Pokemon DarkRising 1 Walkthrough

Pokemon DarkRising 1 Walkthrough

Pokemon: Dark Rising + Kaizo Cover

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Author: Alienhunterx

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Hye you all, my name is Alienhunterx in PokeCommunity, an awesome fan based Pokemon website. I present you today the walkthrough of one of the most awesome hacks I ever played and should be the winner in Hack of the Year category, Pokemon Dark Rising .

So after hellos I would like to give credits to two important people I know who are creators and moderators of this hack i-e DarkRisingGirl, the person behind this Mega Awesome project as well as Tajaros and Hinkage, the technicians behind this great success..

Before starting the walkthrough let me tell you one important thing that in my walkthrough I will not tell you guys the location of wild pokes as well how they evolve as DrG has already posted these on her thread. My walkthrough will only have following things:

1. Walkthrough

2. TM/HM list as well their locations

3. Legendary hunting

4. Any other thing worthy

So if you have any other problem relating the hack or my walkthrough kindly post your thoughts on Dark Rising's official thread in PokeCommunity. I am sure your answers will be solved there. Thank you and now let the walkthrough begin.......


When the game starts you find yourself in a dream where Arceus speaks to you that you and your rival are its chosen ones who will free the world from Darugis, an evil Pokemon who mind controls its foes.and uses them for world domination. After the usual stuff of your as well your rival's name you will awake in your room. Check the PC on yor left to withdraw a free Potion.You can change your desired settings as you want from the menu key like Game Speed, Help, Fight Animation, Battle type etc. When you are done, go downstairs and meet your in game Mom. When you try to go outside your mom will stop you and will give you Running Shoes and says stuff about Core Region that it is in tough time.

When you go outside you will see it is raining hard and your rival will escort you to meet Prof. Ivan, the region's professor in your hometown Fells Town in his lab.When you reach there the professor will request you to grab some stuff from the station and your rival to get him some ingredients from Twist Woodlands. After that he will let you choose betwen three starters of the Core region which are all Dragon types. Cool huh? So choose what you want. The pokes are Dratini, Bagon and Gible. All are good choices and have awesome Attack line.In my case I chose Gible so I will only cover its line.Which ever Starter you choose, it has an Oran Bery attached with it.

When you try to leave the lab, your rival will challenge you to a Pokemon Battle. After you are done leave Ivan's Lab and now let us explore the Fells Town first.


Your town only has three houses, The lab, your home and your rival's House. There is nothing interesting here yet so just lets forget these.Move North and you will see three trainers standing in arow. They are called Trainer Trio. You have to beat those three one by one and without pausing to win a Nugget but don't worry when you beat one he will heal your team so it's really easy.

The middle one is PKMN Trainer who only uses Lv 4 Minccino. After her is the guy on the who has a Lv 4 Blitzle and lastly is the right trainer who uses Lv 4 Patrat. After beating them they will award you the Nugget and will heal your team.Now go right from here and enter Douba Road


When you just enter it an NPC will give you a Dragon Fang for your starter.

Go north and talk with the other guy to get a free Potion.Go a little east and up and enter the Trainer School. As soon as you enter it your former teacher Ms.Weatherbell will welcome you and will challenge you to a battle. She uses a Lv 10 Roselia.She could be a nuisance so if you want to train then do it and make your starter more powerful. If you want to heal head back to your hometown and talk with your mom.When you beat her go outside and move west towards the mainland station. When you reach it another friend of yours Pete will stop you and will battle you with his Lv 9 Trapinch.


After the battle go inside and head towards the northern direction. Go up and left to reach another floor but before you enter you will be stopped by a girl and she will ask you something about Darugis and then without warning, will challenge you for a battle.She has a Lv 12 Axew (Too much Dragons already huh!!!). Beat her and she will furiously go away. Go inside and the clerk will give you the package of the professor.Now head back outside .When you come outside, you will see a Guy with a Tornadus. Without thinking you will challenge him for a battle. The Tornadus is a Lv 50 poke so there is no way you can beat it so he will knock out your self as well as your team and after laughing at you the guy and his Tornadus will disappear along with the rain.Pete will help you to your home.


When you regain consciousness, go downstairs and then Pete and your Mom will ask whether you are OK? After that Pete will return to Douba Road and your Mom will ask you to deliver that package to Prof. Ivan.Go to his lab and then you will deliver that package to him and at the same time your Rival will come up with the ingredients.The Prof will thank you both and will give you 5 Pokeballs along with PokeDex. Now head outside and go inside Gary (Your Rival's) home. Talk with his mom and she will give you the GPS(Town Map) for the Core region. Now the main journey begins...

Go northwards and catch any Poke in Douba Road if you want other wise go towards Twist Woodlands.


Head north and you will be challenged by Bug catcher who uses a Lv 5 and a Lv 6 Caterpie. After him head up and battle another Bug catcher who has a Lv 6 Venipede and a Lv 8 one. Go west and battle a Lass and her team of Lv 4 Cottonee, Lv 5 Shroomish and Lv 5 Seedot.Move a little left and battle Bug catcher who has a Lv 9 Karrablast and Shelmet.Move down to fight a Breeder who has a Lv 9 Tangela. Move furthur below and challenge yourself from a Youngster with a Lv 6 Patrat,Pidgey and a Starly team. Move down and then left from him and go towards Beauty with a Lv 12 Bulbasaur.After her go up and then left to battle Picniker who has Lv 7 Taillow, Cottonee and two Lv 9 Minccino. Go up from there to battle Bug catcher who uses Lv 8 Venipede, Lv 7 Spinarak and a Lv 9 Metapod. After him battle the staring Breeder with two Lv 7 Cottonee and a Lv 8 Lotad. The Gym in the forest is closed for now so you cannot battle its Gym leader. After the breeder go back towards Picnicker and then move left and then up to battle a Camper who has a Lv 8 Patrat as well as a Lv 10 Blitzle. After him a Super nerd who uses Lv 9 Zubat, Lv 11 Geodude and a Lv 13 Roggenrola. After kicking his butt leave the outpost for the next destination.


As soon as you enter you will be stopped by 2 grunts who will one by one challenge you to a battle. The first one has a Lv 14 Croagunk while the other uses Lv 14 Skorupi. One of them says that Blake is your father. You try to ask more about him but they just laughed and won't tell you about him. You will be battled with a third grunt who says Darugis sent them here. She uses a Lv 16 Frillish. After they disappear Gary comes to you and ask you about them. You say something about your Father and then he leaves for training in Twist Woodlands.Go north and talk with the fat guy beside the water. He is a move tutor who teaches Dream eater.

Go East from him and go inside the PokeCenter. Upon entering a girl will thank you for saving the village and will reward you with a Munna.

Go ahead and you will see two people behind the counter. One is Nurse Joy of course and the other is Doctor Roy. In this region Dr. Roy heals your pokes while Nurse Joy battles you in a double battle with Dr. Roy. Talk with her and she will battle you in a double battle with Lv 13 Shelmet & Karrablast.Go outside the poke center and go inside the house beside the PokeMart. Talk with the girl inside who will introduce you as Karla and will battle you with her team of Lv 15 Chikorita, Lv 15 Eevee and a Lv 16 Gothita. Be warned though she will use 2 potions to heal her team. Leave her and buy yourself any item you want from the PokeMart for your journey.Head north towards Lavaburn Path.


Move north from Eastern direction and go ahead. Volcarona lovers should be noted that they should catch an Abra from the grass here.If you get it then move north from the right path until you find a house.Go inside and talk with the guy standing at the corner. He will trade your Abra for his Larvesta.(Awesome!!!!)

Go back and now move in Lavaburn path's western Road. Head inside the Outpost and Pete will challenge you to a battle right away.He will be using a Lv 12 Taillow, Lv 14 Scraggy, Lv 14 Drillbur and his old Lv 16 Trapinch. After beating him he will go back as promised leaving you free to leave the outpost from North to enter Lavaburn forest.


Move up and then a little bit right to challenge a youngster who has Lv 11 Blitzle and a Lv 13 Houndour.Go up and then full right and then go all the way down to get a Potion. Go up again and move upwards until you find a bird catcher for a battle.He has a Lv 12 Pidgey, Lv 12 Starly and Lv 12 Taillow. Go right from his location to fetch an Antidote.Go left and then down to battle Bug catcher who uses Lv 11 Venipede and a Lv 12 Caterpie.Go North again to battle a Beauty who uses a Lv 11 Cottonee, Lv 12 Minccino and a Lv 11 Vulpix.Go left from there and then all the way down to find another Potion. After there move a bit down and then left to find a Pokeball. Move North now towards the exit to battle a Pokemaniac who only has a Lv 16 Torkoal.After him go inside the outpost and then leave from its other exit into yet another block of Lavaburn Path.Buckle up because as soon as you move one step a mysterious man will approach you and will threaten to kill your father and then he will challenge you to a battle with the name of Dark thug V. He has a Lv 16 Murkrow, Lv 18 Golett and Lv 16 Misdreavus. You should know he also has some Potions to heal his team.After the fight he will disappear without telling you about your father.Go ahead and reach Flamen City.


First of course go inside the pokecenter to heal your team. There is a man beside the counter who sells Magikarp for 500 PokeYens.Battle the staff of pokecenter who have Lv 16 Magby and Cyndaquil. After that heal and go outside to explore the city.There is nothing inside the houses so don't to go inside them. Move down and then right and go inside a blue building named J.Blake's Lab. (sounds familiar??). You will be approached by an elderly man who will introduce himself as Emet Cole. He will promise to tell all of your questions but you have to convince him by battling him. He has Lv 18 Slowpoke, Lv 18 Drifloon adn Lv 19 Absol. After the battle he will tell you about Darugis who has captured your father. So you say that you are going to avenge and rescue your father. Leave out and heal your team. There is a cave behind a house North East of the city but you cannot go there right now so forget about it.As you have no way to go now except the gym so head there which is in the center of the city.When you go inside talk with the shaman sort of lady who has replaced that boring NPC who tells you about the gym strategy.Her name is Taria and she will tell you how to win against the gym leader.Go and talk with the only Gym trainer : Black belt who has Lv 16 Magby and a Lv 16 Darumaka. Beat him and save you game before challenging Gym leader Fiery herself.If you need to heal go back and do it.



1. Lv 17 Vulpix: Ember, Will-o-wisp, Iron Tail,

2. Lv 17 Houndour: Double Team, Ember, Thief,

3. Lv 20 Heatmor: Fire Punch, SolarBeam,ThunderPunch,

After beating her she will present you the Flame Badge and (TM50 Over Heat) as well. Also you can now use Flash outside the battle.Leave her gym proudly and heal your team again.


Now head east from Flamen city. As soon as you enter the route their it will start raining again and you will see some grunts with an unknown guy heading towards Waters Cavern.They will leave you no choice to follow them as well. So go on and battle the Pokemaniac who has Lv 12 Growlithe, Lv 16 Cyndaquil as well as Lv 14 Gligar. Next is Youngster who has Lv 16 Buizel and a Lv 16 Blitzle. This will be a double battle.After the guy you will be meeting in double battle with Lv 15 Poliwag and Lv 15 Vulpix owned by a Lass.After her is a Bug catcher with Lv 15 Venipede, Lv 15 Spinarak, Lv 14 Metapod and Lv 16 Pineco.After him is Youngster who has Lv 16 Lotad and Lv 15 Taillow.Next up is Beauty with Lv 16 Mnccino and Lv 16 Pidgey. After her is Lass with Lv 15 Growlithe, Lv 16 Cottonee and a Lv 16 Butterfree.Lastly there is Bird Keeper who has Lv 17 Starly and Pidgey.(Its a doube battle).Go back at heal at the center if you want to or else go ahead and then up to rech a house just before the entrance for the Waters Cavern.This place is called Dread Swamp. If yo go inside the house there and talk with the fisherman he will give you an Old Rod.Move out and look who is waiting for you at the entrance: None other than that rude Axew girl herself. Well what are you waiting for!!! Go get her with a battle.She has Lv 21 Larvesta, Lv 26 Axew and Lv 23 Riolu.Furious after losing she will storm inside the cavern without telling her name again.Get ready yourself with repels and stuff.


But as soon as you enter you will meet that previous Grunt of Tiki Village who will welcome you with a battle.She only has a Lv 20 Frillish.Remember that the stupid rain will also be coming inside the cave too.(How the heck???)Go up and battle the Lass beside the board who only has a Lv 19 Tynamo.Go left from her place to battle Bug catcher next who has Lv 18 Butterfree and a Venipede in a double battle.Pick up (TM09 Bullet Seed) beside him.Go up and also pick a Paralyze Heal from the ground.Go back towards the Beauty and now move your way across the right side of the cave.Go right, up and then down to fetch an Escape Rope.Move down to double battle a Bird keeper which has Lv 19 Taillows.After is Super nerd with Lv 19 Roggenrola and Geodude duo battle.Pick up a Rare Candy from the ground and head back.Stop the running Lass who uses Lv 18 Cottonee and a Lv 18 Ponyta. Keep going left from her to reach a potion on the ground.Go down to battle Youngster who has two Lv 17 Blitzle and a Lv 16 Zubat.Go up and meet the Hiker who has two Lv 19 Geodudes and a Lv 19 Roggenrola.Go up and pick a Moon Stone first.There are three entrances in front of you for next floor.Take the middle one first and make your way for the next floor.When you enter it battle the only Dark thug there who uses Lv 18 Zubat and a Houndour.He also has a Lv 21 Sandile as a spare for the double battle.Beat him and talk with the rock beside him for a hidden Ether.Go up and pick up (TM46 Thief) as well.Now go all the way back to reach the entrances again and now go inside the right ladder.Go all the way again towards the next entrance.Battle the Dark Thug grunt who uses Lv 18 Houndour, Lv 20 Croagunk and a Lv 20 Skorupi.Go right from him and pick up a Star Piece from from the above rock. Again move back towards the three entrances and now go inside the left ladder. Make your way towards the main floor and go up to pick a revive. Go right and hen down to double battle the Grunt with Lv 14 Skorupi and Croagunk.Continue walking along with the path to reach the area just below the second grunt. Talk with the rock at the corner to pick up a hidden Moon Stone.

