now enter Vulcan Canyon.


Hiker Ronaldon: Golem Lv78, P2808

Extremist Jackson: Jolteon Lv77, Ampharos Lv78, P3744 (double battle)

Miner Bendo: Sandslash Lv77, Dugtrio Lv78, Probopass Lv79, P9480 (double battle)

Super Geek Logan: Porygon2 Lv78, Mr. Mime Lv78, P1872

Scientist Gilligan: Beheeyem Lv79, Klinklang Lv79, Swoobat Lv79, P3792

Up or down? Heading down leads to the outside part, and the hiker nearby can teach Explosion. A hidden Ultra Ball is at the NW part of this area. If you go to the NE, you'll see what seems to be an item, but is a "smashable rock". Smashing it and inspecting what was under it will have you obtaining a Dire Hit. Heading up to the summit, when you get the chance, pick up a Fire Stone to the east and an Ultra Ball to the west. Finally, once you get to the summit, you will have the chance to catch Terrakion Lv55. Now go back to Gilligan and head up to continue.

Cooltrainer Jocelyn: Hitmonchan Lv79, Hitmonlee Lv79, P5688 (double battle)

Cooltrainer Daison: Hitmontop Lv80, P2880

You'll have to battle Brandon once again to leave.

PKMN Trainer Brandon: P47600 (double battle)

Regirock Lv80, Stone Edge, Rest, has Lum Berry

Regice Lv80, Ice Beam, Rest, has Lum Berry

Registeel Lv80, Flash Cannon, Rest, has Lum Berry

Regigigas Lv85, Rest, has Lum Berry


You will notice that cultists are accosting a girl in front of a cave entrance. Sadly nothing can be done with talking to them, so you can't battle them or get into the cave.

Tuber Destin: Poliwhirl Lv76, Qwilfish Lv76, P608 (double battle)

Rich Boy Toby: Espeon Lv77, Jellicent Lv78, Serperior Lv79, P22120

Tuber Rosie: Pelipper Lv76, Sliggoo Lv76, Starmie Lv76, P304

Painter Cel: Smeargle Lv80, P1280

To the NW is Noble Town.


Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Lava Cookie: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Max Repel: P700

To the north you'll find more cultists, as well as Gary, an officer, and apparently Zyiah. Looks like Zyiah is a member of the cult so you must battle her (her trainer sprite is Marley from D/P/Pt).

PKMN Trainer Zyiah: P23800

Umbreon Lv82, Toxic, Mean Look, Moonlight, Quick Attack, holds Twistedspoon

Mandibuzz Lv83, Heat Wave, Roost, Toxic, Mean Look, holds Leftovers

Gardevoir Lv83, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Hypnosis, Psychic, holds Twistedspoon

Medicham Lv82, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt, Poison Jab, holds Black Belt

Noivern Lv85, Dragon Pulse, Roost, Hurricane, Flamethrower, holds Dragon Fang

Talk to Zyiah again and everyone disappears. Head north and enter the first house you find to catch up with Gary, who'll finally give you HM03 Surf!

GLITCH: Do NOT talk to Gary a second time, the dialogue will repeat and you'll be completely stuck.

The house of the Day Care Couple is here, though when I went, apparently I had a Lv0 Bad Egg in their care already. I'd personally avoid using the Day Care service with this kind of thing occurring (I had this same glitch in the first Dark Rising as well).

Head up the steps and inspect the rock to the west to pick up a PP Up. The house nearby has a fisherman who'll give you a Super Rod. Cut the tree near the PokeCenter to get a Zinc, then when you're ready head to Noble Pathway to the west.

But first, you can backtrack quite a lot! First off, the cave entrance from before is no longer blocked, and you can enter Noble Cave.


Set up like Diglett's Cave, basically. At the end is a place called Canyon Spa. There's nothing of actual interest, but you can heal your Pokemon for free by entering the middle of the hot spring. You can catch Torchic and Chimchar in the main cave.

Backtrack to Noble Beach, then go through Vulcan Canyon again. Note that you can't surf on the beach because of "dark water". Return to Artic Cave and surf on the water near the Contra Route entrance (yes, it's possible, just face the water to the north, this is probably a glitch) and you can get Cobalion Lv55. If you go to the next floor, well you can't go up the waterfall, and do not go down the waterfall to the south, or you'll get stuck.

Another place to go is Artic Mirage. Make sure you have a mon with Surf, a mon with Cut, and empty space in your party, then cut the tree down to where Zale originally was. He's not there anymore, so enter the house and you'll be at Sea Labyrinth. Phione is the only catch in these waters. This is obviously a labyrinth, but just head east, then north to find the Prince's Resort area. At the cave, you'll find an old man named Paul (no the anime Paul didn't age, this is a different Paul who gave you the Victini in the original Dark Rising). You will get Manaphy Lv50, and it comes with a Mystic Water as its held item. In order to actually reach this area, you just needed to defeat Florina at Canyon Pathway, but of course you needed Surf to access the place, so this is the earliest you can get Manaphy.

