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Game Name: Pokemon Spork
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: Episode 8: Smoothie
Sidegame: Pokemon Delicia's Delicious Dreamland
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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You and your big sister, Emily, are on vacation in the Ceolis region. Although both of you already have a Pokemon, they've just been pets for you up until now and so neither you nor Emily have ever battled before. Along with exploring the region, you and Emily decide to try out the Ceolis League and test each others' skills along the way.

Sometimes, you'll cross paths with an organization called Team Portal. Team Portal has a leader, three admins, and an army of agents. The admins are Barker, Felicia, and Quinn. Barker's areas are business and physical labor. Felicia is a magician. Quinn handles water-related missions. The leader's identity as well as Team Portal's objective are for you to discover on your own as you play the game, so I won't mention those here. I will mention that Team Portal isn't an "evil" team, as the concept of evil doesn't exist in the Spork universe. Not even their leader approves of their actions, but they don't think they have any other way of achieving their goal.

During your adventure, you'll come across a species of beings called Sea Stars that aren't human or Pokemon. They were the first inhabitants of Ceolis and have their own society. They have some skilled trainers among them, including one of the Ceolis League's Elite Four.

The story is more lighthearted than most fangames as well as the canon games. Death does not exist here. That doesn't just mean that no characters will die, it also means death literally isn't something that happens to people or Pokemon.

Ceolis has 18 gyms, one for each type. There are no level caps or field effects.

List of Features

  • Can choose any first-form non-legendary Pokemon as your starter (including standalone Pokemon that don't evolve)
  • In addition to the EV/IV screen on Pokemons' summary pages, there are also EV training centers with rooms for each stat. There are three of these in Ceolis. The first one has Pokemon that give 1 EV in their respective stat, the second give 2, and the third give 3.
  • Holiday Pokemon that you can turn into and access exclusive areas (4 total)
  • You can sing and join an idol group in the postgame
  • Battle Frontier. There are five facilities in total. The Battle Tower and Battle Factory are among them, and the other three are new.
  • Sidequest areas are similar to Rejuvenation's help centers and Desolation's rangers' guilds. There are five total. Each has its own theme. There's the Ranger HQ, Police Station, Pokemon Research Institute, Help Section in the Sea Star Society, and a fifth which contains major postgame spoilers.
  • An NPC who can teach any type of Hidden Power to a Pokemon (available at an area between the 7th and 8th gym)
  • All Pokemon have max happiness by default
  • Changed gender mechanics:
    • Infatuation and the move Captivate work on all genders (including genderless Pokemon) unless they're immune like through the Oblivious ability
    • All Combee and Salandit are female for evolution convenience
    • Both male and female Kirlia can evolve into Gallade, and both male and female Snorunt can evolve into Froslass
  • Can turn debug mode on and off by speaking to a tree in Pokemon Centers


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Developer: Ice Cream Sand Witch

Original Source: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/21393-pokemon-spork-episode-8-smoothie-delicias-delicious-dreamland/