Touhoumon Tweaked Wild Hold Items

Touhoumon Tweaked Wild Hold Items

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Author: SoundsLikeATornado

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Sakuya		Maid Outfit
Patchouli	Witch costume
Nitori		Mystic Water
Rinnosuke	Kusanagi
Reisen		Blazer
Yuugi		Gym Sweater
Tewi		Lucky Charm
Daiyousei	Salac berry
Lily White	Ganlon berry
Lily Black	Liechi berry
Sanae		Miko Uniform
Star sapphire	Apicot berry (not on the chibi form)
Lunachild	Lansat berry (not on the chibi form)
Sunnymilk	Petaya betty (not on the chibi form)
Chen		Quick claw
Momiji		Scope Lens
Keine		Leppa berry
Meiling		China outfit
Hina		Lum berry
Reisen II	Lunar Incense
Rin		Gothic Outfit
Mystia		Stewardess
Iku		Yellow Scarf
Letty		Winter Coat
ExRumia		Sharp Fang
Wriggle		Camouflage
Kedama		Metal Powder
Layla		Cleanse Tag
Kaguya		Stardust
Tenshi		Blue Scarf
Kana		White Herb
Remilia		Queen's Rock
Gengetsu	BrightPowder
Mugetsu		BrightPowder
Yumemi		Red Scarf
Meira		Touhou orbs (upgrades depending on form from regular, to great, to ultra, to luxury)
Yukari		Smoke Ball
Utsuho		Green Scarf
Ran		Bunny Costume
Eirin		Nurse Costume
Yuyuko		Kimono
Mitori		Shell Bell
Orange		Focus Band
Nazrin		Green/blue UFO
Kogasa		Green/blue UFO
Ichirin		Green/blue UFO
Murasa		Green/blue UFO
Shou 		Green/red UFO
Byaruken	Blue UFO/Blue Scarf
Nue		Blue/red UFO
Wakasagi	???