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Game Name: Pokemon Vanguard
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: v1.3.0.19, 05/09/2022, Goes up to chapter 15, around 13-14 hours of playtime
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Life of a Pokemon Trainer, leave home at a young age, collect Gym Badges and Pokemon, and take on the Pokemon league. It was what everyone aspired to be at a young age, and with such ease, anyone could do it.​

That was over 50 years ago...​

Enter Ayrei, the first region to enter the Modern era.​
In this time, Pokemon Trainers are tasked with protecting the lives of both innocent people and Pokemon across the world. One cannot become or act as a Pokemon trainer without the proper training licensing. Against them, are the Renegades, those who claim the title of a Pokemon Trainer, yet oppose these modern laws and ideas.​

You are awoken within this region, no memories, no Pokemon, only a name. With nowhere else to go, you are invited to Vanguard Academy, a school with only one purpose, to train the next generation of Pokemon Trainers.​

List of Features

  • Embark on an adventure through a brand new Region filled with deep lore and mysteries
  • Enter a more traditional story that leads more and more towards a less traditional and darker one, filled with new characters
  • 3 Difficulty modes to support different playstyles
  • Pokemon from Gen 1-8
  • Custom player models
  • Handpicked Remixes and soundtracks from Pokemon titles and more
  • New custom Regional variants, with more coming each update
  • 30 Different starters to choose from, 3 of which are new regional variants


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Developer: Ayrei

Original Source: https://ayreii.wixsite.com/projectvanguard