Having backtracked to a few places, there's nothing to really get. I tried to get the two items behind Fight Dome's lake, but it's not possible. Anyways, head back to Noble Town and head west to Noble Pathway.


Officer Nike: Houndoom Lv80, Luxray Lv80, P6400 (double battle)

(note: Twins Joy&Meg can be found behind the fence and trees, both of which have Lv37 Clefairy. These trainers are probably intentionally left out due to their levels and since you can't battle them without using the walk through walls code)

Monk Vivi: Sigilyph Lv80, Xatu Lv79, Mr. Mime Lv79, P3160

Fisherman Earl: Seismitoad Lv79, Relicanth Lv79, P6320 (double battle)

Swimmer Tisha: Vaporeon Lv81, P324

Swimmer Johnson: Kingler Lv79, Clawitzer Lv79, Octillery Lv80, P640 (double battle)

Tuber Andy: Palpitoad Lv77, Skrelp Lv77, Wooper Lv77, P308

Tuber Alexis: Staryu Lv78, Starmie Lv78, Krabby Lv78, Kingler Lv78, P624 (double battle)

What? You thought you'd go through a route without any events happening? Sorry, Light's blocking the way with his Xerneas. He'll of course tell us we're chosen ones, along with your rival, and that he has the power of Xerneas (life) while your rival has Yveltal's power (destruction). You need to get in touch with Arceus, and also tell your rival not to destroy everything. You'll have to battle this blue-haired Lance clone now.

PKMN Trainer Light: P24360

Dragalge Lv85, Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, Scald, Dragon Pulse, holds Leftovers

Phione Lv84, Water Pulse, Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Heal Bell, holds Mystic Water

Gliscor Lv84, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Roost, Swords Dance, holds Leftovers

Metagross Lv85, Iron Head, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Zen Headbutt, holds Choice Band

Aerodactyl Lv84, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Earthquake, Crunch, holds Hard Stone

Xerneas Lv87, Megahorn, Heal Pulse, Psychic, Thunder, holds Lum Berry

As a reminder since there's no Fairy type, Xerneas is just a Normal type (as Light had said back at Omega Facility). Arceus is in a sealed chamber past Alfheim City. And speaking of...


The Move Relearner and Move Deleter are to the east, though you’ll have to wait to get any mushrooms for the former. This city seems to be using witchcraft and stuff. Hmm, any guesses as to what the type the gym leader Alcina uses? The library is at the SW end, and the entrance to Hoia-Baciu is to the east, but it's blocked off for now. Also blocked off is the gym itself and the gate to the north. The PokeCenter and PokeMart are at the NW end.

Great Ball: P600

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Escape Rope: P550

Max Repel: P700

The person to the NW of the gym looks familiar, doesn't it? It's Dawn. Yet another trainer from the anime to battle.

PKMN Trainer Dawn: P24080

Lopunny Lv82, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Dizzy Punch, Cosmic Power, holds Silk Scarf

Pachirisu Lv81, Thunderbolt, Gunk Shot, Seed Bomb, Grass Knot, holds Magnet

Togekiss Lv85, Air Slash, Thunder Wave, Aura Sphere, Heat Wave, holds Sharp Beak

Typhlosion Lv84, Inferno, Thunderpunch, Brick Break, Extrasensory, holds Charcoal

Empoleon Lv86, Hydro Pump, Agility, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, holds Mystic Water

Not only that, but Jalice is in front of a woman and her house. Turns out it’s her mother, and Jalice blames you for ruining the family, even blaming you for killing her father. Apparently no one ever said anything about Jalice being Adrian's kid (for those who didn't know, Adrian was the final boss in Dark Rising and of course, the former Omni League champ and the final battle in that game). Her mother fails in reasoning with her daughter and you have to battle Jalice.

PKMN Trainer Jalice: P24080

Aurorus Lv85, Blizzard, Ancientpower, Light Screen, Reflect, holds Nevermeltice

Ampharos Lv84, Thunder, Dragon Pulse, Confuse Ray, Signal Beam, holds Magnet

Seviper Lv85, Giga Drain, Poison Jab, X-Scissor, Flamethrower, holds Poison Barb

Nidoqueen Lv85, Earthquake, Megahorn, Stone Edge, Poison Jab, holds Soft Sand

Goodra Lv86, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Sludge Wave, Muddy Water, holds Leftovers

Fennekin Lv86, Fire Blast, Hypnosis, Psychic, Grass Knot, holds Charcoal

She'll bring up her brother and Adrian again. Her mother will bring her in and invite you as well, so enter the house and talk to the older lady. Turns out the lady, Jalice's mother, is actually the gym leader Alcina! You give her the Fragment Case you got from back at the Omega Facility, and she predicted that Darugis has shattered the Omni Megastone and given it to different individuals. The Omni Megastone is capable of mega-evolving certain mons without any bond (probably explains Giovanni's Mega Mewtwo Y). You then mention you gotta free Arceus, and Alcina will join you to Hoia-Baciu and grant permission to enter. You can also enter the gym as well!

