Pokemon Mega Delta (Spanish/NDS)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Mega Delta
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon Black 2
Status: v2.2
Language: Spanish
Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Here you start in the Unova or Unova region with a story very similar to that of the original games such as Pokémon White 2 and Black 2 but with different events and getting exclusive Pokémon never seen before. In addition, the most important part is that in version 1.0 you can start with Ash's Greninja, Galar Form Infernape, or Twilight Lycanroc, and throughout story, you will be able to capture sixth and seventh generation Pokémon and even in future updates they will be included Eighth Generation Pokémon such as Galar's.

List of Features

  • Several Pokémon with Mega Evolution are included.
  • New Delta Shapes exclusive to the game.
  • New Alola Forms and in the future there may be Galar Forms.
  • Systems and themes similar to Pokémon Moon Black 2.
  • New events throughout story.
  • Very curious and good initials such as Ash's Greninja, Galar Form Infernape or Twilight Lycanroc.
  • Pokémon up to Sixth and Seventh generation and in the future, there may be up to Eighth Generation.
Evolution methods changed:
  • POLIWHIRL evolves into POLITOED by carrying Pride Rock and going up one level.
  • KADABRA evolves into ALAKAZAM at level 37.
  • MACHOKE evolves into MACHAMP at level 37.
  • GRAVELER evolves into GOLEM at level 37.
  • SLOWPOKE evolves into SLOWKING using a Water Stone.
  • MAGNETON evolves into MAGNEZONE at level 40.
  • HAUNTER evolves into GENGAR at level 37.
  • ONIX evolves to STEELIX by raising the level by wearing the Metallic Coating.
  • LICKITUNG evolves into LICKILICKY at level 33.
  • RHYDON evolves into RHYPERIOR by leveling up carrying the Protector item.
  • TANGELA evolves to TANGROWTH at level 33.
  • SEADRA evolves into KINGDRA by leveling up carrying the Dragon Scale item
  • SCYTHER evolves to SCIZOR leveling up by wearing Metallic Coating.
  • ELECTABUZZ evolves into ELECTIVIRE by leveling up while carrying the Electrizer item.
  • MAGMAR evolves into MAGMORTAR by leveling up while carrying the Magmatizer item.
  • EEVEE evolves into LEAFEON using a Leaf Stone.
  • EEVEE evolves into GLACEON using a Dawn Stone.
  • PORYGON evolves into PORYGON2 by leveling up carrying the Upgrade item.
  • AIPOM evolves into AMBIPOM at level 32.
  • YANMA evolves into YANMEGA at level 33.
  • PILOSWINE evolves into MAMOSWINE at level 45.
  • PORYGON2 evolves into PORYGON-Z by leveling up carrying the Strange Disc item.
  • NOSEPASS evolves to PROBOPASS at level 40.
  • FEEBAS evolves to MILOTIC at level 35.
  • DUSCLOPS evolves into DUSKNOIR by leveling up carrying the Terrible Cloth item.
  • CLAMPERL evolves into HUNTAIL by leveling up while carrying the Sea Tooth item.
  • CLAMPERL evolves into GOREBYSS by leveling up with the Sea Scale item.
  • BONSLY evolves into SUDOWOODO at level 17.
  • MIME JR. evolves to MR MIME at level 18.


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Developer: Sir Rualy

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceBxknR9HdE