Pokemon Weird (NDS)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Weird
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon Diamond 
Status: v2
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Play as Pikachu or Pachurisu in the world of talking pokemon! defeat your rival, Jigglypuff, catch all the 493 pokemon without GBA games and become the ultimate poke-master!

Find the legendary pokemon that hide in Sinnoh and catch'em all, catch the all original pokemon weird starters later in the game, and make the ultimate team with the ultimate pokemon. The player turns into Shaymin while riding a bike, and when saving, he/she turns into a Magikarp!

List of Features

  • The three lake spirits aren't lame anymore: Uxie has high defense stats, Mespirit has high speed stats, Azelf has high attack stats
  • There is the SUPER DIALGA that is very strong! SUPER DIALGA can learn any TM and has high HP and attack stats.
  • Catch all Regis and when you have caught all three catch the MEGA Regigas that was high Defense and high speed and he's kewler!
  • The Starters know false swipe for catching wild pokemon!
  • Giratina is much stronger!
  • Arbok evolves into Seviper
  • New evolutions
  • You can catch all 493 pokemon
  • Starters: Mew as turtwig, Phione as Chimchar, Special Castform as Piplup


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Developer: DDD

Original Source: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/4090-pokemon-weird-hack-of-diamond/