If you talk to Jalice upstairs, she mentions that she has seen your group infiltrating Malice Castle back in the previous game. I guess things are okay now, so leave her alone and she won't be playing any role in the plot anymore. Anyways, you can challenge Alcina at the gym, which is set up a bit like Koga's gym, so you'll be banging your head on invisible walls. I recommend looking up a map of Koga's gym, just so you can discern where the invisible walls are, and I don't believe they have changed. There's no trainers by the way. If you guessed, well, Psychic types!

Leader Alcina: P10560, Magic Badge, and TM29 Psychic

Gallade Lv85, Drain Punch, Bulk Up, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch, holds Black Belt

Espeon Lv84, Psychic, Attract, Hyper Voice, Signal Beam, holds Twistedspoon

Sigilyph Lv83, Psychic, Ice Beam, Attract, Dark Pulse, holds Twistedspoon

Gardevoir Lv85, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Attract, holds Twistedspoon

Delphox Lv88, Psychic, Fire Blast, Attract, Shadow Ball, holds Twistedspoon

This is the seventh badge. We still don't have the first badge of the League, yikes. Nowhere to use Flash it seems. Anyways, when ready, go to Hoia-Baciu to the east.


And sadly we still are unable to use Flash in this dark forest! But luckily this place is largely linear. Head right to find your rival. You'll unsuccessfully try to convince him to work with you, and he'll warn you that he intends to stop you if attempt to get Arceus' help. Again, no battle, but maybe we'll have to battle him once we get to Arceus. Continue north. There are paths to the west, take the first one to get a Carbos at the end. Take the other path going west, then go north when you can.

Watcher Tai: Noctowl Lv81, Probopass Lv82, P5248 (double battle)

North of Tai is a small fork, but nothing's to the east, so head west.

PKMN Breeder Tomia: Tangrowth Lv82, Vespiquen Lv82, Breloom Lv82, Lopunny Lv81, Sawsbuck Lv81, P2268

Head directly east of Tomia to find a hidden path. Just follow it all the way to a cave, which is Forest Cave. This small cave will allow you the chance to catch Virizion Lv55! Afterwards, head back to Tomia and continue north along the path.

Watcher Shamar: Noctowl Lv81, Probopass Lv82, P2624

Collector Clayson: Armaldo Lv83, Escavalier Lv83, Accelgor Lv83, Cradily Lv83, P4980

Watcher Bray: Noctowl Lv81, Probopass Lv82, Sudowoodo Lv83, P2656

I know I should be giving you directions as to where to go without Flash, but it really is a linear path. Eventually you'll have to use Surf to get across a pond.

GLITCH: As soon as you use Surf, you get a brief glimpse of the area without Flash.

A Max Repel is in the water.

Swimmer Abby: Golduck Lv81, Dewgong Lv81, Pelipper Lv81, P324

Swimmer Maria: Clawitzer Lv83, Dragalge Lv83, P664 (double battle)

Swimmer Finn: Swampert Lv84, P336

Swimmer Garrett: Poliwrath Lv82, Starmie Lv82, Whiscash Lv82, P328

Bug Catcher Hugh: Kricketune Lv81, Scyther Lv82, P1968 (double battle)

Gentleman Shun: Xatu Lv82, Pangoro Lv82, P13120 (double battle)

Head up the steps to the north, then head to the NE to pick up an Ether. Up more steps and you'll see your allies awaiting your arrival to get Arceus. Florina does mention that you should have both the Master Ball and Jewel of Life from way back in the beginning, and that the Celsius is still docked, but I'm sure you've saved them both. Alcina will echo the sentiment and allow you access inside. Enter the Sealed Chamber and follow the path, where you'll now be in the Sealed Dungeon.


Hooded Kid Minion: Gastly Lv83, Haunter Lv84, P10080 (double battle)

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv85, Gengar Lv85, P10200 (double battle)

A Nugget and a Max Elixir can be found to the south.

Hooded Kid Minion: Shuppet Lv82, Shuppet Lv83, Banette Lv84, P10080 (double battle)

The item near this guy is a Full Restore. The next floor is a maze!

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv86, P5160

This one guards a PP Up.

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv86, P5160

This minion guards an Ultra Ball. Another Full Restore can be found in the maze. Go to the next floor. At the fork, go west to get a Max Revive, then head south and onto the ledge. At the other end, head down and east first to get another Ultra Ball, then head west, you'll have to battle your rival now (funny that when you battle him, his trainer actually says "Rival" instead of whatever name you put for him). Watch out though, he’s got two mega evolutions! And all of his mons may hang on with the Focus Band held item!