Go up and fight the Scientist who seems to have lost his mind.He has Lv 30 Bastiodon and a Lv 30 Rampardos.(What maddening levels already???). Yeah you were right.. He will come in his senses and will offer you to take any of the above two fossils.

the Cover Fossil can be revived to get Tirtouga while the Plume fossil revives Archen. Make your way towards the exit but also take that Antidote with you.Move out of the cave at last


Not quite as you will be welcomed by that Red Haired guy when you move for a Poke Battle.He uses Lv 24 Ferroseed, Lv 26 Sneasel, Lv 26 Solosis, Lv 28 Zorua and Lv 30 Deino.The battle will be pretty tough of course but the bright side is he will not use any Potion or other healing stuff at all.After the fight he will tell you that He is Kayo. you should remember this name. oh well with the strong need to heal your team go inside the PokeCenter and heal your team.Battle the staff of course after the healing. They use Lv 25 Nuzleaf and a Lombre in a single battle.Go outside and head east from there. Head up and you will see two guys who are in fact move tutors for Drain Punch and Mega Kick respecively.

Go right from there place and get (TM05 Roar) from the ground.Battle the hicker a little ahead who has Lv 19 Geodude and a Lv 19 Mudkip.After the Hiker go a little East adn then North inside a cave opening.


Talk with the little girl there to trade a Growlithe for her Vulpix otherwise go inside the sewers.

Keep running left until you find the anime character MAX from Hoenn region.He will tell you about some old evil organization sforming together in one group. After the talk he will challenge you to a battle.He uses a very strong team so you should avoid taking him out this time.Go back outside on Atlantic Swamp and continue your journey.

Keep moving East until you find a narrow path. As soon as you enter it you will be challenged yet again another mysterious figure who somehow is familiar to you.

He will be using Lv 25 Joltik, Lv 27 Jolteon, Lv 25 Elekid and Lv 31 Ampharos.After the battle you will tell that guy named Eon, a gym leader in Omni region that he was mind controlled by Darugis(Criminal!!!).After he is gone go ahead to reach Atlantic City.


After healing at the center battle the staff who now have Lv 22 Squirtle and Mudkip.Head out when you are done to explore the city. Nothing important except the Mart which now sells Super Potions and the Gym of course. So after preparing head at the Gym. You will also see Pete and his father standing beside the gym but they will do nothing important so go inside the gym instead.You will learn from the Shaman lady that the gym leader uses Water types so beaware of that.Go ahead and battle the gym trainer: A swimmer who uses Lv 22 Horsea and Lv 22 Corphish. Go ahead and battle the female trainer who uses Lv 23 Ducklett, Lv 23 Buizel and Lv 25 Gyarados.Get ready to face the gym leader or head back to heal. Whenever you are ready talk with him to get the show started.


Pokes: Lv 26 Poliwhirl: Scald,Hypnosis,Double Slap,

Lv 27 Lanturn: Water Pulse,Supersonic,Shock Wave,Thunder wave.

Lv 26 Marshtomp: Water Pulse,Facade,Stealth Rock,Mud Shot

Lv 32 Seismitoad: Scald,Substitude,Drain Punch,

Beating him is quite a job but it is upto you what strategy you come up for him.He also has some Super potions to heal his pokes. After the battle though he will award you with Tsunami Badge as well as now you can use HM Cut outside the battle. He will also gift you with (TM03 Water Pulse).Go to the Center to heal and then to Mart for helpful stuff. Now move into the house being guarded by policeman.Go inside the house and go through the hole at its back. Save your progress because now you have to battle Old anime breeder BROCK who is also mind controlled by Darugis (that freak!!!).

Looks like he is battling with double battle style.First two are Lv 25 Crobat and Lv 24 Ludicolo.He also has Lv 24 Swampert, Lv 24 Toxicroak,Lv 26 Blissey,Lv 32 Steelix.When he is gone cursing you go back to heal and follow where Brock is gone.I advise you this strongly because your Rival Gary will pop down from the hill to battle you. He is using Lv 29 Rufflet, Lv 32 Gurdurr, Lv 32 Charmeleon and his dragon Lv 35 Shelgon.He will also use healing items.After winning he will award you with VS Seeker (At last!!!!).Heal back or Head staright towards:


Go through the opening to battle the grunts one by one.The first one uses Lv 23 Skorupi,Lv 23 Croagunk, Lv 24 Houndour, Lv 24 Sandile and Lv 24 Cravanha. Next grunt has Lv 24 Tentacool, Lv 23 Frillish and Lv 24 Sandile. Next one has Lv 24 Cravanha and Houndour in a double battle. After him the grunt has Lv 24 Tentacool and Sandile.The 5th grunt has Lv 25 Whirlipede, Lv 25 Golbat, Lv 26 Skorupi and Lv 26 Croagunk.Head back and heal your team because next opponent will be that Dark thug V.He will give you an Ultra Ball surprisingly and then will challenge you to a battle.He is using Lv 34 Misdreavus, Lv 34 Murkrow and Lv 38 Golett (What raging level !!!!). Defeat him and he will disappear along with the grunts.Go left and pick up (TM45 Attract) beside the grass. Move up from the grass to challenge the Camper who has Lv 26 Buizel and Blitzle in a double show.Move right and you will reach


Battle the first trainer who is using Lv 27 Machop and a Lv 27 Geodude.After him talk with the Cooltrainer who has Lv 30 Marshtomp and Ivysaur in a double battle.Go down then to battle the Youngster with Lv 28 Corphish, Lv 29 Poliwhirl and Lv 28 Tynamo. After him talk with the staring Cooltrainer who battles double with Lv 31 Wartortle and Quilava.Go down to battle Picknicker with Lv 29 Ninetales and Lv 30 Emolga.Talk with the Camper who has Lv 30 Watchog and Darumaka in a double battle.Tackle the Hicker using Lv 29 Machoke, Lv 30 Graveler, Lv 30 Boldore and Lv 31 Onix. After him is a Super Nerd having Lv 32 Breloom and Lv 32 Kadabra.Don't forget to pick up TM43 Secret power from the grass.Go right and then press A button as shown to fetch a hidden Bluk Berry.

Try to pass Media couple but they will stop and challenge you to a double battle.The interviewer Haley and Tim use Lv 33 Whimsicott and Cincinno.After the fight move ahead and then south to meet yet another familiar face i-e ASH himself. He will reward you with S.S Ticket and then head inside the cave where you also must go. If you need to heal or urging to get healing items you have to go back to Atlantic City for it.I advise you train first using VS Seeker on trainers in Atlantic Cape to power your team. When you are ready go inside the cave opening.


Step into the cave and move down and then far right to fetch a Repel. After it move down to battle the Thug grunt who has Lv 25 Skorupi, Lv 25 Croagunk and Lv 24 Houndour.Follow the path after him to reach next floor.Go down and then left to battle a Pokemaniac who has Lv 30 Hippopotas, Lv 30 Torkoal, Lv 30 Phanpy and Lv 29 Joltik. Keep moving left and pick up Revive from the ground. Go up afterwards to tackle the Picknicker who uses Lv 31 Ducklett and Ponyta in a duo battle.Follow the path upwards to reach second Dark Thug Grunt who has Lv 29 Frillish and Lv 30 Houndour in a double battle.After her go right, up an then left to battle the gang's first Goonete who only has Lv 37 Houndoom.Go up from her and talk with the other guy on the right who is Dark Thug Goon who has Lv 36 Sharpedo and Krokorok in a double battle.After that go to the ladder for next floor. Battle the staring Goonete who is using Lv 37 Golbat and Frillish in a double battle. Go down from either two ways and then right to get the Escape Rope. The Goonete at the corner does not battles you. Go up from the item to battle the Dark Thug Grunt with Lv 29 Houndour and Lv 29 Carvanha. Leave for next floor. As soon as you enter it a female grunt will battlle you with Lv 29 Croagunk, Lv 29 Skorupi and Lv 29 Frillish. Go towards the Hiker now.The path upwards leads to nothing. The Hiker is a move tutor who teaches Stone Edge. (Coool !!!).

After the hiker is a staring Grunt who will battle you with Lv 29 Skorupi, Houndour and Croagunk. Go staright up and pick Max Ether from the ground. Go back and left to meet the waiting Thug Goon with Lv 37 Krokorok, Golbat and Sharpedo.Now go inside the next floor and battle the grunts there one by one. First on has Lv 29 Frillish and Tentacool in a double battle. Secong one uses Lv 29 Carvanha, Croagunk, Houndour and Skorupi. Pick up a Pearl from the path. Go along and then you will see Ash battling Brock and two Thugs. The grunt will battle you first as you step on. He has Lv 29 Tentacool, Lv 30 Frillish and Lv 29 Carvanha. The Goon has Lv 37 Krokorok, Sharpedo and Houndoom. Save your game and move one step forward. Controlled by Darugis Brock will defeat Ash using Dark Entei and then you will battle it also. It is at Lv 50 so beware. It has moves Crunch, Eruption, FlameThrower and Double-Edge. After defeating it, Entei will thank you for releasing it and will ask your help to revover a stone named Jewel of Life to rescue Arceus. (Hey that sounds familiar !!!) . Leave the cave from the exit where one grunt is standing. Go out for next destination.


First head straight for the Center to heal.The staff there have Lv 32 Nuzleaf and Lombre. Come out to battle trainers and exploration in the stupid rain. Go down to meet that Bug Catcher who duo battles you with Lv 33 Whirlipede and Lv 34 Butterfree. After him is that Hiker who has Lv 34 Gligar and Hippopotas in a duo battle. Move ahead to greet Camper with Lv 32 Pidgeotto, Lv 33 Poliwhirl and Lv 34 Zebstrika. Go up to battle the crazy Picknicker who battles with Lv 29 Cottonee, Lv 30 Joltik, Lv 31 Growlithe and Lv 32 Minccino.Go up and then left from her to pick up a Burn heal. You will also see a Thundurus on the mountain to the right. Don't speak with it yet because it is related with future event.So go down from the Picknicker to battle a Camper who has Lv 30 Staravia, Lv 32 Ninetales, Lv 30 Phanpy and Lv 32 Zebsrika. Go on to battle the walking Hiker who uses Lv 32 Graveler, Boldore and Donphan. Dou battle the next Hiker who uses Lv 31 Onix and Donphan. Meet up the last trainer on the route : A Bird keeper who has Lv 35 Swanna only. Pick up TM40 Aerial Ace next to him. The path ends here so you should move from the path above to reach the Bug Catcher in the grass who has Lv 30 Dwebble , Lv 31 Ariados and Lv 34 Scolipede. I suggest you should spend some time here to train and also heal your team. When you are fully packed for adventure go through the outpost below the Bug catcher. After the outpost enter:


You will be stopped by your neighbour and friend PETE who seems like is travelling across the region with his father. (BABY !!!). He will start with Lv 40 Swellow, Lv 42 Excadrill is next followed by Lv 44 Vibrava, Lv 42 Feraligatr and Lv 43 Scrafty. If you were training previously as I advised than you will face no real threats from him. He will also use items for healing. After the battle he will ask you to go inside the house next to him. When you enter it you will learn soon that this place is actually Circle of Life and the girl there will introduce herself as Tarea and the old man is Paul. They were actually followers of Arceus. Once the lady has gone in thin air after telling you the story of Arceus the old man Paul will award you with a Lv 32 Victini.

It is also holding Sacred Ash as seen.

Leave through the small house exit and you will come back in Aroma Town.It is time to explore it but first go into the PokeCenter. After healing talk with the staff who now have Lv 36 Pineco and Ferroseed in a duo battle of course. There is also Prof. Oak's Aide in there who will award you with a Everstone if you had captured 20 Pokes. (Where did he came from???)

After coming out from the Center go up and then to the right to face against your very own teacher Ms. Weatherbell.

She has Lv 42 Whimsicott, Lv 47 Roserade, Lv 44 Meganium and Lv 45 Tangrowth. Finish her off and then head back for healing or else go North from her and you will see a guy blocking the entrance of a cave.He will itorduce himself as DRAY and will battle you right off after some introductions.

He uses a full team of Lv 45 Galvantula, Lv 51 Druddigon, Lv 48 Empoleon, Lv 48 Serperior, Lv 48 Emboar and Lv 50 Scizor. After the fight he will tell you about your father's past life where his father and your father were members of Team DR (Dark Rising) who defeated Darugis ages ago and now it is again released and stuff. After that he will run into the cave so you must head back for healing after the intense fight and prepare yourself as you want. When you are ready go inside the cave.


Go inside and leave from the ladder for next floor. Keep following the simple path until you reach the next floor. As soon as you enter it you will be approached by Prof. Ivan himself who will talk with you for sometime before battling you.

He uses Lv 45 Leafeon, Lv 48 Bronzong, Lv 50 Snorlax and Lv 50 Slaking. After the battle he will remind you to meet him in MYSTIC FALLS. He will leave through the exit.Follow him out.


Follow the path down and left you will see a building but it is just a Day Care center. You will need to go down from there to reach another outpost. Heal your team and prepare yourself before entring the outpost because you will again meet that mysterious girl with the Axew SYDNEY. Bored from her appearances you try to clear her off but she will stop you and battle you again. She now has Lv 46 Skarmory, Lv 46 Seadra, Lv 49 Lucario, Lv 50 Fraxure (It evolved huh !! ) and Lv 47 Larvesta. After the battle though she will become nicer and tell you that Darugis has killed her parents and she wants revenge. Leave her by and leave the outpost.


Keep going down while battlind trainers. The first Camper has Lv 37 Kirlia and Ponyta in a duo battle. After her the second Camper usues Lv 35 Wartortle. Jump down the ledge to meet a Bug catcher who has Lv 37 Whirlipede, Lv 36 Butterfree and Lv 37 Scyther. The secong Bug Catcher below has Lv 38 Yanma and Dwebble in a double battle. Go down to meet a female picknicker having Lv 36 Ninetales, Lv 37 Swellow and Lv 38 Exeggutor. The male Camper dou battles you with Lv 38 Poliwrath and Zebstrika. Go down after him to reach MYSTIC FALLS.


