Pokemon Blazing Emerald Event Guide

Pokemon Blazing Emerald Event Guide

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Blazing Emerald is full of unique events that encourage exploration and achieving various milestones!
In this document, you will find a short summary of each major event, categorized by the event's type
This document does not cover every event in the hack, only the particularly notable ones! There are
many other events to explore, so be sure to check all throughout Hoenn!

Legendary Events:

Entei: Found at the top of Burning Grotto, reached by exiting south from Rustboro Tunnel

Suicune: Found in the icy section of Shoal Cave

Raikou: Found at the end of the New Mauville dungeon

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres: Each bird begins roaming after the player has defeated the Elite Four for the first time.
After capturing a bird, the player must heal at any Pokemon Center in order to make the next bird begin roaming

Armored Mewtwo: Armored Mewtwo will begin roaming once all three legendary birds have been captured. A small event
will play once you go to heal at any Pokemon Center, resulting in a roaming Mewtwo

Darkrai: To begin Darkrai's event, you must first find the Dream Orb onboard the Abandoned Ship. The Dream Orb can only
be obtained once the player has HM08 Dive. Entering the Rusty Cellar and interacting with the stone obelisk will transport
the player into a nightmare where they may capture Darkrai

Cresselia: After finishing Darkrai's event and rescuing Rustboro from the ongoing nightmares, the player can return to the
Abandoned Ship and let the Sailor at the top know that Rustboro is safe. The Sailor will give the player an Old Sea Map, allowing
them to take the ferry in Lilycove to Crescent Isle where a shiny Cresselia can be found

Deoxys: To begin this large-scale event, the player must first speak to the Scientist standing beside the Mossdeep Space Center.
The Scientist will direct the player to Route 129, where they will find a new Dive location leading to the Briny Trench. After making
it through, the player will end up in the Verdant Enclave where they can find a unique item called the Mooncaller. Deliver the Mooncaller
to the Scientist and he will prompt the player to explore Meteor Falls. In the room with TM02 Dragon Claw, a new area will be open. Take
the Star Chart and return to the scientist. Upon showing a Rayquaza to the Scientist, the player will be able to journey into space on 
a rocket ship. Once on the Moon, several puzzles must be solved in order to encounter Deoxys. After the battle with Deoxys, you will be
returned back to Mossdeep.

Latios/Latias: After clearing out the Battle Cave for the first time, the player will receive an Eon Ticket. The ticket will allow the
player to visit Southern Island via the ship in Lilycove City. Whichever Lati the player did not choose will be available as an encounter

Lugia: Complete the Lilycove Mall Heist Event to be awarded the Silver Wing. Once aquired, enter the Briny Trench and interact with
the braille on the wall near the entrance. A small event will trigger in which two sealed caves are opened. Entering the cave to the
right of the entrance will lead to a small dungeon containing Lugia

Ho-Oh: After unsealing the two caves in the Briny Trench, enter the one to the left of the entrance. Within, the player will find various
items, including the Rainbow Wing. Take the Rainbow Wing to the Shimmering Summit to trigger an event with Ho-Oh where it will challenge
the player to a battle

Galarian Moltres:
Moltres is acquired by obtaining all Gold Symbols from the Battle Frontier and then speaking to Scott. Scott will inform the
player that Mirage Island has re-appeared on Route 130. Upon visiting the location, the player may pick up a Poke Ball containing
the Moltres. Mirage Island will now permanently remain on Route 130 and is filled with very high level Chansey and Blissey, making it
an extremely efficient place to train!

Galarian Zapdos:
Zapdos can be acquired from a new NPC found in the Trader's Den beneath the Mauville Game Corner. To access the Trader's Den,
the player must press a hidden button on the far left wall of the Game Corner. This will open a hole on the right side of the
Game Corner that the player may enter in order to visit the Trader's Den. The player may then purchase Zapdos from the shady
trader for 900,000 poke.

Galarian Articuno:
Articuno is acquired by completing the Hoenn Pokedex and visiting Professor Birch in his lab in Littleroot town. Rather than receiving
one of the Gen 2 starters (which have been moved to more accessible locations), the player will instead be given Articuno to commemorate
their achievement.

Mythical Events

Mew: After acquiring HM06 Rock Smash, the player can go to the far right part of Petalburg Woods, past the Cut trees, and find a unique
pink-colored flower. The player may pass through the trees that are adjacent to the flower in order to enter the Hidden Grove. Use Rock
Smash on the boulder blocking the path and you will reach a clearing with Mew

Shaymin: To acquire Shaymin, the player must travel to the most southern most section of Route 129 and use Dive. After travelling through
the Briny Trench, a Shaymin can be encountered in Verdant Enclave

Jirachi: Jirachi can be found on Route 103 once the player has HM03 Surf. HM05 Flash is also recommended. A small cave in the water known
as the Seaspring Ruins must be ventured through. Afterwards, the player will battle a Guardian to test their strength. If you are able to
win, you will be allowed to enter a room containing Jirachi

Manaphy: Manaphy can be found hiding underwater in one of the areas surrounding Sootopolis City

Celebi: On Crescent Isle, the player can find an item called the GS Ball. Taking the GS Ball to the shrine on Route 123 will trigger
a small event in which Celebi can be battled

