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Hack Name: Pokemon Magma Ruby 202
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Ruby
Status: Beta
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


An Improvement and rebalance hack of Pokemon Ruby.

List of Features

  • As the title implies, you can catch all 202 pokemon from the Hoenn dex… as long as you beat the game though. Day and night are there for atmosphere.
  • The game is a bit harder than the original, with bosses with full teams, good moves, and wildcards. Route minibosses, joke minibosses, magma grunts, and gym trainers are trickier to beat than the standard trainers found in routes.
  • This hack will be compared with hacks like Expert Emerald and other 386 hacks, but there are some differences between Expert Emerald and Beta Ruby in terms of battles
    • Expert Emerald has a lot of double battles for gym fights and elite four fights. This one, apart from one gym leader, does not have double battles and instead has solid single battles.
    • Most difficulty hacks stick to full monotypes for gym leaders. For the most part of Ruby 202, Gym Leaders do stick to their type, but apart from a few gym leaders, every gym leader has a wildcard to add diversity to the fights.
    • Many gym trainers in Beta Ruby have far more diverse pokemon alongside the lesser representatives of the gym type.
    • Team Magma overall uses a significantly bigger variety of types, not just ground and fire. However, each of them does have relations to land.
    • The Elite Four focus's on strategies according to their bios, as opposed to simply monotypes. However, they do have their ace pokemon.
    • And in addition, there are some additional minor bosses. Most range from joke fights to slightly tougher route bosses, to secret optional bosses.
    • Absence of EVs.
  • There is a lucky egg in the trick house as you progress, so there is some incentive to visit the trick house. Though the level curve isn't excessive. And the post-game has a hidden trick house prize...
Boss Level Curves:
  • Bosses and their levels. (Unless otherwise, all gym leaders and bosses have full teams of six) Some might be double battles, so make sure to have two pokemon with you at all times to avoid glitches. The biggest regret though is being unable to implement EV spreads. If that ever happens, expect the update to have them. This is useful if you want to keep an eye on the levels, without spoiling movepools and pokemon. It should be noted that the level curve of the bosses is done based on me simply fighting every single trainer in the game, with a well-balanced team, and the most minimal grinding done is done after.
    • 1. Rival 1 (5)
    • 2. Magma grunt (miniboss, 8x3,9)
    • 3. Roxanne (12, 13,14x3,16)
    • 4. Magma grunt (14,15,15,16)
    • 5. Brawly (16,16,15,16,17,17)
    • 6. Magma grunts (17-18)
    • 7. Rival (18, 19, 19, 20,20,23)
    • 8. Wally (lv 25s)
    • 9. Wattson (28,30,29,29,29,31)
    • 10. Tabitha (36x3, 37,38,39)
    • 11. Maxie (38, 39x2, 40x3)
    • 12. Flannery (44, 42,45,41,43,47) (Fire types are highest leveled)
    • 13. Norman (50,50,48,51,51,53)
    • 14. Courtney (56x5, 57)
    • 15. Rival (58,56x4, 59)
    • 16. Winona (65x4, 68x2)
    • 17. Tabitha (64x3, 65x3)
    • 18. Rival (68, 65x2, 66x2, 69)
    • 19. Tabitha (71x6)
    • 20. Tate/Liza(74x2,75x4)
    • 21. Courtney (76x4, 73, 75)
    • 22. Maxie (77x3, 79x3)
    • 23. Wallace (81x2,83x2,86x2)
    • 24. Wally (92x5,95)
    • 25. Elite Four (All level 100) (At this point, you will be able to purchase rare candies that cost a mere $1, so that end game grinding is a non issue)
Earlier Encounters:
  • In this hack, you will encounter earlier and more common wild pokemon than the original ruby. Check the Pokedex often to see where to find wild pokemon, and keep in mind that there are separate areas for pokemon.
    • 1. Spoink
    • 2. Vulpix
    • 3. Numel
    • 4. slugma
    • 5. Sandshrew
    • 6. Phanphy
    • 7. Spinda
    • 8. Skitty
    • 9. Surskit
    • 10. jigglypuff
    • 11. Rhyhorn
    • 12. Makuhita
    • 13. Roselia
    • 14. Snorunt
    • 15. Spheal
    • 16. Swablu
    • 17. Taillow
    • 18. Oddish
    • 19. Gulpin
    • 20. Electric
    • 21. Pikachu
    • 22. Plusle
    • 23. minun
  • Many pokemon have improved growth rates, and appear earlier.
  • Be warned that some of the stronger pokemon, like skarmory and abra, appear rather late, to keep in wild pokemon balance. You can get something like vigoroth and seadra for the whole portion of the game, but won’t get kingdra and slaking until the near end. Again, check your Pokedex, you will encounter enemies with big varieties of pokemon. Some pokemon, like legendaries and a select few pokemon, won’t even be encountered until after you beat the champion.
  • You won't be able to get another starter until after the eighth badge, unfortunately, so make sure your choice counts.
Fishing Encounters:
  • Evolution stones a bit earlier, except for water stone, for more powerful water pokemon
  • Earlier Old rod that fishes early water dwellers, examples
    • 1. Goldeen
    • 2. Luvdisc
    • 3. Carvanha
    • 4. Corsola
    • 5. Corhpish
    • 6. Clamperl
    • 7. barboach
  • Some pokemon have some changes to abilities, level up movepools, and evolutions for balancing purposes.
  • Clamperl evolves into Huntail with a moonstone, which appears a bit earlier than the other stones, so that jigglypuff and skitty evolves earlier. That, and gorebyss is better than huntail.
  • Clamperl evolves into Gorebyss with a sunstone.
  • All the other stones, with the exception of the water stones, appear in fallarbor town.
  • The water stone evolves these pokemon:
    • Staryu into starmie
    • Lombre into ludicolo
    • Feebas into Milotic
    • Wailmer into Wailord (who has a massive stat boost and stat rearrangement comparable to arcanine)
    • Seadra into Kingdra
  • As for the remaining legendaries, be sure to check out Battle Tower…
  • However, don’t expect particularly hard fights or interesting pokemon in water routes… cause seriously, that got old fast. The abandoned ship does have a secret boss though in between Norman’s levels and Courtney’s levels.
  • You can get the regi trio after beating Wallace, but be careful, legendaries have lower catch rates.
  • Always check the marts for items.
  • Keep in mind, that very few pokemon can use thief or covet. Luvdisc gets both though…
  • At certain points of the game, you can simply rest and refresh yourself. These screenshots display the areas where you can rest and heal your pokemon.
  • Trade evolutions Graveler evolves into Golem at level 42, the same level as rhydon.
  • Machoke evolves into machamp at level 50
  • Kadabra evolves into alakazam at level 55
Additional Healing Spots:
  • In addition, there are some areas you can rest so you don't have to backtrack more than necessary.
Post Game Rematches:
  • The post-game includes gym leader rematches on the boat, all of which are level 100, and with very powerful and upgraded teams.
  • In fact, you could see some of the boss rematch teams in the spoiler tag:
  • And here are three other boss fights, two of them found in the trick house, and one of them is actually not a rematch
  • New Update has new backgrounds for the rematches.


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Developer: SinisterHoodedFigure

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=324304