PKMN Trainer Rival: P10304

Mega Lucario Lv90, Aura Sphere, Ice Punch, Dark Pulse, Heal Pulse

Mega Charizard Y Lv90, Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Ominous Wind, Roost

Yveltal Lv92, Psychic, Hurricane, Dark Pulse, Roost

He'll then freak out and explain that you will die if you keep going down this path. Turns out he was gonna sacrifice himself but you stopped him. What could he be talking about? When you take the ladder, you'll find another person, and this turns out to be Jean Blake, who is your father you've been searching for for this game and the previous game! Finally! You're only a couple hours late, but it's okay. Anyways, he does mention that it might be too late to stop Darugis, but he also wanted to make sure you weren't informed about anything. Still, we do have the Jewel of Life, so your dad will step aside and let you go to Arceus. The chosen one's father will then head home. Now's your chance. You've gotta catch Arceus Lv70 now. You definitely want it, as its stats have been considerably buffed to work well as a sweeper. It also has ??? typing, giving it really no weakness at all!

Well you're not done. What's behind Arceus? Wait, who're these people? Mason? Along with a new, red-haired dude. Unbelievable, we come face to face with Darugis himself! Or maybe it's just him possessing a human body. You'll have to battle him, but he's going to just use 25% of his power to test you.

PKMN Trainer Darugis: P23800

Darugis Lv85, Demon Wing, Dark Chaos, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, holds Lum Berry

In case you're wondering, this guy's got a jacked-up Darkrai-like Pokemon that has Dark Chaos, a superpowered move that has a 100% to poison (it's a Dark type move too), and I believe the Darugis mon has Ghost/Dark typing (for comparison, Adrian, the last battle in Dark Rising 1, had a Shadow Lugia with the same typing and the Dark Chaos move). Even when you do win you'll realize that he has only used a fraction of his power. This may be because you haven't used the true potential of Arceus. Darugis boasts he could destroy the world in six seconds if he used his full power. If you enter the cave beyond where they were, you'll be back at Hoia-Baciu. You’re finally done with this part, so head back to Alfheim and get ready to head north to the Path to Harmony.


Past the grass, you'll run into Nathan again, this time to battle.

PKMN Trainer Nathan: P25480

Empoleon Lv88, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Agility, Signal Beam, holds Mystic Water

Talonflame Lv86, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Swords Dance, Will-O-Wisp, holds Sharp Beak

Dragalge Lv87, Surf, Thunderbolt, Acid Armor, Sludge Wave, holds Poison Barb

Salamence Lv89, Roost, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, holds Shell Bell

Lucario Lv88, Drain Punch, Extremespeed, Swords Dance, Iron Head, holds Black Belt

Chesnaught Lv91, Seed Bomb, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Stone Edge, holds Leftovers

He says he'll battle again, maybe? Anyways, it's just a short walk to Harmony Town.


And your rival stops you, talking to you about what was told. Well, Harmony Town doesn't seem all that harmonious thanks to Darugis destroying it. This also happens to be Zyiah's hometown too, and Darugis ruined it all because she failed to stop you. You'll see a PokeMart, but unfortunately it's been destroyed. However, there's a clerk who has opened up an outdoor shop just to the north. You can buy the Tinymushroom for P500 or the Big Mushroom for P5000, so this is nice for those who want to utilize the Move Relearner in Alfheim before. The PokeCenter is thankfully available. One of the big guys in the middle house can teach Body Slam, and there is an orange-roofed house with Zyiah in front of it. I held off on this and went into the Glacier Cave first, which is to the NE.


Explorer Roger: Glaceon Lv85, Cryogonal Lv85, Weavile Lv86, P4128

Explorer Monroe: Dewgong Lv84, Dewgong Lv84, P8064 (double battle)

In the next cave, pick up an Ultra Ball and fall.

Explorer Dean: Avalugg Lv87, P4176

Return to the floor with the ice and head left from where the Ultra Ball was. Step on the north ice tile until you fall, then take the ladder. Break the nearest ice, then go south and east to get a Nevermeltice, then backtrack and break the other ice tile. Move to the south to the next ladder.

Explorer Nigel: Weavile Lv85, Jynx Lv85, Vanilluxe Lv86, P4128

Get the Full Restore, then take the ladder up.

Explorer Irving: Glaceon Lv85, Cryogonal Lv86, Rotom-FR Lv87, P4176

And you now have HM07 Waterfall. Return to the first room and climb the waterfall, take the ladder, then enter the next cave. Nathan is confronting the minions, but you'll explain things and then team up from here.

Hooded Kid Minion: Gastly Lv85, Haunter Lv86, Gengar Lv87, P5220

Also Benga is apparently here, confronting Keldeo. Surf across the pond to find him confronting the "My Little Pony clone". Guess you'll have to battle him because Keldeo is over there telepathically communicating with you.

PKMN Trainer Benga: P10192

Tyrantrum Lv88, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, holds Hard Stone

Scrafty Lv87, Drain Punch, Iron Head, Bulk Up, Thunderpunch, holds Leftovers

Zangoose Lv88, Shadow Claw, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Ice Punch, holds Shell Bell

Nidoking Lv88, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Megahorn, Superpower, holds Poison Barb

Volcarona Lv89, Inferno, Hurricane, Silver Wind, Psychic, holds Charcoal

Heatran Lv91, Fire Blast, Flash Cannon, Earth Power, Dark Pulse, holds Leftovers

You'll then telepathically learn the history of the war between people and Pokemon by having Keldeo speak through you to Benga. An ancestor of Benga had in fact protected Keldeo from assault. Now you have a chance to catch Keldeo Lv60.

