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Game Name: Pokemon Parallax
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokèmon Essentials
Status: 21.08.2020, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The Kimlik Islands, called the land of a thousand identities and ages, stranded in the middle of the ocean. The region's league is blossoming, tourism is booming - but under the surface, a strange and fashionable troupe are threatening to undo all that progress.

Those who come to Team Masque's famous masked balls, held for every occasion from the conductor in white's birthday, to the end of the world as we know it - would call them escapists. Harmless, perhaps, just wanting to recapture a bygone age where the worthy told the rest to eat cake.

Those who've watched them take whole cruise ships hostage would sing a different tune. They might well call them hedonists, and the admin with the fiery hair might well agree with you.

And those who heard the leading lady with the golden microphone singing to her audience, about how the world outside's a bit of a sham, how they're all free as birds, about stories of daring-do and divorce played to the grunt's mocking laughter, might call them or her...a cynic.

Still...what's the point of being an escapist, if everyone else seems hell-bent on ruining your fun?

No one even knew just how many Team Masque members there were until a short while ago. They have no plan, at least not one the leader's letting on about...and also no restraint.

Far, far away, new Interpol recruit Looker only has one, very simple mission: stop crime. When he's sent to the Kimlik Islands on an inside job, with zero leads and zero ideas what he's in for - Looker feels like he's finally in his element. His handler, Nanu, thinks he's gone in too deep.

But infiltrating the Masque should be easy. Put on the mask, put on a little nihilism too, fit in with the crowd, do a little eavesdropping here, a bit of espionage there. Then - be the hero and hopefully escape with your life.
...Will his gamble pay off and save Kimlik Island, or has Looker gone in too deep?

List of Features

  • Stealth Missions: As an Interpol officer, you're gonna have to sneak around a bit to get what you want. To account for this, we're introducing Stealth Missions! They say that trainers must fight when their eyes meet, but what do two thieves do when their eyes meet while sneaking around? Stay away from police officers and criminals, and hide to your best ability to reach your end goal!
  • Mega Arcanine, Mega Mismagius, Mega Scrafty
  • Upon the game's completion, you can battle three of the dev team members! Lux will give you the Shiny Charm, Alpa will give you the Oval Charm, and Maks will give you the Master Ball. They can be found inside one of the houses in Nihai Town.
  • Heat Rush: Growlithe's new signature move


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Developer: TheLuxDiablo

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/parallax/