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Game Name: Pokemon Nebula
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: v1.07.7
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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After the events that happened in Alola region, Kanto 2.0 was constructed as an extension to the old Kanto, You're gonna meet a lot of similar faces and an old rival but don't be fooled, the challenges are much more difficult than before and here is the kicker, all the evil teams you faced before in official previous games are in an organization called "unity" to conquer the world.

List of Features

  • Gen 5 style mapping
  • Movie scenes
  • mega evolution
  • all pokemon from gen 1-8 dynamic (very few pokemon are static though)
  • Follow Pokemon
  • Extreme challenges
  • Different outfits for trainers are found in the game
  • 24/7 gym: a gym that you can train in anytime you want
  • the chance catching some legendaries in the post game
  • EBS
Legendaries locations after beating the game:
  • North cave-Mew
  • Route 2-Celebi
  • Equinox cave-Keldeo & Victini
  • Underwater cave in east cave-Diancie
  • Galactik hideout-Magearna
  • Plasma Hideout-Melmetal
  • Raven town (Cemetary)-Marshadow
  • Route 6 (sand floor)-Regigigas
  • Pyro cave in Blazing city-Heatran
  • Route 7-Zacian & Zamazenta after beating the ultimate challenge in Pokemon League
  • Drago Town-Latias & Latios
  • Victory Road-Shaymin
  • VC cave A-Volcanion
  • VC Cave c (Cave c)-Hoopa
Custom regional evolutions:
  • Alolan evolutions:
    • RATTATA will evolve at night level 20
    • SANDSHREW will evolve with icestone
    • VULPIX will evolve with icestone
    • DIGLETT will evolve at level 26
    • MEOWTH will evolve with increasing happiness
    • GEODUDE will evolve the same as original GEODUDE
    • GRIMER will evolve the same as the original GRIMER
  • Galarian evolutions:
    • MEOWTH will evolve at level 40
    • PONYTA will evolve at level 40
    • MRMIME will evolve at level 42
    • CORSOLA will evolve at level 38
    • ZIGZAGOON will evolve at level 20
    • LINOONE will evolve at level 35 at night
    • DARUMAKA will evolve with icestone
    • YAMASK will evolve at level 40
    • Milcery will evolve at level 20
    • Snom will evolve with increasing happiness at night
    • Clobbopus will evolve after learning taunt
    • KUBFU will evolve at level 35 (day Single Strike Style) (night Rapid Strike Style)
  • Trade evolutions:
    • There are tradestones in department store,stepford town


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Developer: Mr.Paradox

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=430236