Side trip over. Go to where Zyiah is in the middle and talk to her. She obviously knew that due to her failure, Harmony is destroyed. She'll then notice you have a shard you picked up from back at the Omega Facility, and realizes it's a shard from the Omni Megastone. She says that even if it’s a shard, it reacts if another one is nearby, meaning someone else with a shard is around here. Hey! Wasn't your rival using mega evolutions in his last battle with you? She'll then leave to rebuild the town while your allies are waiting for you to come into the house. Inside, well, all your allies are here, including Kayo in the corner. You'll get some insight into Glacier Cave being similar to Icefall Cave in FR/LG (but you probably figured this out from entering there already if you went there first). Also Alcina mentions that Arceus' signature move, Judgment, is learned at Lv100. In this game, it's a ??? type move with 200 base power. Yes, it's probably the best bet when you confront Darugis himself. She'll also mention you still have to battle the last gym leader, Zale. And your dad's here too, after having contacted your mom back in the Core region. He name drops Amaria, a minor character from the first game, and that Amaria's dead now. Talking to your dad will have everyone leave for Hyetal City now, except for Kayo, who will also stay behind for a bit. You first need to have some room in your party, then talk to him for the real conversation. He'll give you a Deino. With everything taken care of, take the SE “dock” to go to Aquatic Serene.


Tuber Reena: Poliwhirl Lv84, Feebas Lv84, P672 (double battle)

Tuber Reece: Shellos Lv83, Staryu Lv84, Clauncher Lv85, P340

Swimmer Tony: Seismitoad Lv85, Wailord Lv85, P340

Fisherman Condo: Kingler Lv84, Relicanth Lv86, Gyarados Lv86, P3096

Swimmer David: Starmie Lv84, Pelipper Lv84, Whiscash Lv85, P340

Swimmer Douglas: Gastrodon Lv85, Poliwrath Lv85, Clawitzer Lv86, Starmie Lv86, P344

Swimmer Alice: Milotic Lv87, Clawitzer Lv87, P696 (double battle)

Swimmer Andy Dick: Wartortle Lv85, Croconaw Lv85, Marshtomp Lv85, Prinplup Lv85, Dewott Lv85, P340

Swimmer Tiffany: Vaporeon Lv87, P348

Fisherman Matthew: Kingdra Lv86, Kingdra Lv86, P6192 (double battle)


Swimmer Darrin: Gyarados Lv86, Horsea Lv86, Dragalge Lv86, Dragalge Lv86, P688 (double battle)

Swimmer Shirley: Politoed Lv85, Poliwrath Lv85, Milotic Lv88, P704 (double battle)

You'll come to an island with a large building. Somehow, Arceus got out of its ball to block the entrance (even if you don't have it in your party), and will communicate with you if you talk to it. You can't enter according to Arceus, and there's also a sign that says so. Arceus does mention Dialga and Palkia are here though. Also the aptly-named Dark Waters are dangerous for surfing. Arceus will then bestow you an ability to now walk on water! Also, despite the warnings, you can actually enter Dimension Castle too! So much for the sign and warnings.


The layout is a recycled Pokemon Mansion. Head north, ignore the staircase, then head up and to the NW room. Use the secret switch, then head east and a bit south to a now-open room that has a Protein. Return to the stairs and use them, then go all the way south. To the west, you can read a bit about Dialga, then east to get a Zinc. Now go all the way to the NE room to read a bit about Palkia and get a Calcium. Return to the steps, and you can read another journal by taking the next steps, but there's nothing else. Go back to 2F, use the statue switch, then head east, north, and west to get to the next set of steps. On 3F, ignore the statue switch and head east first to get an Iron, then use the switch. Here you'll have two holes and a staircase. Don't go down the right hole, it leads to nowhere special. Take the steps and pick up an HP Up, then go back and fall down the left hole. Here is a Carbos, another staircase, as well as an exit out. Take the staircase and find the statue switch near the journal, then head to the NE. Head west at the fork and pick up TM14 Blizzard, then backtrack a bit and use the statue switch in the NE room to continue west. This room has TM22 Solarbeam on the table. To the south you'll see two orbs. Interacting with either of them will release Dialga and Palkia Lv70! That's it for the Dimension Castle!

Back on Dark Waters, you can walk west on the water! TM50 Overheat is on the way to Hyetal City. You'll also soon reach regular water that requires Surf, and it's just a short swim to Hyetal.

Watcher Maleek: Noctowl Lv87, Luxray Lv87, P5568 (double battle)

(note: I didn’t see this trainer the first time through but he seems to show up after you go through here the first time)


Well look at that, it's raining and the gym's closed, all due to a disturbance at the Tower of Demise. A Lab is at the NE end. Jean Blake's Lab to be exact. The middle room has a guy who can teach Metronome. You can talk to your father in the far room, where you'll just have a child-to-parent talk. The PokeCenter is next to the lab. Cross the bridge and find two houses, the first of which has a creepy kid who disappears when you talk to him as well as a Z-shaped Key, a key item for later? The other house has a grandma who has boxed up the door at the back. The big building at the NW is the game's department store.

