Pokemon The Lethal Secret (German/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon The Lethal Secret
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Alpha v1.0
Language: German 
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Once upon a time, our world and its existence were threatened by a monster whose cruelty and heartlessness spread fear and terror. Not only brave warriors and self-sacrificing parents who protected their children fell victim to the creature who had escaped from hell, defenseless people pleading for their lives were also cruelly murdered. When the monster seemed to exterminate all of mankind, mankind buried their last hopes and said their last prayers towards heaven, a strange figure appeared on the horizon, an unknown warrior from strange worlds, who opposed the monster. A battle broke out which devastated all areas and wiped out all life in its vicinity. With the help of the elements of ice, electricity and fire, the monster and its power could actually be sealed in a mystical, stone tablet, which should lock the monster away from humanity forever. At a high price, however: the death of the self-sacrificing warrior from strange worlds, who made a new life and a new existence possible for all of humanity. The mystical, stone tablet was brought to a secret place so that no one should ever be able to decipher the deadly secret of that tablet and allow the monster to run wild ...

1550 years later:
Beings resembling the terrible monster of days gone by inhabit our world. However, those beings who are called "Pokémon" are friendly. Humans and Pokémon live happily ever after, experience great adventures together, become friends and companions. However, a mysterious organization is making plans that endanger this relationship as well as the balance of the entire world. According to a prophecy, the seal of the warrior of strange worlds will break 1550 years after his death, the calamities of bygone days will once again cast its shadow over our world and once again bring misery, destruction, and death with it...

One day your mother tears you out of your dreams: A family outing is coming up, you should tell your mother which region you prefer. No sooner have you got up than you go down the stairs to your family, who warmly welcomes you. You learn from your father that your brother has prepared a little surprise for you. Full of anticipation you go to your brother, who, contrary to all expectations, gives you a Pokédex! There are no limits to how happy you are, however: In order to be able to use a Pokédex at all, you need your own Pokémon! So you go to your father and ask him if he can lend you a Pokémon. Unbelievable, you actually get your 1st Pokémon from him! Inexorably you sprint towards the route, but your path crosses an ominous group that is apparently up to no good ... When you return to the village, you recognize these ominous figures again! They are after your boyfriend! But why? You find out that he is supposed to be a "keeper of the deadly secret"! Mysterious ... What are this ominous organization and these "guardians of the deadly secret" about? Why is your friend of great value to this organization? The world is facing a new danger, the extent of which is far from imaginable...

List of Features

  • New region! Experience great adventures in previously unknown regions
  • New graphics! Revised graphics, tilesets, and animations ensure visual orgasms
  • New structures! No intro, nut trees, mini-games, etc
  • Day & night system! Time-based events, berry bushes, etc
  • New Pokédex! All Pokémon can be caught
  • No arena ladder system! Instead, fight a force of immense proportions


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Developer: Alen