As soon as you enter it though Prof. Ivan will approach you with an old guy who is Prof. Zachery who will confront you to battle him.

Actually this will be a series of double battles. He will be using Lv 49 Probopass and Lv 48 Accelgor first. After those two he may either call his Lv 48 Escaviler and Lv 49 Wobbuffet. You should be careful from his team as he is not so easy due to his Wobbuffet specially. After the battle he will become nicer to you and will tell you that the Jewel of Life is inside Volair Forest. He will also tell you to head for Iceland City to get a Master Ball for Arceus. He will stay there and the Prof. will go back to the Falls Route. Go towards the Center to receive the Calcium from the man outside it. Get your team healed and battle the staff who here have Lv 39 Duosion and Gothorita. Talk with the girl to the left to obtain yet another VS Seeker. Go outside and go towards left and enter the house next to the center. Inside is a gril who trades her Pidgeotto for a a Staravia.

Go outside again and go towards the PokeLab just before the gym. Go inside the first room where a girl will ask you to trade a Minccino for her Tangela.

The second room has a move tutor who teaches Metronome.

The third room has the Scientist who revives fossil using his machine. Make your way out and go towards right and then down inside the Poke Fan club house. Enter the house and talk with the guy having old Scott's sprite. He will reward you with a Bike Voucher.

Go out and now if you try to talk with that Shaman gym lady she will ask you to check out the S.S. Titanic first located south of Mystic Falls bacause of Darugis. So you have to go there by any means. Heal your team and go there. As soon as you enter the docks an earthquake will occur and you will see that V thug guy along with your rival Dray and a girl (his girlfriend) who has sank the ship. You will also try to know about your father's info from him but he will laugh and will battle you.He is using Lv 47 Spiritomb, Lv 50 Honchkrow, Lv 47 Krookodile, Lv 52 Golurk, Lv 47 Dusclops and Lv 50 Mismagius this time. After the battle you will learn that the ship has not really sank into the sea and you must go inside it to break the spell. However V will warn you that Kayo is inside and will crush you. He will disappear after that. I suggest you heal back at the center first and then head back here. Do this or when you are ready step on to the black stone to enter into the ship. Go down and enter the second room from the left. You will be battled at once by two grunts. First grunt has Lv 38 Frillish and Skorupi in a duo battle. The second grunt only has a Lv 39 Houndour. After the battle go down to pick up TM31 Brick Break at the corner. Now go inside the 5th room and battle the grunt who has Lv 37 Croagunk and Skorupi in a duo way. The 6th room has Nurse Joy like Lady who heals your team.The 7th room has a suspicious Hiker who dou battles you with Lv 38 Donphan and Gligar. Move out and go down to enter the basement. As soon you enter it, examine the dustbin for a free Hyper Potion. Go inside the first room to pick up a Super potion. Go inside the 2nd room and talk with the sailor above who has Lv 38 Swanna, Lv 38 Poliwhirl and Lv 39 Tentacruel. The second sailor below has Lv 44 Gyarados. The third room has a Dark Thug who battles right away with Lv 37 Carvanha, Lv 38 Houndour and Lv 39 Krokorok. There is also an Ether to be picked up. Go inside the 4th room to duo battle a Sailor who uses Lv 41 Slowbro and Crawdaunt. Also pick up TM44 Rest from the table. Go inside the 5th room and battle first the Fisherman who has Lv 37 Slowbro, Staryu and Horsea. Now engage the sailor who only fights with Lv 44 Poliwrath. Move back to the upper floor again and now go towards the Guard on far left of the ship. But first go down from him and enter the kitchen. Move down to pick a Great ball from the corner. The dustbins on the right side have Chesto, Cheri and Pecha berries. Now go back towards the guard and talk with him. He will escort you towards the docks and will introduce you to a lady whose son has been kidnapped by the goons. She will also heal your team encase you forgot from the nurse below. But first go back and down to enter the first room where an old man will help you to register Snorlax on the Dex.

The second room has two High Grunts who will battle as you decide. The first one uses Lv 42 Tentacruel, Krookodile and Lv 44 Sharpedo. The male Goon has only Lv 45 Houndoom. Pick up the Stardust also and go out. Now the high grunts outside won't let you progress further so you have to go to the docks now. As soon as you enter them two High grunts will stop you and battle you one by one. The first Goonete duo battles with 2 Lv 44 Jelicents. The second one uses Lv 44 Sharpedo and Houndoom with same battle style. (Seriously I quite irritated by now to say Double battle). They will scram and the boy will thank you and will go back to his mother. Now move back also and check down the floor below where those nasty High Grunts have gone now. The 3rd room has nothing so enter the 4th one to battle those High grunts one by one. The below Goon uses Lv 44 Krookodile and Houndoom. Pick up the X Attack beside him and meet the Goonete who uses Lv 43 Golbat and Sharpedo. The next two rooms are useless to enter so move ahead. You will see your rival Gary as well as the champ Ash handling the remaining H. Grunts whereas Gary will tell you to go inside the room on the upper side to engage their Chief. Save yor game and heal your team before entering it. You will see KAYO beating Sydney with his pokes and moking her. He will then come to you to battle. He has Lv 48 Ferrothorn, Lv 52 Weavile, Lv 54 Zoroark, Lv 55 Zweilous and Lv 52 Reuniclus. Keep in mind that he will use healing items for defensive purpose. After the fight he will storm off and Sydney will regain consciousness and will award you with (HM01 Cut).

Head out and you will see that the whole grunt army has escaped. Go back towards the entrance of the ship and leave it. Head back to the city now. The only place left to explore now is the gym which deals Psychic types. Battle the first gym trainer who is a Cool trainer with only Lv 45 Alakazam. The second trainer has Lv 42 Musharna and Exeggcutor. After them is another Cooltrainer before the gym leader. She has Lv 42 Slowbro and Slowking, Lv 43 Starmie and Lv 43 Grumpig in series of dou battle. Heal back and prepare yourself for 3rd Badge.


Pokes: Lv 50 Espeon : Shadow ball, Calm Mind, Psychic,

Lv 54 Gallade : Aerial Ace, Bulk Up, Drain Punch,

Lv 54 Gardevoir : Psychic, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave, Calm Mind.

Lv 56 Sigilyph : Cosmic Power, Psychic, Ice Beam,

Lv 53 Gothitelle : Calm Mind, Psychic, Skill Swap, Dark Pulse.

If you were training properly she is no threat at all. After winning she will gift you the Mystic Badge which allows you to use HM Fly outside the battle. She will also award you with TM29 Psychic. Go proudly into the center and prepare yourself for next adventure.Go right from the city to enter:


First go to battle the youngster who has Lv 41 Watchog. After him go ahead to battle another youngster with Lv 42 Zebsrika and Lv 40 Exeggcute. Go down and pick up X Defend below him. Stop the running youngster who duo battles with Lv 43 Grovyle and Servine. Go into the clearing and move right and then down to engage the Gamer who uses Lv 42 Magneton and Lv44 Slowbro. Go up to meet a Pokefan who only has Lv 46 Raichu. Pick up a Great Ball above him. Move up throught he clear path to engae a Gamer at the end who surprisingly has Lv 15 Abra and a Lv 10 Rufflet. Move through the path to meeta fast running Youngster who has Lv 44 Darmanitan, Lv 44 Machoke and Lv 45 Scyther. Pick up the Awakening afterwards. Nothing left so head for healing back or prepare for:


Follow the simple path upwards until you reach a ladder. Go through it and make your way towards the Full Restore and then move back through the ladder. Go west from there and keep following the path. Pick up another Full Restore at the path curve. Go up and then left to pick up a Nugget.Don't go inside the ladder you see as it leads to a dead end.Go down fom the Nugget and enter the ladder below.Follow the path to pick up a PP Up. Go back now and move right to place where you found Full Restore. Move right from there and keep moving at that direction and then up into the ladder. Pick up the Ultra Ball and then move back again. Go up and pick Max Ether first and then move down and then right for the ladder there.Go left and then move down from the first path. Go down and then choose the right most path and follow it. You will come across a ladder. Go through it and climb another ladder for the next floor. Follow the path and you will see a figure none other than that Dark Thug V waiting for you. Save your game and move down. He will be battling you the last time.

He now has Lv 56 Dusknoir, Lv 58 Honchkrow, Lv 56 Spiritomb, Lv 54 Krookodile, Lv 60 Golurk and Lv 58 Mismagius. After the battle V will turn into a stone and his soul will disappear to the Underworld. Feeling sorry for V you will get more angrier to avenge against Darugis. Follow the path and then go up to pick up a Max Revive. Go down towards the exit but before you go out climb the stairs and go a little North to get an Ultra Ball. Now go back and exit the cave.


As soon as you exit you will see Dray and his girlfriend FLORINA. They will talk with you about some stuff and then Florina will battle you.

She starts with Lv 55 Eelektross, followed by Lv 57 Infernape, Lv 58 Aerodactyl, Lv 61 Altaria, Lv 57 Samurott and Lv 57 Torterra. She will also use Full Restores to heal her team. After the battle Dray will tell you to meet AMARIS and then he will say some stuff about DARUGIS itself. They will both leave so head west and battle the first trainer on the route who is a Picknicker with Lv 46 Swellow and Whimsicott. Next up is a Hiker with Lv 45 Graveler and Noespass. Go back and then down to battle a Pokemaniac with Lv 47 Pawniard and Arcanine. Go left to battle the Hiker who also dou battles with Lv 45 Onix and Hippowdon. Go down from the Maniac and you will reach:


As usual first head for the Center. The staff there have Lv 42 Dusclops and Haunter. Go out and explore the city. The house at far right has the Name Rater in it.

You will also learn by talking with the people in the town that some children are missing in the town.If you try to go west in the grassy area left of the Center a voice will prevent you from going in there. Nothing here so go South to reach:


Keep going south and you will be battled by the second Psychic. She has Lv 44 Duskull and Gastly. Go down and press A button insdie the grass area to grab a free Hyper Potion.

The path down is quite simple so keep following it. At the end of the path you will see a man who has held captive the missing children of the town.(Hey its that guy with Tornadus !!!). He will introduce himself as LIGHT. Be prepared as he is using a full team.He battles with Lv 60 Tyranitar, Lv 62 Gliscor, Lv 65 Conarp (Who is this???) , Lv 60 Metagross, Lv 64 Rhyperior and Lv 64 Aggron. He will hand over to you the Jewel of Life afterwards. The children will aslo return to Salem Town. Head back there also. Heal at the center and pick any item you want from the Mart. Head left and now due to the Jewel of Life item you can enter the place. You will also hear Sydney's scream coming from that place so hurry up!!!


Head down after entering and battle the Lass there. She has two Lv 40 Cottonee. Battle the Gamer who has Lv 48 Machamp and Alakazam. Head up to battle the Bird keeper who has Lv 46 Staraptor and Pidgeot. Keep going west to face a Super nerd guy who has Lv 43 Magneton, Yanma and Bronzor. Head west to engage a Cooltrainer who has Lv 44 Mienfoo, Lv 46 Ariados and Lv 45 Floatzel. Go up to battle the twins who duo battle with two Lv 47 Emolga. Go back for healing or else move into the building below.


As soon as you enter it, you will be approached by two figures. One is KAIDEN who according to your rival Gary is the son of that V guy you had battled before. The other girl is SAKURA, V's daughter.Be warned though the both have Kyurem's forms dragons who are both Lv 70. Kaiden will first battle you with Kyurem B and then after defeat Sakura will engage you with Kyurem W. Defeated they will storm out . GARY will also leave after talking so will Sydney after telling you about Kyurem's presence in the mansion. Go up and move right and then left to battle the Nerd who double battles with Lv 45 Magneton and Duosion and Lv 45 Gothorita. Go back and now climb the stairs. Go down to meet the Goonete who has Lv 48 Sharpedo and Toxicroak. Go back and move right and then down and up into the path to fetch a Zinc. Go back and then move a bit Up and then east. Go up into the room and make you way to a Calcium. Go back to the stairs and now go upstairs. Battle the Goon who only has Lv 49 Krokorok. Also pick up Max potion below him. Go back and move right and then up from the Goonete and head to the stairs leading down. Keep heading right to pick up an Iron at the corner. Head back and press A in front of the statue. The gate below will open. Battle the Scientist at there who has Lv 47 Sableye, Lv 49 Weezing and Arbok. Go right from him and move down for the stairs. Pick up an Hp Up and head back towards the Scientist. Fall from the ceiling at the right. Make your way towards the stairs and head down. Follow the path and then go down from the first clearing to battle the Goonete who uses Lv 47 Tentacruel and Krookodile. Press the statue with A button and then move left from there for a Full Restore. Go up now and then right to go through the gate previously locked. Battle the waiting Scientist who uses Lv 49 Scolipede and Bronzong. Activate the statue and head west and then up to pick up TM14 Blizzard. Go down and as soon as you pass through the stones at the left a mysterious person will approach you. She is Amaris herself . You tried to ask her about your father and Arceus but as soon as she tried to tell you Darugis will control her body and she will battle you with a full team.

She has Lv 61 Froslass, Lv 63 Chandelure, Lv 65 Togekiss, Lv 61 Porygon 2, Lv 64 Milotic and Lv 64 Bisharp. After the battle she will hint you to meet a gym leader and offer you to take the item on the table. Leave her and grab it. It is Puzzle Key. Also pick up TM22 SolarBeam from up. Leave the mansion from blelow. You will be back at Rosarie's Graveyard.


