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Game Name: Pokemon Cremisi Portals
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Demo v1.1.5
Language: Italian
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Welcome to the Fysor region! This is quite a strange land, as due to a mountain range dividing it into two different sections, half of it suffers harsh temperatures, while the other benefits from gentle breezes and sun. This separation has influenced the people which had settled in the region: as such, they ended up divided into two tribes, Kaori and Akahi. Not much time had passed before the two of them waged each other war, due to a certain betrayal committed by a girl. Nevertheless, tragedy was avoided, thanks to an alliance between a Hero and a legendary pokémon. Of that event, we have only one last proof: a sacred tree called Yggrasil, which was born from the ashes of the two. And so, every year Fysor's princess elects a young boy and a girl to guard the sacred tree, in order not for its true power to be unleashed, by giving each of them a precious pendant, the Cremispirto or else the Cremisalma.

The main character has escaped from a tragic event which had condemned the Fysor region five year before, and now he finds himself in a society which he doesn't belong anymore to: humans and pokémon live underground, in the city of Sinforia. Running the new civilization is Team Wire's job, which organizes expeditions hoping to find new aquifers and ancient artifacts. One day, though, one of the members of the team, which besides proves to be really friendly towards the player, finds a crimson portal which, according to him, would be able to travel back in time: and so, the main character and the survivors of Sinforia decide to make the great step... but will they really experience a time travel?

Take part in a breathtaking adventure, and have fun solving riddles, traveling through a new region, exploring unknown dimensions to counteract an imminent threat, and encountering new pokémon species: you'll have to protect your world and the people you love, will you be up to it? Will you find out what is really happening? Will you be able to distinguish between reality and illusion? Your search for the truth...continues!

List of Features

  • Original plot: Among the intentions that animate Cremisi Portals is the will to detach from the strongholds of Pokémon videogames without abandoning them. For instance, there are no gyms nor a professor who gives you a starter pokèmon.
  • New region: Explore the Fysor region with its contradictions and mysteries! Solve puzzles and quizzes to go on with the game!
  • New villainous team: What is Team Wire planning? What's the deal with this time travel thing? Might they be linked to Mirage and her distortions? Find it out by hindering their plans.
  • Interesting characters: Discover the main characters of the plot, with their dreams, hopes, fears, and wishes. Human Psychology will be a milestone of the game, with all of the mechanisms which govern his behaviors. Even the playable character will talk, and thanks to the great choice of answer, he will be able to reflect the player's ideology.
  • Day/Night System: A handy feature that the latest pokèmon games have.
  • Updated to the sixth generation: New Pokémon, moves and mechanics will be implemented as well.
  • Custom Graphics: Thanks to the possibilities RPG Makes gives us, you'll we able to experience fresh-new graphics in fifth-generation style... (from Beta 1 onwards, though).
  • Original Soundtrack: The game will feature an awesome all-new soundtrack by LD3005 and Archer_GWolf. More information in the Soundtrack section.
  • Pokémon follow you: A great feature from HeartGold and SoulSilver makes his comeback, better than ever.
  • Smart Menù (original script): Fed up wth the plain old menù? With the new smart menù, everything will be under your command
  • New Battle System (original script): Unique and minimalistic graphics. The stats changes will be shown on the interface as well.
  • New Textbox (original script): Arrows are outmoded! With the new textbox, above the dialogues will appear the name of the speaker in a visual novel style. And if you have any doubt left, the character mugshot will appear too.
  • Relationship System (original script): Through multiple-choice answers, the player character has the possibility to bond with the main NPCs of the game: these bonds can be of friendship, hate, or even love. Its aim is to involve the player even more in the game and to give depth to the non-player characters because the important dialogues shouldn't be only those which make the plot go further, but also those which reveal an aspect of the character's psychology and development. Thanks to the relationship system you will be able to obtain special items and special Pokémon and even skip some troublesome parts of the game, but that's all up to you
  • Mirage Pokémon (half-original script): A new kind of pokémon available in the Fysor region. Mirage Pokémon are able to avoid certain types of attacks and to use Mirage-type moves which are super effective on all the other types. Mirage Pokémon will not gain experience, as they first have to be "materialized" by emptying the "illusionary gauge".
  • No Hidden Machines (half-original script): Pokémon will not be your HM slaves anymore! In order to fully enjoy the Fysor region, you'll be given a great range of items like the sword, the grappling hook, the ocarina...


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Developer: Bl00d-Kirito, Hoseki Team

Original Source: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/hoseki-team-pokemon-cremisi-portals-demo.34216/