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Hack Name: Pokemon Keyra
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Ruby
Status: Beta 3
Language: Spanish
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


You are a kid that you wake up one day in a desert, There, start to happen a very rare thing..
Then, you realize that it was a dream...
You were dreaming of a rebellion, all types and sizes of pokémon were rebelling against the humans.
When you wake up thinking that he was just a dream, but you see on TV that your dream is true! pokémon's are rebelling...
then you have to start your adventure by finding out that this is due to rebellion. Then it's when you received your first pokémon.
Although initially, it ivas to obtain in order to be the champion ...
Currently, only a small% of Pokémon's are rebelling, although with time it will be higher.
On the other hand leaving the other coaches, because they rebelled, which worsens the situation.
And there is also the largest organization of the crime against you, the team rocket.
They say that this rebellion is due to Darkray... is it true?

Is true, the rebellion is the fault of Darkray, and as you've seen, is a very strong Pokemon.
As your original objective was to get all the medals, you do it, but you should thinking of stop Darkray, being as it did a few years ago ...
And he wants help to stop Darkray, but he doesn't have more time...
Now, you want to stop it, because, in your dream, it was worse than now...
And you do not want a future for Keyra well ...
But there is a problem, and that is that besides the problem of Darkray, there is an emerald, which come together when four pieces of emerald, which would make anything, to have an unimaginable power...
The rocket team, and a guy named platinum, is following the track of those pieces of emerald, and they want to join the four pieces and use them well and get a Darkray and unimaginable power ...
You'll avoid the rebellion of Darkray, and increase its power?
Introduction three:
I writing this with the passage of time, as the story goes that while working on the hack, as it adds new ideas, plots, events ... etc

List of Features

  • Traveling in the region of Keyra, which is full of different climates and environments.
  • New friends, and of course, new enemies
  • System teleportation from one city to another
  • A system, where MO's no need to do things that depend only brute force
  • And more things that will be revealing


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Developer: Eing15

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=157874