A waiting Blackbelt will battle you right away. He has Lv 44 Tyrogue, Monferno, Combusken, Gurdurr and Lv 45 Scraggy. Go down to meet a Biker who uses Lv 43 Koffing and Ekans. Go right from the Blackbelt to meet a Gamer who has Lv 47 Galvantula, Lv 48 Forretress, Lv 47 Ivysaur. After him below is a Nerd who only has Lv 49 Sableye. Another Biker below has Lv 48 Rhyhorn, Lv 44 Koffing and an Ekans. Lastly is a Cooltrainer on the left who has Lv 45 Darmanitan, Lv 48 Beartic, Lv 46 Gyarados and Lv 47 Exeggutor. Brace yourself afterwards because you are about to enter inside:


Go inside and thankfully at once you will see a Shaman lady who will heal your team. (Thank Goodness). I suggest you head back to Rosarie Graveyard to train your team. or else just go North to follow the path

Follow the path above and head left first into the cave. Move through the ice at the corner. Remember that it will break when you step on 1 block two times. Go ahead and turn left from the two blocks together. Go up and fall through the upper Block as shown.

Climb the ladder again and go down. First go down and fall through the block as shown

When you fall go up , right , down and then left and then towards the ladder but pick up Full Restore first. Go through the ladders now. Pick up HM07 Waterfall and jump down the ledge. Go again towards the two block together and move right from them.

Fall again from the block above. Climb the ladder and now head towards the 1st block. Fall from it and go down and then right to pick up a NevermeltIce.Head back to the path as shown on the screenshot above.

Now head towards the two block right to pick up that waiting Ultra Ball.

Head out from the cave and now follow the path above towards the Waterfall.

Go left and into the stairs. Go inside the cave opening you see after coming into the path of the familiar cave. Save your game because You will see your rival GARY with some Dark Thug High Grunts. Gary will ask you to battle the Goon on the right who has Lv 48 Drapion and Houndoom in a double battle. He also has a Lv 49 Krookodile. As soon as you finish him off an Earthquake will erupt and a sound of a creature will be heard by you both. The goons will storm off and Gary will go inside the cave also. You have to follow him.


Go up and climb the stairs, picking up Ice heal on the way. Go inside the stairs. Go down and then left and up into the stairs. Keep going right and pick up a Big Pearl and then head back. Now go right and climb the stairs. Go north and you will see stairs again going down. Do not go inside those yet instead move up , right and down to pick up Revive. Head back and now go inside the stairs. Go left and down into another ladder. Go up, right and then down again inside another ladders. Go a little right and then down to pick up an Ultra Ball. Move back and then head right into the stairs along with the sign

Climb the stairs down. You will see your rival along with SYDNEY and KYUREM itself. Save your game. Your rival as defeated by Sydney who is having problems controlling Kyurem so you have to defeat it in order to save both of them.

She is using Lv 52 Skarmory, Lv 54 Kingdra, Lv 56 Haxorus, Lv 60 Kyurem, Lv 55 Lucario and Lv 55 Volcarona. After defeat Kyurem will calm down and will join Sydney's team. She will thank both of you and leave. Leave the exit down to reach


Go up and keep going west from the route to reach the city.


First go up inside the PokeCenter for healing. The staff there use Lv 48 Beartic and Ursaring. Go out and head down. Go inside the cafe and talk with the man at the top. He will award you with Coin Case.

Go out and head left and down from the stairs. If you need to buy some items head up and go inside the mart. If you try to go inside the Gym aside the Center, you will see its gym leader saying that it is closed due to the problems being caused by Dark Thug Grunts. When you are done in the Mart go down from the stairs and head east first. Keep going east and you will see an NPC selling unlimited Unlucky Eggs for free.(Too much huh!!!! ).

Go back and now move towards the cave like Building and head left from a narrow passage. Follow the path and pick up TM12 Taunt at the end.

Head back and prepare to go inside the Underground city. Go inside and prepare yourself to battle the Grunts one by one. The first one uses Lv 42 Frillish, Tentacool and Sandile. The second Grunt on the left uses Lv 43 Croagunk and Skorupi. Pick up the left item to get a Max Ether. If you try to get the second one however it will trigger the alarm and a Goonete will battle you with Lv 48 Toxicroak, Drapion and Lv 49 Tentacruel. Go right from the package and battle the Grunt who has Lv 43 Houndour and Carvanha. Go ahead to pick the Rare Candy from the ground. Go up now to engage a Goon who has Lv 48 Houndoom and Sharpedo. Climb the stairs and pick up TM21 Frustration beside the High Grunt. Go left and you will see two items. Pick one on the right which is Calcium. The other one is Blackglasses.

If you need to heal then head right into the water spa to refresh your team.

Now head back towards the waiting KAYO at the cave entrance. Talk with him and he will tell you his purpose of coming here. Actually he was looking for RUBY but it was already taken by somebody else. So he will battle you instead to overcome his anger. He starts with Lv 67 Weavile, Lv 69 Zoroark, Lv 68 Ferrothorn, Lv 68 Reuniclus and Lv 70 Hydreigon. After the battle he will disappear and the old man near you will congratulate you for getting rid of Thugs and will introduce himself as Kai's Dad who will award you with HM02 Fly. (Awesome !!!! ).

Go back towards IceLand city with the sole purpose of challenging the gym. Head out and then head back to heal your team. Nothing left in the city except the gym so head there. Enter it and go straight up. You should already have known that it is an Ice type gym. Go up to battle the first Gym trainer: A Lass who duo battles with Lv 48 Cubchoo and Delibird. After her is a beauty with Lv 48 Delibird, Lv 49 Piloswine, Cloyster and Lv 48 Delibird. Go left from her to battle another beauty who duo battles with Lv 49 Glalie and Froslass. Go right from the beauty to battle a Picknicker who dou battles with same team you just fought now. Go back and up now to fight a Cooltrainer who uses Lv 49 Beartic, Lv 47 Sneasel, Sealeo, Lv 48 Jynx and Lv 49 Cloyster. Go up and fight the right trainer first beside the Gym leader who a Lass battles with two Lv 50 Weaviles. Now fight the left Beauty who only has Lv 50 Walrein. Prepare yourself for the Gym leader but first heal back from the center and save your game before talking him on.


Pokes: Lv 68 Mamoswine : Stealth Rock, Hail, Blizzard, Earthquake.

Lv 69 Glaceon : Hail, Water Pulse, Blizzard,

Lv 69 Abomasnow : Frenzy Plant, Leech seed, Blizzard,

Lv 70 Cryogonal : Confuse ray, Night Slash, Ice Beam,

After defeat he will give you Avalanch Badge. He will also give you TM15 Ice Beam as a gift. Leave his gym proudly and heal your team at the center. Now go inside Underground city and head to the place where you fought KAYO earlier. Now head out from the cave opening there.


Head out and battle the Cooltrainer who uses Lv 54 Skarmory and Bouffalant separately. Follow the path to engage a Pokemaniac who has Lv 51 Torkoal, Lv 52 Cloyster and Lv 53 Crustle. Next up is a Picknicker with Lv 50 Minccino, Rapidash and Gothorita. A male picknicker is next who has Lv 50 Watchog, Lv 51 Zebsrika and Lv 50 Duosion. Next is a Bug catcher who duo battles with Lv 53 Galvantula and Ariados. After him is a Beauty who battles with Lv 52 Meganium and Lv 54 Breloom. Battle the last trainer on the routr: A Cooltrainer who duo battles with Lv 54 Swellow and Tauros.


First go up to battle a Bird Keeper who uses Lv 51 Rufflet, Lv 52 Staraptor and Pidgeot. Go right from her to duo battle the twins who use Lv 50 Espeon and Umbreon. Pick up the hidden Pinap Berry from the grass.

Battle the walking Lass above who uses Lv 52 Whimsicott and Lv 53 Jynx. Go a little up and then towards the left path to engage a Biker who uses Lv 50 Toxicroak, Drapion and Boldore. Go left to Plain Field to battle the remaining trainers. Keep going left from PETE to battle Beauty who has only Lv 55 Ninetales. After her are the twin brothers and sister Crush duo who have Lv 55 Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Next up is a Biker who has Lv 50 Boldore, Drapion and Arbok. Talk with the last Biker next to him who also has a Lv 50 Boldore, Toxicroak and a Lv 51 Weezing. Pick up TM18 Rain Dance next to him and jump down the ledge. If you need to heal then head back inside Underground City and into the Spa. Go back towards Pete and now move up from the path. Battle the Biker who has Lv 50 Weezing and Arbok. Talk with the Bird Keeper who has a Lv 55 Archeops. Go left from him in the way of a Biker who battles with Lv 50 Boldore, Toxicroak, Drapion and another Lv 50 Boldore. Go up and talk with the Gamer on the left who has Lv 53 Magneton, Togetic and Lv 54 Hitmontop. Go towards a Pokefan now who has Lv 54 Arcanine and Grumpig. Go up from him to battle a staring Biker who duo battles with two Lv 50 Gigaliths. Talk with the Hiker on the left who battles with Lv 54 Donphan, Lv 55 Golem, Lv 52 Onix and Lv 55 Carracosta. When you go up you will see PETE and well well well that DARUGIS has mind controlled him too so he will fight you with a six pack team. Go back at the spa first to heal though if you need.

Pete has Lv 66 Claydol, Feraligatr, Lv 68 Scrafty, Lv 67 Excadrill, Lv 69 Flygon and Lv 67 Swellow. He will also use Full Restore to heal his team. After the fight he will come to his own senses and will tell you that the Ruby he had taken before has been robbed by KAYO. After the talk you will tell him to make allies with your team of friends in order to defeat DARUGIS. He will thank you and will start his journey from Numassity Path. Go up from him to reach the outpost connecting the route with the city ahead. Go into it and climb the stairs where a girl will award you with TM 27 Return. Go back and before you go furthur up KAI's DAD will come to you from the path below and will give you a Master Ball given to him by your father's friend Prof. Zachery but he will battle you to check your strength first before handing it. (Big things don't offer freely.)

He has Lv 68 Glalie, Lv 70 Beartic, Walrein, Lv 80 Vanilluxe and Lv 70 Mamoswine. After the battle as promised he will award you with Master Ball. He will also tell you that the Numassity Lab is moved to Novella Town. He will go away and now leave through the North exit of the outpost.


This city is the biggest in Core Region and offers plenty of exploration. First of course head straight for the Center for relaxation. The staff here have a tough team of Lv 60 Snorlax and Slaking. Go outside and first head inside the left buildind you see which is the Grand Mart itself. Climb the stairs where the first floor has two shoppers. One sells TMs while other one sells Normal items.

But what you desire and head for the next floor from the stairs. On the next floor go down and talk with the man behind the counter who is a move tutor for (Counter).

Now go towards the 4th floor where the shop keeper sells Elemental Stones. Buy a Pokedoll too (I will tell you later about it).

The 5th floor also has two keepers in which one sells stat increasing items in battle while the other sells similar ones.

Finally is the top floor where you can get useful items from the vending machines.

If you give the little girl any type of drink, she will award you with separate TMs as a gift i-e

Fresh Water for TM16 Light Screen.

Soda Pop for TM20 Safegard

Lemonade for TM33 Reflect.

Equip yourself with these very handy items for your adventure. Go out either from the stairs or through the lift from the Mart. Go inside the First house beside the Mart and climb the stairs. Talk with the girl and hand over that PokeDoll I told you before. She will happily offer to teach you move Mimic in exchange.

Go inside the second house now and talk with the lady inside it who will award you with TM29 Psychic.

Go now back into the city and enter the house exactly North of the PokeCenter. It is a Bike shop.Talk with the owner who will give you a Bike in exchange of the Voucher you received earlier.

Go left from the place and you will see a Pink Building which is surprisingly the real Gym in the city. So head back to the other Gym near the center first which is actually a fighting Dojo. Go straight after entering it to be battled by series of BlackBelts. The first one on the right will battle you with Lv 61 Hitmonlee, Hitmontop and a Hitmonchan. After him the other Blackbelt duo battles with Lv 60 Pignite and Combusken. Go up and talk with the Blackbelt on the left first who battles with Lv 62 Scrafty,

Breloom and Lucario. The 4th fighter only has a Lv 63 Machamp. When you are done approach their leader who will introduce himself as the Karate Master who will also battle you.

He duo battles with Lv 68 Emboar and Blaziken, then comes Lv 70 Sawk, Throh and Lv 74 Conkeldurr. After defeat he will offer you to take any of the pokes behind him. But first make room in your party for it. But you can get both ones though. The right ball has a Sawk

While the other Ball has its Rival Throh.

Both are holding a BlackBelt.Leave the Dojo and head back for healing if you want. The only place left now is the actual gym. Go inside and you will see that old shaman lady who actually was TAREA of Mystic Falls herself. She will also inform you that the gym here uses Normal Types. (That is tough !!! ). Go to Warp panel on the right. Battle the first trainer a School Kid with a familiar sprite who has Lv 58 Eevee, Lv 60 Tauros and a Bouffalant. Go to the top right Panel and battle another School Kid after teleportation. He has Lv 62 Tauros and a Lv 62 Bouffalant. Go the top left panel now and battle another School Kid who has Lv 59 Lickitung, Aipom, Lv 60 Porygon and a Watchog. Now go towards the down left panel and meet yet another School kid who only has a Lv 63 Ursaring. Go inside the Top right panel and this time battle a Cooltrainer who duo battles with Lv 62 Snorlax and Slaking. Go towards the Down right panel and meet a female School kid who has three Lv 59 Cincinnos. Again teleport from the down right panel to reach another female Kid who has a Lv 63 Togekiss. That was the last trainer I hope. If you need to heal then keep teleporting from the panels until you reach out as I am very sorry not to give you directions this time as this stuff is kinda annoying but when you get out and heal your team at last go back inside the gym. I will now give you directions to reach the Gym Leader herself. First teleport through the main Panel beside Tarea. From there it is quite similar and simple just like in Kanto's Sabrina's Gym. You just have to teleport Diagonally and you will reach the leader herself. If you don't know what I am saying then First head towards the first room and follow these numbers as shown:

First go to 1 then 3 then 4 then 2 then 2 again and lastly then 3 and you will enter the Gym Leader's Room. (I am poor at photo editind so I only made these through PAINT hopefully you guys understand it.) If you are ready then talk with her for next Gym Badge.


