Pokemon Nachtschwarz (German/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Nachtschwarz
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Alpha v1.0
Language: German
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


You are the son of the founder of the Safari Zone and, like any normal child, you grow up with your parents and have a normal childhood. One day Prof. Eich, a good friend of your father's, moves to your village, called Aki, the home of the safari zone. A new type of Pokémon has been discovered in the region, the Unlight-type Pokémon. [At this point it should be mentioned that the story takes place between Kanto and Johto, so only 151 pocket monsters were known to date.] In order to research this, Prof. Eich asks you to complete your Pokédex in order to obtain valuable information about the new creatures to collect. At the same time, you should collect the stones of the legendary evolution Pokémon on behalf of your father [meaning: Eevee, Aquana, Blitza, Flamara, Folipurba, Glaziola, Psiana & Nachtara]. These stones will lure new Pokémon into the safari zone and thereby enlarge it.

Meanwhile, an organization unknown in this region rises from the underground, Team Rocket. They have the same intentions as Prof. Eich, but they will not only collect information...

Kanto. 2 years have passed since then. Team Rocket failed and broke up. But now there are signs that there will be a comeback. Is it safe? Have they really given up or will they try to realize the darkest plan in Pokémon world's history?

The Saamin region is a previously sparsely populated area with a volcano in the center, located in the middle of a bay. The only thing this region is known for is the safari zone, which was the first and was invented and built by a then young man. Over time, he expanded this and more and more Pokémon settled there.

An old Saamin legend has it that the eight evolutionary Pokémon ensure a balance between different strengths and powers. Eevee is the guardian of fertility, Blitza of movement and energy, Aquana and Flamara are the rulers of water and fire. Folipurba is the protector of nature and Glaziola is the keeper of the weather, as is Psiana of the sun and day and night macaws of the moon and night. If these forces get out of balance, it can mean the end. The end of everything.

For some time now, Pokémon have been disappearing without a trace, so it is logical that the safari zone is making losses. Can this event be traced back to the immigration of the new Pokémon and, above all, a new Pokémon type? Are they driving each other out? Or does the appearance of the people dressed in black have something to do with it?...

List of Features

  • New region: Saamin
  • The first 251 Pokémon + new ones!
  • No arenas
  • Missions & quests
  • Some forum-related(German-forum I assume?) characters
  • Modified standard tiles
  • New legendaries
  • Old and new friends
  • Day and Night Cycle
  • Partly new sprites and developments


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Developer: Madcap

Original Source: https://board.romhackersworld.eu/thread/6173-pok%C3%A9mon-nachtschwarz-frd/