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Game Name: Pokemon Fantasy
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: v2.4, 21.12.2021
Language: En.glish
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokémon Fantasy Version is a complete fangame. It features no Fakemon and all Pokemon from Generations 1 to 8, including Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. The idea is to combine a more generic Pokémon game with stereotypical elements from fantasy games and stories etc.

List of Features

  • The game is Fairly big. There is the main storyline, as well as a significant post-game storyline.
  • The full game has all 898 Pokémon in. There are no fakemon. There are 360-ish Pokémon before the postgame.
  • All Mega Evolutions except Rayquaza, it is locked to the postgame.
  • A hard difficulty, which increases trainer levels, AI ability, and also some other smaller aspects.
  • Apart from the unusual setting and the wacky characters, there is a form of boss battle that is a twist on Totem Battles from Gen 7. 
  • The game is based on a fantasy world called The Kingdom which features a number of stereotypical fantasy elements.

v2.0 Update Changes:

  • Major Changes:
  • A number of Pokémon can now be found in more areas (especially Water types)
  • Added enchanted ice blocks (Acts like Strength in Gen 5) to make traversing easier
  • Added Fort Raids, an activity that rewards players with Exp Candy. (Requires Priest Key)
  • Added Rayya (Needs Necromancer Key) in Wizard's Tower who performs the following services for money:
    • Trains Pokémon (Exp-wise)
    • Changes character appearance (free!)
    • Sells Magic Beans (Vitamins)
    • Egg Hatching
    • Makes Pokémon Shiny
    • Teaches Egg Moves
  • Added silver and gold headwear for players (Obtained by owning 450 and 898 Pokémon in Elven Dex Orb respectively)
  • Changed some rewards from Mila and Ashe for seeing and owning Pokémon in the Dex Orb
  • Grand Witch is easier during Normal mode
  • Improved move animations with the help of Pokemon Reborn animations and the Gen 8 Animations Project
  • Made a number of the maps less irritating for players (especially storyline maps)
  • Name Change: Special Attacks have been changed to Magic Attacks, with stats changing to Magic Attack (Mg. Atk) and Magic Defence (Mg. Def)
  • Players can now surf with Magic Carpet (after Queen Key and then talking to Grand Wizard)
  • Minor Changes:
  • A number of services allow you to pick Pokemon from the storage as well as the party (A bit like in Sword and Shield)
  • Added a few information signs in the early part of the game
  • Added Emerald style exit arrows onto most passages when player is next to it
  • Added label to places on Kingdom Map where services are
  • Added massager, who is the same person as the Friendliness Checker in Thyme City.
  • Added Mega Stones pocket in Bag (after Queen Key)
  • Can now move multiple pokemon in storage like the official games
  • Can now use multiple items on Pokémon, such as Magic Beans and Feathers, like in Gen 8.
  • Can also mass release pokemon if pressing the Extra button while carrying multiple pokemon
  • Changed currency name from $ to Gold
  • Changed name and icons of vitamins (now Magic Beans)
  • Changed the maximum number of dark dens active at once from 10 to 16
  • Dark Dens look slightly different in the overworld and now animate
  • Dark Bosses now look darker and look even darker when surrounded by a dark mist
  • Fixed a few errors in Dark dens
  • Fixed a few errors with passability
  • Fixed bug with Toxicity
  • Fixed bug with Beak Blast and Shell Trap
  • Fixed Queen's Road bridge bug
  • Followers now update properly after battles and checking party
  • No longer a 100 EV stat limit on items enhancing EVs.
  • Players can now see how much money they have with merchants in 512 x 384 resolution
  • Players no longer have to make room in the party for fossil Pokémon
  • Pressing Z in single battles should allow you to see changes to your and your opponent's stats
  • Quantity of item in the bag is shown in Merchant screen
  • "Use next Pokémon?" prompt no longer comes up during dark Pokémon battles

v2.1 Update Changes:

  • Added Randomiser (New Games Only):
    • Two levels: Normal and Extreme: Extreme does not care about evolution lines, legendaries, and the Wizard Dex. Normal does.
    • Choice to also randomize moves and/or abilities
    • All of the above are mapped one-to-one, so each save file is specifically different.
    • Not perfect but pretty good
  • Fixed a few bugs:
    • Move Deleter should now work
    • Some passibility errors were fixed
  • Players can now obtain a second Kubfu after showing Vivianne an Urshifu
  • Storage Boxes now increased to 48 after beating Queen


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Developer: Swdfm

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10273565