Pokes : Lv 72 Ambipom : Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Hyper Beam, Attract.

Lv 74 Lickilicky : Attract, Body Slam, Brick Break,

Lv 74 Miltank : Attract, Body Slam, Earthquake, Milk Drink.

Lv 74 Kangaskhan : Attract, Substitude, Drain Punch, Erathquake

Lv 75 Meleotta (F) : Substitude, Hyper Voice, Stone Edge, Drain Punch.

Lv 74 Porygon Z : Nasty plot, Psychic, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt.

After the fight she will reward you with Regular Badge and TM04 Calm Mind. You will also learn that Meleotta is not actually Nora's poke. Follow the path opposite to which you did and you will head out from the gym. Go back for healing and head out from the city from western exit. You will see a black robed figure who is actually ADRIAN the OMNI Region champ. He will say nothing more but you will sense something evil from him. He will also say that he is staying in Numassity for a while. Head out from the other exit.


The path is very simple seeing the grass down and a clean road with trainers so just kep walking on it battling the trainers along the way. The first one being a Picknicker who has Lv 62 Staraptor, Lv 64 Exeggutor, Lv 63 Dewott, Lv 64 Starmie and a Lv 63 Delibird. Next up is a male Picknicker with Lv 63 Arcanine, Lanturn and Rhydon. Next up is a bug catcher with Lv 65 Pinsir and Heracross in a duo way. Next is a Beauty who has Lv 62 Minccino, Lv 64 Kangaskhan and Lv 63 Jynx. Keep following the path and you will encounter a Cooltrainer who has Lv 64 Walrein and Roserade in a duo way. Next is a Pokemaniac who also duo battles with Lv 62 Torkoal and Lv 64 Politoad. After him is another Cooltrainer who starts with Lv 63 Bisharp, Lv 64 Crustle, Lv 63 Skarmory and Lv 65 Typhlosion. Go up in the grass area to battle the crazy Nerd who has Lv 65 Alakazam, Metagross and Lv 62 Grotle. Go down and then left to engage a BlackBelt who uses Lv 64 Poliwrath, Mienshao, Breloom, Heracross and Lv 65 Machamp. Battle the last Blackbelt who duo battles with Lv 60 Tyrogue and Lv 65 Hitmontop, Lv 65 Hitmonlee, and a Hitmonchan. Go inside the outpost and leave from the other side.


Go straight up to the PokeCenter and heal there. The staff has Lv 70 Blissey and Audino. Head to the Mart if you want anything or else Go up where a Fisherman is standing. Talk with him to receive a Good Rod.

Go up from the stairs and then go up again from the above stairs and to the left house. The man inside will give you some stickers for your trainer card if you talk with him.

Go back to the little girl and follow the path down to reach a Hiker who uses Lv 70 Excadrill, Rampardos and Torterra. Go down from him and pick up a Stardust. Climb the stairs down. You will learn that the town's lab is raided by Darugis's Grunts. First head up and inside the house where a Move tutor on the left teaches Body Slam.

Go up and pick up a Starpiece behind the house. The house is a Day Care center. Now prepare yourself to battle some bad guys and go down towards a large building down which is Novella Town's Lab. But first be warned coz as soon as you enter it your old enemy SAKURA will confront you again and battle you. Your argument with her will go for no result as she and her brother blame you for their father's death. She now has Lv 70 Magmortar with her Lv 75 Kyurem W in a duo battle.

Her brother KAIDEN will also duo battles you with his Lv 75 Kyurem B and Lv 70 Electivire.After defeat talk with them to learn that a new Commander Vladimir is upstairs and he is about to get the legendary Grouden itself. So hurry up and head back for healing. When you are done go inside the Lab.


Climb the stairs located at top right of the lab to reach next floor. Go down from there to battle the Grunt below who has Lv 63 Golbat, Toxicroak, Lv 66 Krokorok, Lv 63 Drapion and Lv 66 Houndoom. Go left from him to engage another Grunt who has Lv 64 Jelicent and a Lv 64 Golbat. Go down from her and battle the Scientist who uses Lv 65 Magneton, Lv 66 Weezing and Arbok. Walk back and climb the stairs for next floor. I will first cover the floors and then come to the warp panels. As you are now in floor 3 so go down and battle the Grunt who has Lv 64 Krokorok, Golbat and Jelicent. Go back and climb the stairs for Floor 4. Go down into a small room to battle a Goonete who uses Lv 71 Crobat, Lv 72 Houndoom and Lv 73 Jelicent. Pick up (TM41 Torment) from the table and head back. Now pass through the narrow passage on the left to approach a Grunt who has Lv 65 Drapion and Toxicroak in a duo fashion. Head back to the stairs for Floor 5. When you are on it go a little right to battle a Goon beside a warp panel who only has Lv 75 Krookodile. Go back and enter the room to battle a Goonete who uses two Lv 72 Sharpedos in a duo battle. Leave the room and head left to battle a Scientist who starts with Lv 63 Magneton, Lv 65 Weezing, Arbok and Alakazam. Go down and battle a Grunt there who has Lv 68 Jelicent only. Go back and climb the stairs for next floor. Battle the Goon who uses Lv 71 Houndoom and Krookodile separately. Go left from there and down towards a Scientist who fights with Lv 64 Magneton, Lv 65 Weezing, Lv 66 Toxicroak, Lv 65 Arbok and a Lv 66 Drapion. Go down and then right to meet a Goonete who has Lv 71 Jelicent, Toxicroak and Drapion. Go back and climb the next stairs. Go down to meet a Grunt who uses Lv 60 Croagunk and Skorupi. Go left from her to battle another Grunt who has Lv 60 Houndour, Frillish, Zubat and Sandile. Follow the passage down and you will reach a Scientist who has Lv 60 Kadabra and Lv 63 Magneton. Pick up Calcium next to him and head back. Climb the stairs where the first Grunt was standing to fight a Goonete who has Lv 71 Crobat, Lv 72 Drapion, Toxicroak and Lv 73 Jelicent. Follow the path and fight a Goon this time who keeps Lv 73 Houndoom, Krookodile and a Crobat. Go right and Up into the room to pick up an Iron. Go out and move now towards the left of the Goon you just fought. Go up to meet a Scientist who has two Lv 70 Magnezones in a duo battle. I know you guys are feeling very tired because of the battles so head back out into Novella Town's PokeCenter for healing. Do not go in the elevators yet for the shortcut because KAYO is there waiting for you and will battle you with his team. So you guys have to climb the stairs back. Go back and heal and come back again to 9th floor. Go straight down and battle the Grunt who has Lv 63 Frillish, Lv 61 Croagunk and Skorupi. Go back and follow the path to the right go down from the narrow passage and encounter a Scientist who fights with Lv 67 Crobat and Alakazam in a duo way. He also has a Lv 68 Magnezone as a spare. Go back and climb the stairs for next floor. Go right and battle the Scientist down who has Lv 69 Alakazam and Magnezone. Go down and battle a Grunt who has only a Lv 68 Jelicent. Pick up Carbos from the right, Rare Candy below and an Ultra Ball from the right and head back. Time for Floor 11. Follow the path and head down to meet a Goonete who has Lv 72 Sharpedo, Houndoom, Crobat another Sharpedo and Lv 73 Jelicent. Go down from her and pick up Zinc and as you are done exploring the open areas it is time for you to get that KEY which opens the doors you saw locked in almost every floor below. Head inside the elevators to battle KAYO if you are ready so that you can access them or head back into the center for healing. Save your game as a precaution and head inside them. KAYO will be ready to battle at once. He is using Lv 81 Reuniclus, Lv 83 Hydreigon, Lv 81 Weavile, Lv 82 Zoroark and Lv 80 Ferrothorn. Speechless from your victory he will let you use the elevator from now onwards. The KEY is located in 5th floor. Go in it and then go down beside the grunt as shown.

Use the Warp Panel and then Warp back so you can go to the area as shown.

Go right from the Warp and you will find the Warp Key as shown also.

Grab it and head back to Floor 1 so you don't lose anything interesting. Climb the stairs now for Floor 2 and head down from the room and head left from there so that you reach two locked doors. Press A on any door and it will open now that you have the Warp Key.

Use it on the upper door and talk with the girl hiding at the corner. She is actually a move tutor for Thunder wave.

Go down and open the door below. Talk with the Scientist who uses Lv 65 Toxicroak, Lv 66 Weezing, Arbok and Lv 65 Drapion. Climb the stairs for Floor 3. Go down and open the door on the left. Open the other door too inside it. Pick up Hyper Potion and talk with the Scientist at there who has two Lv 65 Alakazams in a double battle. Nothing more here so head to Floor 4. Go left, down and up towards a locked door. Open it and go ahead. Talk with the scientist who only has Lv 69 Magnezone. Go back and move down and then left. Open the door and pick up Escape Rope, Full Heal and a Max Revive respectively. Climb the stairs again for 5th floor. Go left and open the door above first. Pick up Protein and go down for another door. Open it and pick (TM01 Focus Punch) at there. Head back for 6th floor now. Head left from the stairs and then down. Open the locked door below to pick an HP UP from above and X Special below. Head now for Floor 7. First go right and open the door there. Pick up TM08 (Bulk Up). Open the 2nd door below and battle the grunt who uses Lv 65 Krokorok and Golbat in a duo way. Head back now 8th floor. Nothing there for you so climb the stairs for Floor no. 9. Go down and open the lock doors below. Talk with the lady beside the beds to heal your team.

Open the door above and battle the Grunt who has Lv 62 Houndour, Golbat and Krokorok. Teleport from the warp panel and go right to reach another Warp panel. Save your game and go a little right. your Rival Gary will battle you as he was waiting at there. He also has a full team now.He starts of with Lv 81 Briavary, Lv 84 Cobalion, Lv 82 Conkeldurr, Lv 85 Keldeo, Salamence and Lv 84 Charizard. After the battle he will go away and you head back to heal your team. Talk with the guy there who will award you a Ditto.

Enter the warp and head down. Battle the Goon first who duo battles with Lv 72 Drapion and Toxicroak. He also has a Lv 73 Krookodile as a spare. Save your game after that as you should expect a tough fight from Vladimir. Open the door and move up and fight him. He has Lv 78 Shiftry, Lv 80 Conkeldurr, Lv 82 Archeops, Carracosta, Lv 83 Darunaka (Z Mode) and Lv 79 Drifblim. After the battle all the Grunts along with Vladimir will vanish. Go up and talk with the President who will thank you with a Master Ball. ( SWEET !!! ).

Go to the little opening you see beside the President's secretary and you will come across an outpost. Go down and leave it from thr right entrance to reach Novella Town again.You cannot get pass the guard once you came into the Town as he says the path ahead is very dangerous. Nevermind that and stock up repels and heal your team. When you are inside the outpost again from the lab. Climb the stairs and talk with the Aide who promises you an Amulet Coin if you have caught 40 Pokes.

Go down and leave the outpost now from Left entrance to reach:


You will notice the frustrating sandstorm blowing which will also occue in your battles. Go ahead to battle series of Bikers. The first one has Lv 66 Tentacruel, Lv 65 Arbok and Weezing. The second one has Lv 66 Haunter and a Sharpedo. The third one who is a coward will not battle you. Go down to engage a Blackbelt who only has Lv 69 Emboar. Go up from him into the grass to battle Young Couple who duo battle with Lv 67 Zebsrika and Rapidash. Go down to battle a Nerd who has Lv 66 Scyther, Lv 68 Yanmega and Alakazam. Go down from him to meet a Hiker who has Lv 67 Onix and a Golem. Go down from him to reach a new place.


When you enter it go down to meet non other than the running Dark thug who duo battles with Lv 60 Toxicroak and Drapion. Go a little right and down from him to engage another one who has Lv 60 Houndoom, Crobat and Krokorok. Go down and left from him to battle a female Thug who has Lv 60 Tentacruel and Jelicent. Go down from her to battle a watchful Goon who only has a Lv 70 Houndoom. Go down to engage a Goonete this time who double battles with Lv 70 Sharpedo and Krookodile. Go down and right to meet a male Grunt who has Lv 65 Krokorok. Keep going down until you see two High Grunts. Talk with the Goonete first on the right who has Lv 70 Sharpedo, Toxicroak, Crobat, Drapion and a Jelicent. Move left from her to battle a Goon who duo battles with Lv 70 Krookodile and Houndoom. Keep going down until you meet a female Grunt who has Lv 60 Frillish and a Lv 60 Tentacool. Go down and meet PETE's Dad who will either give you a Skull Fossil or a Armor one for your choice.

Your journey will end after you move a little more south from him and you will see that guy LIGHT this time with a Landorus. Save your game before engaging him again.

He now has Lv 84 Rhyperior, Lv 90 Landorus (T-Form), Lv 84 Gliscor, Lv 85 Tyranitar, Metagross and a Lv 84 Aggron.

After the battle talk with LIGHT where you will learn som enew stuff and Landorus will allow you to capture it by battling it. As I am covering the legenary hunting later in the walk through so I am not mentioning it here. After capturing it, get ready to go inside the cave. If you need to heal then you have to go to Novella Town all the way back to heal. Whenever you are ready enter the cave opening.


Follow the path and battle the Goon who has Lv 70 Houndoom and Krookodile in a duo way and a Lv 70 Scolipede. Follow the path and pick up a Dire Hit after the stairs. Exit the opening to reach another cave part. Keep following the path until you see a Hiker who teaches Explosion.

Climb the ladders to reach a Goonete who has Lv 70 Jelicent and a Sharpedo. Go right from her to pick up a Fire Stone. Go down and follow the paths until you reach a new cave where you will find an Ultra Ball. All the paths are quite simple so keep going in it until you come across a bigger cave. Follow the path down and you will come across a room with 4 Zen Mode Darmanitan statues much like in Black and White games. You will see a RUBY jewel under the statues. Pick it without any worries and save your game as you should be seeing a person beside the cave exit.

