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Hack Name: Pokemon Morganite
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Alpha
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


There are three mountains (Flare Mountain, Bolt Mountain, and Glacier Mountain), over each of which presides a legendary bird. For the most part, the birds pretty much keep to themselves and are rarely seen at all. Some don't even believe they exist. Two groups of people, however, have formed in light of their existence. The first of these groups is Team Umbra, whose goal is to one day harness the power of the three birds and use them for various misdeeds. Team Umbra is led by the impulsive and in many ways unpredictable Monroe, who is assisted by his underbosses, Damon and Veronica. Team Umbra, much like Team Rocket, presents to the public no illusions about their intentions, and they are widely regarded as the villains of the Kleeto region. Formed not in opposition to Team Umbra, but rather the perceived risk the legendary birds present to the safety of the region's people, is Team Aurora. Team Aurora's leader is a conservative and enigmatic man with an alluring charisma: Adrian. His deputies are Felicia and Emile. Team Aurora hopes to capture (imprison) the birds so that they cannot bring harm to the people of Kleeto. These teams are in constant disagreement, and Monroe, who isn't fooled by Adrian's heroic image, often provokes Adrian, trying to get him to lose his seemingly invincible composure.

Meanwhile, a young trainer sets out on his journey into the world and occasionally runs into or finds himself competing with a stubborn and resentful girl who has also been his neighbor for the past few years. This trainer makes fast enemies of Team Umbra, but Monroe's words of advice keep him too wary of Team Aurora to fully trust them either. As the trainer makes a name for himself, he is assisted by one of two men at various points in his travels: Xander or Eli. Xander is revealed to be the region's champion, and Eli, his older brother, is the owner of the mysterious ranch on the outskirts of Vastacre Town, a former student of Prof. Cypress', and the environmental activist whose work inspired the creation and protection of Venture Jungle, Kleeto's famed national park. Eli, who believes that no Pokémon should be unnecessarily, let alone wrongfully, displaced, as it will undoubtedly have adverse effects on the ecosystem from whence it was taken, inspires the player to take on Team Aurora as well for the benefit of Kleeto and every living being within it.

The trainer eventually gets ahold of three (Blaze, Thunder, Frost) orbs at the summits of Flare, Bolt, and Glacier Mountain respectively, one of which he develops an odd connection with. Throughout the course of his journey, two of these orbs are taken from him by force, courtesy of Team Umbra and Team Aurora. Just as the trainer completes the seventh league-sanctioned test of his mettle in Heightengale City, he receives a message from the leader of the New Clear City gym, Ray, about a strange power outage. When the trainer arrives to see what's going on, he enters the Power Plant at the base of Bolt Mountain. Ray, who is occupied with maintaining the city's emergency generators, can't keep the city's power on and also investigate the disturbance at Bolt Mountain's summit, so he sends the trainer in his place. The trainer sees various battles taking place between members of Team Umbra and Team Aurora, at which point his rival shows up. She rushes ahead through the makeshift indoor battlefield, headstrong and determined as ever. The trainer makes his way further up the mountain only to find Xander battling a great deal of members of both teams. He, like Ray, is not in a position to continue on, so he encourages the trainer to go on ahead and meet up with his rival. The trainer does this and accidentally steps, with his rival, into the crossfire of two battles taking place between the Umbra Underbosses and the Aurora Deputies. The trainer teams up with his rival for two double battles, first against Veronica and Emile, and then against Felicia and Damon. The rival's jealousy of the trainer's prowess finally begins to fade in favor of mutual respect. The two trainers, now officially allies, make their way to Bolt Summit, where a battle is taking place between two legendary birds controlled by Monroe and Adrian. The trainer and his rival begin to wonder where the third is, and Xander, who somehow got through the barrage of trainers seen earlier on, arrives just in time to tell the trainer that his orb will summon the remaining bird. He then offers, if applicable, to send the player's sixth Pokémon into the storage system so that he can battle with the bird who answers his orb's call, which the player, if applicable, accepts. The player uses his orb to call on the third legendary bird, whose presence and subsequent addition to his team re-energizes and heals all current party members. Adrian and Monroe decide to enact a brief truce so that they can defeat the trainer, take his legendary bird, and then continue their own feud without interruption. Xander admits that his Pokémon are too exhausted from their battles on the lower level of the mountain to be very effective against legendary Pokémon, and instead, the player's rival steps to the plate and demands to help. The battle then begins, with Monroe and Adrian sending out their legendary birds first and their final team afterward, while the player sends out his bird and his rival sends out her starter. When they are defeated, the two other legendary birds fly away, and the player reclaims their respective orbs. Ray arrives to announce that the main generators are up and running once again, and assists Xander in escorting the team leaders away from the mountain, presumably to jail, as they aren't seen again.

List of Features

  • Gripping Storyline
  • New Tiles
  • Event Fakemon
  • Day and Night
  • New Music


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Developer: Bolens

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=224242