2F top clerk:

TM05 Roar: P1000

TM15 Hyper Beam: P7500

TM28 Dig: P2000

TM31 Brick Break: P3000

TM43 Secret Power: P3000

TM45: Attract: P3000

2F bottom clerk:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Max Repel: P700

3F has the counter guy teaching you...Counter.

4F clerk:

Poke Doll: P1000

Retro Mail: P50

Fire Stone: P2100

Thunderstone: P2100

Water Stone: P2100

Leaf Stone: P2100

5F top clerk:

HP Up: P9800

Protein: P9800

Iron: P9800

Calcium: P9800

Zinc: P9800

Carbos: P9800

5F bottom clerk:

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

X Speed: P350

X Special: P350

X Accuracy: P950

Guard Spec: P700

Dire Hit: P650

Rooftop has vending machines:

Fresh Water: P200

Soda Pop: P300

Lemonade: P350

And is that Prof. Mercury? She's thirsty and if you give her a drink, you’ll get a different TM. Give her Fresh Water to get TM16 Light Screen, Soda Pop to get TM20 Safeguard, and Lemonade to get TM33 Reflect. That's basically all she's here for.

Dray is in front of the SW gate to Twin Path. He's such a nerd. You'll have to battle him now.

PKMN Trainer Dray: P26320

Scrafty Lv90, Drain Punch, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Pursuit, holds Leftovers

Scizor Lv92, Swords Dance, Roost, X-Scissor, Iron Head, holds Leftovers

Emboar Lv91, Flare Blitz, Bulk Up, Wild Charge, Scald, holds Leftovers

Empoleon Lv91, Scald, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Yawn, holds Mystic Water

Torterra Lv91, Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Substitute, holds Miracle Seed

Druddigon Lv94, Dragon Claw, Gunk Shot, Earthquake, Fire Punch, holds Dragon Fang


Elderly Iya: Audino Lv88, Hypno Lv88, P5632 (double battle)

Tuber Samantha: Castform Lv87, P348

Tuber Lewis: Golduck Lv86, Marowak Lv86, P688 (double battle)

Monk Dario: Girafarig Lv89, P3560

Fisherman Patrick: Seismitoad Lv89, P3560

Fisherman Cambell: Wailord Lv89, P3560

The minion in front of the huge building you find won't move yet. Move on from him.

Swimmer Stella: Pelipper Lv87, Octillery Lv88, Kingdra Lv89, P712 (double battle)

Swimmer Larry: Whiscash Lv88, Qwilfish Lv87, P348

Extremist Hopper: Eelektross Lv89, P2136

Cooltrainer Helena: Magmortar Lv90, Electivire Lv90, P6480 (double battle)

Cooltrainer Emaldo: Tyranitar Lv90, P3240

A hidden Nanab Berry is in the logs near Emaldo. This is also the Trainer Tower! I won't cover this though, since it's unchanged from the original game. However you can heal and buy stuff here.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Full Restore: P3000

Max Potion: P2500

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Escape Rope: P550

Max Repel: P700

Walk across the dark water to reach your destination: the Tower of Demise.


A recycled Pokemon Tower if you will. Your allies and your enemies are right on the first floor. It's Mason you need to talk to here. There's a new red-haired man next to him too. Alcina then reasons that that red-haired guy is one of the 4 Majestic Gym Leaders. Ever since Zale has become a gym leader and hasn't lost since those 4 Majestic Gym Leaders seem to have disappeared from the Omni League (there would be a total of 12 leaders), but now these four are under Darugis' control. It seems that Zale and someone else are climbing the tower as you speak, and it looks like the whole city may become submerged underwater if you don't do something to stop Darugis. No battle on this floor, head up to 2F. Alcina, Dray, and Sydney are here, unable to progress further. Move to 3F. Arceus has another gift for us here, the ESP Glasses (basically a glorified Silph Scope) and will also allow us to have a waterbreathing ability, because for some weird reason, Darugis has flooded the upper floors of the tower.

On 4F, you can pick up an Elixir here. Yes, several of Darugis' followers are here too.

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv90, Banette Lv90, P10800 (double battle)

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv90, P5400

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv90, P5400

An Awakening is here too. Move to 5F and pick up a Cleanse Tag next to the first minion on this floor.

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv90, P5400

Arceus will heal you at the midpoint. Keep going.

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv90, P5400

Next item is a Nugget.

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv90, P5400

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv90, P5400

To 6F.

Hooded Kid Minion: Banette Lv91, Banette Lv91, Banette Lv91, P10920 (double battle)

Hooded Kid Minion: Gengar Lv91, P5460

At 7F, you'll find Zale and the other trainer who was with him, Nathan. Now we gotta battle Mason.