Your old nemesis VLADIMIR is standing there and with a bold talk with him by you, he will battle you again. This time his team has raised their levels as He has Lv 84 Shiftry, Lv 85 Conkeldurr, Archeops, Carracosta, Lv 86 Darumaka (Z Mode) and Lv 84 Drifblim. After the battle leave through the exit to reach other part of No Man's Land again.


When you are out, Talk with the rock beside you to have a free Max Elixir.

Go down from there and talk with the Hiker down who has Lv 70 Gigalith and Steelix. Go right from there to reach a Guitarist who has Lv 70 Raichu, Lv 68 Tauros, Bouffalant and a Lv 70 Eelektross. The next Guitarist uses Lv 72 Zebstrika only. Go inside the outpost but before doing it save your game. Enter it and you will be approached by a new character who is KISHO the son of the gym leader you are about to face ina short time. After a brief talk he will battle you using his Bugs team.

He has Lv 78 Forretress, Lv 80 Durant, Lv 79 Scizor, Lv 81 Escavalier and Lv 82 Shedinja. After the battle he will award you with HM04 Strength. (Ohh Good gracious).

Leave through the next destination to reach a new place.


Go up to meet a guy who is a move tutor for Substitude.

Go down into the PokeCenter to heal your team. The staff here have Lv 75 Forretress and Ferrothorn. Go out and move into a large building which is actually a museum. Go on the upper floor and talk with the Scientist who revives fossil.

Go out and move into south east of the city and enter the house inside beside the Mart which dwells the move deleter himself.

Go out when you are down and enter the Mart. This Mart also sells Soft Sand so buy it too.

Go to the other side of the Mart and go all the way left from there. Enter the house and pick up Rare Candy from there and head out and move back towards the gym. You will see KAYO standing there. He will threaten you as usual and challenge you to meet on Thunder Mountain for the last battle with him when you are done with the gym. After that he will leave and you prepare yourself for another Gym badge. Head inside the gym and talk with Tarea there who will tell you it's is steel type here. Another drawback is that it is blowing Sandstorm inside the gym.. (Oh Crap !!! ). Go left from her first to challenge the first Gym Trainer who is a Cooltrainer double battling with Lv 78 Escavalier and Forretress. Go back towards Tarea and talk with the Cooltrainer there who battles with Lv 80 Aggron. Go up from him and battle the Blackbelt who has Lv

78 Excadrill, Lv 79 Bisharp, Lv 80 Scizor and a Durant. Next up is a Hiker with two Lv 78 Skarmorys and a Lv 80 Ferrothorn. Go left from him and then down to reach a Tamer dude who has two Lv 79 Magnetons. Go down from him to battle a Hiker with 2 Lv 80 Steelixs. Prepare yourself for the Gym Leader and save your game first.


Pokes: Lv 88 Metagross : Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Dynamic Punch, Signal Beam.

Lv 88 Probopass : Flash Cannon, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Thunderbolt.

Lv 88 Bastiodon : Iron Head, Ancient Power, Earthquake, Body Slam.

Lv 88 Magnezone : Thunderbolt, Double Team, Flash Cannon, Mirror Coat.

Lv 88 Bronzong : Calm Mind, Stealth Rock, Psychic, Flash Cannon.

Lv 89 Klinklang : Flash Cannon, Signal Beam, Hyper Beam, Automize.

After the tough fight he will award you with Shield Badge and (TM06 Toxic). Leave the gym proudly and heal back into the center. There is also a Safari Zone like area naming Battle Grounds located in North-East in the city but I will cover it later in Extras section. So after stocking up with items and everything leave the city through South.


When you enter it and talk with yet another familiar figure who is non other than MISTY herself. After the talk she will award you with HM03 Surf.

Go down after talking with her and go down in the beach from the stairs. Talk with the Swimmer on the left first who fights with Lv 72 Swanna, Seadra and Lv 74 Tentacruel. Talk with the Swimmer on the right who duo battles with Lv 74 Politoad and Poliwrath. Go right again to battle a third Swimmer who has Lv 74 Slowbro, Lv 69 Spheal, 2 Lv 70 Sealeos and a Lv 74 Cloyster. Teach Surf to your poke and press A on the edge of the water because it is Surfing time now. Go first from where you fought the last Swimmer on the beach. Surf down and battle the male Swimmer who has Lv 72 Swanna, Lv 73 Jellicent and Lv 74 Crawdaunt. Go left from him to engage another Male Swimmer who uses two Lv 74 Floatzels in a duo battle. Advance down to duo battle another one who has Lv 65 Feebas and Magikarp. Go down from him to tackle another one who has Lv 72 Lombre, Vaporeon, Lv 73 Dewott and a Prinplup. Go a little left from him to reach.


Battle the Swimmer first who has Lv 72 Seadra, Lv 74 Lanturn, Lv 70 Horsea and a Chinchou. You will also notice that as soon as you enter the Islands range it will start heavy rainfall along with vicious thunder storm. Sounds like a Legendary Poke is near. Go down from him to battle another male Swimmer who packs with Lv 74 Cloyster and a Lv 73 Floatzel. Jump into the ground and pick up an Elixir from the North place. Go down and follow the path. You will see some people standing on the rock and the legendary poke RAIKOU along with KAYO. Save your game and prepare for a tough fight ahead or maybe series of fights.

He has Lv 87 Ferrothorn, Reuniclus, Lv 88 Zoroark, Lv 86 Weavile, Lv 89 Hydreigon and Lv 90 Raikou. After defeat he will be speechless. Go through the people and climb the mountain and go up. Follow the stairs down and meet the swimming Female who starts with Lv 73 Starmie, Lv 74 Gastrodon and Lv 73 Swanna. Talk with the fighter who double battles with Lv 80 Hitmonchan and Throh. The other fighter also dou battles with Lv 80 Sawk and Hitmonlee. Talk with the Picknicker down to engage in battle. She has Lv 69 Slowpoke, Lv 71 Wartortle and Lv 72 Cinccino. Save your game and heal your poke because when you move towards the Old lady named KAEDE standing outside the house, she will go mad and will battle you with a full packed team.

She double battles you with Lv 84 Slowbro and Slowking, after them she will randomly use Lv 85 Espeon, Torterra, Lv 86 Venusaur and a Lv 85 Umbreon. After the battle go up to meet ASH KETCHUM himself as well as MISTY along with SUICUNE. Save your game because MISTY is also being mind controlled by DARUGIS and you will learn she has defeated several of ASH's pokes and other trainers on islands.

She starts with Lv 86 Politoad, Lv 87 Kingdra, Lv 86 Vaporeon, Lv 89 Gyarados, Lv 88 Starmie and Lv 90 Suicune. After the battle she will recover and you have to nothing else nut to walk away from them across the path until you meet a Guitarist who has Lv 73 Zebsrika, Lv 72 Raichu and Lv 73 Galvantula. Go up and then right to pick up a Sun Stone on the beach. Battle the last trainer on the left a Picknicker who has Lv 71 Flareon and Vaporeon in a double battle. Jump into the water beside her to battle a female Swimmer who has Lv 75 Ludicolo only. Go down from her to tackle another one who has Lv 69 Shellder, Shellos and a Lv 74 Kingdra. Move left in the path of a male Swimmer who has Lv 75 Crawdaunt. Next up is a female trainer who has Lv 75 Milotic and a Gyarados in a double battle. Enter the grass and follow the path. Go up to pick up a Metal Coat on the mountain.

Follow the path down and you will see a cave opening who is guarded by non other than Tarea herself. Talk with her and then follow her inside the cave for ARCEUS pupose.


When you enter it just follow the path above and enter the ladders down. Keep on climbing the ladders until you come across a open cave where Tarea is waiting for you anxiously. She will talk with you about Arceus why it chose you and blah blah blah. She will then battle you to check your abilities. That is why save first before coming out of the cave.

She packs with Lv 89 Umbreon, Lv 90 Jirachi, Lv 89 Zoroark, Lv 90 Mew, Lv 90 Celebi and Lv 90 Deoxys. After the fight she will advise you to go towards the 4 legendary pokes she used in the battle for Ability Bonding process. Follow the path above until you see two road curves. Pick the one going up first. When you see another curve follow the path to the right. Keep moving in it and you will see a cave. Go inside it and Celebi will be their for you to capture it. Save your game and press A button towards it.Celebi will be covered in Legendary Hunting section. Keep following the path down the stairs and you will also meet Jirachi too. After it follow the path of stairs again to reach Mew at the end. Go back through the steps to reach back to the road curve. Now move up and exit the cave through North.

As soon as you leave it DRAY will push you to enter a ship without warning saying SYDNEY will explain everything to you. She will escort you inside


Inside are everyone you have met before; FLORINA, DRAY, GARY. They will tell you that DARUGIS has complete control on Core region's Police and they are all have putted you guys in region's most wanted list. Florina will explain that you must find the Emerald which is in the possession of Darugis itself. They have already gotten Ruby and Sapphire so you guys need to find Emerald to complete the Gems in order for the Big Machine behind you to remove the Negative energy from people. She will also enthrust you with a Meteorite as well as a Police Badge as a cover so you can reach Darugis safely. You will also get another Town Map. In the Big building you will also find Pete, His dad, Zachery and some Aids. First heal your team and talk with Florina to give her Ruby Jewel you got earlier. Head out from the center. Go west and enter the house which resides the Move Relearner himself. But he needs a Big Mushroom or two tiny ones in order to teach a move.

Go outside the hose and enter the house next where a Shaman lady will teach any of the Real Starters their Ultimate move.

If you need to want some Mushrooms then head back into the DR HQs and talk with the Mart guy who sells them.

When you are done go out and move down and then towards a Police Ranger who has Lv 77 Growlithe and Houndour in a double battle. After him starts:


Keep going right to battle another Ranger who has Lv 73 Arcanine, Lv 74 Nosepass and Lv 73 Houndoom. Pick up Carbos below. Go a little right from the Ranger and another one standing up will come to you to fight who uses Lv 73 Arcanine and Houndoom first and then Lv 74 Emolga or Nosepass. Go up to reach a clear ground to engage yet another Ranger who has Lv 74 Emolga and a Lv 74 Nosepass. Follow the path up to reach yet another one who has Lv 72 Tyrogue, Lv 73 Arcanine and Lv 74 Houndoom. Go up to meet a hungry Ranger who has Lv 71 Emolga, Nosepass and Lv 72 Tyrogue. Don't forget to pick Max Repel below. Go up and pick up Ether and then move towards the bro & sis Crush fighters who double battle with Lv 79 Conkeldurr and Machamp. Pick up fight with a Blackbelt above who has Lv 77 Scrafty and a Lv 77 Hitmontop. Go up to meet another one who has Lv 74 Monferno and Lv 74 Combusken. Go right from him and battle the running female Swimmer who uses Lv 73 Samurott and Lv 78 Lapras. If you try to talk with a guy blocking the cave entrance he will not allow you. So you have no choice but to swim from the place. Go up and battle a male Swimmer who has a Lv 80 Swampart. Keep going up to reach another female swimmer who double battles with Lv 75 Seadra and Lv 76 Walrein. Go up and this time fight a Tuber who has Lv 71 Floatzel, Lv 74 Ludicolo, Lv 70 Corphish, Lv 75 Lanturn and a Poliwhirl. Save your game and you will see a old man and guess what what are behind him !!! Non other than the Johto Dogs themselves. His name is Paul and he will say to you that all of them wnat to join in your team in order to stop DARUGIS as you have helped all of them before.

Save your game and talk with each of the legendary to take them on. When you are done with them move North and Enter the buildind you are seeking.


When you enter it go towards the Warp panel moving towards the left. Step on it and then walk through the passage and then step on the Warp panel showing Right. After it moves you go down and step on the arrows pointing right. Pick up a Big Pearl and head back. Now step again on the pointers showing leftwards like shown.

Go up and again teleport from the Panel pointing right.

When it moves you step on the arrows pointing downwards

Go through the passage to pick up a Pearl. Step on the Warps pointing up. First battle the Goonete who has Lv 77 Toxicroak and Jellicent. Pick up Up-Grade beside her.

Move right from her and pick up the arrows on the left to reach on a new passage.

Go up to battle a Goon this time who has Lv 77 Krookodile, Lv 76 Houndoom and a Lv 77 Drapion. After him choose the middle Warp to reach a new place

Follow the path on the left side and don't step on any warp until you reach this place.

Go ahead and pick up (TM36 Sludge Bomb) from the table in the room. Step on the Warp moving down like this.

Face against a Dark Thug who double battles with Lv 73 Krokorok and a Golbat. Teleport from the warps in the south. Step up to take on a Dark Thug who has Lv 71 Croagunk, Skorupi and a Lv 72 Frillish. After the battle she will nicely open the warps down towards herself so that you can take a shortcut to heal back at the center and head back. Do that if you want and head towards the evil Scientist who double battles with Lv 79 Rampardos and Bastiodon as well as a spare Lv 80 Aerodactyl. Save your game as you are about to face Vladimir again for the last time.

He is fighting with Double battle which can get tough so kep in mind about that. He starts with Lv 87 Conkeldurr, Lv 86 Drifblim, and then Lv 86 Shiftry, Lv 88 Archeops, Lv 88 Carracosta and Lv 89 Darmanitan (Z Mode). After the battle he will tell you the whereabouts of Emerald. After defeat go back from where he is standing and go inside the lift to enter.


Move towards the Fat guy to receive a Nugget. Leave through the exit on other side to reach a town.


Go down and enter the house below. Talk with the Fisherman guy to receive a Super Rod.

Go out and move right to reach the Center to heal. The staff here have Lv 76 Gallade and Gardevoir. Leave the Center and move inside the house next to it which is the Game Corner. Talk with the Fisherman on the left side inside it to receive 10 free coins.

Go right and talk with the man to receive another 20 free coins.

Go down and talk with the old man to receive another free 20 coins.

Talk with the counter man on the right to buy coins if you want.

The next on the left sells nothing. You will also see a Grunt but don't talk with him yet and complete your exploration of the town first. So head out and climb the stairs to reach a man outside the building who sells basic stuff along with a Macho Brace and Heart Scales notably.

