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Game Name: Pokemon Opal
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: Alpha
Language: Italian
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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"Thousands and thousands of years ago, in the region of Runalia, inhabited a very powerful Pokémon. This helped humans by making the land fertile, providing water sources and giving them fire. It was served and worshiped as a deity, and in the heart his Pokémon hoped that things could go on like this forever.

Over time, however, humans began to want

using its power for war purposes, and blinded by greed, they attacked the Pokémon, which had to run away and hide. The Pokémon was now alone, and believed it could no longer trust humans. But then a scarlet-eyed child found him and helped him. A very strong bond of friendship was established between the two. But when other humans found out,

they sentenced him to death for betraying them.

The Pokémon, desperate for the child's fate, split into two halves, one of which fell asleep, while the other turned on the man. Most of the humans in Runalia were killed, and when the dormant half of the Pokémon woke up, it couldn't help but shed tears at the sight in front of it. So, with a heart full of regret, he stopped the part of the Pokémon that was unleashed against the humans.

This required much of his energy, but, before falling asleep again in order to regain his strength, he managed to recall the child's soul, promising that he would only awaken when his reincarnation visited him.

So the Pokémon fell asleep in a cave, while the child's soul began to wander,

reincarnating from time to time for centuries to come. "- Zeloch, I

During a quiet morning like any other, the postcard from Prof. Giro arrives at the protagonist's house, which certifies your graduation from the Pokémon school and gives you the right to receive your first Pokémon. But it happens, an unexpected event, which will take your adventure in a dangerous direction.

Among the towns of the Runalia region is Roccasperanza, where Team Omega was stopped years ago, craving the strength of the Legendary Pokémon to reshape the world to their liking. On that occasion, another hero, currently anonymous, stepped forward to avert the threat, but unfortunately, there are no more traces of him.

List of Features

  • PokéNET, an exclusive device able to put you in contact with other Trainers, to stay updated thanks to RunaNews;
  • A completely renovated Fakédex (over 100 species);
  • Touch and non-touch menus, to make the game experience smoother for all players;
  • Dynamic storyline, in this way each player will have a different gaming experience;


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Developer: xZekro51:.

Original Source: https://www.pokemonhacking.it/showthread.php?tid=2746