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Game Name: Pokemon Shadowstone
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Beta v1.1, project abandoned
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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It's not your birthday, but regardless of that today is the day you'll be receiving your first Pokémon from a recently set up Professor in a nearby town. Unbeknownst to you, the diabolical Team Chimera also has plans with the Professor, as he's developed a machine that could be very useful to them...

Through the brand new Jelra region, you chase down Team Chimera and their hostage Pokémon, but numerous trails await you. They control one of the biggest companies in the Pokémon world, Veloce Inc, and their admins will stop at nothing to impress their boss by smiting you. Your rivals, who start off as mere friends on a journey, soon become disillusioned and may begin to question the morality of your choices. You can tear down Team Chimera from the inside or the outside, destroy the Delta Machine or harness its power to create the ultimate Pokémon! How will your story end?

List of Features

  • The Delta Species: Altered by the Delta Machine, many of the Region's Pokémon have been transformed into their Delta Forms - they've changed types, and have a new sprite and moveset to match. Pokémon can be converted to or from their Delta Forms using the Delta Machine at any time, provided the player has sufficient Machine Cores - the amount required varies according to the stats of the Pokémon.
  • Chaos & Reputation: This is a game about your actions, and so it should vary according to them. The game will change based on your choices - not literal choices as some games do, but in accordance with your playstyle. In current Betas, the changes are small, but Chaos & Reputation play a large role in the later portions of the game and will have a major effect on the ending.
  • Post-Beta Content: Instead of... um, stopping you before a wall of policemen, like some games (who shall remain nameless) do at the end of their Betas, many minigames and features unlock at the conclusion of Pokémon Shadowstone Beta 2, making the game worth playing even once the Beta's story has been completed. Several key Trainers will also rebattle you each day, and Mystery Gift will be available.
  • Inverse & Sky Battles: You know, those things? They were kinda fun for 5 minutes until everyone forgot they existed. Now they're back, until everyone forgets they exist again.
  • Quest Log: Your guide to the Jelra Region. The Quest Log will keep track of the numerous sidequests offered in the game, as well as your primary objectives. It can be set to notify you of new quests, or only when quests are completed, or to only be enabled for sidequests - or it can be disabled altogether. Mix-and-match the options and play your way.
  • The LiteWatch: A marvel of science, the LiteWatch™®© is an invaluable tool for any trainer. It comes with a built-in Town Map, Phone, Friendship Checker, Radio and Who's That Pokémon Minigame. While similar to the Pokégear/etch/Nav/etc, it introduces several unique features, such as the ability to waste your time guessing the identity of silhouettes for no reward.
  • Minigames: The Locase Casino, the Namor Bug Catching Contest, the Civitate Daily Tournament - there's plenty to do and much of it involves gambling and slot machines so please nobody tell PEGI because they will not be okay with this.
  • Honey Trees/Hidden Grottos: Guess what? They're both back too. Except they're not terrible this time. Honey Trees have an hour cooldown, rather than 6 hours, and Hidden Grottos have a cooldown of 30 minutes. Both can contain rare/Delta Pokémon.


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Developer: Flowerchild

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=365463