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Game Name: Pokemon Detergent
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Insurgence
Status: v1.4.1, 23 February 2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokémon Detergent is a Modification of Veteran fangame, Pokémon Insurgence. Its main focus is giving the player a brand new experience on an already known and well-established region with a lot of Quality of Life, A Complete Music overhaul, Loads of Delta to catch, Harder Bossfights, and much, much more!

Note: This Mod has everything in the Main-game + Timeless + The Regigigas Quest, other vanilla post-game quests, as well as custom quests, are WIP

List of Features

  • Vanilla mode, for those who just want the QoL, and Hard mode, for those who want an actual challenge.
  • Quality of Life improvements. (such as Nature Changer, X to skip dialogue, Removed Damage Rolls, free Taxi service, etc)
  • Catch around 2 and a half boxes of Delta Pokémon before the postgame.
  • All Delta Pokémons were buffed.
  • Buffed Old Megas and Pokémon.
  • A new Delta and new 'Pokémon to fight.
  • Hidden Egg Moves for almost all Deltas.
  • New Custom Mega evolutions.
  • Mukposts'.
  • Everything Base Insurgence has. (excluding Online Features for obvious reasons)
In-Detail Quality of Life improvements:
  • Rework of the debug menu:
  • Change EVs, IVs, Natures, Ability, Pokeball, Happiness, Shininess, etc. at any time.
  • Heal your team, Access your PC, Check the Daycare, Get Max Repels / Escape Ropes / Heart Scales, etc. at any time.
  • Max bag per slot was raised from 99 to 999.
  • PikaTaxi doesn’t cost money.
  • Keeping "X" pressed skips dialogue.
  • Changed what items being sold per badge.
  • Added a Nature Changer added in Koril Town, Pokémon Lab.
  • Added QoL from SWM packs. (TypeBattleIcons, MultiSelectPC)
  • Added an option to move items between Pokémon on the Summary.
  • Added in Telnor Town, an NPC that sells all Vitamins for easy EV training.
  • Added a house to rent in Midna Town, every 1000 steps, you gain +1000 Pokédollars.
  • Added a Guide for Hidden Egg Moves in the Metchi Town’s Daycare.
  • Added an Egg Move Relearner in the Metchi Town’s Daycare. (Available after the 6º gym. Does NOT include Hidden egg moves).
  • Added an Infinite Path in front of Metchi Town’s Daycare, so grinding for money, eggs, and happiness is easier.
  • All features of the Secret Bases now only cost 5$.
  • Can always run away from Wild Pokémon. (Even if they have Shadow Tag / Arena Trap).
  • All Eggs now need only 256 steps to hatch.
  • Every 100 steps, the daycare will produce an Egg and it will play a little jingle if you are near Midna Town.
  • Flame Body, Magma Armor, and Oval Charm now stack with each other and reduce egg steps by 4x instead of 2x. (e.g. 2 Flame body users = Eggs now hatch 8x faster).
  • The thief and its clones steal the item and place them in your bag.
  • •Frisk and Super Luck increase Item rates, similar to Compound Eyes.
  • Poison does not damage Pokémons outside of battle.
  • Eviolite works as an Everstone, preventing evolution.
  • All Pokémon now have perfect IVs.
  • Berries that lower EVs now lower IVs as well if the EV is already 0.
  • Items no longer work, for both the AI and the player.
  • Evasion is gone.
  • Shiny and Pokérus rate was raised.
  • Normal Pokeballs always catch Deltas.

v1.3 Changelog:

  • Regigigas quest has been added.
  • Smoother EV inflation.
  • New Pokemon (with the majority of them being Deltas) were added.
  • Mod support, identical to Pokémon Empyrean's system.
  • An optional sidequest in the postgame.
  • New Flinch System.
  • Adds more music.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Propper Changelogs.
  • Loads of Quality of Life improvements.
  • Added an NPC which tells you what hidden egg move your pokemon has.
  • Balance changes.
  • More Competitive-minded items are obtainable in the Main-game.
  • New items.
  • Updated sprites.

v1.4 Changelog:

  • Taen Final Quest and Damien Quest have been added.
  • Fixes some Deltas not being able to learn their hidden egg move.
  • Pressing "U" heals your Party.
  • Pressing "I" opens the PC.
  • You can Skip Legend Animations, the on and off switch is on Options.
  • You can turn off Bike/Surf special BGM, the on and off switch is on Options.
  • Repels were buffed.
  • EXP. All has been pseudo-added. Keep your EXP Share in the bag and it will act like it.
  • Surf is used by simply walking into a water tile. (You also don't dismount your bike when you stop surfing)
  • Added an option to make Mono-Type runs easier to start.
  • Healing Items can be used in battle once again, in Vanilla mode. (PS; Limit of 4 items per trainer battle!)
  • The player can choose Switch style once again, in Vanilla mode.
  • Freeze reworked to be a Special-type Burn.
  • Sylvan checks for your Delta Pokedex rather than your NatDex.
  • Wild Pokemon" battles were changed to be more special.
  • Added Statues to Torren's Pokemon League.
  • You get Premier Balls for every 10 balls purchase (example: if you buy 90 Great Balls, you get 9 Premier Balls)
  • 99 items limit per purchase is increased to 999
  • Protect/Detect-like moves now have 2-3 PP and they always fail if used in succession.
  • Endevoar now has Crush Grip effect.
  • Changed how Doom Desire / Future Sight deals damage.
  • Cosmic Crush (130bp, Physical, Psychic, Double-Edge)
  • Ban Hammer (90bp, Physical, Poison, Damaging Torment)
  • Bone Rupture (120bp, Special, Ghost, Double-Edge)
  • Chaos Dunk (110bp, Physical, Rock, 100acc)
  • Jet Scream (100bp, Special, Normal)
  • Moves that can freeze double their added effects on Hail / Sleet.
  • Pickup now stores the item in the player's bag.
  • Reworked Power Construct.
  • There is no more 255 ability cap!
  • Striker, Recoil moves are boosted and they don't miss.
  • Bone Zone, Bone moves are boosted and they ignore type immunities.
  • Any Ability, any ability.
  • Megaphone, An item to be held by Exploud, the user's speed is boosted by 2x.
  • Simple Herb, An item to be held by a Pokemon. It doubles any stat change in battle. It can be used only once.


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Developer: NathanBPS

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=450131