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Hack Name: Pokemon Blue - 151
Platform: GBC
Hack Original: Pokemon Blue
Status: v1.2.1
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBC
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Pokémon Blue - 151 had a few simple goals:
  1. To make it so that all 151 Pokémon could be obtained in a single-player playthrough, without the need for a guide, or any new special new items or evolution methods. All updates were seriously considered to make the most sense without affecting lore, story, or mechanics.
  2. To replace any direct, real-world, location references with updated and relevant Pokémon-world references (Example: Lt. Surge the Lightning American is now The Lightning Unovan, as newer games reveal that he is a native-born Unovan.)
  3. To NOT go overboard with edits! The project does not add new sprites, new music, new regions, new characters, new moves, higher difficulties, etc… It doesn’t even “fix” attacks. It does, however, slightly edit Fuchsia City so movement is easier (does not introduce any game skips, whatsoever - just a Quality of Life change.)
This is supposed to be as vanilla as it gets, but also to feel as official as it can be. All re-introduced Pokémon are not simply dumped into easy locations, but they are also not impossibly rare - NONE are at a 1% spawn rate. - Everything was thought out for balance and to fit into the already established story (in some cases, improving the story). The entire game should be doable without a guide. Newcomers should be able to play through and succeed simply by talking to NPCs and doing battles and exploring. Older fans will be able to do most of this game from memory - It is not supposed to feel like a rom hack.

List of Features

    • All wild Pokemon missing from Blue were added into their appropriate routes from Red, while splitting the rarity of their appearance 50/50 with their counterpart (If Oddish had a 40% chance of appearing in Red, and Bellsprout 40% in Blue on a certain route, they now each have a 20% chance of appearing on that route.) In very few instances has a Pokemon been removed from a route. It was quite difficult on some routes working in 4 new pokemon with balanced appearances as their counterparts. In these cases
    • Most common pokemon which can be found elsewhere in the game removed, so Pidgey or Rattata.
    • NO Pokemon have a 1% spawn rate. One or two might be really rare (4%/5%), but nothing absurd.
    • All in-game trades have been redone, complete with new nicknames. The nicknames of the new trades were thought about very carefully so that they were very live-with-able. Also, in the spirit of vanilla, trades still come with nicknames - In the old days, the only Farfetch'd anyone ever had was DUX.
  • MAP:
    • VERY minor changes have been made to eliminate specific glitches and to improve movement in one location.
  • TEXT:
    • VERY minor changes to text eliminate real-world locations and animals. Appropriate Pokemon world counterparts tie the games even closer together selected. Some general animals left alone, otherwise, it starts to be a huge rewriting of Pokemon lore - Pokedex entries saying Ekans is a "snake" for instance, or the word "bird" - clearly, these should stay put, but "Salmon" was replaced in NPC dialogue, for example. In one instance you will find an NPC who used to talk about being in a real-world location, now speaks of being in JOHTO - and this character now actually makes a Gold & Silver bit of dialogue make even more sense. 
    • You will notice that Mew is the first Pokemon to appear in rotation, this is to signal the change.
    • The other Pokemon in rotation also reflect changes.
  • SHOPS:
    • VERY minor changes to what two shops carry


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Developer: Razormime

Original Source: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5742/