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Game Name: Pokemon Pantheon
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: 19/08/16, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokemon Pantheon is about a grand tournament being funded by the Crotek Company, called the Crotek Grand Championship! This tournament is designed to bring the best trainers from all over the world to a special island called Sealand, where they will battle it out for the chance to be crowned as the best trainer in the world! The tournament has 5 rounds, with two battles per round for the first 3 rounds, and only one battle for each of the last two rounds, bringing a total of 8 grueling matches for the player!

Draft Features
The draft system in Pokemon Pantheon is by far one of the biggest features in the game. Since your protagonist is already a seasoned trainer, they have tons of pokemon at their disposal already, but unfortunately, the tournament only allows trainers to take 10 pokemon with them. You might ask, "How does this affect me?" Simple, the player is allowed to pick 10 pokemon from a selection of 50, by picking one pokemon out of 5 for ten draft rounds. Each pokemon will have random stats, moves, abilities, natures, and even nicknames, and have a 1/50 chance to be shiny! Your pokemon selections will come from five different categories which were made based on the various aspects of the pokemon, just like any other tier system. You have a pick between Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Once you have selected 10 pokemon, those are your only ten pokemon for the entire tournament, so make sure you choose your partners right!

List of Features

  • All pokemon up to gen 5 in the game, with gen 5 mechanics
  • Custom characters and story
  • Randomized Tournament features
  • Randomized Items
  • Randomized Dialogue for NPCs
  • Randomized Shop items that refresh every round!
  • Draft system style of selecting pokemon! (See "Draft" below for more info)
  • Up to 4 endings to discover and play!
  • Sharable seeds, allowing players to give their friends the seed they have and have the same randomized features for both players!
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard Difficulties
  • Permadeath. If you lose during the tournament, your game is over. 


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Developer: LunarDusk