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Game Name: Pokecurse BloodRed Version
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Alpha v0.8
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Have you ever heard of the story of CURSEDONE?

Not really, what's it about?

The story goes about someone who got a copy of POKéMON FireRed from the Internet...
But the game wasn't exactly like it.

A fake cartridge?
No wonder...

But that's not all... The game was titled... POKéMON BloodRed. The legend says the cartridge was cursed by the blood of a demon.

Do demons bleed?

I don't know, what kind of question is that? Regardless, the game seemed fine, apart from the title screen, but after a certain point...

What happened then?

Nobody knows... This person suddenly... Disappeared alongside their Gameboy, but the cartridge was found on the bed...

Disappeared? How?

We'll never know... But the story doesn't end there. Five years later, CURSEDONE simply popped out of nowhere...


No! CURSEDONE was alive! But their mindset had undergone... Radical changes. CURSEDONE wasn't as happy as before, and spent all the day crying.

A couple days later their body was found at their parents' house.


You bet... The scariest thing is that one of their friends got the cartridge and sold it at an auction on the Internet...

Sounds like he got a ton of cash.

Indeed. But can you imagine for a moment? What if that cartridge has fell onto bad hands?
If the ROM of the cartridge gets dumped and uploaded to the Internet...

Then everyone would be able to play it, and...

It would be a total massacre.

But what are the chances of that?

List of Features

  • GHOUL POKéMON: GHOUL POKéMON are frightening, ferocious, and very dangerous lookalike POKéMON creatures from THE REALM. Their stats, types, and even attacks are very different from your regular POKéMON. Be extremely careful when trying to tame them... If you can!
  • MOVING AROUND WITH NO POKéMON: Sometimes, you'll be forced to explore this dangerous world without POKéMON. Be careful, as the consequences will be dreadful.
  • WHAT CHOICES YOU MAKE: You'll be tested with many difficult choices. Even the most insignificant one could have a great effect on your ultimate destiny.
  • WHO YOU DEFEAT: Sometimes, you will regret victory, so choose wisely which TRAINER or which POKéMON are you battling with. Not being careful could make you fall into complete madness. However, this could be a myth.
  • THE FOUR TORTURED SOULS: There are 4 very powerful GHOUL POKéMON wandering around the KANTO region. Unless you have the right means, you should try your best and not face them, or else you'll be punished by their rage.


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Developer: yonicstudios

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=9842864