Pokemon Black & White 3: Genesis Alternate Evolutions

Pokemon Black & White 3: Genesis Alternate Evolutions

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Author: Azure_Keys

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The following is a list of Pokemon whose evolution methods are different from the base game:

Gurdurr to Conkeldurr: Lv40
Boldore to Gigalith: Lv40
Haunter to Gengar: Lv40

Yanma to Yanmega: Friendly Evo
Mantyke to Mantine: Friendly Evo (NITE)

Cottonee to Whimsicott: Leaf Stone
Petilil to Lilligant: Leaf Stone
Eevee to Leafeon: Leaf Stone
Roselia to Roserade: Leaf Stone

Lampent to Chandelure: Fire Stone

Eevee to Glaceon: Ice Stone
Piloswine to Mamoswine: Ice Stone

Karrablast to Escavalier: Shell Stone
Shelmet to Accelgor: Shell Stone

Onix to Steelix: LvUp w Metal Coat
Nosepass to Probopass: LvUp w Metal Coat
Magneton to Magnezone: LvUp w Metal Coat

Electabuzz to Electivire: LvUp w Electrizer
Magmar to Magmortar: LvUp w Magmarizer
Seadra to Kingdra: LvUp w Dragon Scale
Eevee to Sylveon: LvUp w Magic Ribbon