Pokemon Shin Sekai (German/RMXP)

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Game Name: Pokemon Shin Sekai
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Beta v1.0
Language: German 
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The story I heard about is old. Some say older than time itself. Yet it has lasted all this time. The story itself begins before the beginning of time. Everything that existed at the time ... was nothing. But then a wish arose out of nowhere. The desire to be something. A light formed in nowhere and something completely new emerged. 

Our ancestors called this being "The Creator". And he created what we know as "life". On the first day he created the messengers of time and space that shaped the universe and continuity. Then he created empty spheres, which should represent the basis of future existences. On the second day, he created the messengers of land, water, and sky that breathed life into the balls. But something was missing, living beings, which should populate the planet. So on the third day, he created the messenger of creation. 

The messenger of creation spread its wings and flew all over the land. He scattered seeds everywhere for life to grow. After the Creator created the messengers of the day and night on the fourth day, these living beings were able to flourish. But what the Creator didn't know was that there was a downside to its existence. When he awoke, part of nothing was pushed aside. Where light arises, darkness also arises. And the more this god created himself, the more shadows his doings cast. Then a being arose who was just as powerful as the Creator himself. But it consisted only of darkness. Soon this darkness swept over the earth. 

On the fifth day, she created the messenger of destruction. This flew over the country and released cocoons. They rested for a long time, but then the first living beings slipped out of them. But instead of living peacefully in harmony with the beings of the Creator, they fought the beings because they were not like them. The beings of darkness had emotions such as anger or hatred that the creator's beings did not know. The creator had no choice but to take up the fight against darkness. After a tough fight, he triumphed. He wanted to destroy their descendants too, but he felt sorry for them. He sealed the messengers of destruction and created the messengers of emotions. Guided by the messenger of life, they got involved with the beings and taught them to deal with their emotions. It took a long time, but one day the beings of Creator and darkness could coexist peacefully. But what the Creator didn't know was that he hadn't erased the darkness after all. This had been able to save itself. In the hearts of his created beings. To prevent it from awakening again, the Creator created something. Something made of the matter of the remains of darkness. Six stones that should seal the darkness forever. Our ancestors called them “The Infinity Stones.” These are incredibly powerful and would be catastrophic in human hands. The Creator hid them all over the world so that they should never be found. 

This is the prologue to my real story. According to prophecy, the location of the stones will be revealed when the messengers of creation and destruction rise again and go into battle against one another. Then I will ... no, then SIGMA will collect these stones and I, Arhades, will make the power my own to rise as the god of a new world and to extinguish the plague that darkness put into this world. I will shape them according to my imagination and take the place of the Creator.


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Developer: Amalgam fansub

Original Source: amalgam-fansub.lima-city.de