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Game Name: Pokemon Dawn
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: v1.19, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker 2000Fan Game
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Drake is the seventeen-year-old son of Giovanni - the infamous boss of Team Rocket. Giovanni vanished two years ago after a Pokémon Trainer from New Pallet Town beat him in a legendary Pokémon Battle. No one has seen him since. His last known location was the Pokémon Gym of Viridian City. His son Drake decides to search his lost father to find out what happened to him and if he's still working for Team Rocket. That's why Drake breaks into the Elm Pokémon Lab in New Bark Town and steals the Totodile from there that comes along with him. Drake tries to reach Viridian City, which is located in Kanto, by ship to search for clues. But some weird disease has spread out on the S.S. Anne on its way to Vermilion City. Humans and Pokémon turn into human-eating creatures that try to devour Drake and his Pokémon. Drake has to survive an apocalypse in Kanto but also has to focus to find his father...

Play as Ethan's rival Drake and survive a zombie apocalypse in Vermilion City and Saffron City. Help people to survive and make decisions for your survivor group. Fight zombies and upgrade your Pokémon to defend yourself.

List of Features

  • Graphical menus like in the old Pokémon gold/silver games
  • A PokéGEAR with an integrated mobile phone, map, and music player
  • An action battle system with HP and PP bar
  • Various enemy types
  • Original sounds
  • Vermilion City, Saffron City, and more places from the old Pokémon games
  • Story- and sidequests
  • Karma system
  • Upgrades for your Pokémon
  • Integrated MP3 songs
  • Variable plot
  • A lot of hidden secrets
  • Three different endings
  • Normal mode and Hardcore mode
  • Replayability


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Developer: MrPrinz

Original Source: https://rpgmaker.net/games/7795/