Victini: After defeating Red in the deepest part of Meteor Falls, the player can find a strange egg propped up against a wall. The egg
contains a Victini which takes a very long time to hatch

Crawb: After becoming the Hoenn League Champion, a small pool of acidic water will appear in New Mauville. Interacting with the puddle
will trigger a one-time battle with Crawb

Metunn: At the uppermost part of Route 115, the player can find the Ancient Alcove, a small cave. Solving the slide puzzles within the
Alcove will eventually lead the player to a final puzzle that is missing one of its pieces. If the player can find the Ancient Glyph
somewhere in Hoenn, they will be able to open the final door and acquire Metunn

Trainer Events

Hidden Pokemon Masters: Three Pokemon Masters can be found in the following locations: Route 119, Route 114, and Specialty Training Tower.
Each trainer can be battled once per day and can offer a valuable source of EXP to the player

Collector's Club: After becoming the Champion, the player can visit a small house in the northernmost part of Sootopolis City to find a
small group of shiny Pokemon enthusiasts. Defeat all of them and speak to the chairman of the club to be awarded a Luster Ball.

Red: Red can be found training in the deepest part of Meteor Falls. His team is reminiscent of the one found in Heart Gold and Soul Silver,
making him a very formidable opponent

Blue: Blue is, by far, the most significant challenge to overcome in battle. His team features many powerful legendaries found in Blazing
Emerald, and each of them has a custom, highly competitive IV and EV spread. Since Blue is faced as a part of the Battle Cave, he is one of
only 9 trainers in the game capable of using items on their Pokemon, further increasing the challenge faced. It is highly advised that you
have at least two level 100 Pokemon before taking on this battle

Story Events

Champion Rematch: After defeating Champion Wallace and becoming the Hoenn Champion, future rematches will pit you against Steven
instead. The post-game scene will reflect your status as Champion and will no longer repeat the scene in which Birch and May congratulate

Lilycove Mall Heist: After defeating Champion Wallace and becoming the Hoenn Champion, the player must visit the summit of Mt. Pyre to watch
Archie and Maxie return the orbs. Then, entering Lilycove and heading towards the department store will initiate an event in which the former
admins of Team Magma and Team Aqua have banded together to raid the city. Completing this event will award the player the Silver Wing

Battle Cave: Once the player has obtained every Silver Symbol in the Battle Frontier, they may challenge a new facility known as the Battle Cave.
The Battle Cave functions as a separate entity from the rest of the Frontier, and battles are done in a gauntlet style. The player must face
eight extremely powerful trainers back-to-back before finally facing off against the leader, Blue

Swindler's Dugout: In Lilycove City, the player may spot a small cave on the beach hiding an unusual pair of individuals. A team Aqua and team
Magma grunt have formed a friendship that they must keep secret. To prevent you from exposing them, they will offer to trade you unique items
that have been smuggled in from the Holon region. The items available here are competitive held items with entirely unique effects. The custom
items available are as follows:
Hailstone - When held, summons Hail on switch-in
Charred Idol - Reduces the holder's Attack and burns both the holder and opponent at the end of each turn
Everlite - Increases the Defense of an unevolved Pokemon and prevents it from evolving while held
Enigma Orb - Increases the power of moves by 50%, but changes their typing to be completely neutral to all types
Cursed Sash - Blocks the first instance of damage the holder would take and sharply reduces its defenses
Waystone - Gives the first move used by the holder on switch-in 100% accuracy

Trader's Den: 
To access the Trader's Den,
the player must press a hidden button on the far left wall of the Game Corner. This will open a hole on the right side of the
Game Corner that the player may enter in order to visit the Trader's Den. Once this is done, the Secret Tunnel in Route 110 will
also have another entrance to the Trader's Den. Within the Trader's Den, the player can interact with various NPCs who offer unique
items and rewards. The main attraction, however, is Wonder Trading. For 10,000 poke, the player can receive a completely random, stage
one Pokemon. This can allow incredible team diversity early on, as rare Pokemon such as Beldum, Dratini, Larvitar, and starters are all
potential finds

Lilycove Mystery Box:
Instead of a boring daily lottery based around trainer ID, the Lilycove lottery now offers the player a daily Mystery Box that can contain
a multitude of prizes! Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile can also uncommonly be found in eggs within a Mystery Box. There is also a 1/50
chance that the egg will contain a shiny Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile instead!

Specialty Training Tower:
After defeating Norman at the Petalburg Gym and claiming the fifth gym badge, the player will receive an alert on their Pokenav letting them
know that the Specialty Training Tower on Route 111 has opened! The facility offers an extremely convenient way to EV train your Pokemon and
to level them up as well. Even if you are not interested in doing this, it is worth visiting at least once so that you can obtain the Stat
Scanner, a unique key item that will allow you to view the IVs and EVs of every Pokemon in your party!

Rocky Hollow:
After defeating Blue in the Battle Cave for the first time, the player will receive an alert on their Pokenav letting them know that a new
cave on Route 103 has been discovered. Within this cave, the player has a chance to find several rare Pokemon, including Chikorita, Cyndaquil,
and Totodile. A Choice Band can also be found in an item ball on the ground