Pick up Revive behind him and enter the buildind next to him which sells prizes for Coins. The left counter sells Bonus Items,The middle one Rare Pokes while the Counter on the right sells Powerful TMs.

The house next to it has a Girl with the Chansey. If you talk with her she will heal your team. (Quite Unnecessary). Pick up the Lucky Punch from the table.

Go out and talk with the Policeman who surprisingly also sells similar items like that Boy you met earlier. This is all you can find in PAX town so head back inside the Gmae Corner to tackle that Grunt after fully preparing yourself. Talk with and just like you predicted he is guarding that Poster behind him. He uses Lv 70 Sneasel and Whirlipede. After he is gone Press A button on the poster to unlock secret stairs to enter


When you enter it go down first and then left towards a room where you will find an Escapr rope on the table. Go back afterwards and climb the stairs for next level. Go left to see series of Warps. Go near and pick the second one pointing left. Pick up the Moon Stone and then head up and then right to pick up an X Speed. Go down and warp again from the Panel towards the left and then go down. Choose the panel as shown and then another one to reach a new place.

Walk a little down and choose the following tile as shown

Go down again and choose the down warp to reach a Super Potion. Make your way towards the warp as shown above again and warp again from it. Go down aagin and this time choose the upper warp.

Go down and teleport from the only warp you see pointing right. Go through the stairs and pick up a Hyper Potion located North-West in the room. Head back and move towards the block pointing upwards to reach the stairs for next basement.

When you get there make your way towards the followng tile and step on it.

Go down onto another Warp pointing right and then go down towards this tile.

Step on it and then make your way towards the stairs on the right to reach next level. Go up and first pick up (TM49 Snatch) and go up to battle a Goon guarding the Key for secret rooms. He double battles with Lv 78 Krookodile and Drapion. He will also use Hyper Potion when needed. After him pick up the important Lift Key beside him.

Make your way back to Basement 2 where the lift is situated and enter it. Use the operator on the left of it to choose B4F. After getting out go up and you will see V's children blocking another lift. Save your game and talk with KAIDEN first who looks like is mind controlled by our friend Darugis.

He has Lv 88 Electivire, His Kyurem B who is now Lv 90, Lv 87 Lucario, Lv 86 Gyarados and a Lv 86 Weezing. After him talk with his sis SAKURA who is in same condition as her brother.

She starts with Lv 88 Magmortar, Lv 86 Arbok, Lv 90 Kyurem W, Lv 86 Milotic and Lv 87 Zoroark. After the battle both of them will turn into stones as well as the door will open. Save your game again and head up to see a man sitting on the sofa. Talk with him and you will learn that it's V in his youth form made by Darugis. After the talk he will battle you.

He now has Lv 90 Golurk, Lv 89 Honchkrow, Lv 88 Gengar, Lv 89 Chandelure, Lv 89 Mismagius and a Lv 95 Genesect (Wow). After the battle He will disappear shocked without turning his children back to life in spite of your plea. Head out from the lab and go to the center for healing. Leave the city from North-East to reach


As soon as you enter it will start raining. (Ohh God not again). Go through the path and enter the grassy area. From there head up and then towards a small grassy area. Press A on a open space inside the grass to receive a hidden Rare Candy.

From there head back and then up again to reach a house in fact a big house. As soon as you enter it, you will see DRAY running patiently here and there. He will tell you that FLORINA has been kidnapped by the Goons and Goonetes and GARY is chasing them while he is about to follow him along with you now. But before you two went after him, PETE will come from behind announcing the bad news that the Police has found the HeadQuarters and a fight is going on there. You will advise PETE to go back towards the HQ while you three rescue Florina first. DRAY will also tell you where they went so Go ahead and leave for next destination. You can access the PC inside the house.


Go up and keep following the path as there is no one who will battle you in the route. After a while you will reach the city.


Looks like the Thugs have complete control of the city. Go up and you will see DRAY asking a Thug about FLORINA. He will battle DRAY leaving you to go ahead but a Goonete will stop you and after asking a question which you should answer Yes will battle you. She has Lv 76 Weavile and a Lv 78 Scolipede. After her a Goon will battle you right away who only has a Lv 80 Jellicent. After him is a Goonete who has Lv 80 Crobat. After the fight the head of the Thugs will battle you.

He has Lv 85 Drapion and Toxicroak in a duo way. He also has a Lv 85 Houndoom and a Lv 85 Krookodile as a spare. After the battle they all will disappear. Talk with DRAY to receive a Full Restore. Go up and inside the Poke Center to heal your team. The staff here use Lv 85 Lucario and Zoroark. You can also use the PC services from now on. There is a cave located North-East in the city if you go in there it will sort of teleport you directly in DarkRising Headquarters grounds. This is a shortcut once you got the Emerald. If you Poke knows HM Cut then there is a bush located South-West in the city. Cut it and go through the path to eventually reach a Zinc. Prepare yourself and leave the city from North-West to enter the dangerous:


It is raining here also. Go towards a Hiker who has Lv 78 Golem, Crustle and a Lv 79 Probopass. Follow the path and climb the stairs. Go right and battle the Aroma Lady on the top. She has a Lv 36 Bulbasaur and 2 Lv 36 Ivysaurs. Go up in the stairs to duo battle the twins who use Lv 73 Whimsicott and Minccino. Follow the road towards left and move in the path. Talk with the roaming Swimmer who has Lv 76 Starmie, Lv 78 Walrein, Lv 79 Prinplup and a Lv 80 Lapras. Go up to battle a Cooltrainer with Lv 81 Grumpig only. Meet another trainer ahead who has a Lv 81 Scizor and a Lv 85 Blaziken. Go left and Surf in the sea. You will see Tornadus and Thundurus on separate Islands. Talk with each of them to battle them for capturing. When you are done either travel West or head back to the center for healing. Go West to reach:


The forest is not very Haunted like it's name. The path is also very simple and it becomes more if you have a Poke knowing CUT. Just keep moving until you reach a ledge.

Jump down and left to pick a Full Heal. Go back and jump down from the other ledge again and follow again the path going up. Follow it and after reaching a clearing Go up to pick an item: Max Ether.

Go down and then left and up and you will see FLORINA alone?. Talk with her and you will be battled by a wild Lv 90 Chandelure.

Whether you capture it or not you will be given an Iapapa Berry from Florina as well as you will escort her back where DRAY is.

When you both are back talk with DRAY who will tell you that everything is back to normal back at the HQ and you will also give back DARY the meteorite as you now know where is Emerald. DRAY will also give you a Moon Stone.

Go back towards the Haunted Forest and towards the cave you saw behind FLORINA. Save your game before entering the cave.


Go up and pick up a Max Potion. Follow the path until you reach a curve.

Go right first and follow the path until you see an item. Pick it to fetch (TM 17 Protect) first and then go left to reach an Elixir. Go back towards the curve and then go down then right to pick up a PP UP. Go back and then right towards another curve. Go down again and follow the path rightwards to reach (TM25 Thunder). Go back towards this curve and follow the path right and up now.

When you reach this curve go inside the room you see first. Pick up a Thunderstone as well as a King's Rock from the room and head out.

Keep following the path until you see LIGHT beside a generator. Save your game and talk with him for the final battle and for the Emerald.

He starts with a fierce Lv 90 Tyranitar, Gliscor, Rhyperior, Aggron, Lv 95 Blazard

and Lv 90 Metagross.

After the battle he will give you the Emerald (Sapphire???).

Leave the factory and head back towards the Headquarters now either by flying there or through that cave in Pinnocle city. When you reach inside the HQ, you will give the Emerald to Sydney who will give it to FLORINA. After that SYDNEY will escort you back to Millennium City. When you are there she will say Goodbye for now and You will be left to roam the city.


First head down and inside the Center located beside the Gym which is not open at this time. The staff here have Lv 87 Chandelure and Gengar. Head out when you are done. The only place worth here is to go inside the Spirit Tower located South-West in the city so head there when you are ready.


Go inside the 2nd floor and you will see your Rival Gary there. Talk with him to get the Battle started.

He is going to battle in a double way. He starts with his Lv 89 Briavary and Lv 90 Conkeldurr, After them Lv 95 Keldeo, Lv 95 Cobalion, Lv 92 Charizard and a Lv 94 Salamence. After the battle he will leave and you either go ahead or back to the center for healing. Follow the path and reach 3rd floor. First go up and battle the Channeler who has Lv 85 Froslass only. Pick up the Escape Rope and head back. Go down now from the stairs and battle the second one who has Lv 85 Mismagius only. Go up from her to battle another one with Lv 85 Jellicent. Go right from her to reach the next level. Battle the Channeler who has Lv 83 Haunter and Lampent in duo way. Go down to meet another one who has Lv 85 Spiritomb. Pick up the Elixir and then head left and pick up the Great Ball first and then an Awakening from the top. Go left and battle the Channeler again standing beside the stairs. She has a Lv 85 Gengar. Step on the stairs and go up when you reach the next floor. Battle the Channeler who uses Lv 85 Dusknoir. You will see an area where a Channeler is standing. Go there and your team will be healed.

Also pick up the Cleanse Tag you are seeing. Go down to meet a Channeler who only has a Lv 85 Golurk. Go down from her to meet another one who has a Lv 84 Dusclops. Pick up the Nugget you see and then head right towards the stairs. Battle the Channeler there who has a Lv 85 Chandelure. Climb the stairs and go ahead to battle a watching Channeler who has Lv 80 Gastly, Lv 80 Duskull and a Lv 80 Litwick. Go down from her to fetch an X Accuracy. Go up now to reach another Channeler who has Lv 84 Golurk and Froslass. Follow the path to reach another one who has Lv 85 Gengar, Chandelure and a Spiritomb. Pick up a Rare Candy below and head towards the stairs. Save your game as you will be given the chance to capture a Rayquaza out of nowhere. When you are done with Climb the stairs. Go straight up and you will see a Guy and my gosh non other than Giratina is standing behind him. Save your game and talk with him. He will introduce himself as ATEM,the city's gym leader and after a talk he will request you to weaken Giratina so that he can capture it by using his Shadow Ball.

You cannot capture this Giratina yet in this hack so don't bother using even the Master Ball on it. It is as seen a Lv 98 Dragon which knows Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw only. You have to defeat it so that Atem could catch it. When you defeat it Atem will thank you and will tell you that he is waiting in the gym for your challenge. Use the Escape Rope or climb the stairs back and go to the center to heal. Prepare your self to challenge the gym leader Atem. So after healing head inside the Gym.


You will soon learn that this gym is just like that of Blaine's. There are portions in the gym where a trainer is standing beside the door. Talk with him and answer his question. If you were correct than he will let you pass without any battle. But if you answered wrong he will battle you. It is upto you but I will cover both the situations for you as you can also battle the trainers even after you are correct. So if you are a Nerd than talk with the machine thing to answer the questions. The first machine asks:

Answer wrong and battle the trainer: A Burglar who has Lv 82 Lampent, Lv 81 Shedinja and a Lv 80 Yamask. Go through the path to answer the next question:

The first Nerd you see has a Lv 85 Dusclops, Lv 82 Golett and a Lv 84 Haunter. The next Nerd has a Lv 82 Lampent, Two Lv 84 Sableyes and a Lv 85 Jellicent. The third machine asks:

The Burglar there only has a Lv 87 Gengar. The next machine asks:

The Psychic you are seeing has a Lv 86 Jellicent.The next machine asks:

The other Psychic here double battles with Lv 84 Lampent and Haunter. The next machine asks:

The Gamer guarding also duo battles with Lv 85 Chandelure and Gengar. Go back to heal after dealing with him because the next room has the Gym Leader Atem himself. When you are fully prepared to take him on, Talk with him


Pokes: Lv 94 Spiritomb : Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp, Dark Pulse.

Lv 95 Cofagrigus : Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Psychic,

Lv 93 Sableye : Dark Pulse, Recover, Shadow Claw,

Lv 95 Chandelure : Fire Blast, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball.

Lv 94 Dusknoir : Will-O-Wisp, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Earthquake.

Lv 97 Giratina : Dragon Pulse, Shadow Claw, Calm Mind,

After the battle he will award you with the Spirit Badge as well as (TM38 Fire Blast) as a gift. Go out and Sydney will again escort you inside the HeadQuarters. Go there and talk with Florina. She will Take the Sapphire from you and after doing adjustments in the machine she will succeed.Leave out and now Prepare yourself for the final badge. Go out and head towards Huntik Route and Enter the cave opening back to Millennium City.


Talk with the Fisherman who has Lv 85 Politoad and Empoleon in a duo way. Jump down in the water to meet a male Swimmer who has Lv 87 Kingdra. Follow the path down and you will see a female Swimmer who has Lv 82 Wartortle, Lv 84 Walrein and a Lv 86 Swanna. Go down and meet a male Swimmer who has Lv 84 Poliwrath and a Lv 86 Swampart. Go down to reach Millennium city. Now go back towards the Trident Waters and this time go towards the female Swimmer on the beach from the cave opening who uses Lv 85 Vaporeon and a Lv 85 Samurott. Follow the path above and reach on a beach with two Fishermen. Talk with each of them to gain exp. The first one has Lv 82 Lanturn, Lv 85 Floatzel, Lv 84 Cloyster, Lv 84 Jellicent, Tentacruel and a Lv 85 Sharpedo. The second one double battles with Lv 84 Crawdaunt and Lv 82 Swanna. He also has two Lv 85 Gyarados. Go up and battle the Swimmer who has a Lv 33 Seadra and a Lv 33 Tentacruel. Step on the correct tide and keep going up until you see a cave opening.


Go through the stairs and you will see a much familiar cave formation and a Hiker there. Talk with him to battle. He has Lv 86 Steelix, Crustle and a Lv 84 Golem. Go right and enter the cave. From there go down and pick up a Lax Incense.

Go back and you will enter again where the Hiker was. Go right again and then Go up. Head back and battle a Cooltrainer who has Lv 84 Ursaring, Lv 88 Typhlosion and a Lv 86 Tangrowth. Go back to the opening from where you come from. Pick up Sea Incense now and leave the cave below.

