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Game Name: Pokemon Blossom of the Soul
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: v1.3.0
Language: English
Prequel: Pokemon Project: Revival
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The Caracara region, although far apart from Camry, Tentin, or Dulyn, is a popular destination for all Trainers in the entire world. Due to its status as a melting pot, many opposing ideas
Many years before the events of the story, a mysterious group of people named the Island Protection Squad pledged to revive the region, which was struggling with climate change and pollution.
Unfortunately, the group assumed too much power, and destroyed one of the islands. Due to this sudden act, they were banished from the region, then later disbanded.
Present day, you and your friend go on a journey with two characters, a kind girl named Myrtle, and a mysterious, aggressive, and sword-wielding girl nicknamed Blade. You travel through the
Caracara region, still feeling the effects of the Island Protection Squad all those years ago.

List of Features

  • A Completely New Region! - Say hello to the Caracara region!
  • Overworld Encounters - Huge change! Now, wild Pokémon are visible in the overworld, as they are in Sword and Shield. However, if overworld encounters aren't your thing, using Honey (bought in any Mart), or Sweet Scent in the grass or in a cave will force a random wild encounter, as in old generations. Honey can actually be registered as an instant-use item as well.
  • Skilled Mode - Skilled Mode scales wild and opponent-owned Pokémon to be a bit higher or lower depending on your team. Looking for a challenge? Try Skilled Mode!
  • Randomizer Mode - Every wild encounter and gift Pokémon is completely random. Overworld encounters appear the same but are random once the battle commences.
  • Single Pokémon Run - The ability to choose any Pokémon at all (all 890 in-game) to use, without getting more, no evolution. Option at the beginning of the game.
  • Newest Mechanics - Fairy-type, Mega Evolution, Exp. Candy, Mints, they're all here.
  • Multiple Save Files - The maximum amount of saves is 10, which is plenty to have.
  • The Move Master - The Move Master, in every Pokémon Center, can relearn moves, delete moves, check Hidden Power types, and check friendship levels.
  • Pokémon Birthsigns - They appear as small icons on a Pokémon's summary page.
  • The Stats Judge - Now in the Summary screen. Super helpful to see which stats a Pokémon excels or does not excel in.
  • Unreal Time System - The game runs the Unreal Time System, which means time runs faster in-game than in real life. Specific daily events, however, still depend on real-life days.
  • Generation 8 Pokémon & Moves - This one is huge! Gen. 8 Pokémon and moves are now available to be used. This also includes all past generations, and Galarian Forms as well.
  • Walking Pokémon - Walk alongside your favorite Pokémon, and this includes the previously-mentioned Generation 8 Pokémon. Press 'Ctrl' to enable and disable following Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Box System - A returning feature, the ability to access the Pokémon Storage System anywhere.
  • Updated Movesets - All Pokémon in-game have their Sword & Shield movesets. 
  • Updated Day Care mechanics - The Day Care works as it does in Generation 7 and later; no leveling up, just for breeding and finding Pokémon Eggs.
  • Other Pokémon Changes - A lot of details on Pokémon were incorrect, especially Generation 6. These have been fixed! This includes Abilities and movesets.
  • Improved Quest System - The Quest System has received an update and looks better than before. There are 25 Quests in total.
  • Generation 5 & 6 Back Sprite Edits - The Generation 5 and 6 back sprites looked odd before. Now, they look much better..)
  • Beldum - Yes, Beldum is still available.
  • HM Items - Field moves are still usable, but can also be used by special Key Items you receive throughout your journey, such as the Pickaxe, Flashlight, and Super Feather.
  • Speed-Up Button - It's here, for those who want it. Press 'Alt' to enable or disable anytime. This speeds up the game considerably.
  • Gen. 6 Exp. Share mechanics - The Exp. Share in-game works as it does in Generation 6 of Pokémon.

Mega Stone Locations

  • Note: Mega Stones appear around the region after completing "The Secret of the Ice Palace" sidequest.
  • Slowbronite - One Mile Bridge
  • Beedrillite - Mandarin Forest
  • Kangaskhanite - Mikan Cave 1F
  • Pidgeotite - Calamont Town
  • Blastoisinite - Route 4
  • Absolite - Route 5
  • Manectite - Nature Preservation Zone
  • Glalitite - Route 8
  • Abomasite - Satsuma Village
  • Sharpedonite - Mondelo Beach
  • Charizardite X - Murcott Gym
  • Charizardite Y - Mondelo Sewers
  • Gengarite - Lumia Town (Graveyard)
  • Venusaurite - Lumia Town (Beach)
  • Aerodactylite - Solstice Cave
  • Ampharosite - House of Solitude (Route 7)
  • Galladite - Route 7
  • Gardevoirite - Route 6
  • Houndoominite - Burnt Pineland
  • Heracronite - Paradise Prairie
  • Pinsirite - Water Lily Path
  • Gyaradosite - Route 11
  • Lucarionite - Myrtle Estate
  • Sablenite - Dendron Town (Blackspot's house)
  • Scizorite - Route 3
  • Garchompite - Victory Road
  • Salamencite - Lost Isles
  • Steelixite - Solstice Cave 1F
  • Lopunnite - Satsuma Village
  • Tyranitarite - Privet Village
  • Aggronite - Minneola Town
  • Metagrossite - Dendron Town
  • Alakazite - Marathon Hospital


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Developer: DrawnToast

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=435308