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Game Name: Pokemon Zeta/Omicron
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: v1.5.5.2, Final
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The game follows a young hero of Nyasa Town as he/she fights against a terrorist organization to avenge his/her home and save the world.

The game takes place in the Vesryn region, which is made primarily of three landmasses: the mainland, the Chrome Circle as well as the Vesryn Spear. The Vesryn Spear is only accessible after beating the Elite 4 and contains the second section of the plot, and then the second region is accessible afterward. There is a wide variety of locations such as underwater cities, cities in the clouds, and even in space.

After Team Asgard / Team Olympus finally strikes, it comes down to you to save the world, meeting characters from older games along the way, and avenging what is dearest to you in a story filled with twists. Good luck! Journey across the world to help defeat Team Asgard led by Odin (Zeta) or Team Olympus led by Zeus (Omicron) before they abuse the power of certain Pokemon to become gods themselves!

And why not, for a change of pace, visit the Aroma Region? A terrible plague has taken over the region, turning Pokemon into shaded, corrupted versions of themselves. What will happen? Only time- and you- can decide.

List of Features

  • Around 70 hours of gameplay. A huge sprawling game with incredible amounts of content
  • 2 regions, with a total of 12 gyms and 4 sigil halls. Beat both the Vesryn region, with its 8 gyms, Elite Four and 4 Sigil Halls and Aroma, with another 4 gyms and the Battle Frontier.
  • A storyline that will draw you in. Finally a Pokémon game with an actual integrated story.
  • Tons of endgame content. Go catch legendaries and other exclusive Pokémon and see if you can get them all.
  • A more challenging game. You want a game more challenging than the original games while not overdoing it?
  • A new level limit of 120
  • A functional GTS. Trade and battle with other persons over the internet!
  • Shadow Pokemon
  • Delta Pokemon: Get the Pokémon you know and love, now with different types, similar to Pokemon TCG!
  • All 649 pre-gen V Pokémon, plus some more from gen 6.
  • Challenge modes. For when you really want the game to be harder! Enforce your Nuzlockes, randomize every Pokémon, do a run with only one Pokémon, etc.
  • HM Items. Finally, no more HM slaves needed.
  • Secret bases. A secret base with many upgrades, such as a mine, a dungeon, rebattle-able gym leaders, and much more.
  • Mega Evolutions. The Mega Evolutions from the original games as well as completely new ones.
  • A way to get Dreamworld and alternate abilities.
  • A Battle Frontier. Test your limits in this endgame battle zone. Fight with and against the strongest trainers in the game and get exclusive rewards.
  • Viewable IVs and EVs
  • A daycare garden. Interact with your Pokémon while they are in the daycare.


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