Go through the path as you have done previously to where that Cooltrainer was. Go down and then right and again right to reach a Max Revive. Go back to where that Hiker was. From there head right first, then up and then back towards that Cooltrainer. From there head down, then right, go back to where you came from. Go down from the entrance. Head left and pick up the Rare Candy. Go back and you will reach the Hiker again. It is time you meet the lady and get rid of this cave. From the Hiker go right, then up and back to reach the Cooltrainer again. Now go down, then right, back left again, then down again, then right and finally up to reach a cave place where you will see non other than SYDNEY herself. Talk with her and get the usual stuff started. She now uses Lv 86 Skarmory, Lv 88 Volcarona, Lv 89 Lucario, Lv 87 Kingdra, Lv 90 Haxorus and Lv 91 Kyurem. Leave her be and pick up the Silk Scarf behind her and enter the cave.


Follow the path and meet Kyogre in order to capture it. Leave the cave when you are done and Fly now to Tiki Village for your final badge before the Elites. Heal in the Center and make your way back towards Twist Woodlands where that Closed Gym was. Head there now when you are fully ready.


Go inside the Gym and you will see FLORINA as well as Tarea already waiting for you. Talk with FLORINA and you will learn that Darugis has now controlled ADRIAN whose castle is linked with this gym. You have to defeat Blitz the Gym leader here in order to advance in the castle. Talk with Tarea to learn what the final gym uses and it's DRAGONS. The path to BLITZE is quite simple. First head left to battle a Dragon Tamer who double battles with two Lv 87 Seadras. Go up behind her to reach a Blackbelt who uses Lv 90 Druddigon only. Follow the path beside him to reach a Cooltrainer who has Lv 86 Dragonair, Gabite, Shelgon, Fraxure and a Zweilous. Go back towards the arrows pointing right and make your way towards the upper side of the gym. Talk with the Blackbelt first who double battles with Lv 88 Druddigon and a Charizard. Go up to battle the Dragon Tamer next who has Lv 85 Charmeleon, Lv 87 Gyarados, Lv 88 Altaria, Lv 89 Fraxure and a Zweilous. Next is another Tamer who only has a Lv 89 Kingdra. When you are need to heal you have to rely on your healing items or head back to Tiki Village for healing. Now go up from the three trainers to reach another Tamer who duo battles with Lv 89 Altaria and Druddigon. Follow the path to reach a Blackbelt who uses Lv 90 Haxorus and Hydreigon in a duo way. He also has a Lv 90 Flygon as a spare. As this way is blocked head from the way on the right and use the Warp pointing left to follow the path.

You will see Blitz at the end of the path guarding the entrance of the castle. Talk with him to get the battle started.


Pokes: Lv 96 Dragonite : Hurricane, Dragon Dance, Superpower,

Lv 96 Garchomp : Swords Dance, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Brick Break.

Lv 96 Salamence : Double-Edge, Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance.

After the fight he will award you with the Fang Badge as well as (TM26 Earthquake). After all Darugis will take control over Blitz who before disappearing will request you to collect the Dragon Stones from Draco Village. Enter the door to reach:


Go down and left and Gary will come over you out of no where to battle. He has Lv 47 Pidgeot, Lv 45 Rhyhorn, Lv 45 Exeggcute, Lv 47 Alakazam, Lv 45 Gyarados and Lv 53 Charizard. Follow the path to reach a place where DRAY as well as FLORINA are waiting. Talk with them and they will not allow you to enter the castle yet as you have to find those stones first. Go back towards the building you see when you get in Malice path. Go through it from the entrance shown.

Go through it to reach Draco Village.


Go through te village which have a Battle Tower as well as a Battle Dome to be visited. But you are here for the Stones so I will cover both of these in Extras Section. The entrance to the valley is here.

Go through it and reach:


Talk with the Cooltrainer there who has Lv 85 Samurott. Go down and meet a PokeManiac who duo battles with Lv 84 Donphan and Lv 81 Swampert. A Cooltrainer is next who has a Lv 81 Lanturn and a Lv 83 Jynx. A Guitarist is there who has a Lv 80 Emolga, Lv 82 Exeggcutor, Darmanitan and a Lv 83 Jolteon. Follow the path and meet a Hiker who has Lv 80 Onix and a Lv 80 Steelix. Pick up the Dragon Scale and move ahead.

Go down and battle the Twins who duo battle with 2 Lv 80 Dittos. After them you will reach the Valley.


Battle the Blackbelt who has Lv 86 Heracross only. Follow the path and battle the Hiker beside the Boulder. He has Lv 84 Golem, Lv 88 Rhyperior and a Lv 86 Claydol. Teach a Poke Strength and press A button across the Boulder. Move it away and go right to meet a Ruin Maniac who has Lv 87 Yanmega only. Go ahead and pick up Full Restore from the end and move your way towards the other side of the valley. When you reach 2 boulders, battle the Hiker there who has Lv 87 Gliscor only. Move the Boulders away and keep going down until you see two more boulders and an item behing them. Shove them away and pick up Hp Up. Go back and now move East and battle the Ruin Maniac who has Lv 84 Gigalith and Lv 86 Delibird. Follow the path to reach another one who has Lv 83 Starmie and Lv 85 Magnezone. After him you will see a Shaman and entrance to two Ruins. Choose to go inside the one on the right or else you will be teleported back to the entrance of the valley if you chose the left door. Go inside the right one.


Go through it and you will see a mysterious yet familiar figure. He is N and he will tell you that both He and another person have relationship with both Unova Dragons and he is just here to protect it. In order to test you worthy of having the assistance of both the Dragons, N will battle you.

He has Lv 99 Zekrom and Reshiram and battles with duo fashion. After the battle he will release both of he dragons in Yin/Yang Islands so that you can bond with them. Heal you team and move through the path beside him and enter the cave.


Go to the back of the island and you will see the Light and Dark Stones. When you get near them, they will jump down. Talk with either of them to get the battle started.

As you already know the White Stone is Lv 95 Reshiram while the Black Stone contains Zekrom. When you are done capturing, fly back to Draco Village now as you have one of the dragons now. Go through the Outpost to reach Malice Path and now move where Dray and Florina were. Prepare yourself for challenges ahead and enter the castle now.


You will also see that it will start raining and thunder. Follow the path and first battle a Goonete who has a Lv 82 Jellicent. Next up is a Goon who has a Lv 82 Toxicroak. Keep following the simple path after him and reach a Goonete. Talk with her and she duo battles with Lv 82 Houndoom and Crobat. Go ahead to battle a Goon who has Lv 82 Drapion only. It is time to Surf so jump in the water and swim ahead. You will see Florina on a small patch of island along with some High Grunts but Ignore them and move ahead. You will also see Dray as well as Sydney battling the High Grunts but they cannot do anything for you so leave them all and keep moving on. You will encounter the G-Boss of the Grunts again whose ass has been kicked by you previously on Pinnocle city. He will battle you again. He now duo battles with Lv 88 Drapion and Krookodile, next are either Lv 88 Tentacruel and Lv 90 Scolipede. Go up and talk with Kayo who now has a change of heart and is battling the Grunts now. He will also explain you about your upcoming battles and will give you a thumbs up too. Go ahead and before the entrance, you will encounter ASH KETCHUM who will battle you for a warm up.

Ash will only use two pokes which are his Lv 99 Pikachu and his Lv 100 Ho-oH. After the battle step inside the cave.


Go straight ahead and talk with triangle thing who will tell you that you are inside Darugis Mind and he will explain you everything from the beginning how Arceus came into being and how Darugis was created and stuff. After when it says to continue on go behind the stone thing and enter the entrance. Follow the path towards the next triangle and talk with it to learn new stuff. After when it is finished go through the next door towards the enxt one. Keep doing that until finally you reach:


The path is quite simple but the trainers here as well as the pokes are quite tough so I suggest you train your team upto Lv 95+ so that you can go through here easily. When you are ready head left and then up and then climb the stairs where you will see Fiery. She is controlled by Darugis now as well as all the gym leaders you fought earlier. She now has Lv 92 Ninetales, Houndoom and Lv 97 Heatmor. She will also use some Full Restore when necessary. After her, follow the path towards her right and pick up Rare Candy on the left and (TM02 Dragon Claw) from the top. Go back towards her and now move up to meet Gym Leader Typhoon this time. He has Lv 93 Politoad, Lv 94 Lanturn, Lv 94 Swampert and Lv 97 Seismitoad. He also will heal his team. Leave the ladders for next floor. Go up and right to pick a Guard Spec. Go back towards Serena but she will not battle you. Climb the ladders beside her but be warned as soon as you enter the next floor, Vladimir will come and battle you. He has Lv 94 Conkeldurr, Lv 96 Archeops, Lv 96 Carracosta, Lv 97 Darmanitan (Z Mode), Lv 94 Shiftry and Lv 94 Drifblim. Go through the path available and talk with V to engage. He has Lv 97 Golurk, Honchkrow, Lv 96 Chandelure, Lv 96 Gengar, Lv 98 Genesect and Lv 97 Mismagius. Pick up the Max Revive you see on the top-right. Go left now and follow the path until you see an item down which is (TM50 Overheat). Go back towards V and climb the stairs. First pick up a Full Heal from down and follow the path downwards until you come across an item which is (TM37 Sandstorm).

Go back and climb the stairs to engage Gym Leader Nora on the right. She now has Lv 95 Ambipom, Lv 95 Miltank, Lv 95 Lickilicky, Lv 95 Kangaskhan, Lv 98 Meleotta (P Form) and Lv 96 Porygon Z. After the battle follow the path towards left to battle Gym Leader KAI who uses Lv 96 Abomasnow, Lv 95 Glaceon, Lv 97 Cryogonal and Lv 96 Mamoswine. Go back to where you came from and now move up to battle Gym Leader Bruce of Montage Forretress. Bruce will be using Lv 96 Bronzong, Bastiodon, Magnezone, Probopass, Metagross and Lv 97 Klinklang. Follow the path above him to reach (TM07 Hail). Climb the stairs where V was previously and now move where you picked TM50 Overheat. Go left and then up and climb the stairs there. You will see Pete there. Talk with him and he will allow you to learn Double-Edge from him.

Ignore him now and leave the cave through the exit to enter again


When you enter it follow the path above to interact with main battless ahead.


Go inside and there are only three people you will see. One is the Doctor Roy of course who will heal your team. The other is the Mart man who sells useful items. The third one is that Shaman Tarea herself. Save your game and also create a backup for it. So whenever you are ready for a tough Elite sort of fight, step inside the door to face of against the toughest fights you ever faced yet. Go forward first and talk with the Dark Trainer LUST you saw previously.

Pokes : Lv 98 Umbreon : Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Psychic, Mean Look

Lv 98 Wobbuffet : Mirror Coat, Cosmic Power, Counter,

Lv 98 Claydol : Calm Mind, Psychic, ThunderBolt, IceBeam

Lv 98 Bronzong : Calm Mind, Psychic, Ice Beam, Earthquake

Lv 99 Cresselia : Calm Mind, Psychic, Ice Beam, Rest

She also will use Full Restores when necessary. After the battle the door behind her will open and you move ahead then. The next room awaits WRATH.

Pokes: Lv 98 Conkeldurr : Swords Dance, Stone Edge, Drain Punch, Earthquake.

Lv 98 Scrafty : Cosmic Power, Drain Punch, Recover, Earthquake.

Lv 65 Tyranitar : Earthquake, Cosmic Power, Rock Wrecker,

Lv 99 Regigigas : Stone Edge, Earthquake, Hyper Beam,

Lv 98 Ferrothorn : Leech Seed, Cosmic Power, Recover,

After the battle he will let you pass towards the next room where the Green figure person naming GLUTONNY awaits your challenge.

Pokes : Lv 98 Darmanitan (Z Mode) : Fire Blast, Psychic, Surf,

Lv 98 Dusknoir : Cosmic Power, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Recover

Lv 98 Gengar : Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball,

Lv 98 Snorlax : Body Slam, Recover, Earthquake,

Lv 99 Palkia : Hydro Pump, ThunderBolt, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake.

He will also feel shocked by your victory and will allow you to enter the unlocked door behind him. When you enter it your character will walk itself and you will see your rival GARY unconscious on the floor. You will just walk past him and enter the room prepared where you will meet ENVY of the who is the leader of the strange gang you fought just now. He will tell you that he was the one who is responsible for GARY'S condition. Enraged you will challenge him to a fight he would soon never forget.

Pokes : Lv 98 Hydreigon : Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump,

Lv 98 Eelektross : Flamethrower, Surf, Ice Beam, ThunderBolt.

Lv 99 Dialga : Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower,

Lv 98 Haxorus : Stone Edge, Struggle,

Lv 98 Aerodactyl : Earthquake, Iron Head, Rock Wrecker, Brave Bird.

After the battle he will tell you that they have to follow Darugis because he gave them life. Save your game now because no one else but Adrian awaits you on the next room, the only link Darugis left in Core Region. When you are fully ready step inside the door to reach him.

Pokes: Lv 99 Mewtwo : Psychic, Calm Mind,

Lv 100 Lugia (Dark) : Dark Chaos, Aeroblast, Flamethrower,

Lv 99 Cresselia : Calm Mind, Psychic, Recover,

Lv 99 Regigigas : Stone Edge, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Shadow Claw.

Lv 99 Dialga : Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, Flamethrower, Earthquake.

Lv 99 Palkia : Hydro Pump, ThunderBolt, Earthquake,

So after the hard long fight when you succeed Darugis will come out from his body threatning you that he has absorbed all the negative energy from Core region and He is headed for Omni Region now to absorb the energy there in order to built his final form. GARY will come over and he will over to inform that it is wise to get out of here as the castle is collapsing. Both you and Gary will rush into another room where both of you will talk that your father is still missing and Darugis has escaped again. But Gary will cheer you up by saying that Florina is already making plans for both of you to go into Omni region as well in order to chase Darugis down. After that you will save the game and THAT'S IT FOLKS, the Beta 1 ends here.................