Pokemon FireRed Balanced Edition (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon FireRed Balanced Edition
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The goal of this hack is to make all 386 pokemon in the original FireRed game viable. Even Pokemon Like Magikarp. This is achieved by giving all Pokemon the same Base Stat Total of 600 and giving them better move pools and types. However, unlike the previous Balanced Edition games, NO POKEMON HAVE BEEN CUT FROM THE GAME. So the original pokemon from Generation 1-3 are all in the game. All 151 original pokemon can be caught in the main game. All Gen 2 and 3 pokemon can be caught in the post-game. However Pokemon like
Mawile that do NOT evolve from Gen 2 and 3 can also be caught in the main game in every bush and even the Safari Zone.

But we need to talk about the Elephants in the room: The Fairy and Water Types. Fairy Types are broken. Water types are broken as well. Fairy types have been overhauled, but overall nerfed. They are now ONLY super effective against Dragon and Ghost types. They no longer resist Bug, Dark, or Poison. And they are no longer immune to Dragon. But now they do resist Fairy, Electric, Dragon, and Fighting. They are also no longer weak to Poison. Instead, they are weak to...Normal Types! So Normal and Steel are the Fairy Types' only weaknesses. Water types are now weak to Ice and Poison types. The Ice-type also DESPERATELY needed a buff. So just like in previous entries, Ice now resists Grass, Flying, and Normal types. Dragon-type, Poison, and Steel moves have been buffed offensively in that they all either deal more damage or have a higher chance of inflicting a secondary effect.

List of Features

  • Decapitalisation: The game now matches current games by not yelling at the player.
  • PSS Split with Icons: Gives the game more variety and allows pokemon to gain Niches, such as a Physical Psychic Attacker.
  • New Moves: 131 to be exact. These moves have also been revamped by myself. For example:
    • Moves like Will-O-Wisp have 100% accuracy but always go last.
    • Moves like Ember have priority.
    • Moves like Flame Wheel always induce status.
    • Moves like Fire Punch have an increased chance of causing status problems (30-45%).
    • Moves like Fire Blast Deals 125 damage, have 80% accuracy, and have a 35% chance of inflicting status.
  • New Abilities: Many pokemon have new abilities that make them more unique. Squirtle now has the ability Analytic for example.
  • New Items: In a game that aims to be played competitively, items like the Choice Scarf are very appreciated. But due to all Pokemon having the same BST, Eviolite is banned.
  • Running Shoes can now be used indoors: Especially useful against Team Rocket and Gym Leaders (Disabled in the De-Enhanced Version)
  • The EV cap is now set to 252: Which finally updates it to no longer set to the pointless 255 EV. (Disabled in the De-Enhanced Version)
  • Critical Hits have been updated to Gen 6's standards: Critical hits are weaker and more common. (Disabled in the De-Enhanced Version)
  • Stats are now colored according to Nature/IVs are displayed: Now there will be no need to memorize/Google nature effects! No need for the IV Checker either! (Disabled in the De-Enhanced Version)
  • TM's are now Reusable/HM's can now be forgotten.: No need to buy TM's like in the previous entries. Or go to the Move Deleter. (Disabled in the De-Enhanced Version)
  • Deoxys normal form is now usable: It is possible to reverse this. (Disabled in the De-Enhanced Version)
  • All 386 Pokemon have a BST of 600: The main feature of the game.
  • Pokemon habitats have been totally overhauled: Pokemon like Caterpie are now late-game pokemon for example.
  • Trainers and gym leaders now have more diverse teams to match the new habitats of Pokemon. Even Team Rocket is now gender diversified, so more female rocket Grunts are in the game.


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Developer: Gegalix

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=387160