Touhoumon Tweaked EV Training Guide

Touhoumon Tweaked EV Training Guide

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Author: SoundsLikeATornado

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The Macho Brace is only available after giovanni, so you'll have to wait until then to start getting doubled EV gains unless you got lucky enough to hit pokerus.
These are for normal mode, These trainers might have different puppets in hard mode. Some of them may also gain new puppets in rematches.
This is still a WIP, sorry if it looks pretty incomplete.

Location	Name		Trainer Type	Puppets				EVs Gained
Route 12	Diz		Fisherman	Komachi				2 Atk
Route 12	Luca		Rocker		Tojiko, Marisa			3 Spd, 1 Sp. Atk
Route 13	Lola		Beauty		Yuki, Cirno			4 Sp. Atk
Route 14	Donald		Bird Keeper	Nue				2 Spd
Route 15	Olivia		Beauty		Momiji				2 Atk
Route 15	Celia		Picnicker	Tewi				2 HP
Route 18	Ramiro		Bird Keeper	Remilia				2 Spd
Route 19	David		Swimmer		Tewi, EHina			5 HP
Route 19	Anya		Swimmer		EStar, EMai			3 Sp. Atk, 3 Sp. Def
Route 20	Irene		Picnicker	EWriggle, EMystia, ELunachild	4 Atk, 5 Spd
Route 20	Roger		Bird Keeper	ETokiko				1 HP, 1Def, 1 SDef
Route 21	Wade		Fisherman	Hina x5, EKoakuma		10 HP, 2 Satk, 1SDef
Route 21	Nolan		Fisherman	Hina, ELilyWhite		5 HP
Route 21	Jack		Swimmer		EChiyuri			3 Satk
Kindle Path	Tommy		Fisherman	Kisume x2, EKisume x2, EParsee	13 Def, 3 SDef
Kindle Path	Fin		Swimmer		ENitori				1 Def, 2 Satk
Kindle Path	Sharon		Crush Girl	ESara, EMomiji			3 HP, 3 Atk
Kindle Path	Hugh		Black Belt	EMeiling, EIchirin		3 HP, 3 Atk
Kindle Path	Shea		Black Belt	EOrange, EMeiling		3 HP, 3 Atk
Kindle Path	Tanya		Crush Girl	EYoumu, Youki			3 Atk, 3 Def
Bond Bridge	Tisha		Swimmer		ELuize				2 Def, 1 Satk
Bond Bridge	Nikki		Aroma Lady	EMinoriko			3 HP