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Game Name: Pokemon Godra
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Final v1.0
Language: English
Remake: Pokemon Godra: Remastered
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The land known as Godra has long been considered by many as the one region no trainers wished to visit. Fraught with constant tension between the region's two governments, Godra is a land known for its harsh conditions and outbreaks of violence. However, in recent years the region has experienced a relative calm. East and West Godra are far from a violent encounter, despite the militarized zone near the border crossing at White River. For the first time, trainers are visiting the region that began many proud traditions, such as instructing the first Pokemon Professors and establishing the first entity known as the Elite Four.

Day-to-day life for a trainer seems very free, but constant regulation is always hovering overhead. The Trainer Coalition, formed eleven years ago at the end of the last conflict between East and West Godra, governs how all trainers behave while on the continent. This neutral entity seems to constantly meddle in affairs of state, putting pressure on both governments to uphold their regulations for all trainers. Meanwhile, the Elite Four, situated high in the Ebony Mountains, continues their constant quest to ensure the safety of all trainers on the continent. Some suspect that the Elite Four have been researching the legendary and mythical Pokemon, while others believe that the Elite Four are working to capture and contain these powerful Pokemon. The reason for these suspicions is that few trainers ever see members of the Elite Four anymore. The Trainer Coalition seems to have the only direct link to these powerful trainers, and they only call in the Elite Four when something has gone out of hand.

In East Godra, trainers enjoy a 'hand's off' style of governing. Only a handful of police officers patrol the clean cities, and even fewer soldiers ever set foot into those streets. There are many opportunities to work with Pokemon in East Godra. Holly City's College, world-renowned for instructing such legendary personalities as Professor Oak and Professor Elm, still welcomes new students aspiring to become Pokemon researchers. The Safari Zone, established nearly a hundred years ago by the Elite Four, still operates in Osier Town and often hires young trainers to work on the grounds. The Trainer Coalition also hires young trainers in a variety of fields, such as regulation enforcement and Pokemon research.

Trainers who make West Godra their home are accustomed to an entirely different life with Pokemon. The highly militarized, heavily industrialized land of West Godra is home to a much tougher breed of trainer. The two main employers of trainers here are the military and private security forces. Many youths find themselves training to defend their country. Eventually, these same youths find themselves patrolling the streets of such cities as Omoth and Abyss, or watching over the border at White River.

You are a young trainer, anxious to begin your life with Pokemon. Professor Weiss, one of Godra's esteemed researchers, has been preparing you for weeks. Together you filled out your registration to the Trainer Coalition, the very registration that determines which Pokemon the Trainer Coalition sends to you. Finally, the day has arrived and you go to the lab, excited to meet your first new Pokemon friend.

There are many things to experience in Godra. Many stories await you, but only so many paths are possible. Your choices will determine which future you will have with Pokemon. Will you become the new Safari Zone Warden? Will you rise through the ranks of the military? Or, will you train hard in the hopes of leading the Elite Four? These stories, for the first time in Pokemon history, are your own. Gone are the days of filling up a Pokedex mindlessly. Only Pokemon researchers are qualified to carry such an advanced piece of equipment. A brand new adventure with Pokemon is laid out ahead of you.

What will you do?

List of Features

  • All 718 Pokemon are available to the player, no trades
  • Several mini-games
  • New Jobs
  • New, Huge Region
  • Original music! Plus old favorites
  • Day/Night System
  • Relationship and Good/Evil systems
  • 128 Possible Starter Pokemon. 



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Developer: GregWilder