Kanto Explorers: Wisteria (GB)

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Hack Name: Kanto Explorers: Wisteria
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Red
Status: v2.3
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The story is set sometime before Red's story occurs. A young female who lives on Eins Island awakens from a disturbing dream, her father who was recently lost in the field telling her about a Vulpix stolen by the Schwarz Gang. Realizing she is also late for school, she quickly rushes from Mohre Town - Where she lives - to Erdbeer Village. As she enters the village she is stopped by her best friend Li, who is also late. They quickly run to the school to pick up their Pokedex and their first Pokemon. When they get there they are confronted by their angry teacher. She gives them both a quest, one which she secretly wishes she had completed herself. She decides to tag along with the protagonist on her journey to find her lost father and to complete the Pokedex, leaving Li behind...

Protagonist - A young female just turned 16. She never got a Pokemon when she was eligible. Her parents wanted her to study first. Her father disappeared a few months ago after he left to research in the field. She sometimes gets strange precognitive dreams and they always feature her father. She longs to find him and it is her primary concern when she finally leaves her town. She is an only child but wishes when she is older to have many children being a family-orientated person.

Li - The protagonist's best friend. He is often getting into trouble at school and dislikes doing any type of work. He lives with his older sister who is always very kind. He never knew his parents who left for the Hoenn region when he was just a small child. He secretly has a crush on the protagonist but would never admit it to your face.

"Teacher" - A strange woman who believes discipline comes before education. She often has a freakout when she gets excited and holds many secrets. She has a son who she never talks about, and she hides him away in her mansion, or so they say...

Professor Oak - The protagonist's father. A strange eccentric man obsessed with capturing and observing every single Pokemon.

Brown "Senior" - An odd chap who never speaks. He is the leader of the WeiB gang, and although mute he can be very powerful with actions. People often call him Brown, no one is sure what his real name is. His wife is heavily pregnant with a son, who they are going to name Red...

Eli - A person so old you could hide in his wrinkles. No one is sure what his secret is, but he should've died of old age years ago. No one truly knows how old he is either, but he cannot move, and rarely speaks. When he does, all he can utter is whispers of the past and ramblings of the future.

Kanto Explorer "Red" - The most powerful trainer. That's all anyone knows about him and has ever known. Rumors say he exists but no one has ever seen him. He is like a Chinese whisper, a broken legend...

List of Features

  • Totally New Region
  • All text is changed: This is needed for the story.
  • New tiles
  • A visit to a personal favorite region: Brown/Prism related.
  • Slight Music Change
  • Genetically Modified Pokemon: The Schwarz Gang has no love for Pokemon. When they capture a Pokemon they send it to their lab to be modified to have no emotion and to grow stronger much faster. They also teach these Pokemon cruel ways and often force them to learn attacks they don't normally learn.
  • Train: The train from Gold and Silver makes a return. But not how you'd think.
  • Virtual Reality Chamber: A virtual world in a virtual world?  The virtual reality chamber allows you to explore places and capture pokemon not native to the region. The reality you will explore will most probably be a cross between Kanto and Rijon.


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Developer: ~Red

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=261587