PKMN Trainer Mason: P26600

Cofagrigus Lv93, Will-O-Wisp, Disable, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, holds Leftovers

Trevenant Lv93, Destiny Bond, Will-O-Wisp, Earthquake, Shadow Claw, holds Leftovers

Gengar Lv94, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Destiny Bond, holds Spell Tag

Spiritomb Lv94, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, holds Leftovers

Mega Banette Lv95, Shadow Claw, Disable, Thunderpunch, Gunk Shot, holds Lum Berry

Interrogating Mason after the battle reveals he's trying to destroy the world right this very moment, so he's gathering power. Somehow, he's also inside Hell itself. His insanity causes Nathan and Zale to leave and Mason offers up his body to be devoured by the darkness. Time to leave this tower. The other large building on Twin Path is open, but we can also challenge Zale at Hyetal Gym now. Two trainers, but they won't battle. Also Zale won't bother making this an official gym battle, as the badges have pretty much become rotted now. As evident by the Cerulean gym layout, he's a Water-type expert.

Leader Zale: P11520

Rotom-W Lv93, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, holds Leftovers

Gyarados Lv94, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Stone Edge, holds Mystic Water

Milotic Lv94, Scald, Ice Beam, Recover, Hypnosis, holds Leftovers

Kabutops Lv95, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Waterfall, Swords Dance, holds Leftovers

Omastar Lv95, Scald, Ice Beam, Toxic, Earth Power, holds Mystic Water

Greninja Lv96, Hydro Pump, Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, holds Mystic Water

Now go back to that big building on Twin Path and enter the gate. We have an obligatory battle with Kayo before we proceed onward. Seems you two are the ones who are most determined to give up your life to defeat Darugis, and the winner can go on.

PKMN Trainer Kayo: P27440

Weavile Lv95, Ice Punch, Shadow Claw, X-Scissor, Poison Jab, holds Choice Band

Gyarados Lv96, Waterfall, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Iron Head, holds Leftovers

Blaziken Lv97, Stone Edge, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Brick Break, holds Lum Berry

Ferrothorn Lv96, Leech Seed, Power Whip, Protect, Thunder Wave, holds Leftovers

Zoroark Lv97, Psychic, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, holds Lum Berry

Hydreigon Lv98, Tri Attack, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Roost, holds Dragon Fang

In case it's not obvious, the 4 Majestic Gym Leaders are the Elite Four of this game, and according to Kayo, they have mega evolutions up their sleeve. This will be rough. Into the gate, and you'll find a PokeCenter, a PokeMart, and your other allies wishing you good luck.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Max Ether: P2000

Max Potion: P2500

Hyper Potion: P1200

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Max Repel: P700

Talk to Arceus at the top, and it seems you've made up your mind, giving up your life force to defeat Darugis seems to be the only option to save the world. When you're all set, go in.


As you go on, you'll find a cave on the path. This is where the first leader, Ebony, is. She's the Dark type user.

Majestic Ebony: P5544

Spiritomb Lv98, Ice Beam, Hurricane, Cosmic Power, Recover, holds Leftovers

Umbreon Lv98, Toxic, Hurricane, Psychic, Recover, holds Leftovers

Scrafty Lv98, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Swords Dance, Recover, holds Lum Berry

Tyranitar Lv98, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Hurricane, Crunch, holds Leftovers

Hydreigon Lv98, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Surf, Psychic, holds Lum Berry

Mega Absol Lv99, Night Slash, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Aerial Ace, holds Lum Berry

Note that every time you go past a cave, you can’t go back. Go north and walk on the water. An island with two rocks is ahead, inspect them to get a Leppa Berry and a Max Ether. The next cave has your next leader, a Bug type expert named Devora.

Majestic Devora: P5544

Genesect Lv98, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Surf, holds Lum Berry

Durant Lv98, Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, holds Lum Berry

Accelgor Lv98, Baton Pass, Nasty Plot, Cosmic Power, Swords Dance, holds Lum Berry

Volcarona Lv98, Flamethrower, Silver Wind, Scald, Psychic, holds Lum Berry

Escavalier Lv98, Cosmic Power, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Megahorm, holds Leftovers

Mega Heracross Lv99, Drain Punch, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Stone Edge, holds Lum Berry

The rocks ahead have a Max Revive, Full Restore, and Aspear Berry. You will then face the Majestic Ryker, our Steel type expert.

Majestic Ryker: P5544

Scizor Lv98, Iron Head, Thunderpunch, X-Scissor, Earthquake, holds Leftovers

Metagross Lv98, Iron Head, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Recover, holds Leftovers

Excadrill Lv98, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Ice Punch, Iron Head, holds Leftovers

Probopass Lv98, Surf, Ice Beam, Cosmic Power, Recover, holds Leftovers

Empoleon Lv98, Thunderbolt, Surf, Ice Beam, Cosmic Power, holds Lum Berry

Mega Aggron Lv99, Iron Head, Earthquake, Drain Punch, Recover, holds Lum Berry

Check the rocks outside for a Max Elixir, Sitrus Berry, and Lum Berry before you challenge the fourth and final of the majestics, Drakon. Judging by his outfit and name, he must be the Dragon user!

