Pokemon Light Platonism (GBC)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Light Platonism
Platform: GBC
Hack Original: Pokemon Silver
Status: Alpha v0.1
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBC
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


So this hack is quite a niche, a re-formulation of Pokémon Silver for others involving philosophical and political figures as Pokémon and trainers, and dialogue that is in harmony with these themes. Nonetheless, it might interest some, and this kind of thing (other than the lightly religious hack at times) is quite different to the other hacks if you want a change. A signal beam from a place where Pokémon is a bunch of people discussing Hegel, Socrates, and Marx, and sometimes catching them.

You begin by being told of a peculiar transformation in JOHTO, and a warning that some may get touchy about Amadeo Bordiga, before beginning your Pokémon adventure by choosing from one of Grisong, Wimorgue, and Haguezal. In this journey, you are interrupted by TEAM UNKNOWN, who believe in the UNKNOWN GOD and are out to ruin your day. However, you keep on through cities and obstacles, until you reach and combat the Elite 4, opening further zones for you to battle the occasional trainer and seek further rare Pokemon.


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Developer: illumine

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=363882