Pokemon Coltan Edition (German/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Coltan Edition
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: Alpha v9.1 (playable up to Route 9)
Language: German 
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Welcome to a new kind of Pokémon adventure!

Explore the new Kryto region and uncover the secret of the legendary golems: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel! Grab your favorite Generation 1 through Generation 4 Pokémon and become the next Pokémon Champ! Can you take on a powerful underground elite and save the legendary Pokémon from a terrible fate?

The Pokémon Coltan Edition is a modification of the Pokémon Emerald Version and offers a completely new game world and storyline.


An oil tanker accident on the southwest coast of the Kryto region leads to a change in the management board of the energy company ACME. Your trip starts in Neuweidendorf, a small and idyllic place near a small beach. When you were little one parent abandoned you because they had to leave because of their work. As a boy you live alone with your father, while as a girl you only live with your mother.

You and your best friend will one day be trained as Pokémon trainers by Professor Kastahn. It seems like you have a normal coaching career ahead of you. But your path is crossed by encounters with dangerous people. Someone sends a whole team of well-trained fighters out to look for energy- and resource-generating Pokémon. A detective with French roots named Jérôme recognizes your talent as a coach and asks you to help him uncover a scandal.

The Pokémon Coltan Edition tells a story of environmental degradation and human greed, from which you can hopefully protect the Pokémon. It is a reflection of our time and should stimulate thought.

The Kryto region is far away from all previous regions in the Pokémon world and is the perfect setting for a new adventure!


Travel to all 17 cities and explore the 37 routes. The Kryto region offers an impressive variety of landscapes. Take a walk in the clover arbor forest, cross the great desert, march through the Phantosmoor, climb the Lavonn volcano, trudge through the snow near Frostlautern, visit the panoramic lake and climb the Erzornberg. Numerous small islands hold great secrets.
Do you dare to air it?

How about exploring the ocean floor for once? No problem as soon as one of the Pokémon can divers!
Do not miss the big attractions, such as the national park on Route 5, the power station on the coast of Wattstadt, the lighthouse in Schelfhaven, and the film studios in Trokapenbrunn.

List of Features

  • Selection of difficulty mode: Do you fancy nerve-wracking tough Pokémon battles or do you prefer to take it easy?
    • Adapt the game to your skills. At the beginning of your adventure, choose between the difficulty levels: easy, normal, and difficult. The mode determines the opposing trainers significantly: which items they use, the level of the Pokémon, the attacks of the Pokémon, the items worn by the Pokémon, and the artificial intelligence.
  • Day and night: With the new day-and-night system, the gaming experience becomes even more realistic and atmospheric! Whether in broad daylight or in the dark at night: The Kryto region always colors itself to match the hour. Windows and lanterns even light up in the evening and at night. Even in buildings, the windows are appropriately photographed.
  • Time-of-day Pokémon: Some wild Pokémon only appear at a certain time of the day! You have to be vigilant 24/7 to catch everyone. The improved Pokédex helps you find out when a Pokémon appears.
    • Hoothoot appears at night The Pokédex shows the catch time
  • Comeback: bug tournament - The Bug Tournament from Pokémon Golden and Silver Editions is back! Visit scenic National Park on Route 5 on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday to participate. Catch the strongest Beetle Pokémon within 20 minutes with a supply of 20 safari balls. Will you be in the top three and win one of the coveted prizes?


  • Coan and Celia: As a boy, Celia is your best friend, while as a girl you are friends with Coan. You not only share the close neighborhood in Neuweidendorf, but also live with a parent. You enter the world of Pokémon with the same requirements. However, who will be the better Pokémon trainer?
    • Coan is the daring and more risk-taking type and values ​​a more offensive team.
    • Celia goes there with a clear conscience, follows solid, defensive, and slow but clever tactics.
    • You both will train hard to become the new champ.
  • Professor Kastan: The helpful Pokémon professor from Neuweidendorf with the brown ball hairstyle will help you on your adventure. He researches the effects of the growing environmental destruction on the Pokémon and asks you to fill the Pokédex. As a new Pokémon trainer, you need a tip or two, so listen carefully.
  • Talent scout Blaire: Resolute young Blaire is looking for new talent among Pokémon Trainers across the Kryto region. Courage, skill, strength, trust, and class are in high demand with her. Can you earn her reputation and thus an invitation to the combat zone?
  • Detective Jérôme: Jérôme is a detective with French roots and was recently transferred to Kryto. His loyal Turtok accompanies him on his way across the unknown Kryto region. In the search for new crimes, he will look for one or the other ally because even the greatest nose will fall deep one da ...
  • Team Coltan: Team Coltan Emblem A new grouping of Pokémon Trainers, code-named Coltan, is spotted in the Kryto region. Their followers in black uniforms operate in secret and will do everything in their power to keep their plans and goals hidden and to eliminate enemies. Only a brave and strong Pokémon trainer could take on their strong Pokémon. But once put in their way, it's just them or you.
    • Team Coltan does use Pokémon that they can use as tools depending on their plan and environment, but they do not specialize in any particular Pokémon type. Be prepared for a variety of attacks, items, strategies, and one or the other ambush ...


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Developer: Kairyon