Majestic Drakon: P5544

Haxorus Lv98, Fire Punch, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, holds Lum Berry

Goodra Lv98, Nasty Plot, Scald, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, holds Leftovers

Dragonite Lv98, Hurricane, Drain Punch, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, holds Lum Berry

Salamence Lv98, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, holds Lum Berry

Garchomp Lv98, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch, Earthquake, holds Lum Berry

Mega Charizard X Lv99, Ice Beam, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flamethrower, holds Lum Berry

When you get to the final bout, you'll see a load of characters you've met, including Dray, Florina, Sydney, Kayo, Zyiah, your rival, Light, Jalice, Benga, Nathan, and you're in the middle battling Darugis. This is the final battle, and he’s gonna go all out with the mega evolutions and his signature self-made mon form, now super-powered. All of his mons hold a Lum Berry.

PKMN Trainer Darugis: P28000

Mega Mewtwo Y Lv100, Psychic, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Mega Heracross Lv100, Drain Punch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Megahorn

Mega Absol Lv100, Night Slash, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace

Mega Aggron Lv100, Drain Punch, Earthquake, Bulk Up, Stone Edge

Mega Charizard X Lv100, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt

Darugis-S Lv100, Devil Flame, Dark Chaos, Demon Wing, Heal Bell

Arceus will emerge after the battle and will stop time. This will consume your life force though, but it will succeed in sealing Darugis into Pandora's Box. But after you have somehow succeeded, Arceus will sound different. It turns out, Arceus was never Arceus, but instead Hoopa. Order is now Hoopa's. Despite the downer ending we still get a Hall of Fame and credits.

And that's it for this walkthrough. I'm sure I've covered just about everything there is to cover and as far as I can tell, there's no post-game content. The first Dark Rising had no post-game content either. But it does continue to hint at the next in the apparent Dark Rising series, which is Order Destroyed.


Q: Can you enter Benga’s house in Arkaios City?

A: Nope, not as far as I can tell.

Q: Where can you get the first badge?

A: If you mean the first badge on your trainer card, I’m unsure. Remember when you defeat your first gym leader, you actually get the eighth badge (this is so any trade evolutions you do in-game will always obey you). I went through the whole game without the first badge, so it’s possible that the badge wasn’t programmed to be retrieved (and one of the last gym leaders doesn’t even give you a badge if you defeat him either).

Q: I want to play the entire series! What’s the recommended order?

A: Start with the first Dark Rising, as a lot of Dark Rising 2 (this game) spoils much of the plot of this game. From then on, play this game, then Order Destroyed, then Origins (actually a prequel, but that’s okay). Dark Rising 3 does exist, but it’s actually an RPG maker game, and also should be saved for last.

Q: I need an encounter list!

A: I didn’t make one, but there’s a link here that’ll help. I’ll also provide a link to the evolution changes as well.

Q: What’s the Z-Shaped Key used for?

A: I haven’t found out. I tried Googling for an answer to this (maybe it has something to do with Zygarde?) but had no luck.

Q: What about that room with the boxes in the house to the south?

A: Your guess is as good as mine. I thought it would at least be open by the post game.

Q: Do you ever use the ESP Glasses?

A: You’d think that in the Tower of Demise, there’d be a surprise at the second-to-last floor, but no? Again your guess is as good as mine here.

Q: This game is way too hard! Good places to grind?

A: Frankly I can’t think of many excellent places to really grind up your team, due to how linear the game is overall. The best course would be to battle every trainer, battle wild mons every now and then, as well as possibly use the Vs Seeker whenever you can. But when your mons are more leveled than they should be, that’s your cue to move on to the next area. And just remember that every following area will have tougher opponents as you go along. As for Darugis himself, I highly recommend using Arceus against his final form Darugis-S. You’ll still have to deal with not finding a weakness on Darugis, the Dark Chaos move, and he may even use a Full Restore or Heal Bell to drag it all out, but Arceus’s stats are tweaked heavily and the ??? gives it no weakness in general. Arceus should also be at Lv100 for that fight so it can learn the 200 base power move Judgment, which also will increase all of Arceus’ stats a la Ancientpower or Silver Wind.

Q: What are the new moves?

A: Dark Chaos I’ve already mentioned in the walkthrough (see first battle with Darugis), but there’s also Demon Wing and Devil Flame that he uses. Demon Wing is a Flying type move with 150 base power and 100 base accuracy, with a 100% chance to paralyze. Devil Flame is the same thing, except Fire type and a 100% chance to burn. If you’re looking for the other moves not mentioned, they are moves from gens past Gen-3, so those are more or less the same as before.

Q: Why are there people in areas I can’t reach?

A: These are probably leftover characters that weren’t supposed to be in the rom hack or something. If you’re rummaging around with the Walk Through Walls code, avoid these people. I’ve gotten near them and they act like trainers, but they also can do things like freeze the game or have garbage dialogue. So just don’t bother with that code around these people because you’ll get nothing out of it.


DarkRisingGirl for the hack itself, it was quite fun to play and write a walkthrough about.

Game Freak for Pokemon Fire Red, the game that the hack is based on.

PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)